BH (QT) 44 – The Star (5)

Chapter Forty-Four – The Star (5)

Thanks to the fans of Yan Jing Ze and the professional black navy, this variety show has become even more popular.

    Although the variety show “Dream Back to the Ancient Times” is a rather innovative variety show, but in the end, it’s only been filmed two editions, and many people didn’t even know it existed beforehand.

The show spent a lot of money on inviting Yan Jing Ze, also to attract traffic to promote the show.

    And now, this variety show is well known across the Internet.

The program team saw the huge traffic and was pleasantly surprised. They did not go to remind Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu to stay away from each other, but instead, took advantage of the situation and received some advertisements.

    In fact, although the two people are close, they actually didn’t do anything that shouldn’t be done under the camera… right?

Although the show takes care of the guests in private, they are still very good at tossing them around in public.

Let’s just say that the guests can end up not eating what they cooked, but they still have to cook.

The mud stove, the huge iron pots, the poorly lit firewood…

Even Ma Hong Xing, who has always said that he has been doing farm work since he was a child, can’t handle it.

Instead, Ji Chengxiu wasted no time in getting the fire started.

    “Teacher Ji, you can even do this?” Yan Jing Ze asked, sitting next to Ji Cheng Xiu.

    “One time when we were filming in a mountainous area, we all used this kind of earthen stove for cooking, so I learned a little bit,” Ji Cheng Xiu said.

    “Was it when filming ‘The Outreach’?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    In order to please Ji Cheng Xiu, the original owner has watched all Ji Cheng Xiu’s movies.

    “Yes,” Ji Cheng Xiu said.

“I especially liked the part where you carried your student across the river with an injured leg, Teacher Ji, that was particularly well acted!” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Ji Cheng Xiu laughed: “Actually, I was really hurt.”

Behind the earthen stove, two men in tattered military uniforms sat on a rock talking, the younger one looking at the older one with particular tenderness.

    The people who blocked the barrage couldn’t help but express their opinions in the comment area: “They look so warm.”

“I went to a teacher’s training school and we watched that movie, The Outreach, and I cried like a baby, and there were several other people in my school who saw it and were greatly motivated to join the outreach program… Unfortunately, I was a selfish person, I just cried, did not dare to go.”

“I have seen The Outreach… Ji Cheng Xiu’s acting was really good.”

    “I don’t know if his unspoken rules with newcomers are true…”


As everyone was talking, the live camera turned to someone else.

    “!!!” Kneel down, begging for more live shots, more live broadcast rooms!

All you can use for cooking in the kitchen is salt, whole wheat flour, a jar of soybeans, and you have to dig up your own vegetables if you want to eat them.

    “Captain, is there too little to eat?” The guests looked at the host helplessly.

    The host still held a straw in his mouth: “I have already opened up the net for you, and I have also given you salt. Before in our barracks, the salt was cut off for a while!”

    “The salt will be cut off?” The guests were dumbfounded.

Although official salt was too expensive after layers of exploitation, people in some places could not afford salt in ancient times, but shouldn’t it be enough in military camps?

    “It was taken by the general to sell,” the host calmly said.

    Guests: “…”

    Okay, fortunately, they still have salt.

    But only salt, and what is cooked is still pig food… The guests ate it pitifully.

The host said, “Eat your fill, and when you’re full, take the rest and feed it to the pigs!

    “What?” Everyone was dumbfounded.

    “Take the rest to feed the pigs,” the host said.

    “We have to feed pigs? Pigs still eat the same food as us?!”

“Pigs are more precious than you, and the higher-ups don’t necessarily ask more questions when you’re dead, but they certainly do when pigs die! After all, there are only five pigs in our barracks.”

    Guests: “…”

    Those who watched the variety show: “Hahahahahaha!”

The audience looked forward to the next plot in particular, and as a result… the live broadcast ended.

    “!!!” Thousands of viewers beg for more live broadcast time!

    This show is even more popular.

    A group of people desperately pinched Yan Jing Ze, saying that his acting skills are poor and homosexual.

    Fans of Yan Jing Ze pinched these people back, their brother obviously works so hard!

Fans of the other guests and Variety Show fans are everywhere promoting the show.


The show hung on the hot search and doesn’t come down.

    The director was in high spirits and just got the investment of Yan Jing Ze, and immediately decided to increase the live broadcast time and live broadcast footage.

    Starting this afternoon, two guests will share a live room, and three live rooms will be live broadcast at the same time!

    Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu are undoubtedly in a live broadcast room, Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei also have a live broadcast room, and only Luo Cheng and Ma Hongxing are left…

    Luo Cheng: “Oh!” The program group is too bad, right? The naked eye can see that they have the least popularity here.

    Ma Hong Xing: “Oh!” Lao Zu is not afraid, Lao Zu will take the initiative to look for other guests, stun them! Enter another live room!

    The guests ate the lunch prepared by the program group after they filmed the video of feeding their “pig food” to the pigs.

    Lunch is a box lunch, which is not very delicious, but it is not bad. Everyone started the afternoon live broadcast when they were full.

