BH (QT) 43 – The Star (4)

Chapter Forty-Three – The Star (4)

After traversing, Yan Jing Ze’s mood has not been able to calm down because he didn’t know what he should do next.

    He has no previous memories, the original owner is a star and what he cares most is his reputation, desperately trying to be famous.

    In order to keep himself free of black material, the original owner went to great lengths. Even before he became popular, he began to manage his own personal image, disguising his selfish self as a cheerful and kind person.

    But he actually knew very well that he himself was very dirty.

    In contrast, Ji Cheng Xiu is different. Ji Cheng Xiu simply likes acting, he can act in whatever role he wants without thinking about fame.

    The original owner hated such Ji Cheng Xiu. In the past few years, for resources, he had to endure his disgust and compliment Ji Cheng Xiu, which made him want to ruin Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Yan Jing Ze thought about what would happen next.

In this show, he’ll try to destroy Ji Cheng Xiu’s reputation and make his fans think that Ji Cheng Xiu is plotting against him!

Ji Cheng Xiu, who doesn’t really care about fame, realizes that the original owner doesn’t like him anymore, so he talks to him and breaks up with him on the show.

    As a result, Ji Cheng Xiu was too calm and it actually made the original owner a little uneasy, afraid that Ji Cheng Xiu would deal with him in turn… To put it in perspective, the original owner felt that Ji Cheng Xiu must have hated himself to death!

For the past few years, although the original owner and Ji Cheng Xiu have never had an intimate relationship, the original owner would go to Ji Cheng Xiu’s house and stay there from time to time in order to coax Ji Cheng Xiu. So, when the reality show was over, the original owner would go home with Ji Cheng Xiu on the pretext that he had to pack his things, and then secretly put drugs in Ji Cheng Xiu’s food and reported Ji Cheng Xiu.

The original owner also posted online that he had been targeted by Ji Cheng Xiu back when he was in the company he worked for, and that he’d rather die than accept the unspoken rules, that’s why he left that company.

The original owner used this to get his fans to sympathize with him, and the heat became even more intense, but Ji Cheng Xiu was already detained, which was supposed to be enough. But the original owner still secretly incited the more extreme and younger fans to deal with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    When Ji Cheng Xiu came out of the police station, several fans of the original owner drove to chase Ji Cheng Xiu and tried to attack Ji Cheng Xiu. Finally, they ran into Ji Cheng Xiu’s car. Ji Cheng Xiu died in a car accident.

Of course, the original owner didn’t end well either.

    Not long after Ji Cheng Xiu’s death, a movie directed by Ji Cheng Xiu suddenly became popular, and someone broke the news that Ji Cheng Xiu was in a relationship with the original owner.

    Of course, the original owner refused to admit it, and his fans desperately helped him clean up, but everyone in the circle knew it was true.

    The original owner’s acting career was greatly affected, and at this time, he also became addicted to drugs.

The original owner initiated contact with drug addicts, taking drugs from people. They also targeted him for this, pulled him down into the water for insurance.

    These people are in the original owner’s current company. The original owner is not someone with high willpower, and of course, he was easily controlled.

    The original owner paid much attention to his own image, but drugs can cause people to lose their minds, and the original owner fell into drug addiction.

    When he faced outsiders, his temper became worse and worse, and he started messing around with men and women.

    A year later, someone exposed some photos on the Internet, which were photos of him and various men and women in bed.

How much fans of the original owner originally loved him, how much they hated him after this incident, and even more extreme fans started attacking the original owner.

Don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but the original owner, trying to avoid his fans coupled with his drug addiction, drove straight towards the truck and ended up crashing the car.

    One hoe after another, Yan Jing Ze desperately dug a hole, and finally made a decision.

    When the decision was made, his mood was much calmer.

    It is impossible for the program group to keep the audience watch the guests dig holes, so after digging for a while, the program group delivered their meals.

    It’s a bucket of… boiled gnocchi with vegetables.

    The gnocchi were dark and looked even more disgusting when they had been cooked with vegetables in them.

    The guests were full of disgust.

    “I raised pigs at home when I was a kid and this is what I fed pigs!” Ma Hong Xing said.

    “Is this really edible?”

