Chapter 31 – Dr. Song

In the Haiqing Province, not long ago, a village experienced a mudslide. Countless people in the village were trapped and injured, and the nearby military promptly rushed to the rescue and provide medical treatment.

The continuous, drizzling rain persisted, creating a damp and rudimentary environment with makeshift tents erected…

Injured individuals were continuously discovered and carried into the tents for treatment.

A man, dressed in a white coat, wearing a mask and glasses, holding a surgical knife, proceeded with surgeries for the injured individuals even in these primitive and somewhat unfavorable conditions.

His attractive eyes were revealed above the mask, eyes that were usually gentle but now filled with seriousness and solemnity.

Injured individuals were continually lifted up, and after completing one surgery, he proceeded to another. Day and night passed without a moment’s rest, until his eyes were bloodshot from the prolonged exertion.

Despite the cool and rainy weather, his forehead was covered in fine sweat due to the high-intensity work. Yet, he remained focused on the surgery at hand, without a spare moment to wipe away the sweat.

After an indeterminate amount of time, people moved in and out of the tent. When he thought about continuing with another surgery, a colleague suddenly said, “Dr. Song, just now was the last injured person.”

Song Yi was momentarily stunned, then gradually realized it, letting out a sigh of relief.

He slowly took off the mask, revealing his clear and gentle eyes.

It was in that moment of raising his hand that he noticed his hands were painfully swollen.

His colleague, looking at his tired eyes and bloodshot appearance, expressed admiration, “Dr. Song, you’re amazing. Three days and two nights, you saved so many injured villagers, I’ve almost lost count.”

Upon learning about the mudslide and villagers being trapped and injured, they immediately rushed over. It was from that moment that Song Yi began performing surgeries on the rescued injured individuals, and he continued until now.

During these three days and two nights, Song Yi hardly rested. If at all, he would only take a few sips of water or eat something before immediately diving back into surgery.

At this moment, the tent’s door flap was lifted, and a leader walked in.

“Dr. Song, thank you for your hard work.”

Song Yi shook his head and said, “This is what I should do.”

“It’s thanks to you that the injured villagers received timely treatment. We’re aware of the shortage of military doctors nowadays, and recruiting you was indeed a wise decision. In these three years, you’ve grown from knowing nothing to being able to independently perform numerous surgical procedures. You stand out and are truly outstanding.”

In these three years, Song Yi made significant contributions.

“By the way, have you decided to leave the military and return home? Have you reconsidered?”

“Yes, I have reasons that require me to go back.” When mentioning going home, an image of a charming figure flashed in Song Yi’s mind, softening his gaze.

Seeing his expression, the leader immediately guessed, “Is there a lady waiting for you?”

Song Yi’s face blushed slightly, but he admitted, “Yes, she’s my girlfriend.”

“So, you do have someone. No wonder, all these years, so many people tried to introduce potential partners to you, and you turned them down. Now, returning to your profession, is it because of this girl?”

“Yes, I want to go back and marry her.”

“Good, that’s understandable. Matters of a lifetime should indeed be prioritized. You’re not getting any younger now. Many people your age already have children walking, running, and jumping around.”

“But you can come back after getting married, Song Yi. I assure you, if you return, your future path will definitely not be limited to what it is now.” This statement, though somewhat subtle, was almost a clear indication.

If Song Yi stayed or returned after getting married, his achievements would certainly surpass the current situation. A medical genius like Song Yi, seen once in a century, needed proper cultivation.

Song Yi pondered in silence for a moment and then said, “I can also contribute to the country and the people in other places, so…”

Apologies were evident on Song Yi’s face. He knew that in these three years, his superiors had invested a lot in him and had high expectations.

So, during these three years, he diligently absorbed knowledge while making significant contributions.

He knew that under normal circumstances, he should stay.

However, in Qinghe Production Brigade, his home, there was someone he missed and loved dearly…

Xu Fanghua, Fanghua, Fanghua…

The name lingered on his lips, but he didn’t say it out loud.

The longing in his heart surged like a sea, almost overflowing.

Three years of time, he could barely endure it.

His yearning was on the verge of madness, bordering on obsession.

He didn’t understand why, in these three years, Fanghua had not sent him a single letter, and his replies had gone unanswered. Was she forgetting their agreement, or was she blaming him for leaving and not returning for three years?

Song Yi was unsure, but what he feared most was that Xu Fanghua might fall in love with someone else.

Even though, in the eyes of others, Song Yi was exceptionally outstanding, when facing the person he liked, one couldn’t help but feel inadequacy, fearing that the loved one might be drawn to someone better.

For this reason, he was tormented by doubts and regrets.

This is the state of Song Yi now.

He was well aware of Xu Fanghua’s excellence and knew that it wasn’t just him; many others admired Fanghua too.

So he feared, feared that during these three years when he wasn’t by her side, Fanghua might be taken away by someone else.

Especially in these three years when Xu Fanghua hadn’t replied to a single letter from Song Yi.

He feared that if he didn’t return soon, when he did, he might not see the waiting Xu Fanghua but rather a woman who had already married someone else, perhaps even one who had started a family with another man.

Every time he thought about this possibility, Song Yi’s heart ached to the core, something he couldn’t bear.

So, he had to go back.

Regardless, he must go back.

Whatever the future, career, for him, none of it was as important as Xu Fanghua.

Seeing Song Yi’s resolute attitude, the leader didn’t say anything more.

He left with the last words that if Song Yi ever wanted to come back, he could return anytime.

Until everyone left, the tent was left with only Song Yi.

Song Yi looked at the still drizzling rain outside, his thoughts gradually drifting away. In a daze, it seemed like he returned to that production team, seeing that familiar and beloved girl smiling at him…


In the following days, Xu Jinning continued to rest at home.

Zhang Ailian brought the three sets of clothes she had made for her.

Xu Jinning tried them on, and they fit perfectly.

The new clothes were embroidered with small flowers, adding a touch of liveliness to the otherwise plain colors.

Wearing the new clothes, Xu Jinning felt a bit dreamy.

This wasn’t her first time wearing new clothes, but it was the first time in two lifetimes that she wore clothes personally tailored for her by her mother in this life.

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