BH (QT) 37 – Genius Slacker (20 – End)

Chapter Thirty-Seven – Genius Slacker (20 – End)

 After talking to his own parents, Cheng An Xiu realized that his parents had already talked to Yan Jing Ze, and Yan Jing Ze didn’t tell him at all!

    When he learned that Yan Jing Ze’s parents already knew their relationship, he was not angry, but now, he is a little angry.

    Today’s kisses, no more!

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t panic at all.

He was no longer the man who could be satisfied by a mere kiss; he had higher expectations now.

    Yan Jing Ze, who had not been able to kiss Cheng An Xiu that day, took Cheng An Xiu on a cruise two days later, and ate him dry.

    They were travelling on a very luxurious cruise ship with various fun facilities and dancing parties, but the two of them stayed in their luxurious couple’s suite and didn’t get out much.

    They don’t want to go out, they just want to stay in their room facing the sea, look at the sea, and do things they love to do.

    Occasionally, they will go out and they will hold hands in an open manner—almost all passengers on this cruise ship are from other countries, and no one knows them.

    They did treat this trip as a honeymoon trip, so they forgot about the college entrance examination results.

    Although they don’t remember, their parents do.

    One day, they were in the room doing something inappropriate for children when their phones rang at the same time.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan called Yan Jing Ze, and Father Cheng and Mother Cheng called Cheng An Xiu.

    Both parents were very excited on the phone and then talked about the two children’s achievements.

    Their scores are close to full marks, but Cheng An Xiu is one point higher than Yan Jing Ze, higher in Chinese language.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan are happy: “Son, you are so smart, you really are a genius!”

    Father Cheng could not conceal the excitement in his voice, but what he said was something more practical: “Your achievements must be in the top ten in the province, maybe the first or second…”

Father Cheng’s voice was even a little choked up as he said it.

    As a parent, who doesn’t want their children to be promising?

    He used to feel a little bit conflicted about his son running out with Yan Jing Ze, but at this moment, he suddenly felt it was not a big deal.

    Cheng An Xiu did get the first place in the province and Yan Jing Ze was second in the province.

    Soon after the news came out, banners were put up in front of the No.1 High School, and the local media even flocked to the school, wanting to interview the provincial champion and provincial 2nd ranker.

    However, the champion and the second ranker are not there, they went to travel together!

    The reporters were a little lost at first, but quickly rejoiced – the Champion and the 2nd Ranker are good brothers, and this was definitely a good story.

    The reporter first interviewed the parents of the champion.

    Father Cheng said with a cold face: “Yes, they have a good relationship. They have been at the same table for two years.”

    Although Mother Cheng was in a complicated mood, she smiled: “Their relationship is indeed very good, and Yan Jing Ze often comes to my house for dinner.”

    The reporter interviewed Father Yan and Mother Yan.

    Father Yan smiled openly: “My son has been smart since he was a child! He was delayed before… You’re asking about his relationship with Cheng An Xiu? They are fine! My son has a very good vision.”

    Mother Yan laughed so hard that her eyes almost disappeared: “They are very good, they stayed together all day during the holidays!”

Th reporter interviewed the two teachers again.

    The chubby Teacher Liu said: “The two of them are Jiao and Meng. They have been very sticky.”

    Therefore, Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu have not yet returned, and there are already ‘The Champion and the 2nd Ranker are Good Brothers – Learning and Progressing Together’ in the news.

    Yan Jing Ze found it funny. The reporter said that they are always alone together and concentrate on studying… I’m sorry, when they were alone together, they often couldn’t concentrate on their studies, and he even made Cheng An Xiu, who was trying to concentrate on his studies, grumpy all the time because of his small movements.

    Of course he also knows that it’s just a matter of measure.

The students in the No.1 High School also found it funny.

    These reporters are too good at talking!

    Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu clearly have a bad relationship!

However, regardless of the facts, the two people, Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze, unsurprisingly became hot topic online.

    Every time the college entrance examination results come out, the college entrance examination champions of various provinces will attract attention.

The ones that get the most attention are often the more unusual ones.

    Cheng An Xiu himself is quite special – he is handsome, and even more so after being bound to Yan Jing Ze as a ‘good brother’, both of them are handsome.

    People on the Internet immediately paid attention to the most handsome champion and the most handsome second ranker. Photos of the two of them were everywhere at once.

There’s one thing everyone is paying attention to, they suddenly realized that this most handsome second ranker is a bit familiar.

    More than a year ago, someone posted that a student cheated in No.1 High School… The student mentioned in the post seems to be Yan Jing Ze?