    “We’re meant to be at war, and this is what we’re fed?” everyone asked.

The team leader said: “The food was deducted from the top, it’s good enough that you can eat this and be full, don’t ask too much.”

The guests could only eat bitterly.

    The fans who watched the live broadcast laughed a lot, and some were distressed and madly gave rewards, letting the program group give their brother some good food.

    However, the live broadcast ended before they finished giving their rewards.

The boiled gnocchi with vegetables served to the guests actually tasted okay, though it was presented poorly.

    The flour is made of whole wheat, there is no oil in the dish, so it can be regarded as… a diet meal.

But the guests still couldn’t bear it, so after the broadcast ended, the program group brought in other food and even helped them dig the pit. Just as long as they make up a few last hits themselves.

It’s really thoughtful.

    After eating the food prepared by the program group, it was completely dark, the program group started recording again, and the video will be edited into the clip version after shooting.

    The male guests first helped the female guests dig the last pit, and then everyone set fire to the pit that had been dug.

    After the pit has been roasted by the fire, take the charcoal out of the pit, spread the straw while it is hot, and lie down on the straw… And you really can sleep.

    Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu lay down in a mud pit and the program crew turned off the lights.

    They were so close… The person lying next to him made Ji Cheng Xiu a little self-conscious.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze suddenly hugged him in the darkness and kissed him.

    Ji Cheng Xiu only felt that his whole body was soft and he seemed to be burning up…

    “Okay, let’s turn on the lights.” The director said, after he finished speaking, the lights turned on.

    Yan Jing Ze also let go of Ji Cheng Xiu, and the two came out of the pit casually.

    Yan Jing Ze suddenly discovered that his acting skill… is not bad!

Of course the show isn’t going to let the guests they’ve spent a lot of money on actually sleep in mud pits. What should they do if they get sick?!

This military camp was already set up with many tents, this tent was muddy, but the other tents actually had beds and furniture set up, even the water and electricity were turned on, and the guests crawled out of the mud pit and moved to their respective tents to sleep, and their cell phones that had been taken away by the show on camera before, were given to them by their respective assistants.

    Yan Jing Ze looked on the Internet and found that there were a lot of people attacking Ji Cheng Xiu. The millions of dollars from the original owner were not for nothing.

    He took out an unregistered card from the bag he brought and put it into a switched-off mobile phone, and Yan Jing Ze contacted the navy that the original owner had paid for.

    The other party attached great importance to his big customer: ” What’s your request?”

    “Dark guy, I want to change it,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    “No problem, who do you want to change?”

    “Yan Jing Ze.”

After changing the black package, the phone was restored to its factory settings and the phone card put back in place, while Yan Jing Ze went back out of his tent to find the director.

    Today’s work ended early. The director was still watching the footage recorded during the day and did not sleep. Now that Yan Jing Ze came over, he was quite surprised: “Yan Jing Ze, is there something?”

    Yan Jing Ze smiled at the director: “Director, does this show need investment?”

The director was taken aback.

    This reality show is now in its third phase. There are actually a lot of investors, but it’s still not enough… They spent a lot of money to invite Yan Jing Ze.

    Now Yan Jing Ze wants to invest… they want it!

    If the money is enough, he can also increase the daily live broadcast time!

    What’s more, after filming this edition, there is still another edition.

    Yan Jing Ze negotiated an investment with the director, and then left from the director’s tent. Then he called the director of the TV series he was invited into and planning to sign when the reality show was over, telling him that he was afraid that there would be no way to shoot. The director can invite someone else.

    The original owner really planned his career very well.

After making a small fortune off of Ji Cheng Xiu, he immediately left the veteran film company that Ji Cheng Xiu signed with.

    That veteran film company used to be a subsidiary of a provincial television station. Although it is now independent, it is still different from the particularly profitable film and television companies that have emerged in recent years.

    They always make TV dramas that are politically correct and can be starred. A group of elderly people in the company also pursue their dreams to make literary and artistic films, but the entire company does not have a traffic star, nor does it make variety shows.

    They concentrate on making movies and TV shows.

    Of course, the original owner would not stay in such a company. After his contract expired, he changed company.

    At that time, he was already popular, and he had only signed with the new company for three years.

