Chapter 36 – Fool and Genius

“Turns out Sister Fangfang left because of this ugly thing. You drove away my Sister Fangfang, ugly thing, ugly monster.”

“Ugly monster wants to play with the fool.”

Xu Jinning deeply felt that some children were really annoying, even making one feel disgusted the moment they spoke.

They could casually disregard others’ feelings, uttering nasty words. Listening to them, it’s likely they learned such behavior from home.

Xu Jinning had no intention of educating these children on behalf of their parents.

But Xu Jinning herself was not someone people could casually speak ill of.

They could like Fangfang or anyone else if they wanted.

However, for no reason, cursing Xu Jinning was not acceptable.

Xu Jinning looked around and then picked up a relatively thick branch from the ground, weighing it in her hand. She was about to go and hit those children.

“Ah, the ugly monster is going to hit someone.”

“We have more people; don’t be afraid of this ugly monster.”

“Yes, fight back.”

Seeing a “battle” about to start immediately.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out.

“Hey, what do you little brats want? Trying to b*lly my, Xu Xiangdong’s, sister? Do you want me to spank your asses!”

A deep voice with a warning tone came from behind.

“Ah, it’s Xu Xiangdong coming!”

“Run quickly!”

Yes, the person who came was Xu Xiangdong, who had just come out of the fields.

As Xu Xiangdong walked over, he saw several boys about to b*lly his little sister. How could he tolerate that!

His little sister could only be b*llied by him!

So, Xu Xiangdong shouted loudly.

Sure enough, the children in this village were all afraid of Xu Xiangdong. Not to mention anything else, just Xu Xiangdong’s nearly 1.9-meter tall and robust physique alone was intimidating.

So, as soon as these kids saw him, they scattered in a hurry.

At this moment, a relatively petite figure rushed out from behind Xu Xiangdong and came to Xu Yu’s side, hugging her.

“Yuyu, are you okay?”

It was a woman of about twenty to nearly thirty, similarly dressed in patched earthy fabric. Probably just came out of the fields, her body still had traces of dirt, her hair was a bit messy, and she was soaked in sweat.

She gently embraced Xu Yu, patting his back to soothe him. Under her comforting, Xu Yu gradually calmed down.

“Little girl, are you okay?” On the other side, Xu Xiangdong came to Xu Jinning’s side and asked, “If those kids b*lly you again, just hit them back hard. Then come and tell me, I’ll teach them a lesson. They dare to b*lly even my sister, these little brats. Next time you encounter them, just spank their asses directly.”

Xu Xiangdong assessed Xu Jinning and, seeing that she was okay, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Honestly, he was quite worried when he saw that scene just now.

This little girl, although older than those little brats, wasn’t much bigger. Moreover, with thin arms and legs, being a girl, she didn’t have much strength. A slight push from someone could probably knock her down.

Xu Xiangdong felt that the little girl would definitely be at a disadvantage against those kids.

Fortunately, he arrived in time.

“You little girl, why aren’t you speaking, staring blankly.” Seeing Xu Jinning staring at him in silence, not saying anything, Xu Xiangdong rubbed her hair unsympathetically.

Xu Jinning came back to her senses and hurriedly said, “I’m, I’m fine. Thank you…” Pausing for a moment, she added, “Big brother.”

Hearing the little girl finally calling him “big brother,” Xu Xiangdong felt a sense of relief throughout his body.

“I am indeed your big brother, protecting you is my duty. Why thank me? In the future, anyone who dares to b*lly you, just mention my name.”

Xu Jinning pursed her lips, remaining silent.

However, with her head lowered, her eye sockets were slightly tinged with bitterness. If you looked closely, you could see a faint redness.

For the first time in her two lifetimes, Xu Jinning felt the sensation of being protected by family. In the past, when b*llied, she always told herself not to care. As long as she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be hurt as much because she only had herself, and no one would love or help her.

But now, for the first time, when she was about to be b*llied, a family member rushed out to protect her, telling her that he could support her.

What kind of feeling was this?

Xu Jinning couldn’t describe it, but she felt it was a very good feeling.

She wanted to have such family members.

So, Xu Jinning lifted her head and looked at Xu Xiangdong, saying, “Well, I understand. In the future, if someone dares to b*lly me, I’ll tell that person, ‘You can’t b*lly me because I’m Xu Xiangdong’s sister.'”

“That’s right.” Xu Xiangdong happily patted the little girl’s head again, pride evident in his eyes.

On the other side, the woman who comforted the little boy walked towards Xu Jinning with the child.

“Hello, I’m Yuyu’s mother. Thanks to you just now, or else my Yuyu would have been b*llied by those kids again.” The woman was kind, her face weathered and tired, yet her expression was gentle. Facing Xu Jinning, she wore a grateful smile.

“Ningning, this is Xu Yu, and this is Aunt Hongling. Despite Aunt being young, she and our mother are of the same generation, so you should address her as Aunt too,” Xu Xiangdong introduced.

“Hello, Aunt Hongling,” Xu Jinning greeted, then turned to Xu Yu beside Shen Hongling, saying, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just happened to come across it and couldn’t stand those kids b*llying Yuyu.”

“No, I still have to thank you. If you weren’t there today, Yuyu might have come home dirty and possibly injured again…”

At this point, Shen Hongling’s gaze turned somewhat angry.

Those kids, even though Yuyu didn’t provoke them, couldn’t stand seeing him peacefully minding his own business and had to come b*lly him.

But Yuyu, being in his situation, lacked the ability to even complain after being b*llied.

Almost every time Yuyu was b*llied, they could only seek justice from the parents of those kids afterward.

But what’s the use?

He had already been b*llied.

Moreover, those kids weren’t well-behaved, indicating that their parents might not be reasonable either.

Many times, Shen Hongling and Xu Yu could only endure the injustice.

In every instance of Yuyu being b*llied, even if someone saw it, rarely did anyone come to help him.

Today was the first time someone came to help Xu Yu.

So, Shen Hongling was genuinely grateful to Xu Jinning.

Most importantly, she didn’t sense any disgust towards Xu Yu from Xu Jinning’s eyes.

Who would like someone disliking their child, even if their child did have some issues?

[So, they are Shen Hongling and that genius Xu Yu!]

Xu Jinning didn’t say anything, but her sudden inner thoughts left Shen Hongling stunned.

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