    The photos of Yan Jing Ze that Zhuang Gaohang posted on the internet when he was blackmailing Yan Jing Ze were turned over again.

    No one believed the content in that post. After all, the college entrance examination rankings do not need to cheat, but those photos of Yan Jing Ze were madly forwarded, and the background of Yan Jing Ze was also dug out.

    “My little brother is so handsome!”

    “Not only is he handsome, he is also a top student!”

    “Not only a top student but also a rich man!!!”

    “I can do it! I can!”

    “Ah, I’m gonna die! I want to know the social media of my little brother!”

    “Little brother does not have social media! 55555.”

    “People! My husband, although he has no social media, but I have his father’s social media Weibo account! @ Yan Jing Ze’s Father


    It’s true that Yan Jing Ze doesn’t have a social media account, his mind is all on Cheng An Xiu, and he has to study, so he doesn’t have time for Weibo.

    Originally, Father Yan did not have Weibo. He was busy managing the company and had no time to do this.

   But ever since Yan Jing Ze got into the Provincial Top Scorer List and was followed by countless netizens, Father Yan got excited and immediately asked his assistant to register a Weibo for him, and also posted something related to Yan Jingze.

    For a time, countless people came down on Father Yan’s Weibo, calling him Father Yan or Father in Law.

    After Father Yan posted in Weibo to show off his son, he noticed the incident, and he was a little confused and quickly posted another Weibo: “My son already has a partner and won’t be with you. Don’t call me that.”

    Netizens: “Hahahahaha!”

“You’re too serious Father Yan!”

“Wait! Aren’t your concerns wrong? The little brother Xueba already has a partner!”

Xueba has a puppy love? T.T”

    “Xueba dares to fall in love early!” 

“I put my heart and soul into high school back then and still scored over 100 points lower than people who fell in love in high school. As expected, I was too stupid.”

    “Particularly curious. Little brother, who is your target?!”


In the end, some people said: “Who made you fall in love with Yan Jing Ze? You are now heartbroken, right? I’m different, I’m more realistic and don’t think about people from such a good family! I like Cheng An Xiu.”

    “I also like Cheng An Xiu. The abstinence look is my dish!”

    “Yes, my An Xiu is not bad!”

    “Cheng An Xiu, first place in the exam!”

    “I’m going to change my mind and fall in love with Cheng An Xiu!”


    Cheng An Xiu’s record is excellent, there are also many people who like him, but there is no family background bonus, so no one calls him husband.

    It is still a bit shameful to call someone who has just graduated from high school husband.

    However, what the netizens did not expect was that when they had just sent comments about changing target, Father Yan actually replied to one of them: “Cheng An Xiu also has a partner.”

    Netizens: “??” Cheng An Xiu actually have a partner?

    How can this be! The high school students did not study well and went to fall in love!

    What’s more abusive is that they are all in love, and they still scored so well!

    Netizens feel sour, but Father Yan is still showing off his son on the Internet enthusiastically.

    In the past two years, his favorite thing to do every day is to show off his son in front of others.

But as he showed off more, the people around him grew impatient, making him depressed.
    But now it’s different!

    He has a broader ‘stage’ where he can show off his son!

    Father Yan shows off his son on the Internet every day, and in the end he became an internet celebrity with millions of fans every minute.

    The Internet was very lively, Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu finally ended their travel and returned home.

Then it’s time to fill out the volunteer application.

    The two enrolled in the same school, but their volunteer choices are not the same. After completing the application, Yan Jing Ze did not stay much at home and took Cheng An Xiu to City B where the school they enrolled was located.

    Nowadays, it’s not easy to be eligible to buy a house in City B, but Father Yan bought a house in City B in his early years…

    At first, Yan Jing Ze, who wanted to use his own private money to buy a house, didn’t end up buying one, but Father Yan gave him a house.

    He and Cheng An Xiu had a home for them in the prosperous metropolis of City B and officially became college students.

    Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu studied very hard, plus their brains were not bad. In the end, they were still undergraduate and they were already both favored by some Professors and were invited to participate in large projects.

    They are developing better and better. The two graduated early from undergraduate studies, followed by holding a postgraduate program and doing research…Finally, even their whereabouts need to be kept secret!

Father Yan is sad to discover that he has no more bragging material to show off, and his son’s work cannot be told to the public.

    Fortunately, in recent years, he has shown off not only his son, but also various other things. In addition, he is really very, very rich… He actually shows off himself as the Nation’s Dad, and countless people are calling him Dad every day in his Weibo.

    Father Yan is really the father of many people’s dreams. He not only has money, but also spoils his children. Who doesn’t want such a father?

