IYDFILYD – Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

Ye Chen looked blank and said: “Since you want me dead, why bother to save me?”

The Death System said: “How could I? I hope you live forever!” The tone of the bandit was a bit sincere.

Ye Chen believes he is too fishy: “What bullshit task do you want me to do? Lift me up? Lao Zi is an adult male, how can Ren Jing do this action?!”

The death system: “Cough…” He decided to keep a bit of goodwill and not hit the 1.69m adult male.

Ye Chen is worried, hugging and kissing are all OK, but what shitty task now? The ultimate task that cannot be accomplished!

Xiao Liu noticed the low mood of Ye Chen and whispered: “Brother?”

Ye Chen looked at him and asked, “You…you and your girlfriend…”

Xiao Liu was startled, how did he bring up his girlfriend? Ye Chen knew about his situation. His girlfriend had a birthday. He sent them a car. Ye Chen’s skin was very thin. He rarely gossips. It was estimated that he didn’t even know what his girlfriend’s name was.

“What do you want to ask, brother? Just say it.”

Ye Chen was too embarrassed to tell, it was difficult for him to speak.

Xiao Liu looked at him helplessly.

Ye Chen felt that apart from Liu Xiaoming, there was no one to consult, so he asked: “That…you and your girlfriend… can you lift her up?”

“Ah?” Xiao Liu somewhat cannot respond.

Ye Chen with a deep and rough voice: “Can you?”

Xiao Liu said with a smile: “How can I? I am 172cm. She’s 165cm. Even if I have good arm strength, it would be difficult for me to lift her up…”

Ye Chen: “…”

Xiao Liu knows his brother’s awkward character. Under normal circumstances, Ye Chen will only ask half of his question. The rest is for Xiao Liu to take the initiative to complete. Then he said: “About this matter, I personally feel that the person who will do the lifting must have strong arms, and then there should be a difference in height between the two sides. The best is a difference of 20cm. In this way, the complete picture is beautiful!”

Ye Chen’s mouth twitched.

Xiao Liu said: “I want to lift my girlfriend. I must grow to 185cm?” Xiao Liu sighs and said: “185cm ah…” Man’s ideal height…

However, he soon realized that the height matter was Ye Chen’s minefield, so he quickly shut up and didn’t say anything more.

Ye Chen’s head bowed down to open Baidu, looked at the view of Baidu Encyclopedia.

Ren Jing’s height is 189cm.

His height is just right!

Although Ye Chen’s Baidu Encyclopedia shows a height of 172cm, they all know that there’s an increased amount thanks to his shoes.

Ren Jing’s height doesn’t have the addition of shoes. It is a real bare-footed height. The two of them are really not less than 20 cm.

As for the arm strength…

There was a picture flashing in the Ye Chen’s head. That night, um… At that time, Ren Jing took him to the bathroom and held him, and after that, he still had some strength to do one more round.

It was a hotel suite, the bedroom was huge, and the distance to the bathroom was not short.

The Death System concludes: “You see, it’s not that difficult for you? You two are very appropriate for holding high.”

Ye Chen: “…”

The Death System gave him advice: “The focus now is how to let Ren Jing lift you up…”

Ye Chen listened and got angry: “Lift up, lift f*ck!”

The death system does not have a younger sister, so a little bit, he continued: “I think, you can go and attack him.”

Ye Chen erects his ears: “What is a sneak attack?”

The death system said: “Men have morning wood, you seduce him at that time, surely will have no problem, then you can climb to his waist and he will hold you. Do it in a standing position…”

“Go die!” Ye Chen felt like he was an idiot. He even thought that the death system would really give him an idea! This big bastard just wants to see something fun!

Ye Chen was very depressed, but fortunately, people in the entertainment industry are very diligent.

The trial is scheduled at 7:30 in the morning and there are nearly two and a half hours from his “time of death”.

He must be able to come up with a method of perfection during this time. He will not be treated as a fool and he will not lose his life… well… this is extremely difficult ah!

He just got in when Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi also arrived.

They greeted each other. Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing and quickly moved his sight.

Ren Jing smiled and looked at him with a few more glances without hesitation. When Du Ke Shi started to notice, he took back his gaze.

In the entire studio, according to the positions, Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi are the ones who have the most important roles. It is reasonable to say that they should be given priority. And Ye Chen, this third-rate actor, in a normal situation should be a small transparent existence no one should concern with.

But the identity of Ye Chen was too big, this young master’s Ye family alone was enough to give him a good footing in the entertainment circle.

What’s more, this play is Gu Xi’s, and Gu Xi and Ye Chen are iron buddies since childhood.

Therefore, the treatment of the crew to Ye Chen is similar to that of Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi.

However, Ye Chen has always been low-key, others want to prioritize him, but Ye Chen himself doesn’t think himself as a big shot.

It is also this kind of self-awareness that provoked many people’s like, and Du Ke Shi was one of them.

Although it is only a trial play, if it is good it will be cut into a promotional video, so Du Ke Shi has to go for a good makeup.

Ye Chen’s scenes are impossible to be in the promotional video. He does not need to pay too much attention to makeup and can just go directly.

Gu Xi took him aside and whispered: “This is not difficult. You also know that Mu Yu was patterned to you, so you do not have to be constrained, just act naturally.”

Ye Chen had something else in his mind and just said, “Ah…Good…”

Gu Xi patted his shoulders: “Don’t be nervous, I just look at your state. If it’s not suitable, I can readjust the script again.”

This is really quite a ‘pamper’, and Ye Chen already predicted this.

Ye Chen couldn’t bear to let Gu Xi be disappointed, he cheered up, “No problem!”

