Chapter 156 – Foreseeing

Wen Yulan was very curious about how her so-called good aunt’s family would scheme against her tomorrow.

She thought it would be better to tell Xu Xiangdong about this matter.

After all, if tomorrow was indeed a scheme and a trap, her strength alone would be limited.

It would be better to discuss it together with Xu Xiangdong.

And also, there was Ningning’s side.

Wen Yulan recalled what she had heard from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts. The content of those thoughts seemed like things that would happen to her in the future, almost as if Xu Jinning could foresee them.

Although she didn’t know why Xu Jinning knew these things or why she could hear Ningning’s inner thoughts, maybe it was a blessing from above or from her parents, not wanting her to be schemed against.

She thought maybe she could talk to Ningning about this. Perhaps Ningning knew what her so-called good aunt’s family was planning.

The next day, early in the morning, Xu Xiangdong came to pick up Wen Yulan to go to his house.

Because today was the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether in the factory or in various production brigades, everyone could rest for a day, giving every family a chance to reunite.

Sure enough, when Wen Yulan arrived at the Xu family’s house, everyone in the Xu family was there.

At noon, Zhang Ailian had prepared a sumptuous meal, including mooncakes, symbolizing reunion.

While enjoying the delicious food and chatting and laughing with each other, two people were particularly emotional.

One was Wen Yulan. This was her first Mid-Autumn Festival after her parents passed away, and it was also the first time she had such a sumptuous and delicious meal. To say she wasn’t moved would be false.

Her eyes were slightly red, and in her heart, she thought, ‘Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, look, now Yulan has family again, has a home. Rest assured, Yulan will be fine.’

The other person feeling emotional was Xu Jinning.

In modern times, the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion belonged to her father, stepmother, and stepsister’s family, never to her.

Xu Jinning nibbled on her five-nut mooncake, feeling incredibly sweet, almost to the core of her heart.

When she looked up, her face was full of joyful smiles.

After dinner, Wen Yulan mentioned that she would go to her aunt’s house for dinner in the evening.

“They are so kind to invite you for dinner, there must be an ulterior motive,” Xu Xiangdong immediately remarked.

Regarding Wen Yulan’s uncle and aunt, Xu Xiangdong didn’t have a good impression of them, especially since they made Wen Yulan’s life so difficult before.

They were selfish and calculative at every turn.

“Yes, Sister Yulan, please don’t go,” Xu Jinning also chimed in.

[I knew it, as soon as the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, that despicable family starts scheming against Sister Yulan.]

[Sister Yulan, please, please don’t go. That dinner is a trap set specifically for you. If you go and get tricked and get dr*gged, they might send you to become a sh*red wife in the Cui family!]

Thinking to herself, Xu Jinning also recalled the plot.

Meanwhile, Wen Yulan heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts again, not surprised this time. However, the next moment, what happened before her eyes shocked her.

Suddenly, in her mind, there were some images.

The place depicted in those images was none other than her so-called good aunt’s house.

In the images, there was food on the table, and seated around it were her, Wen Huihui, her uncle, and her aunt.

The four of them were eating together, and during the meal, Wen Yulan’s uncle and aunt smiled at her with great favor.

They even took the initiative to pick food for her.

If people didn’t know, they’d think they have such a good relationship and affection.

But before Wen Yulan could finish her bowl of rice, she suddenly closed her eyes and collapsed onto the dining table.

Apart from her collapsing, the other three showed no signs of distress.

Their eyes were filled with joy upon seeing her collapse.

Subsequently, taking advantage of the dimming light, they took her to an abandoned house in the village and then left.

Soon after, a tall stranger came in. It seemed like he had known she was there, as he effortlessly lifted her unconscious body and quickly headed towards the mountains…

Following that, the scenes Wen Yulan witnessed filled her with dread.

They also revealed the identity of the man.

He was the leader of the Cui family.

In the scenes, that night she was carried to the Cui family’s residence deep in the mountains, where she was v*olated by the three Cui brothers. Even when she woke up midway and begged for mercy, her appearance inadvertently revealed her identity, and the predetermined circumstances made the Cui family unwilling to let her go.

Wen Yulan’s physical strength as a vulnerable woman was no match for the three strong and tall men of the Cui family.

That night was a nightmare and despair for Wen Yulan.

She was kept captive for three days afterward.

Wen Yulan only found an opportunity to escape later but was quickly discovered by the people from the Cui family who chased after her.

They forced her to the edge of a cliff.

In the final scene, Wen Yulan closed her eyes and leaped off the cliff.

“Yulan, what happened to you?”

Xu Xiangdong’s call snapped Wen Yulan back to reality abruptly, and she instinctively replied, “I’m fine.”

That’s what she said, but inside, Wen Yulan was filled with shock.

What did she just see?

Was it her imagination or a hallucination?

No, if it were any other time, Wen Yulan might have thought she was having issues, but these images appeared after she heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, so Wen Yulan couldn’t help but associate them with Xu Jinning.

Moreover, those scenes seemed like something that could happen in the future.

She remembered the first time she heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, learning about her own fate from her, being sent to the Cui family and ultimately jumping off a cliff to escape their humiliation and dying.

And what she just saw…

That might be real.

She couldn’t help but speculate. Before, she could only hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, but now, she could see images reflecting those thoughts. Was it about future events?

Was there something wrong with her?

Or did Xu Jinning’s abilities become stronger?

Wen Yulan felt it was probably the latter.

Actually, this is more advantageous for her because hearing something and seeing it with your own eyes are quite different.

For example, in the scenes she just saw.

She saw that her aunt and Wen Huihui dr*gged the food, causing her to become unconscious.

However, they weren’t foolish; they also had to eat with her.

So, they prepared two portions of the same dish—one dr*gged, placed in front of her, and the other undr*gged, in front of them.

That’s why she was the only one affected by the dr*g.

Knowing their scheme makes it much easier to counterattack.

Moreover, in the scenes she just witnessed, she also saw another side of Wen Huihui.

As it turns out, Wen Huihui had been pretending in front of her all along, pretending to be innocent, kind, and timid, acting like she didn’t understand anything.

But in reality, she was the one pushing her aunt to harm her.

Whether it was plotting against her or the idea of marrying her to the three brothers of the Cui family as a sh*red wife, it was all Wen Huihui’s doing.

Simply because Wen Huihui also likes Xu Xiangdong!

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