    When someone called him Father, Father Yan was a little uncomfortable at first, but gradually he adapted and even had a bold idea.

    One day, Nation’s Dad Father Yan posted a Weibo: “I made a very important decision. I decided not to become President in the future, I want to become an internet celebrity!”

    Netizens were all confused: “Dad, what’s the matter with you?”

    “Dad, your account has been hacked?”

    “Dad, think twice! The president can take care of the netizens, but the netizens can’t afford to take care of the president, Dad! “


    Netizens have left comments that they think Father Yan was joking, but what Father Yan said was true.

    He really doesn’t care about the company he founded.

    He sold some of these properties and exchanged them for capital or real estate, and some properties were handed over to agents for management.

    As for himself, he retired and began to concentrate on being an internet celebrity and doing charity.

    He set up a foundation to subsidize out-of-school children to study, and set up a special family-finding website to help parents find their children and help children find their biological parents.

    He even paid for the DNA tests for these people and left samples for comparison.

    He even posted news on the Internet, looking for his lost daughter many years ago.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan gave birth to a daughter in their early years, and they have been looking for their daughter since she was lost.

    They worked hard to make the company bigger and bigger in order to have enough money to look for their lost daughter.

    Unfortunately, they couldn’t find her, and then they had Yan Jing Ze.

    But they still did not stop looking for their daughter.

    Father Yan posted the news about finding his daughter on the Internet. Many people provided clues, but they still couldn’t find her.

    Slowly, Father Yan didn’t even hold out much hope, and that’s when he found his daughter!

Yan Jing Ze’s sister was abducted and sold.

She was only three years old at the time and very cute, but she was a girl, so it was neither economical nor desirable to sell her to a rural village, so she was eventually sold to a very ordinary couple in the city.

The couple was nice to her at first, but then they had a child of their own and treated her badly, but didn’t want to raise her for free, so they kept telling her that she was abandoned by her parents and they picked her up and raised her, so she had to repay the favor.

    The girl didn’t doubt that, after all, there are indeed many patriarchal who would throw away their daughters… and because of this, she never thought about looking for her biological parents.

    She got good grades and went to university with a loan. After graduation, she has been giving money to her adoptive parents and repaying them for their upbringing.

Now, she’s almost forty, already married with children, and the sudden rise in the idea of finding her birth parents is because she’s completely broken up with her adoptive parents.

Her foster parents’ second child was getting married and asked her to pay for the house, but she flatly refused to pay for it as she had doubled back on her parenting.

    Her foster parents, in their haste, actually made her pay back the money used when they bought her back with interest!

    Only then did she know that she was not an abandoned baby picked up by her adoptive parents, but was bought back… Does she actually have a pair of parents who love her?

In a moment of excitement, she went to a website run by Father Yan to help people find relatives, and left her own DNA information.

    Then, she found her family, and her family was still super rich.

Father Yan and Mother Yan are the type of people who love their children very much. If not, they would not have no bottom line when taking care of Yan Jing Ze.

    They have no bottom line for Yan Jing Ze, let alone their daughter who has been lost for so many years.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan cried happily!

His sister was found… Yan Jing Ze specifically asked for leave and took Cheng An Xiu back.

    He and Cheng An Xiu are now working in a research institute, but they are studying different things.

    Many of the young people in the institute are single, but they are not.

    Although they were not together when they were doing research, as long as they were free, they would hold hands and wander around the institute together. It made people in the institute especially want to boycott them.

    The two of them had already surpassed them in academic terms at a young age, and they even abused dogs!

    Simply inhumane!

    No matter what others thought, Yan Jing Ze had a very happy life, and now his sister has also found…

    He left the institute holding Cheng An Xiu’s hand, and there was a sense of completion.

    On the original historical trajectory, none of the people around the original owner had a good end. At this time, Father Yan and Mother Yan had already collapsed because of the original owner’s behavior, and the company was burdened with debts.

Now, it’s really good.

    Yan Family Villa.

Father Yan and Mother Yan are over sixty years old. Although they have been dignified and cherished, they have been very happy these years because of their son’s enthusiasm, but they are already full of wrinkles.

    And at this moment, they are circling around a woman who looks like she’s in her thirties and is well-dressed: “Little Yun, are you thirsty?”

    “Little Yun, this is a snack made by mother. You can try it.”

    “Little Yun, do you feel bored? Would you like to watch some TV?”


After finding her biological parents, Yan Jing Yun, who took the initiative to change her name back to her original name, is a bit unaccustomed to being treated like this, but she still feels warm.

    Also a little worried.

    She came to Yan family with her husband and daughter today to see her brother.

