Chapter 23 – The Tragic Ending of Xu Fanghua

Song Yi said he would come back soon, and he promised to write letters to her. He urged her to write to him as well.

However, over the course of three years, Xu Fanghua’s letters went unanswered. She received no communication from Song Yi.

Could it be that Song Yi had truly changed his heart? Did he no longer like the village girl and instead prefer those girls in the cultural troupe who were skilled in singing and dancing and also attractive?

In these three years, Xu Fanghua went from initially not believing it to now harboring suspicions.

She went from eagerly anticipating his return to experiencing disappointment time and time again.

And this time was her giving herself one last chance and also giving Song Yi his final opportunity.

If Song Yi replied to her letter, she would continue to wait. If not, she wouldn’t wait any longer.

However, at this moment, Xu Fanghua suddenly realized that the remarks about Song Yi being attracted to the girls in the cultural troupe seemed to have originated from Wei Rou. Almost every time she didn’t receive a reply, Wei Rou would bring it up. Over time, she started to believe it and became disappointed in Song Yi.

[Foolish girl, you’ve been brainwashed by Wei Rou, and in the end, she betrayed you.]

[What kind of good friend is she? A good friend makes you consider someone like Yang Zhiwen.]

Xu Fanghua was puzzled. What did Yang Zhiwen have to do with this?

Regarding Yang Zhiwen, Xu Fanghua didn’t have a deep impression. She hadn’t seen him many times, and on several occasions, it was with Wei Rou.

She knew about Yang Zhiwen mostly through Wei Rou’s mentions.

Wei Rou said Yang Zhiwen was the son of the village secretary of Dahe Production Brigade, a high school student, and also a worker in the city’s food factory. He was quite impressive.

Moreover, he was tall and handsome.

It was rumored that many girls in Dahe Production Brigade liked him, and even some city girls were fond of him.

But Yang Zhiwen only liked Xu Fanghua.

Why did Xu Fanghua know that Yang Zhiwen liked her? Well, that was also what Wei Rou said.

Every time, Xu Fanghua would ask Wei Rou not to speak recklessly, but Wei Rou would still say it, claiming that Yang Zhiwen himself had said these things.

She said that this year he intended to send a matchmaker to propose to her.

However, Xu Fanghua didn’t like Yang Zhiwen at all.

High school student? She herself was a high school student.

A worker? Her dad was also a worker. Although she was just a temporary worker, she still had a job that didn’t require her to work in the fields.

Tall and handsome? But Xu Fanghua felt that although Yang Zhiwen’s type was similar to Song Yi’s, she thought Song Yi was even more handsome.

Both were the refined type, but Xu Fanghua felt that Yang Zhiwen seemed to unintentionally reveal some arrogance and contempt for ordinary people.

While Song Yi, on the other hand, was gentle and courteous, a truly kind and gentle person.

It was precisely Song Yi’s qualities that deeply attracted her.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning had already started criticizing Yang Zhiwen as a scumbag.

[Yang Zhiwen, this scumbag, don’t be fooled by his refined appearance and glasses. He has a tendency for domestic violence; he has a sickness, and he’s also a eunuch. His temper is very bad, and when he gets angry, he likes to throw things and hit people.]

[Big sister, do you know? If you marry Yang Zhiwen, it would end up with you being beaten to the point of a miscarriage, eventually going insane. You’d be like neither a human nor a ghost, and after the last miscarriage due to a beating, you’d bleed heavily and die. By then, you’d be seven months pregnant!]

Hearing Xu Jinning’s words, Xu Fanghua was instantly frightened, her eyes filled with horror.

Yang Zhiwen was actually a eunuch and liked to physically harm others!

There was no way she could marry Yang Zhiwen.

This little girl, where did she learn about all these things, and are they true or not?

However, Xu Fanghua confirmed that even if she felt that Song Yi didn’t like her anymore, she wouldn’t marry Yang Zhiwen.

Because she simply didn’t like Yang Zhiwen.

She wouldn’t marry someone she didn’t like.

Xu Fanghua’s mind was in chaos, but she tentatively spoke again, “Ningning, do you know about Rourou’s family name? The Yang Zhiwen that Wei Rou mentioned just now, do you know him? Although Wei Rou said that Yang Zhiwen is not bad, I absolutely won’t marry him.”

Xu Fanghua didn’t even notice that her address for Xu Jinning had become the affectionate “Ningning.”

She didn’t even realize that, originally being controlled by this scripted world as a thoughtless NPC just following the plot, after hearing Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, she started to awaken, developing her own consciousness and thoughts.

Her once mushy mind was gradually clearing.

Xu Jinning sighed softly, wanting to say something, but found herself unable to utter a single word. She could only silently vent her frustrations in her heart.

[My silly big sister, you may not want to marry, but someone will force you to marry.]

[Yang Zhiwen will collaborate with Wei Rou. During the village movie night next month, Wei Rou will bring you back, make you fall down, and push you into the river. Coincidentally, Yang Zhiwen passing by will jump into the water and rescue you. That path happens to be the way everyone goes home after watching the movie.

This incident of Yang Zhiwen saving you will spread. With things developing like this, your reputation will be ruined. Coupled with your waning feelings for Song Yi at that time, Yang Zhiwen’s constant attentiveness, and Wei Rou brainwashing you about how good Yang Zhiwen is, in such a situation, you will end up marrying him.]

Xu Fanghua couldn’t believe that she, who was unwilling to marry Yang Zhiwen, would end up marrying him in such a disgraceful way in the future.

She knew that in this era where reputation was highly valued, if she fell into the water and was saved by Yang Zhiwen, especially with so many people witnessing it, her reputation would undoubtedly be ruined. Most girls would feel obligated to marry the man who saved them.

However, Xu Fanghua never expected that Wei Rou was actually working together with Yang Zhiwen.

Didn’t Wei Rou say that she wasn’t close to Yang Zhiwen? She just thought he was good, which was why she mentioned him in front of her.

But indeed, Wei Rou kept praising Yang Zhiwen in front of her, talking about all the advantages of marrying him.

Now thinking back, Wei Rou did talk about Yang Zhiwen too frequently, as if she was eager for her to agree to be in a relationship with Yang Zhiwen or marry him.

However, was Wei Rou really that kind of person?

If it weren’t for hearing the strange inner thoughts of Xu Jinning, this little girl, she wouldn’t believe it today.

Compared to her sister who had only returned for a day or two, she was sure to trust Wei Rou, her good friend and sister of nine years.

But now…

Xu Fanghua didn’t know why, but her mind seemed to suddenly clear up, becoming remarkably rational.

She began to doubt the goodness or evilness of Wei Rou.

At the same time, she had many other questions in her mind.

For example, why didn’t the little girl speak, but she could hear her words? Those words seemed to be spoken by Xu Jinning in her heart.

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