Chapter 68 – Starting First Grade at the Age of 15

Xu Aiguo and his wife, Zhang Ailian, sat down beside the bed. He sighed deeply and said, “Didn’t I tell you last time that I asked Changzheng to help investigate how Ningning has been doing all these years?”

As soon as Zhang Ailian heard it was about Xu Jinning, she immediately became alert and eagerly asked, “Yes, did Changzheng have any news?”

Xu Aiguo nodded and proceeded to repeat everything Zhang Changzheng had told him today.

“…Ailian, Ningning has suffered a lot over the years, and she was misunderstood by us from the beginning.”

By now, Zhang Ailian had tears streaming down her face and her voice choked, “I knew it, I knew it. How could she have had a good life with that kind of health? The Lin couple is despicable. The way they treated Ningning is nothing like how one would treat their own child.”

If it were their own child, they would protect and care for them, even in challenging circumstances.

But the Lin couple showed complete neglect towards Xu Jinning.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe the Lin couple knew early on that Ningning wasn’t their biological child, which is why they treated her this way,” Zhang Ailian said angrily.

“Changzheng mentioned the same thing,” Xu Aiguo’s expression became grave and serious.

“He told me about some things from fifteen years ago, and there are many suspicions… Yes, Changzheng’s suspicion is correct. For something to make a pregnant woman come from so far away, they must have known in advance, not wanting their child to suffer, so they swapped our children. It must be like that. This Lin couple, how despicable. Their child is a child, but someone else’s child is just a tool for them to use!”

Zhang Ailian’s eyes were filled with resentment.

If this was indeed the truth, then the Lin couple was too cunning and selfish.

If it turned out to be true, Zhang Ailian was certain she would come to hate the Lin couple.

Along with Xu Fangfang, no, it’s Lin Wangshu now, Zhang Ailian’s feelings towards her were gradually diminishing.

Although Lin Wangshu grew up by their side, fundamentally, she was the daughter of that couple.

If the couple was truly as terrible and scheming as suspected, could Lin Wangshu really be so pure and innocent?

Especially considering her previous phone call, where Lin Wangshu intentionally or unintentionally slandered Ningning.

Regardless, Zhang Ailian couldn’t bring herself to care for Lin Wangshu anymore because her well-being over the past fifteen years was built on the suffering of her biological daughter.

If she were to shower Lin Wangshu with affection, how could she, as a mother, face Ningning?

“I’ve asked Changzheng to continue investigating what happened fifteen years ago when you gave birth. Fortunately, it was at our county hospital, so even though it’s been a long time, we should still be able to find some clues.”

“Yes, we need the truth, and Ningning deserves justice!”

In the evening, during dinner, for some reason, Xu Jinning felt that Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian seemed to be treating her better.

No, to be more accurate, everyone in the family, except for Xu Xiangbei, was treating her well.

“Ningning, did you ever go to school before?” Xu Aiguo asked.

Xu Jinning shook her head.

“Well, how about I arrange for you to start first grade at the commune’s elementary school in the next six months? Since you haven’t studied before, you should start from the beginning,” Xu Aiguo thought.

What Xu Fangfang had in the past, they gave, and now, they wanted to give even more to Xu Jinning.

“First grade?!” Xu Jinning was taken aback. For a 15-year-old to go and join those little kids in first grade, that was just…

The image was too surreal, and Xu Jinning didn’t dare to imagine it.

In fact, when it came to studying, Xu Jinning had a headache.

Although she graduated from college in the 21st century, she lacked the talent and patience for studying.

From the first grade of elementary school, she was always a poor student.

Later, in middle school, high school, and even college, she was able to attend those schools because her wealthy father paid for her degrees.

Even her college diploma was purchased.

For Xu Jinning, learning and studying were extremely painful.

She never expected that in this new life, in another world, she would still need to study and start from the first grade?

Xu Jinning felt like she was going to faint.

But she also felt that she had to learn, at least to read. Although she was a poor student, she could read.

However, the original host couldn’t.

To avoid exposure, she had to learn to read.

But starting from the first grade was something she couldn’t accept.

In reality, Xu Jinning thought that if she could study, it would be the best.

Because next year, the college entrance examination would be reinstated. If she could participate in the exam, go to college, and graduate, she could get a job afterward.

Xu Jinning considered herself useless, with no special skills. Finding a job on her own was almost impossible, and she couldn’t handle physically demanding work.

If she could go to college, graduate, and be assigned to a secure job, that would be the best. Then she could just lie down and relax.

But she couldn’t.

She was a poor student, and even in a different world, she wouldn’t suddenly become intelligent enough to pass the college entrance exam.

Yet, she couldn’t keep relying on her parents.

Xu Jinning didn’t want her parents to support her indefinitely, but she also knew she wouldn’t be able to get into college.

So, she was torn.

After hesitating for a moment, Xu Jinning said, “First grade might be too much. After all, I’m already 15. How about giving me some elementary and middle school books? I can study at home first, and then go directly to high school. Is that okay?”

“That’s also possible. Starting first grade at 15 is indeed a bit old,” Xu Aiguo admitted that he hadn’t considered it thoroughly in the beginning.

After all, at 15 years old, some girls in the village were already married. Going back to school, while feasible, might not be entirely appropriate.

“How about this, I’ll teach you at home,” Xu Fanghua spoke up.

“I graduated from high school, and I used to be a teacher at the commune’s elementary school. Teaching you should be fine. What do you think? Can you accept that?” Due to Wei Rou and Song Yi’s incident, and because Xu Jinning was her biological sister, Xu Fanghua had always wanted to find an opportunity to help the little girl.

Finally, she found one.

Zhang Ailian’s eyes lit up, and she immediately applauded, “Yes, that’s a good idea. Ningning, let your sister teach you. Your sister’s old books are still at home; we can find them for you to use.”

Xu Jinning didn’t expect Xu Fanghua to offer to teach her.

After hesitating for a moment, Xu Jinning ultimately agreed.

After all, Xu Fanghua was well-intentioned.

Moreover, Xu Jinning was aware of her own laziness. If there was no one to supervise her, she would likely procrastinate on her studies. Having Xu Fanghua teach her would make learning easier for her.

If she was going to learn, even though she might not excel, she needed to have the right attitude.

As for the results, she wouldn’t force anything.

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