    In the past three years, the original owner has really worked hard. After the three-year contract expires, he plans to start his own business and open his own studio.

    Because of this plan, the original owner has very little work now, but he has a lot of contracts waiting to be signed after he terminates the contract with the company.

    This is very good, do not need to pay too much liquidated damages.

    Yan Jing Ze handled the things at hand in the same way, already planning not to sleep this night.

    On the other side, Ji Cheng Xiu also received a call from his father.

    The Ji family has been in the entertainment industry since the generation of Ji Cheng Xiu’s grandparents.

    In the early years, all the movies were made by the government. Ji Cheng Xiu’s grandparents had a salary but they didn’t make much money. And when it came to Ji Cheng Xiu’s parents, the actor’s income was a little higher, but it wasn’t really much.

    However, because Ji Cheng Xiu’s parents had ancestral connections, when they were young, they joined some companies and gained some shares. They also made some money by investing in filming movies and TV shows.

    The Ji family is not short of money.

When Ji Cheng Xiu entered the entertainment industry, he wasn’t in a hurry to make money, and he even ran off to do a PhD when he was at the height of his popularity.

    In recent years, the popular influencers have made a lot of money, and Ji Cheng Xiu is not jealous. Firstly, he is not short of money, and secondly, he does not want to live a life without freedom by being chased by fans.

    However, Yan Jing Ze likes that kind of life.

    Thinking of Yan Jing Ze and the kiss in the pit before, Ji Cheng Xiu’s heartbeat speeds up involuntarily.

    At that time, when the lights came back on, he almost couldn’t control his expression.

    “Cheng Xiu.” Father Ji’s voice rang on the other end of the phone: “Did you see the news on the Internet? It’s all about you!”

    “Yeah.” Ji Cheng Xiu said, “In fact, it doesn’t matter.”

    “At a time like this, you’re still going to participate in the live variety show, are you not happy if you are not scolded?” Father Ji asked.

    Ji Cheng Xiu said nothing.

    Father Ji said again: “That Yan Jing Ze obviously doesn’t have good intentions towards you… The previous intimate photos of you and him may have been sent by him…”

    Father Ji had the feeling of hating iron for not becoming steel when facing his son.

It’s not enough that his son likes men, but he still likes that ambitious guy, Yan Jing Ze!

In fact, there is nothing wrong with liking a man who is ambitious. Just keep him down and don’t give him a chance to realize his ambitions. But his son was so blinded by love that he even made an east wind and sent Yan Jing Ze to the sky.

Previously, when Ji Cheng Xiu’s photos were exposed online and was attacked, Father Ji thought there was something odd. And now that he saw someone dragging Ji Cheng Xiu down, he felt even more strange.

He didn’t dare to say that it had to be a plot by Yan Jing Ze, but he always felt that Yan Jing Ze had ill intentions.

    It happened that his son didn’t take it seriously.

    Father Ji was so annoyed by his son’s attitude that he didn’t even want to care about his son anymore.

    “Dad, have you watched the live broadcast?” Ji Cheng Xiu asked.

    “No, what to watch? See others scold you.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu said: “You can see it tomorrow.”

    Father Ji said: “Okay, I will see tomorrow, you and Yan Jing Ze…”

    Ji Cheng Xiu said: ” Dad, I really like him.”

When he saw Yan Jing Ze for the first time, he felt that his heartbeat was beating faster and faster and it was difficult to control himself.

    He even had the feeling that he was alive because of Yan Jing Ze.

Of course, it was silly of him to think that way, and he knew it, so he tried to restrain himself, but he couldn’t.

He always wanted to be a little nicer to Yan Jing Ze.

But he always had some sanity before, he was willing to let go as long as Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to be with him, but now… he came to participate in the reality show, and when he saw Yan Jing Ze, he didn’t want to let go anymore, he couldn’t bear it.

Also, his previous feeling that Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him might have been an illusion.

    If Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him, how could he kiss him?

    Ji Cheng Xiu couldn’t sleep for a while, he got up from the bed and walked out of the tent.

    It is March, and the weather is just right. Although it is a bit cool outside at night, it is not freezing.

    Ji Cheng Xiu noticed that some lights were showing through the cracks in Yan Jing Ze’s tent.

