Chapter 66 – Investigation Results

Song Yi was confused by what the leaders and the accompanying group of people were saying.

“What are you talking about? What former partner? Fanghua is my current girlfriend. This must be clear.”

“Don’t be too sad? Meet the girls from the Cultural Troupe? It’s best to submit a marriage report within a month? Why can’t I understand what you’re all saying?” Also, it’s fine to submit a marriage report within a month, but not with someone else; it must be with Fanghua.

But this also had to wait for him to go back and ask for Fanghua’s opinion.

“Ah, didn’t your partner Xu Fanghua write to you that she got married to someone else, abandoned you, and even sent a letter specifically inviting you to the wedding?”

Song Yi was dumbfounded.

“Who said that?” Song Yi asked.

“It’s being rumored outside.”

Song Yi: …

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it like this?”

Song Yi sighed and said, “Of course not…”

Then Song Yi briefly explained the contents of Xu Fanghua’s letter, emphasizing the reasons he hadn’t received a reply from her in three years and that she was still waiting for him back home.

So, all this being sad, former partner – it’s all nonsense.

The leaders were taken aback, “Oh, so that’s how it is. Then why are your eyes red?”

Song Yi replied, “…It’s been three years. Finally receiving a letter, can I not be excited?”

“…” Well, it seems reasonable.

The leaders and others awkwardly patted their heads, realizing they had believed in rumors and misunderstood the situation, causing a misunderstanding.

“These rumors are really unreliable,” the crowd sighed.

“But your perseverance gives us hope, and we’re happy for you,” nodded the others.

Over these three years, they had witnessed how Song Yi persisted in writing letters to Xu Fanghua, waited for her replies at the communication office every month, and repeatedly declined matchmaking introductions.

They had seen Song Yi’s deep relationship with Xu Fanghua.

In reality, if possible, they also hoped for a happy ending between Song Yi and Xu Fanghua.

They hoped Song Yi could find happiness.

“So, are you still insisting on transferring back?”

“Yes,” Song Yi nodded without hesitation.

“Alright, then write up the report in a while and submit it. I won’t stop you anymore.”

“Thank you, leader.”

Until everyone left, the room was left with only Song Yi, and quietness returned.

Song Yi took out a piece of paper, picked up a pen, and solemnly wrote a reply to Xu Fanghua…

“Fanghua, just wait a little longer; I’ll be back soon. It won’t be too long before I return to marry you.”


County Town

After finishing work, Xu Aiguo rode his bicycle, following the crowd of people leaving the factory.

“Brother Xu, Brother Aiguo…” Suddenly, he heard someone calling him.

Xu Aiguo looked in the direction of the voice and saw Zhang Changzheng, tall and sturdy, also riding a bicycle, waving at him from the crowd.

Xu Aiguo turned the direction of his bike and headed towards Zhang Changzheng.

“Changzheng, why did you come to find me today, is it…” Xu Aiguo remembered the matter he had asked Zhang Changzheng to investigate earlier.

Indeed, Zhang Changzheng’s next words confirmed his speculation.

“It’s about the thing you asked me to investigate. I found out some information, and I wanted to talk to you about it. How about we find a quiet place, stop, and discuss it in detail?” Zhang Changzheng suggested.

“Okay,” Xu Aiguo agreed. After a moment of hesitation, he asked again, “Was Ningning not doing well during those fifteen years before?”

Xu Aiguo was still eager to know.

Zhang Changzheng looked at Xu Aiguo, hesitated for a moment, and then nodded.

Xu Aiguo pursed his lips, remaining silent.

It wasn’t until they finally arrived at a secluded spot, both stopping their bikes, that Xu Aiguo still didn’t utter a word.

But, if one looked closely, they could see his hand gripping the bike handle slightly trembling.

Zhang Changzheng also understood that Xu Aiguo was feeling uneasy, but since he had found out, he decided to share the information.

Moreover, based on his findings, Xu Jinning, that girl, had suffered a lot during those fifteen years.

“Ningning… She didn’t live in the city during those fifteen years. She stayed with her adoptive parents in the Hongxing Production Brigade.”

With just one sentence, Xu Aiguo’s heart skipped a beat, then sank heavily.

Listening to Zhang Changzheng’s narrative, Xu Aiguo finally learned about the experiences of his daughter, who had been misidentified for fifteen years.

Her adoptive parents are indeed holding positions now – one as an official and the other as a professor. However, this happened not long ago, just before Ningning returned, and they had only returned to the city at that time.

During the previous fifteen years, they didn’t live in the city but resided in a place called the Hongxing Production Brigade.

There, people like Xu Jinning’s adoptive parents lived in extremely simple conditions, with endless work to do every day.

At that time, little Xu Jinning, still in her infancy, was also brought to the Hongxing Production Brigade.

In such an environment, it was impossible for Xu Jinning, who was just a baby, to grow up well.

“…I heard several times that Ningning got sick, and there was no medicine, and no doctor was willing to see her. It was almost unbearable.”

“Perhaps it was her tough fate or maybe she wasn’t meant to die. In the end, despite several hardships, Ningning survived, but her health wasn’t good…”

It can be said that Xu Jinning’s survival until now is truly fortunate.

Hearing this, Xu Aiguo couldn’t help but recall the time when he took Ningning to the county hospital.

The doctor said that if Ningning didn’t rest well and take care of herself, it could affect her lifespan.

At that time, Xu Aiguo suspected that Xu Jinning hadn’t lived well for those fifteen years.

However, he never expected that the words spoken by the Lin couple, Ningning’s adoptive parents, were all lies to deceive him and Ailian.

Seeing Xu Aiguo’s expression, Zhang Changzheng felt uneasy but continued to share the information he had found.

“For these 15 years, after Xu Jinning was able to work, she worked almost every day. She never spent a day studying.” Zhang Changzheng knew that the other girl named Xu Fangfang had graduated from high school.

Xu Aiguo’s hands clenched tightly, and the veins on the back of his hands bulged.

His own daughter, his and Ailian’s little girl, had been treated this way!

He and Ailian, no, the entire family, had taken good care of someone else’s daughter. They almost didn’t let Xu Fangfang do any work, supported her through her education all the way to high school graduation.

If it weren’t for the sudden revelation of the mistaken identity, if Xu Fangfang hadn’t returned to the city, back to her biological parents, they had planned to use their connections to arrange a relatively easy and good job for her.

They had treated Xu Fangfang with their hearts and souls, doing their best to raise her and provide her with the best.

As for the Lin couple, not only did they not treat Ningning well, but they also lied and deceived them.

It was hateful, truly hateful.

At the same time, Xu Aiguo’s guilt towards Xu Jinning deepened. Thinking about the hardships she faced in the first fifteen years, his eyes reddened with emotion.

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