Chapter 73 – Trying his best to stab you in the back!

“Oh, this is my friend, someone trustworthy,” Xu Xiangbei said.

Xu Xiangbei’s simple introduction made Cui Zhiqiang furrow his brows slightly; he always felt that Xu Xiangbei hadn’t told the truth, but he didn’t know how to refute it.

Thinking about tonight’s events, he chuckled, “Abei, I envy your courage. Tonight, you can get good goods. Unlike me, with insufficient funds and a small courage, I’m destined not to make much money and not get rich.”

His tone was full of envy, as if he greatly admired Xu Xiangbei.

In the past, Xu Xiangbei might have been a bit conceited because of such flattery.

But now, Xu Xiangbei surprisingly heard insincerity in his words, completely recognizing it as a false statement.

Xu Xiangbei didn’t know why his ability to perceive people’s emotions suddenly became so pronounced.

Moreover, when it came to getting rich, although he still had some fluctuations in his heart, it wasn’t as intense as before.

It was as if, in the past, his existence in life was solely to get rich at any cost, disregarding consequences, his mind clouded by the pursuit of wealth.

And now, although he still hoped to make big money, his mind was clear; he absolutely couldn’t jeopardize himself for the sake of wealth.

“No, my courage is small too. That’s why I came tonight to tell you that I don’t want this batch of goods.”

“I just came to tell you, and then I plan to leave.”

“What, you don’t want it?!” Due to the shock and suddenness, Cui Zhiqiang’s voice rose significantly, attracting the attention of people around him, who turned to look at him before leaving after a while.

[Yes, second brother, we can’t take that life-threatening thing!]

“Abei, are you joking with me?” Cui Zhiqiang urgently confirmed.

“Not joking. You know, the rumors have been too tight lately, and I’m afraid too. So, even though I’m tempted, I’d rather not.”

“Life is the most important.”

Seeing that Xu Xiangbei seemed determined not to take that batch of goods, Cui Zhiqiang became anxious, “But we agreed on this, Abei. When did your courage become so small? Is this still the Xu Xiangbei I know? Could it be that you’ve been possessed by a mouse or something?”

Perhaps because he was anxious, Cui Zhiqiang directly used provocative tactics.

If it were a usual time, Xu Xiangbei, who was more impatient and concerned about face, might have agreed to it under such provocation.

But now, Xu Xiangbei’s mind was incredibly clear.

Furthermore, the little girl who seemed afraid that Cui Zhiqiang’s words might persuade him was secretly pulling at his clothes.

“You’re right, just forget it. Anyway, I won’t go later, and besides, it wasn’t a firm agreement. Didn’t we say before that if you want to go, then go; if you don’t want to, you don’t have to? So, it’s fine if I don’t go.”

Being retorted like this by Xu Xiangbei, Cui Zhiqiang was somewhat speechless.

You might be fine, but I have a problem.

This watch was so expensive and rare that it couldn’t be delivered here without a specific arrangement.

This time, the watch was actually ordered by Cui Zhiqiang, using up all his savings just to lure Xu Xiangbei.

But now, even though Xu Xiangbei seemed so interested last time, now that he had come, he unexpectedly said he wouldn’t go.

How could this be acceptable?

If Xu Xiangbei didn’t go, wouldn’t he have to swallow all those watches? And it had to be him who swallowed them; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to explain to the supplier.

This wasn’t even the most important part; getting these watches would certainly bring a profit and earn him a substantial amount of money.

But that wasn’t the most crucial aspect.

The most crucial thing was that these watches were a trap he set for Xu Xiangbei. He had planned to go to the police station to report him by name after Xu Xiangbei went there.

Yes, it was for that job position. As for the 50 yuan, it was just the icing on the cake.

Abei, before, when I was dating, I mentioned having difficulties.

You said that if I have difficulties, I should speak up, and you would help me. Well, help me now. It’s just a matter of sitting in jail for a few years. When you come out, if I’ve made it big, I’ll definitely support you.

Actually, Cui Zhiqiang knew that given the current situation and the value of this batch of watches, if Xu Xiangbei got caught, he might end up in serious trouble.

But Cui Zhiqiang refused to entertain such thoughts.

He wanted to believe that getting caught would only mean a few years in prison.

Brother, since you’re so good, just use a few years to exchange it for my job position and wife.

I will always remember and be grateful to you.

Moreover, you’re still young. In a few years, when you come out, it will still be a great time, with endless possibilities.

Cui Zhiqiang brainwashed himself in this way, soothing his conscience, and set up such a sweet trap for Xu Xiangbei.

However, Cui Zhiqiang never expected that Xu Xiangbei would back out at the last moment.

This was unacceptable; if Xu Xiangbei left, all his plans would fail.

“Abei, I think you should reconsider. This opportunity is rare, and if you miss it, it may not come again.”

“Think about it, the money you’ll get from selling these watches…”


Cui Zhiqiang continuously tempted Xu Xiangbei with enormous benefits, attempting to make him reconsider.

[Brother, you have such a good friend. Some people would go to great lengths for a good friend, but your good friend is trying his best to stab you in the back. Tsk, tsk.]

[You must not let yourself be brainwashed. Wait until next year, wait for the reforms to open up, and then there will be more opportunities to make money. You can also engage in legal business, and opportunities will be everywhere.]

While Cui Zhiqiang continued with his enticing words, the little girl behind him was anxiously complaining.

Xu Xiangbei almost burst into laughter when he heard the girl’s earlier comment.

‘Trying his best to stab you in the back’, well, the current Cui Zhiqiang was indeed eager to stab him, wanting him dead.

At this moment, Xu Xiangbei was exceptionally clear-headed. He realized that Cui Zhiqiang had never truly considered him a friend or brother; he only wanted to use him.

Recognizing this, from this moment on, Xu Xiangbei would no longer naively consider Cui Zhiqiang a brother or friend.

He didn’t want to be caught off guard and stabbed twice.

However, Cui Zhiqiang, still talking endlessly and attempting to persuade Xu Xiangbei, was too preoccupied to notice that Xu Xiangbei’s gaze towards him was gradually turning icy.

Xu Xiangbei was the kind of person who loved and hated intensely. After realizing Cui Zhiqiang’s true colors, he had no intention of having any further dealings with him.

As for what the little girl mentioned about reforms and the ability to do legal business in the future, with opportunities everywhere—was that true?

Although Xu Xiangbei didn’t know why the little girl knew these things, he had a vague sense that it might be true.

Just like the situation with Cui Zhiqiang, she seemed to be right on point.

So, perhaps the little girl indeed had a prophetic ability!

“How about it, Abei, go ahead…” Cui Zhiqiang’s throat was almost dry, and his eyes were getting a bit red from anxiety.

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