    After thinking about it, Ji Cheng Xiu took out his cell phone and called Yan Jing Ze.

    The phone was picked up soon and Ji Cheng Xiu said: “Jing Ze, staying up late is bad for your health…”

    “If you didn’t stay up late, how would you know that I was up late?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    Ji Chengxiu: “…”

    “I’m going to bed and you should go to bed too,” Yan Jing Ze said, turning off the light while talking, and then turned on a small night light that would not let the light shine outside: “Good night.”

    “Good night,” Ji Cheng Xiu said, returning to his tent and getting a good night’s sleep.

    Early the next morning, they were called up for breakfast.

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t sleep all night and was a little bit tired during breakfast, and Luo Cheng finally found the opportunity to talk to him: “Brother Yan, what happened to you yesterday? You even dug a pit with Ji Cheng Xiu, the internet is in an uproar.”

    Yan Jing Ze glanced at Luo Cheng.

    He avoided Luo Cheng so much yesterday, as if Luo Cheng was a scourge, and there was a reason.

    The original owner’s drugs were given by Luo Cheng.

    Luo Cheng, who looks very simple, is actually not that simple.

    The original owner actually knows a little bit about the dirt in the company he is currently working for, but he feels that he is very powerful and will not be affected. He even wants to leave after taking advantage of the company, but the company will not let him do this.

    However, the decision was made last night, and Yan Jing Ze was calm: “No way, Ji Cheng Xiu is my boyfriend.”

    Luo Cheng: “…” He also knows something about Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu, but he really didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would say it directly.

    “He’s here, I’m leaving first.” Yan Jing Ze finished speaking and walked to Ji Cheng Xiu.

    As soon as Ji Cheng Xiu came in, he could not help but feel a little uncomfortable when he saw Yan Jing Ze and Luo Cheng standing together.

    He was a little jealous.

    He felt that his jealousy was unreasonable, but he couldn’t control it and was feeling uncomfortable.

Yan Jing Ze came to him and smiled brightly: “Teacher Ji, let’s sit together?”

    “I didn’t expect you to speak so nicely.” Ma Hong Xing suddenly sneered.

    “Yes, I’m good at this,” Yan Jing Ze said directly.

    “Heh, don’t put gold on your face either. Some of your previous resources were given by Ji Cheng Xiu, right? Ji Cheng Xiu has unspoken rules with someone, isn’t it you?”

    “We’re in a serious relationship. What’s all this talk about unspoken rules? On the contrary, if you look like this, no one will want to follow you if you don’t give people resources,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Ma Hong Xing was angry again, but even though he was angry, he still knew the boundaries: “Sooner or later, you won’t be proud anymore!”

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t care at all.

    The two female guests rolled their eyes at the same time.

    The two of them actually thought about forming a CP with Yan Jing Ze before they came here. After all, Yan Jing Ze is really popular now and forming a CP with Yan Jing Ze can also make them popular.

As a result, after arriving yesterday, Yan Jing Ze only talked to Luo Cheng at first, then fell asleep on the couch and woke up, then stared at Ji Cheng Xiu…

    They gave up the plan of forming a CP with Yan Jing Ze yesterday and decided to form Sisters CP.

    Now… they think Yan Jing Ze is crazy.

    There are actually a lot of homosexuals in the industry, and even if they aren’t gay… with such a high-paying and stressful job, some of them will seek out homosexuals for fun and excitement.

    But despite this, on the surface, everyone will not show anything. Yan Jing Ze was so close to Ji Cheng Xiu, who was just exposed to be gay, in the live broadcast yesterday…

If not so many people had seen the clear photos of Ji Cheng Xiu kissing someone of the same sex, their interaction could be taken as firing a CP, but Ji Cheng Xiu is a straight up gay!

    Yan Jing Ze is clearly ruining his own career.

    Wait, the guy who kissed Ji Cheng Xiu… It’s not Yan Jing Ze, is it?

    They had also seen Ji Cheng Xiu’s kissing photos. At that time, Ji Cheng Xiu’s eyes were full of affection, but yesterday Ji Cheng Xiu’s attitude towards Yan Jing Ze was indeed different.

    After breakfast, Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei both took out makeup tools to touch up their makeup.