    She has been in contact with her parents and has determined that her parents really love her but she does not know if her brother will welcome her.

    She has known her brother and knows that her brother is very good, the college entrance examination is the provincial 2nd ranker. His university is the best university in the country, and he has graduated with a doctorate at a young age, and is doing some research that needs to be kept confidential.

    In contrast, she is really ordinary.

After all her hard work, she only went to an average college, then married an average husband and had an average daughter…

    She broke up completely with her adoptive parents, only for one hundred thousand yuan.

    But now, Father Yan and Mother Yan actually said that they would give her half of the family property.

    She felt that if she were her brother, she would definitely be unhappy.

    Yan Jing Yun was panicking and the butler Uncle Li came in with a smile on his face: “Young Master is back.”

    Yan Jing Yun looked up and saw two handsome young men coming in together from outside the door.

    Neither of them were strangers to her.

    Walking in the front is her brother Yan Jing Ze, and walking in the back is Cheng An Xiu, who has been put together with her brother in many news stories.

    The news said that the two people have a good relationship, which seems to be true.

    Yan Jing Yun stood up and looked at Yan Jing Ze a little restrained. Just as he was about to say hello, he heard Yan Jing Ze say: “You are my elder sister? You really look as good as me.”

When Yan Jing Ze smiles, he looks a bit badass, but not obnoxious at all, and even makes people subconsciously laugh along with him

    Yan Jing Yun suddenly became less nervous.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze also took out a gift: “Sister, this is a gift for you, this is for my brother-in-law, and for my niece.”

Yan Jing Ze sent the gifts over one by one, and when he arrived at his niece’s place, he boasted, “My niece is so pretty, a little beauty!”

Yan Jing Ze’s niece was twelve years old this year but already had a bit of a girlish appearance, slim, and she is also very happy to see Yan Jing Ze: “Uncle!”

“My niece is so good, I will give you another gift.” Yan Jing Ze then smiled and said: “I’ve got a house over on the east side that’s vacant, good school district, I’ll go transfer it to you later.”

The little beauty was stunned, and Yan Jin Yun was a bit overwhelmed with shock, “So expensive…”

    “This is nothing. I may ask my niece to provide for me in the future.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

    Yan Jing Yun couldn’t respond even more: “Provide in the future? You… By the way, parents said you have a partner, why don’t you bring your partner back?” Doesn’t her brother have a partner? Why does he want to let her daughter provide for him in the future?

    “I brought the subject back,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

    Yan Jing Yun thought of something and suddenly looked at Cheng An Xiu, and then saw Cheng An Xiu, who had been expressionless, looking at him, showing a small smile: “Sister.”

    Yan Jing Ze is very handsome, and Cheng An Xiu is not bad at all. Not only that, when Cheng An Xiu is not smiling, he looks abstinent. When he laughs, he looks very behaved.

    “You…” Yan Jing Yun suddenly thought of something, her brother had been with Cheng An Xiu long ago?

    “We have been together for many years,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Yan Jing Yun does not discriminate against two men being together, but she knows very well that her elders are not happy to see such a situation.

    She subconsciously looked at her father and mother.

Father Yan and Mother Yan have gone to greet Cheng An Xiu.

    They really like Cheng An Xiu.

    Their son looked like a mess before, and after being with Cheng An Xiu, he became a Nation’s Pillar!

    More importantly, after getting along for a long time, they found that Cheng An Xiu’s surface was cold and hard. In fact, his heart was very soft and he was easily bullied. Their son is always teasing him…

    It’s better for them to be nicer to Cheng An Xiu, or else what will happen if Cheng An Xiu doesn’t want their son one day?

The family is in good harmony and Yan Jing Yun became relaxed.

    How lucky, she found such a good family.

    Cheng An Xiu seriously answered Father Yan and Mother Yan’s question and was equally happy.

    How lucky he was to meet Yan Jing Ze.

    They will always be together and live on well.

    Thinking about this, Cheng An Xiu turned his head and smiled at Yan Jing Ze.

    It wasn’t the small shy smile he showed when he greeted the sister of Yan Jing Ze before, but a bigger and sweeter smile.

    Yan Jing Ze has the urge to take this person back to the room and kiss him immediately. No, just kissing is definitely not enough. He must do something else!

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Jiao and Meng refer to the two generals, Jiao Zan and Meng Liang. The two of them are sworn brothers, always inseparable. Later used as a metaphor, (Two ends of the same light) they always dance together and create a better life together.

Xueba – Academic Emperor / Top Student

I’m gonna miss Father Yan, he’s so funny. (≧▽≦)

There are still 2 extra chaps~

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