This part of the play was when Mu Yu went to a bar with his group of friends. The difficulty was not so great. The lines were also five or six sentences. Ye Chen can say it casually.

But soon, the entire crew realized a truth: God opened a wide door for you, but will surely close the window.

Look at Ye Chen, the family background is very enviable, and the popularity is also very good. And most importantly, he is also very good-looking, red lips with white teeth, his smile can kill countless of little fresh meats.

But his acting… is very embarrassing to look at!

So what if his appearance is 100 points when his acting is a -100? Add them together! Clearly, his appearance is worth a thousand points, acting is a negative thousand points!

How can the acting be so stiff? Honestly, at this point, everyone is convinced.

Although Gu Xi was psychologically prepared, he was also physically shocked.

“You’re too nervous! Just be yourself! You’re usually good at telling jokes. This is what you usually say, you…”

Ye Chen: “I’ll try again.”

Gu Xi can still watch? The pit that he invited, with his eyes closed, has to step forward: “OK, you look for the feeling.”

Ye Chen is also very much looking for feelings, but to do this thing yourself, from the second line of reading the line is not like their own!

The harder he tried to play well, the worse he got, his character was 1000 miles away from him, and an entirely blank screen was left to play.

The group of people has seen the ‘acting cancer’ in the terminal stage, and they have never been so frightened.

After a while, even Gu Xi couldn’t stand it.

Throughout the whole studio, only one person looked at him consistently.

It is Ren Jing.

For others – it’s embarrassment, but for Ren Jing, Ye Chen’s acting can be called ‘lovely’.

The performance is exaggerated and lovely, the performance is stereotypical and cute, and the more he tries to play well the lovelier he is in Ren Jing’s eyes.

The filter in his eyes is so thick that no medicine can ever cure him.

In fact, Ye Chen’s real level is not so bad. It is mainly because of the knife hanging above his head. He was worried that if he was not lifted high he will die. So how could he play well?

At this moment, he felt Ren Jing staring at him. He couldn’t help but glance at him.

Ren Jing’s thin lips moved slightly and spit out two words: Come on!

Ye Chen: “…” What… the hell?!

Can’t play it! Ye Chen said: “That’s it. When it’s time to shoot, it’s definitely not a problem. Here and the bar’s atmosphere is too different. I… um, I always play.” The latter he said quietly, he was really embarrassed!

Gu Xi thought and promised. When the real shot was made, he would definitely set up a good scene. He will let the gang of young masters come and play, and with these people, Ye Chen would certainly be able to play well.

Just then, Du Ke Shi came out.

Ye Chen hurried off and Gu Xi did not delay the time. He turned to Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi to play.

The two played together and perfectly interpreted what is called the old opera play.

The crowd of onlookers said: the eyes are washed well huhu!

The scenes of Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi are small interactions when they were young and in love.

There are not many scenes, that is, the two people met in the classroom and greet with shy smiles.

But the two of them were really good. They entered the show very quickly, after the first interaction, their eyes showed the proper emotions of youthful affection. It was pleasing to watch and made the onlookers hearts tremble.

Ye Chen was watching it, his heart was uncomfortable. If he did not know that this was only a play, as a single dog he had already cried in the toilet.

The gap is so great that it is simply an insurmountable gap!

Looking at Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi, Ye Chen felt deeply that he could never eat the actor’s bowl of rice.

But now he has to eat. If he is not an actor, how would he stay with Ren Jing? There will be no reason anymore!

His heart felt too stuffy.

Ye Chen’s emotions clearly displayed on his face.

His bad mood, Gu Xi, and Xiao Liu are aware of it.

However, their brains have turned to the other direction.

Ye Chen hated Ren Jing. In his words, Ren Jing’s acting skills were so good. Who knows if there was a knife behind Ren Jing’s smile!

Of course, Gu Xi and Xiao Liu feel that Ye Chen should have some small jealousy, after all, the actor’s acting is really great, a contrast… Well…… It’s strange not to be jealous.

While Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi are practicing the scenes, the corner of Ren Jing’s eye saw Ye Chen…

At a glance, he saw his angry appearance.

Ren Jing froze for a moment, then he raised his mouth and the sweetness in his eyes poured out, instantly causing the entire studio to have pink bubbles.

Du Ke Shi took a breath: “Stop, stop!”

Ren Jing also returned to himself and calmed down.

Du Ke Shi said: “Don’t overdo it!” This… who can take this?! Her heart was actually affected she almost melted, and she has a husband who is okay!

The mood of Ren Jing is really good: “I’m sorry.”

The voices of the two people were relatively low. Ye Chen was far from hearing them, but he saw the ‘deep affection’ in Ren Jing’s eyes.

Damn, this guy is a dead man! Is he in love with his elder sister? His elder sister is already married!

Gu Xi is very satisfied: “It is this feeling, it is this taste! Good, great!” He excitedly said: “It’s still early, so why don’t we take the opportunity to take a publicity photo?”

Ren Jing and Du Ke Shi had no opinion. Ye Chen was anxious. What nonsense ah! He has to hurry and get the task done. He was going to block Ren Jing and force him to lift him up!

In the next moment, Gu Xi said: “I want such a photo… When you were admitted to the same university and received the acceptance letter, you were so happy you lifted Mo Yu up.”

He said he opened the slide and found a picture for them: “It feels like this.”

Ye Chen looked at the “lift up” photos! What the f***!

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Single Dog – refers to someone who is single or unmarried

Younger Sister – probably talking about the female part?

Mu Yu – Ye Chen

Mo Yu – Du Ke Shi

Ren Jing – 189cm (6.2ft)

Ye Chen – 169cm (5.5ft)

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