    They wore plain make-up.

    Wait for everyone to put on plain makeup, they certainly can’t really be without makeup. At least foundation is necessary, lipstick is not necessary.

    Even Luo Cheng was painting his own face.

These days, male celebrities also wear makeup.

    However, after painting, Luo Cheng was also a little annoyed. Originally, he and Yan Jing Ze was supposed to fire a CP and make him the focus of everyone, but now Yan Jing Ze is doing this, no one pays attention to him anymore!

    In addition, Yan Jing Ze is like this… He has notified the company yesterday, and he doesn’t know what the company thinks.

    After everyone had a good breakfast, they lay back in the pit.

    It was not time for the live broadcast at this moment, but the program team recorded a video of them getting up from the pit, pretending that they slept in the pit last night.

    Reality shows… are actually not that real.

    The live broadcast starts at nine o’clock in the morning and will continue until eleven o’clock.

    Yesterday, the footage of Yan Jing Ze sleeping with Ji Cheng Xiu in the live broadcast has been circulated everywhere on the Internet, causing an uproar.

    Fans of Yan Jing Ze, except for a few sprouts, most of them can’t accept it.

    Because they couldn’t accept it, they waited in the live broadcast room early.

    At nine o’clock, the live broadcast started on time.

    When the live broadcast started, the guests were planting vegetables.

    “Aren’t they playing the role of an ancient soldiers? Why are they planting vegetables?”

    “I thought I would see wars!”

    “Their clothes are really tattered.”


Everyone was confused, and the host, playing the role of a team captain, came to explain: “In some dynasties, soldiers had to grow their own food for the army. Hey! You two, can’t you do your work right? I asked you to weed and you got rid of all my vegetables!”

The host accused Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei.

    “Captain, can you even tell which is grass and which is vegetable?” Hao Mei asked.

    “Of course, this is what I planted! Men, these people destroyed my vegetable field, pull them out and whip them!”

    “No!” Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei screamed and were pulled down by the staff and put whip marks on their clothes.

    The reality show is still very entertaining. Fans of Yan Jing Ze forgot for a while that they came because Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu were too close.

    The way their brother works is really handsome!

    Everyone is a nympho, and suddenly, someone began to curse Yan Jingze.

    “Yan Jing Ze is paying great attention to Ji Cheng Xiu again. Is he also gay?”

    “Yan Jing Ze is the most disgusting.”

    “He has facial paralysis throughout the TV series .”

 “He shouldn’t be acting in TV dramas, just film variety shows!”


    Yan Jing Ze’s fans were stunned.

    They originally came here because they were angry, but now they see others scolding like this… they immediately scolded those people.

    Father Ji listened to his son and watched the live broadcast. He was a little dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

    He took a look yesterday and saw people scolding his son. But now, why are they scolding Yan Jing Ze today?

    This situation is different from what he thought.

    The millions worth of navy recruits is not for nothing and Yan Jing Ze’s fans are also known for their super combat effectiveness.

    For a while, it was not possible to see the end of it. The live broadcast screen was densely packed with barrage, and the comments below were also smoggy, making other guests’ fans and variety fans to close the barrage.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu were farming together, and they were asked to cook after they planted the land.

    The kitchen looks shabby, they can’t even make a fire. Fortunately, Ji Cheng Xiu has experience…

    Regardless of fans of Ji Cheng Xiu and Yan Jing Ze, people who really watch this variety show are actually very satisfied with this variety show.

    “This edition is more interesting than the previous two editions!”

    “Qingqing and Hao Mei have a sense of CP!”

    “The one with the most CP sense is Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu, right?

    “In fact, I like the movies played by Ji Cheng Xiu… Speaking of which, Ji Cheng Xiu is very attractive and Yan Jing Ze is all over him. He doesn’t need unspoken rules with newcomers, right?”

    ” Can you guys stop talking about people? Let’s talk about the show!”

    ” I don’t know how the program is going to toss them in this afternoon.”

“Is life in the ancient military camp really so miserable? “

“Reply to upstairs, it’s worse than this, and some dynasties have to brand the soldiers’ faces for fear that they’ll run away.”

” Think of the agricultural farming industry at the time… many people simply couldn’t get enough to eat.”


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