Chapter 24 – Hypocrisy

Moreover, even if these things were to happen, they would only happen in the future. Why would Xu Jinning know? Does she have some special ability, the power of foresight? Or is she not human at all…

Anyway, Xu Fanghua’s mind was in a whirlwind.

What’s even stranger is that just as Xu Fanghua was about to ask Xu Jinning why she knew these things, she found that she couldn’t speak, as if she had suddenly become mute.

At that moment, a voice in her heart told her not to ask, not to speak, as she could sense it was her destiny.

This destiny is not something everyone has; only kind-hearted people have it, and Xu Jinning, they must treat her well because she is their family’s lucky star.

Xu Fanghua didn’t know why this voice came to her mind, but she strangely trusted it.

At this moment, Xu Fanghua’s mind was unusually clear.

She would verify, verify whether Wei Rou was good or evil, whether Wei Rou had done those things… it didn’t matter, she would verify one by one.

As for Xu Jinning…

That voice said she’s a lucky star.

That’s a good thing; this girl is her own sister. Having a lucky star in the family is great.

Her sister is a lucky star, and Xu Fanghua felt proud.

However, this little sister is too thin, her complexion is pale, and her body seems weak, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

How did this little sister live before?

But Xu Fanghua felt that this little sister must have had a difficult past.

Could it be that life in the city turns people into such thin and fragile beings?

Xu Fanghua was highly skeptical of what Xu Fangfang had said earlier about Ningning living a prosperous life in the city.

At this moment, Xu Fanghua felt her mind unusually clear, finding it strange why she hadn’t doubted before.

Moreover, Xu Fanghua felt that now she found Xu Jinning, the little sister, quite pleasing. Even though they had only met for the second time today, she was still her own sister, born of the same parents.

So why did she use harsh words and find her unpleasant before?

Xu Fanghua truly found it puzzling.

But even though she racked her brains, she couldn’t figure it out.

However, soon, Xu Fanghua felt at ease.

If she couldn’t understand, then she wouldn’t think about it.

Anyway, from this moment on, Xu Fanghua’s attitude towards Xu Jinning had completely changed.

“Anyway, I don’t like Wei Rou, and the name Yang Zhiwen doesn’t sound good either. I think you’d be better off keeping your distance from them,” Xu Jinning wanted to remind Xu Fanghua, but ultimately found that she could only say this much, as other words wouldn’t come out.

“You little girl, do you think you can judge people so accurately?” Xu Fanghua teased, with no hint of the previous sarcasm and ambiguity in her tone.

[Oh, my silly big sister, why are you still here arguing with me about judging people? You should go find Wei Rou now, secretly follow her, maybe then you’ll discover her true colors.]

“Alright, I won’t argue with you, little girl. I have things to do, I need to go out and busy myself.”

After saying that, without waiting for Xu Jinning to reply, she left.

Actually, even without Xu Jinning saying anything, she also needed to verify what kind of person Wei Rou was.

So, Xu Fanghua, who left her home, headed towards Wei Rou’s house.

Wei Rou’s house and the direction to the county town’s post office were initially the same, with a fork in the road at a certain intersection.

Wei Rou’s house was on the left side of the intersection, while the county town was straight ahead to the right.

Xu Fanghua walked relatively fast and quickly caught up with Wei Rou, who was walking ahead. She lightened her steps and quietly followed behind.

At this time, most people were working in the fields, so there weren’t many people on the road. Now, it was just Wei Rou in front and Xu Fanghua quietly following behind.

Xu Fanghua looked at Wei Rou’s figure in front and thought in her heart, ‘Rourou, are you really the person Ningning described?’

On one hand, Xu Fanghua told herself to trust her sister and friend, but on the other hand, she faintly felt that what the little girl said might be true.

She found it hard to imagine what kind of tragic outcome would happen to her if such a situation occurred in her life.

As Xu Fanghua hesitated and pondered deeply, it seemed that Wei Rou ahead was muttering something.

Xu Fanghua took a few steps forward. Her hearing was good, and she soon heard the content of Wei Rou’s muttering.

At this moment, Wei Rou was holding the letter that Xu Fanghua had given her.

If Xu Fanghua walked beside Wei Rou or was in front of her, she would have seen that Wei Rou’s face had lost the previous friendliness and gentleness.

Instead, it was gloomy, as if a storm was about to come.

“Sending another letter. I’ve already told you, Song Yi has fallen for another girl. Why are you still sending letters? But it’s good, this will be the last one.”

“I told you to date Yang Zhiwen. Why didn’t you listen?”

“Xu Fanghua, why are you so fortunate? You have parents who love you. Your father is a worker, you are a teacher yourself, and there’s Song Yi who has been waiting for you and likes you. Why do I have nothing?”

“You still claim to be a good sister, a good friend. If it’s so good, you should give me everything in your house. You should give Song Yi to me too.”

“Even Yang Zhiwen, a man with such good conditions, is attracted to you. But it’s fortunate that he likes you. You really lucked out.”

“You give me things you don’t want every time, leftovers for me to eat. Who cares?”

“Am I, Wei Rou, only worthy of things you don’t want, eating your leftovers?”

“Why! I don’t want your charity.”

“Xu Fanghua, you’re truly hypocritical.”

Wei Rou continued muttering in front, more like complaining than muttering. Her tone was full of resentment and jealousy.

As for Xu Fanghua, who was following behind, the slight anticipation she had in her heart quickly cooled down.

Whether it was these words or Wei Rou’s tone, they had never appeared in front of her before.

It turned out that Wei Rou had always been jealous of her, jealous of her having such good parents, jealous of her being a teacher.

Jealous that Song Yi liked her.

Before, Xu Fanghua had heard Wei Rou expressing admiration, but she thought it was just admiration. She knew that Wei Rou’s family wasn’t as good, with parents favoring boys over girls. Wei Rou had five sisters before finally having a brother, and the Wei family favored boys.

Wei Rou had also mentioned that her parents only liked her brother and not her.

So, when she first met Wei Rou at the age of ten, she learned that Wei Rou had been beaten by her parents and had gone hungry.

For Wei Rou’s family situation, she genuinely felt sympathy. That’s why, upon learning that Wei Rou was hungry and hadn’t eaten many things, she saved her own portion for her and gave Wei Rou some of her extra, useful belongings.

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