Chapter 32 – She, Xu Jinning, is also a person worthy of love

Feeling the clothes on her body, Xu Jinning lowered her head without speaking, but her eye sockets were slightly tinged with a hint of red.

“One set is for the current season, and two sets are for summer. When it’s almost winter, when Mom has saved enough cotton, I’ll make you new cotton clothes and a new jacket.” Zhang Ailian looked at her little daughter wearing the new clothes she had made and was very happy, with a smile in her eyes and on her face.

In this day and age, cotton is also scarce and relatively expensive, not something you can easily buy.

For some poorer families, throughout the year, they haven’t been able to save much new cotton. They can only dismantle the old cotton from their old cotton clothes and sew and mend them.

But this old cotton, how can it provide the warmth that new cotton does?

“Do you like this dress?” Zhang Ailian asked with anticipation.

“Like it.” Without hesitation, Xu Jinning nodded.

She really liked it, more than those beautiful and luxurious dresses she wore in modern times.

In fact, Xu Jinning never cared about money or company shares, inheritance. What she cared about was the love and company of her family.

However, what she wanted, she had never received, and what she cared about, had always been abandoning her.

And now…

She can finally receive love from her family, love from her mother, right?

So, this is the love from her mother.

So, wearing the clothes her mother carefully made for her, it feels like this.


She had been waiting all along.

“I do like it, really like it.” Afraid that Zhang Ailian wouldn’t believe her, she repeated.

But as soon as she spoke, the tears that had been holding back fell.

Upon seeing Xu Jinning cry so bitterly, Zhang Ailian felt extreme heartache. She quickly embraced her, gently patting her back, saying, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Mom knows. As long as you like it, from now on, Mom will make clothes for you every year.”

Mom knows that over these years, you must have suffered a lot.

I’m sorry, it’s Mom’s fault. I lost you back then and even gave my love to someone else.

I’m sorry, Mom will make it up to you in the future, I promise.

Xu Jinning originally only shed tears, but with Zhang Ailian’s embrace, the situation that she could still endure suddenly became overwhelming.

She leaned directly into her mother’s arms, wailing loudly, as if trying to cry out all the grievances of the original host, two lifetimes worth of injustice.

“Mom, Mom…” She kept calling for her mother.

“Hey, Mom’s here, Mom’s here.” Listening to her daughter’s crying, Zhang Ailian couldn’t hold back her own tears.

Even though her daughter didn’t say it, she could hear it. From those cries, she could sense her daughter’s grievances. How much suffering had she endured to be this heartbroken?

Zhang Ailian felt genuine heartache.

She wanted to ask her daughter what she had experienced over the years, but ultimately chose not to, afraid of reopening her daughter’s wounds.

But she would find out, she would always find out.

Those who b*llied her daughter would not be spared.

Mother and daughter wept with their heads in their hands. After the crying session, it seemed like the distance that had existed between them had disappeared.

They became even closer.

And Xu Jinning truly accepted Zhang Ailian as her mother from the bottom of her heart.

Because she could genuinely feel maternal love.

So, this is the feeling of being loved by a mother.

This feeling is really not bad.

So, Xu Jinning realized that she, too, was a person capable of being loved, capable of being loved by a mother.

It’s wonderful, truly wonderful.


In the past few days, Sun Meiwen had been waiting for Xu Xiangdong to come find her, but he never did. Since the incident where she was caught confessing to Educated Youth Fu, Xu Xiangdong had not come to see her.

Not to mention helping her with work or bringing her food, even if he saw her on the street, he would deliberately avoid her.

Xu Xiangdong’s change frustrated Sun Meiwen.

Although there were others who could help her with work and bring her food in the absence of Xu Xiangdong, his strength was the greatest. Every time he helped her with work, she could earn more work points. Moreover, the meals made by Xu Xiangdong’s mother were the most delicious, even better than those made by the chef in the state-run restaurant.

Of course, there was another crucial point – Sun Meiwen enjoyed the feeling of being pursued. It made her feel superior, not abandoned by her family and left in this rural place without care.

Therefore, deep down in her pride, she couldn’t allow herself to watch Xu Xiangdong ignore her, stop liking her.

She might not like Xu Xiangdong, but Xu Xiangdong was not allowed not to like her, and he was not allowed… not to be used by her.

So, after finishing work this afternoon, when she saw Xu Xiangdong leaving, Sun Meiwen quietly followed him.

When they reached a more secluded place, she immediately stopped Xu Xiangdong.

Xu Xiangdong’s footsteps abruptly halted.

Actually, Xu Xiangdong could feel a pair of eyes constantly on him from behind, and he knew someone was following him. He also knew it was Sun Meiwen, but he had no intention of paying attention.

“Xiangdong, wait.”

“Educated Youth Sun, do you have something to say? I need to hurry back for dinner,” Xu Xiangdong’s face showed little emotion.

As he looked at Sun Meiwen in front of him, inexplicably, he felt a sense of being worlds apart. The pounding heart and the feelings of excitement he had before were gone.

He even doubted whether his previous feelings for Educated Youth Sun were genuine or just a dream.

Because now, facing Educated Youth Sun, he felt no liking or excitement at all.

“Xiangdong, why are you so serious when talking to me now? You weren’t like this before.”

“Xiangdong, are you still angry about what happened before? I can explain.”

“Educated Youth Sun, you don’t need to explain. I know you like Educated Youth Fu. Rest assured, I won’t bother you anymore, causing you trouble.” So, could you please step aside?

“No, Xiangdong, I like you…”

Sun Meiwen began sweet-talking again, expressing her liking for Xu Xiangdong. For those who didn’t know, one might think that the scene where Xu Xiangdong saw her confessing to Educated Youth Fu was fake or forced.

In the past, Xu Xiangdong might have been happy to hear such words, but now, he felt that the person in front of him was insincere, and listening to these false words made him nauseous.

Seeing Sun Meiwen blocking him, not letting him go and intending to continue talking, Xu Xiangdong interrupted her and said, “Educated Youth Sun, so these lies come so easily to you? How many people have you deceived with these words?”

“Xiangdong, what do you mean? When did I deceive anyone? I only speak from my heart, I…”

“That’s enough. Four days ago, at 7 p.m., in the small grove, you and Zhao Hongxing…”

When Xu Xiangdong vaguely mentioned these words, Sun Meiwen suddenly froze, her face turning slightly pale.

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