Chapter 30 – Impersonation

The staff in front of her was a girl of about the same age as Xu Fanghua.

She took the letter and asked Xu Fanghua where she wanted the letter to be sent.

Xu Fanghua gave Song Yi’s address and then asked, “Can you please check if there is any letter sent to Xu Fanghua at the same address?”

After Xu Fanghua said this, the girl paused and then looked at Xu Fanghua, saying, “There is indeed a letter for Xu Fanghua, but are you Xu Fanghua?”

“I am.” Xu Fanghua quickly took out her work ID to show her.

Although she was a temporary worker at the township primary school, she still had an official work ID.

Her name, address, and position were written on it.

Xu Fanghua was grateful that she had this with her.

In fact, a few years ago, when she came from the village to the county town, an introduction letter was required. The introduction letter would include your name, address, and the purpose of your visit to the county town.

The introduction letter was like a temporary business card and an important pass.

Without the introduction letter, it was difficult to move an inch.

But in the past two years, there was no need for an introduction letter to come to the county town. However, for distant places like the provincial capital or farther, an introduction letter was still necessary.

Zhao Xuemei, the girl at the post office, took a look and confirmed that the person in front of her was indeed Xu Fanghua.

However, her eyes were full of surprise and doubt. “You are Xu Fanghua. Then who was the girl before?!”

“You’re probably talking about my friend, Wei Rou…” Xu Fanghua then described Wei Rou’s appearance.

“Yes, that’s her. She said she was Xu Fanghua, and she… “

Moreover, it was that girl who came to send the letters to Song Yi, and she also took away the letters that Song Yi wrote to Xu Fanghua.

After hearing Zhao Xuemei’s words, Xu Fanghua finally confirmed that for these three years, Song Yi had indeed written letters to her, but all the letters had been taken away by Wei Rou.

Xu Fanghua immediately explained the matter of entrusting Wei Rou to send letters.

“… I just didn’t expect that she would falsely claim my letters.”

Zhao Xuemei also didn’t expect the situation to be like this.

Working at the post office, such incidents of false claims happened frequently. Due to a serious consequence two years ago, strict measures were implemented. Therefore, unless the person was very familiar, and it was genuinely known that the letters were for that specific individual, proof of identity was required.

However, Zhao Xuemei didn’t expect that she would make such a mistake herself.

In fact, it wasn’t entirely her fault.

In the past three years, when Wei Rou came to send and claim letters, the control in this regard was relatively lax. Later on, although it became more stringent, because Wei Rou came frequently, within a year, Zhao Xuemei had enough time to remember that this girl in front of her was “Xu Fanghua.” For the sake of convenience and speed, Zhao Xuemei didn’t ask Wei Rou for proof of identity. Additionally, Wei Rou was good at socializing, always greeting Zhao Xuemei and making a lasting impression on her, almost becoming friends.

If the real Xu Fanghua hadn’t come today, she would still be in the dark.

Three years, someone falsely claiming for three years, and she knew nothing about it. If the authorities found out, she would lose her job.

Zhao Xuemei felt uneasy. She quickly apologized to Xu Fanghua, “I’m sorry. I didn’t verify earlier, those letters…”

“I will find a way to retrieve those letters. It’s not entirely your fault. I have my reasons too. If I hadn’t asked Wei Rou to send them, she wouldn’t have been able to claim them.”

Relieved that Xu Fanghua wouldn’t pursue the matter, Zhao Xuemei breathed a sigh of relief, securing her job.

She remembered how, in the past, two colleagues were dismissed because someone falsely claimed the pension for a martyr’s widow.

If Xu Fanghua pursued this matter, she would undoubtedly face severe consequences.

But Xu Fanghua chose not to pursue it.

As Zhao Xuemei sighed in relief, she also developed a better impression of Xu Fanghua.

“That’s good. By the way, you just wanted to ask about the letters sent to you, right? They did arrive, just this morning. I’ll get them for you right now.”

Xu Fanghua’s eyes lit up.

When she received the letter from Zhao Xuemei’s hands and saw the familiar yet seemingly more determined handwriting on the envelope, Xu Fanghua’s eyes became teary, almost shedding tears.

It was Song Yi’s handwriting, unmistakably so.

Xu Fanghua recognized it at a glance.

Holding the letter, it felt as if she had found a long-lost treasure, rediscovered and returned. Her heart was excited, happy, and tinged with an indescribable sense of melancholy.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“For these three years, your significant other has been writing to you. If not many, at least one letter a month,” Zhao Xuemei said upon learning that Song Yi was Xu Fanghua’s significant other.

“Okay, thank you.”

With the confirmation that Song Yi had indeed been writing to her for these three years, Xu Fanghua’s heart suddenly cleared up.

After carefully putting away the letter, Xu Fanghua told Zhao Xuemei before leaving that she wouldn’t let Wei Rou send letters anymore. If Wei Rou continued to falsely claim letters, she wouldn’t give her the letters.

“Don’t worry, I absolutely won’t.” Zhao Xuemei assured her.

Zhao Xuemei now harbored strong resentment towards Wei Rou, the one who had falsely claimed the letters. Almost, she could have lost her job.

In this day and age, a worker’s position, a job that could be passed down to future generations, a stable job with a monthly income – all of these were incredibly difficult to come by. Almost, her job would have been ruined by that woman named Wei Rou.

The next time she encountered Wei Rou, she was determined to expose her deceit, letting out her pent-up anger.

Leaving the post office, Xu Fanghua rode back home on the ox cart that had coincidentally come from the village.

Back at home, seeing Xu Jinning there, still scrutinizing her with curiosity about what she had been doing, and recalling the little girl secretly caring for her, Xu Fanghua narrated the entire process of her visit to the post office.

Before entering her own room, she added, “I never expected that Wei Rou, whom I considered a friend, would do such a thing. Once I retrieve the letters Song Yi wrote to me, I’ll end our friendship!”

[Ending the friendship is good, it should be like this. Such a toxic friend should be kept at a distance. My naive big sister, you finally came to your senses.]

Just as she was about to step into her room, Xu Fanghua indeed heard the inner thoughts of the little girl.


‘Little girl, I’m not silly. I am smart, the only high school student in our village.’

Since childhood, she had always been the top student in her studies.

She had aspirations of going to college, becoming a university student. Unfortunately, with the suspension of the college entrance exam, she could only work as a temporary teacher at the commune primary school.

Not being able to go to college was a significant regret for Xu Fanghua.

She didn’t know when this regret could be remedied.

She knew it wasn’t just her; even those educated youth from their production brigade who went to the countryside were waiting for the resumption of the college entrance exam. If the exam resumed and they got into university, they could leave the countryside.

Feeling a bit melancholic, Xu Fanghua entered her room and opened Song Yi’s letters…

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