Chapter 69 – Xu Xiangbei, you absolutely can’t go tonight!

“I have finished eating, going out now. Mom, Dad, I might be back a bit later tonight, leave the door open for me,” Xu Xiangbei quickly finished dinner and said.

Zhang Ailian reminded, “Mom knows, don’t delay too much, remember to come back early.”

At this moment, Xu Aiguo looked at his second son deeply and spoke with a serious tone, “You should have heard about the recent rumors. Be careful, and if possible, don’t go.”

“I know, tonight is the last time. After tonight, I will temporarily stop,” Xu Xiangbei replied.

Hearing his son’s words, Xu Aiguo didn’t say anything more.

Xu Xiangbei did intend not to go after tonight.

Originally, he shouldn’t have gone tonight, but the goods tonight were a bit extraordinary, and could bring him greater benefits than any previous time. So, this would be the last time. After tonight, he would temporarily stop.

As Xu Xiangbei was about to leave, he suddenly heard a crazy scream.

The sound was so loud that it almost blew his ears off.

[Aaaaahh! No way, no way, it must be tonight!]

Was it Xu Jinning’s voice?

Xu Xiangbei instantly turned his head, his expression impatient as if he was about to reprimand the little girl. However, when his gaze fell on the little girl, he felt something was off. The little girl was chewing on food, her cheeks slightly puffed up.

It was obviously unlikely for her to make such a sound.

Could it be his mother and sister?

Xu Xiangbei looked at the two of them again, but it didn’t seem like it.

Could it be his auditory hallucination?

At this moment, the sound echoed again, and this time Xu Xiangbei was absolutely sure that it was indeed coming from Xu Jinning. He was shocked that the little girl, without opening her mouth, could make such a sound and speak. He was also surprised by the content of her words.

[It seems like tonight, tonight is actually the death sentence for Xu Xiangbei!]

Xu Xiangbei’s fist clenched slightly. Can this little girl speak? Is she cursing him?

[No, Xu Xiangbei, you absolutely cannot go tonight. In the latter half of tonight in the county town, your good buddy have set up a big trap for you, waiting for you to walk right into it. By then, if you get caught and executed, Mom and Dad will be left grieving for their son.]

Upon hearing these words, Xu Xiangbei’s eyes widened once again.

[No, I have to stop him. Although Xu Xiangbei treats me indifferently, treating me like air, my parents are good to me. I can’t let them lose their son at this age; that would be too tragic.]

[Xu Xiangbei, you really shouldn’t go. I know, the profits from the watches, after buying and selling them, can be quite substantial. But even if you make back the money, you still need to pay for it with your life.]

Xu Xiangbei’s eyes instantly sharpened, looking at the little girl with a thoughtful gaze.

How did this little girl know he was involved in buying and selling?

That’s right, during the day, Xu Xiangbei was the scorekeeper for the production brigade, but at night, he would occasionally go to the county town to engage in some buying and selling activities.

This has been going on for more than two years.

His parents, brothers, and sisters all knew about it, but Xu Xiangbei was certain that Xu Jinning, this little girl, definitely didn’t know.

This matter was both dangerous and sensitive; getting caught could mean imprisonment or even death.

He was well aware of this, and so were his parents. The fewer people who knew about it, the better. They certainly wouldn’t have told Xu Jinning.

So how did this little girl find out, and why, when she clearly didn’t speak, did he hear her, while others seemed oblivious?

And how did the little girl know that there would be watches in tonight’s transaction?

Indeed, if it were any other item, Xu Xiangbei hadn’t initially planned to go.

But because he knew in advance that it was watches, and a large quantity, he decided to go.

Those were watches, one of the three major items in dowries nowadays, each costing at least a hundred yuan.

A hundred yuan or so, a rural villager may not even have ten yuan saved up over the entire year.

From this, it can be seen how proud it is to have a watch.

Watches, not only in the countryside but also in the city, are considered precious items.

The profit from buying and selling watches is also enormous.

A single transaction could yield a profit of tens of yuan.

Moreover, this time he could get the goods on credit, meaning he could take the watches first and pay for them once they were sold.

There’s no choice; the profit from watches is too substantial. So, despite knowing that the situation was tense recently, he still intended to go, for the last time tonight.

[Xu Xiangbei, don’t you know that the situation is extremely tense recently? Those who engage in buying and selling meat, grains, when caught, they’re all being detained. Not to mention your watches, and there are 30 of them. What you’re doing is really…]

Xu Xiangbei’s lips tightened, and his heart skipped a beat. His eyes were full of shock.

Indeed, tonight he planned to acquire around 30 watches.

He knew the quantity was quite substantial, but the opportunity was only once, and he wanted to make a big profit before temporarily stopping.

However, this was just a fleeting thought in his mind, or even just a passing whim.

Why did the little girl know about this passing whim in his mind?

It was simply terrifying!

In an instant, the relatively young Xu Xiangbei looked at Xu Jinning with a somewhat horrified expression.

What kind of demon was this little girl?

Was she still a human?

[Xu Xiangbei, don’t let greed cloud your judgment. Your so-called good buddy, Cui Zhiqiang, is the one betraying you. He’s the one who’s sending you to the guillotine. He received a bonus of 50 yuan and a job position by selling out his brother. Whether your life is valuable or not, he doesn’t seem to care…]

Recalling the plot from the novel, Xu Jinning anxiously tried to intervene.

Xu Jinning remembered the plot of the novel quite clearly, especially as she became closer to her current parents, brothers, and sisters. After learning that cannon fodder could awaken and avoid that tragic fate, she had gone through the entire plot of the Xu family in her mind.

She did this in the hope of providing an early warning, allowing the Xu family to avoid a tragic ending.

Although Xu Xiangbei seemed not to have awakened, always turning a blind eye to her.

But she still remembered the plot involving Xu Xiangbei.

After all, Xu Xiangbei was the first one to die in the Xu family.

And Xu Xiangbei’s death marked the beginning of the tragic fate of the Xu family.

Tonight, if she hadn’t remembered it wrong, should be the reason why Xu Xiangbei would die in the future.

In the novel, Xu Xiangbei, with a naturally sharp business mind, would occasionally go to the county town at night to buy and sell goods.

During his over two years of buying and selling, his best relationship was with Cui Zhiqiang.

Cui Zhiqiang was from another production brigade, the Qiaodong Production Brigade.

Over the past two years, the two often helped each other out.

But tonight, Cui Zhiqiang betrayed Xu Xiangbei…

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