    But since they are here to participate in the show, they must be dedicated… When the live broadcast started, the guests looked hungry.

    Yan Jing Ze has already made up his mind, so he’ll be able to act well… He looked at Ji Cheng Xiu: “Brother Ji, I’m hungry…”

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “!!!” The title ‘Brother Ji’ almost made him lose his composure!

    He can’t sit down properly… Ji Cheng Xiu said, “I’ll make you some food.”

    “Is there anything you can do?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    “Fried soybeans?” Ji Cheng Xiu hesitated.

    “How to fry without oil?”

    “Actually, you can fry without oil,” Ji Cheng Xiu said. He took the soybeans out of the kitchen, washed them, lit a fire and put them in an empty pan to fry dry, and after a while, when the surface of the soybeans was a little charred and the aroma had come out, he poured in some salt water.

    Continue to stir-fry until the soybeans are fried dry, and you can eat them.

    “Eating too much soybeans makes your stomach bloated, so you eat less,” Ji Cheng Xiu gave Yan Jing Ze a bowl of fried soybeans.

Other guests rushed in to the room and started grabbing soy beans,  adding more drama as well.

    Even the host came, scooped a bowl of soy beans and ate them: “By the way, it’s time for you to go patrolling the mountain! Let’s go!”

    “Captain, dinner will be served in a little while, why are we being asked to patrol the mountains at this time?”

The host said: “Actually, you should have gone on patrol earlier, but the cameraman who can follow you has just arrived.”

    “Okay…” The guests went to patrol the mountain holding the soybeans.

    The host was very dissatisfied with this: “What’s the matter with you? Go on a mountain patrol and bring food! Be careful of getting a whip!”

    “I’ll bring food even if I have to be whipped!” Recently, because of poor work, Jiang Qingqing, whose clothes have been painted with whip marks, is not afraid at all.

    “Our military camp is already so disorderly, and you’re still talking to us about rules?” Ma Hong Xing asked rhetorically.

    “Captain, you are also eating soybeans,” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

    In the end, the people went on patrol with their soybeans.

    Only Ji Cheng Xiu did not bring soybeans, he brought a sickle.

    Facts have proved that his approach is very correct. Mountain roads are not easy to walk, and people like them can’t walk. It is much more convenient to have a sickle.

    “Teacher Ji, why did you think of bringing a sickle?” Luo Cheng asked.

    “He must have encountered this situation while filming,” Yan Jing Ze helped answer.

    Ji Cheng Xiu smiled, and it was really because of that.

    The live broadcast continues, and more and more people are coming.

    “The variety is pretty good.” 

” “Suddenly I got the handsome view of Yan Jing Ze.”

    “Earlier, Yan Jing Ze cried out that he was hungry, was he being coquettish?”

    “Ji Cheng Xiu is really spoiling Yan Jing Ze!”

    “I, I didn’t like Yan Jing Ze before, but now I’m a CP fan of him and Ji Cheng Xiu!”

    “What’s the matter with the barrage and the comment area! So many people are scolding!”

    “Seeing so many people scolding Yan Jing Ze, I sympathize with him a little bit, but seeing his fans curse, uh… I still have no sympathy!”

    “Brothers, sisters! Don’t look at the comment area!”

    “Let’s stop paying attention to Yan Jing Ze, Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei are so beautiful!”


    In the first live broadcast, Yan Jing Ze slept in a pit with Ji Cheng Xiu. In the following live broadcast, he also followed Ji Cheng Xiu’s side.

    Needless to say, Ji Cheng Xiu took great care of him.

    The CP fans of the two appeared quietly.

    The show was shot for a week, and five days passed in the blink of an eye. At this time, Ji Cheng Xiu received a call from his father again.

    “Cheng Xiu, I have found out who exposed the photos of you and Yan Jing Ze,” Father Ji said.

    Ji Cheng Xiu asked: “Who is it?”

When the photos were first revealed, Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t care too much about it, he himself had no intention of keeping his sexuality hidden from the public, but he was afraid that it would affect Yan Jing Ze, so he still had people look into it.

    He has to know who wants to deal with him.

    “It’s Yan Jing Ze,” Father Ji said.

    Father Ji is actually a bit embarrassed right now.

    He has been paying attention to the news on the Internet these days, and watched the live broadcast, and then he saw that Yan Jing Ze followed his son all day, his mouth full of ‘Teacher Ji’.

Yan Jing Ze is quite handsome, his son is not disadvantaged to find such a boyfriend.

    Look at Yan Jing Ze who was scolded so badly… He is a little sympathetic to Yan Jing Ze, and his impression of Yan Jing Ze has improved.

    But at this time, he actually found out that the kiss photos were sent by Yan Jing Ze.

He just said there was something wrong with those pictures, whether they were pictures of kissing or holding hands, how come only his son’s face was clearly photographed!

    It turned out that Yan Jing Ze did it!

    But now… something is wrong again.

Why did Yan Jing Ze get so close to his son on the show after hacking him for being gay?

    What the hell is he trying to do?

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