Chapter 67 – Was the mix-up intentional?

“And, as for Xu Fangfang…” Zhang Changzheng paused and said, “After she arrived in the city, she immediately changed her name to Lin Wangshu. Currently, she has been arranged to work in an educational institution by her biological father.”

Speaking of Xu Fangfang, Xu Aiguo’s feelings were complex.

After all, she was the girl he raised, showered with love. How could Xu Aiguo not have emotions for Xu Fangfang?

Therefore, when they suddenly learned that Xu Fangfang was not their biological daughter, even to be sent back to her biological parents, both he and Ailian found it difficult to accept. Ailian even cried secretly for many days, and he, too, didn’t know how many times his eyes turned red.

However, knowing that the conditions in the city where Xu Fangfang’s biological parents lived were better in every aspect and understanding the desperate longing of the Lin couple to find their daughter, they reluctantly let Xu Fangfang go.

When Xu Fangfang left, she expressed herself so well.

She said, in her heart, she would always be their daughter, even closer than her biological parents.

She said she would always go by the name Xu Fangfang, absolutely refusing to change it.

She said she would strive to become better and come back to see them, even taking care of them in their old age…

Xu Fangfang spoke a lot, nearly breaking the hearts of Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian, making them deeply moved, fonder, and reluctant to part with this child.

But now…

Zhang Changzheng said Xu Fangfang changed her name.

Not only changed her name but also her surname.

Now she’s called Lin Wangshu.

Yes, Lin Wangshu sounds better than Xu Fangfang.

As for whether the Lin couple asked her to change her name or if it was Xu Fangfang’s initiative, it’s uncertain.

But overall, Xu Fangfang disappointed him.

Xu Aiguo also recalled something, that before Ningning came to Qinghe Production Brigade, Xu Fangfang had called.

She talked about Ningning.

She said that Ningning didn’t want to return to the countryside; she only wanted to stay in the city and enjoy a prosperous life.

She said Ningning only wanted to recognize her adoptive parents in the city and refused to acknowledge her biological parents in the countryside.

She said that after she went to the city, Ningning had various grievances against her…

Of course, she didn’t express these words very directly, but the meaning was clear. It made people feel indignant and disappointed with Ningning after hearing them.

At that time, for some reason, both he and Ailian believed Xu Fangfang’s words.

But now, thinking back, Xu Fangfang’s words had a lot of exaggeration.

Xu Aiguo even suspected whether Xu Fangfang was fabricating lies deliberately to discredit Ningning.

Because from their recent interactions, Xu Aiguo could sense what kind of person Ningning was.

The girl was very obedient, not picky about her surroundings, food, or clothing. She adapted easily and exuded a relaxed demeanor.

She was also kind-hearted, with a gentle personality, making her a very pleasant girl to be around.

Moreover, after they made changes, the girl didn’t reject them and even gradually became closer to them.

Xu Aiguo didn’t believe that Ningning would do the things Xu Fangfang mentioned on the phone, and he didn’t believe she would harbor resentment towards Xu Fangfang.

Xu Aiguo’s feelings and perceptions of Xu Fangfang became more and more complicated.

“Oh, there’s one more thing. I don’t know if I should tell you; it’s just my suspicion and speculation.” Zhang Changzheng hesitated for a moment.

“You can tell me.”

“Brother Xu, do you really think that the mix-up between Ningning and Lin Wangshu back then was an accident?”

As Zhang Changzheng spoke those words, Xu Aiguo felt a jolt in his heart, and his heartbeat raced uncontrollably.

His lips were somewhat dry, moving several times before he spoke with a hoarse voice, “If it wasn’t accidental; was it… intentional?”

Continuing his speculation, Zhang Changzheng said, “Think about it. When Sister-in-law was giving birth, she went to the county hospital, which is our local county hospital.”

“But the Lin couple, they were in Haiqing Province, quite a distance from here.”

“At that time, the wife of the Lin family should have also been pregnant.”

“How did she, with such a large belly, travel from Haiqing Province to here, thousands of miles away, just to give birth in the county hospital here, and, moreover, due to confusion, ended up with a mix-up?”

“Unless she had some special reason to come to our county.”

“But, what could be so important that her husband couldn’t come, and she, a heavily pregnant woman about to give birth, had to make the journey? Wasn’t she afraid of encountering any issues on the way?”

“Brother Xu, you know about the events fifteen years ago. Is it possible that they had some way of knowing that trouble was imminent, felt unavoidable, but didn’t want their child to suffer with them, so…”

He didn’t finish the sentence, but Xu Aiguo already understood the implied meaning in his words.

Because they didn’t want their child to suffer with them, they exchanged the babies.

They deliberately chose such a distant place and intentionally swapped them.

This way, their biological child, even if living in the countryside, would be better off than going to Hongxing Production Brigade with them, just like Ningning.

Look at her current physical condition. She can’t even read a book, indicating that her life in Hongxing Production Brigade is undoubtedly difficult.

And, precisely because they knew Ningning wasn’t their biological child, they weren’t very concerned about whether she lived or died, or if she fell ill.

And after fifteen years, they finally could return to the city.

They “suddenly realized” the mix-up of the babies and then returned their biological child.

This way, they avoided their child suffering with them.

In reality, it was true.

Xu Fangfang lived well in the Xu family, more prosperous than many people living in the city.

Is it true?

Could Zhang Changzheng’s speculation be true?

If it is true, if this mix-up was a calculated move, then…

When Xu Aiguo thought of this possibility, he felt an instant chill.

If that were the case, it would be terrifying.

Did the Lin couple see his Ningning as a tool?

And Xu Fangfang, her good life and education for the past fifteen years were built on the manipulation of her biological parents and the suffering of Ningning.

“Changzheng, I want to ask you to continue helping me investigate this matter. I want to know if the mix-up fifteen years ago was intentional!”

After all, some of the Lin couple’s actions were too difficult to understand from a common sense perspective, and there were too many coincidences. It’s hard not to think in the direction of it being intentional.

“Sure, I’ll take care of this, but it might take some time, and we may not necessarily find a result. After all, this happened 15 years ago, and it’s quite distant.”

Xu Aiguo nodded, understanding the challenges involved.

After bidding farewell to Zhang Changzheng, Xu Aiguo rode his bicycle home with a heavy heart.

Once home, his wife, Zhang Ailian, noticed that something was off with his mood.

“What’s wrong? Is there something not going well?”

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