Chapter 157 – Looking for Jade

Wen Yulan glanced sideways at Xu Xiangdong.

‘People say that beauty is a disaster, and this man is also a disaster.’

From the first moment Wen Yulan looked at Xu Xiangdong, he noticed it.

Xu Xiangdong felt a bit shy; Yulan truly liked him, unable to resist stealing glances even at his home.

Though a bit shy and embarrassed, Xu Xiangdong felt happy inside.

“Sister Yulan, don’t go. Maybe they’re planning something against you,” Xu Jinning spoke again.

She was her future sister-in-law; nothing should happen to her.

Wen Yulan reached out and held Xu Jinning’s hand, reassuring her, “Ningning, don’t worry. I won’t put myself in danger.”


“If they’re planning something against me and we dodge it once, they’ll try again, and again…”

“It’s better to know their plans now and strike back.”

“That way, they won’t dare to b*lly me again in the future.”

Xu Jinning nodded, finding sense in her words, but she was still worried about Wen Yulan.

“Ningning, don’t worry. Tomorrow, I’ll bring your brother along. He can wait outside secretly and cooperate with me. If I’m really in danger, your brother can come in immediately and rescue me.”

“Yes, I’ll protect you,” Xu Xiangdong said sternly.

Wen Yulan’s words convinced Xu Jinning.

Yes, avoiding trouble isn’t always the best solution. Avoidance might temporarily evade trouble and danger, but the potential danger still exists.

Especially with certain people, they are like mice hiding in the dark, or like venomous snakes waiting to strike. They are always looking for an opportunity to bite.

Dealing with such people requires a decisive blow, striking back to ensure they won’t dare again in the future.

The evening arrived quickly.

Wen Yulan had already returned home in the afternoon, accompanied by Xu Xiangdong, although his arrival went unnoticed by others.

It was around the time Aunt Wen usually prepared dinner, so Wen Yulan arrived a bit earlier than usual.

Choosing this time also made it easier for her to implement her plan.

Uncle Wen’s family was surprised by Wen Yulan’s early arrival. They had been wondering if she might change her mind at the last minute, thinking she might go to her home and wait there after dinner. Either way, they intended to bring her to their home for this meal.

They didn’t expect Wen Yulan to come so early, catching them off guard as their food wasn’t ready yet, and the medicine hadn’t been prepared.

“Yulan, you’re here so early. Huihui, take your cousin to chat and offer her some biscuits,” Aunt Wen chuckled brightly from the kitchen.

Although Wen Yulan arrived early, it wasn’t a problem. Her presence was what mattered, not the timing.

Tonight, Aunt Wen was personally cooking because there were many dishes to prepare, including meat. She didn’t trust those lazy girls to cook; she feared they might sneak bites.

“Auntie, you seem busy. Let me help you,” Wen Yulan gestured to take the spatula from Aunt Wen’s hand.

“No, no, no,” Aunt Wen hurriedly avoided, “You’re a guest. How can I let you cook?”

“But Auntie, it’s not good for you to work alone. It’s okay, I’m used to doing these things from when you used to take care of me.”

Aunt Wen always b*llied Wen Yulan, making her do kitchen chores and household tasks, trying to exploit her completely.

Now when Aunt Wen heard Wen Yulan’s words, she suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Hehe, Yulan, that’s all in the past.”

“Besides, household chores in the kitchen are something women should know how to do.”

“If you don’t know anything, when you marry into your husband’s family, you’ll be looked down upon.”

“Auntie is doing this for your own good.”

“Of course, today is different. Today, you are a guest. Huihui, hurry up and take your cousin to eat.”

“Okay, Mom, got it.”

Wen Yulan didn’t really intend to stay and cook. She just went along with the conversation and left with Wen Huihui.

Seeing Wen Yulan leave, Aunt Wen breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness that girl Wen Yulan didn’t insist on staying, or else how would she have dr*gged the food, especially in front of her?

That wouldn’t do!

Aunt Wen continued cooking and, after finishing the dishes, divided everything into two portions.

After arranging them, she took out a packet of medicine from her pocket and sprinkled a little bit into one of the portions.

“This is for Wen Yulan, and this is for us.”

To be honest, once the medicine was added, those dishes couldn’t be eaten later.

Aunt Wen felt a bit of pain, especially since there was some cured meat in there.

However, thinking about the bride price promised by the Cui family, her discomfort lessened considerably.

After adding the medicine, Aunt Wen was about to bring the food over…

“Auntie, your dishes are ready. Let me help you bring them over.”

Wen Yulan suddenly appeared, startling Aunt Wen.

Wen Yulan came alone, without Wen Huihui accompanying her.

Aunt Wen couldn’t help but curse in her mind, wondering why that damn girl had let Wen Yulan come over.

If Wen Yulan had seen her dr*gging the food, their plan would have been ruined.

However, judging by Wen Yulan’s demeanor, she probably hadn’t noticed.

Aunt Wen breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s alright, Yulan. You can go back and sit. I’ll bring it over myself.”

“That wouldn’t be polite, Auntie. Let me help you.”

“No, really, you don’t have to.”

“Ah…” As they jostled, Wen Yulan suddenly exclaimed, then her hand went to her neck.

“Auntie, my necklace is missing. Did it fall off in the kitchen?” Wen Yulan said as she searched around the kitchen.


Aunt Wen knew about the necklace Wen Yulan mentioned; it was a jade pendant.

It was said to be passed down from her parents, a family heirloom, a precious item.

Although nowadays, this jade pendant, even gold and silver, wasn’t worth much.

But who knew about the future?

Aunt Wen had been eyeing that jade pendant for a long time.

But this damn girl, Wen Yulan, had always been stubborn about it; no matter how she cajoled and persuaded, she couldn’t get the jade pendant out of her.

If Aunt Wen had to resort to forceful tactics, she had done it before.

But with that jade pendant hanging around Wen Yulan’s neck, hidden under her clothes, the moment Aunt Wen made a move to snatch it, Wen Yulan struggled and ran away.

Over the years, Aunt Wen had always coveted that jade pendant, perhaps believing that what couldn’t be obtained was the best.

As the years went by, her desire to own that jade pendant grew stronger.

Now that Wen Yulan’s jade pendant was missing, lost in her house, or perhaps in the kitchen?

That was possible too, especially since not long ago and now, Wen Yulan had been in the kitchen.

Her kitchen was cluttered with many things; maybe the jade pendant had fallen into some corner.

If she found it, then the jade pendant would be hers.

Aunt Wen suddenly felt delighted and said in a fake caring tone, “Oh, that’s something your parents left for you. You mustn’t lose it. Don’t worry, Auntie will help you look for it now. It’s a bit dark, so it might be a bit hard to find.”

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