Chapter 65 – Striving to Get Married Within a Month

Poor Dr. Song still believed that the girl would wait for him.

Whenever leaders or other colleagues tried to introduce him to potential matches, he refused on the grounds that he already had someone waiting for him back home.

No one knows how many matchmaking attempts he turned down.

Even among the girls in the Cultural Troupe, half of them liked Dr. Song and actively pursued him.

Unfortunately, Dr. Song remained unmoved.

Xiao Zhang was puzzled.

The girls in the Cultural Troupe were so beautiful and talented, some even came from good backgrounds. Standing next to Dr. Song, they were a perfect match.

But Dr. Song rejected them all.

Was his partner, Xu Fanghua, really a celestial being?

She definitely wouldn’t reply to his letters.

Dr. Song would probably return disappointed this time too.

Xiao Zhang thought to himself.

He remembered one time when Song Yi came to collect his mail, and he found a letter addressed to him.

Song Yi was so happy at that moment, even happier than if he had received a second-class medal.

But when he opened the letter, his expression changed instantly.

The joy drained from his face as if all vitality had left him.

Even Xiao Zhang, a man himself, felt a pang of heartache just looking at him.

He couldn’t help but think that Xu Fanghua, Dr. Song’s partner, was too heartless.

Even if she wanted to leave Dr. Song, she should at least send a letter to let him know. It wasn’t fair to let Dr. Song wait in agony, day after day, night after night, for over three years.

“Xu Fanghua, Xu Fanghua, how could she possibly…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xiao Zhang exclaimed, then picked up a letter, rubbing his eyes several times in disbelief, saying, “It really is Xu Fanghua.”

Song Yi, who was waiting, heard Xiao Zhang’s words. Initially devoid of any emotion, Song Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

While Xiao Zhang was still in shock and daze, the next moment, the letter in his hand was taken away by Song Yi.

Holding the letter in his hand, Song Yi looked at the sender’s name, Xu Fanghua.

Three years later, Song Yi still remembered Xu Fanghua’shandwriting.

Yes, it was indeed her handwriting.

Finally, she replied to him.

Song Yi, who could perform surgery for days and nights without shaking, now had trembling hands holding the letter.

His eyes even felt a bit sour and red.

If he hadn’t been desperately holding back, tears would probably have fallen.

Suppressing the urge to tear open the letter immediately, he hurried back to his place.

“Hey, why is Dr. Song running so fast and in such a hurry? Is he going to perform an emergency surgery?” Someone happened to come to the communication office and saw him, so they asked.

It was the first time they had seen Dr. Song, who was usually calm and composed, so emotionally exposed.

“Oh, no, it’s because Dr. Song’s partner replied to him,” XiaoZhang replied, coming back to his senses.

“What? Dr. Song’s partner replied to him, finally replied to him?!”

Song Yi had a partner, someone he had been writing to persistently for three years without getting a reply.

Now, she finally replied?!

“This is truly unbelievable, like the sun rising from the west.”

“I just wonder whether the news she brings after three years of silence will be good or bad…”

After all, not replying for three years, suddenly replying, it doesn’t sound so wonderful.

“I hope Dr. Song won’t be too heartbroken.”

And news of Song Yi’s partner replying to him quickly spread.

“What? Dr. Song’s partner replied to him, and he’s heartbroken? Did she get married?”

“Hey, have you heard? Dr. Song’s partner from his hometown, she abandoned him and got married to someone else.”

“What? Not only did Dr. Song’s hometown partner abandon him, but she also wrote a letter inviting him to their wedding?”

“Oh my god, Dr. Song is so pitiful.”

“Dr. Song shouldn’t be too heartbroken, he should try to move on.”

Just as everyone was lamenting and spreading increasingly exaggerated rumors, Song Yi had already rushed back to his room, locking the door behind him.

Sitting on the chair, he took a deep breath before quickly opening the letter.

The letter consisted of three pages, all written in Xu Fanghua’shandwriting.

In the letter, Xu Fanghua mentioned how she had been writing to him for these past three years but never received a reply from him.

She also explained that she recently realized the letters were sent to the wrong person due to her friend Wei Rou’s mischief, which caused the lack of communication.

She expressed her determination to wait for him to come back.

After reading the three pages repeatedly, tears welled up in Song Yi’s eyes, but a joyful smile adorned his face.

Because he knew, just like him, Xu Fanghua had been writing to him all these years.

Because he knew, Xu Fanghua had him in her heart all along, remembering their promise and waiting for him to return.

“Fanghua, Fanghua…” Song Yi murmured the name repeatedly, his tone tender, as if only by doing so could he restrain his overwhelming longing.

He became even more determined to transition out of his current occupation and return to marry Xu Fanghua.


Song Yi’s gaze fell on the name Wei Rou in the letter.

He didn’t remember knowing anyone named Wei Rou.

But he had received letters from Wei Rou.

Yes, over these three years, he had received several letters from Wei Rou.

At first, Song Yi thought they were from someone he knew.

But upon reading the letters, he realized he didn’t recognize the sender at all, and the contents were expressions of admiration towards him.

Song Yi had no interest in reading them.

He certainly didn’t know this Wei Rou person.

So, whenever there were letters from Wei Rou afterward, he didn’t bother to read them, nor even bothered to pick them up.

He just didn’t expect that this Wei Rou was the one causing him and Fanghua to lose contact.

“Wei Rou…” Song Yi murmured the name, his gaze gradually turning cold.

Just then, there was an urgent knocking on Song Yi’s door, and it sounded like there were quite a few people outside.

“Song Yi, Song Yi, open the door.”

Song Yi was about to get up to open the door when it suddenly burst open.

The leader, accompanied by a group of people, came in. Seeing Song Yi holding a letter with red eyes, they immediately approached him.

“Song Yi, you mustn’t be too sad. It’s just a girl, nothing more. If she wants to marry someone else, let her.”

“With your abilities, you don’t need to worry about finding a good girl willing to marry you. Many girls in the Cultural Troupe like you; they’re outstanding and beautiful. How about I arrange for you to meet some of them? Let’s aim to report your marriage within a month.”

“Yes, and when that happens, we’ll also send a letter inviting your previous partner, what’s her name, Fanghua, to your wedding.”

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