BH (QT) 42 – The Star (3)

Chapter Forty-Two – The Star (3)

 “Who is the man next to my husband?”

    “That’s Ji Cheng Xiu, right?”

    “Ji Cheng Xiu looks like this?”


    The people watching the live broadcast were a little confused.

Ji Cheng Xiu’s most popular time, in fact, was ten years ago. In the past few years, he hasn’t done much filming and turned to work behind the scenes.

    It happens that the most powerful star chasers today are young girls. Most of them, their understanding of Ji Cheng Xiu only comes from the black material that was previously hyped by the navy.

    The photos of Ji Cheng Xiu taken out by the navy at that time were still ugly. Ji Cheng Xiu likes to challenge difficult roles, from time to time he would destroy his image to play some special roles. He would gain weight to play a fat man, or lose weight to play a drug addict, wear make-up to play as a father to others, everything.

    So Ji Cheng Xiu in the eyes of little fans is ugly. Now that they saw him, they realized that his appearance is actually good.

    Although not the popularly liked handsome look, but that tough guy look, some people like it too.

    However, thinking that Ji Cheng Xiu had unspoken rules with newcomers and also gay, everyone has no good impressions of him.

    Not to mention that the navy is splashing him some dirty water.

    The original owner spent millions anonymously to have someone slander Ji Cheng Xiu during this show, but it wasn’t for nothing.

    Because it was anonymous, the money was given, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to.

    The live broadcast continues, and the director is explaining to the guests that they will experience a week of ancient military camp life in the military camp starting tomorrow, and the program team will specially arrange an ancient military officer to take them.

    “Director, you’re not going to give us military training, are you?” Hao Mei said: “I don’t think I can do it.”

    Director: “You have to do it even if you can’t!”

    Ma Hong Xing also rushed to say: “Director, how come the recruits in the barracks have women?!”

    Director: “You treat them as Mulan!”

    Everyone is actually quite good at grabbing shots for themselves, but Ji Cheng Xiu can’t. Fortunately, it’s live broadcast now, and the director will not talk to them all the time. After the guests gave some explanations, the director said: “Now the show officially begins, the team leader that will stay with you will be here soon, please be prepared!”

All six guests stood up straight and were ready.

    Netizens who watched the live broadcast were also worried, the barrage continued, some comments like: “Will the program team really let them get military training?”

    “Qing Qing is not in good health, military training will be exhausting!”

    “Is Cheng Cheng going to run laps? I’m looking forward to it!”

    “I want to see Jing Ze’s muscles!”


    Netizens generally think that the recruits will welcome a stern instructor, but in fact…

A man dressed in the same tattered clothes as the guests, with a straw in his mouth, came in lazily from the outside.

The one who played the ancient military camp captain was the host of this show, and his current image is… a little different than what they had expected?

   Even so, after the team leader came, he said to everyone: “Go, I will take you to where you will live. What you have to do today is to dig up your own bed.”

    “Dig up a bed?” Jiang Qing Qing looked at the instructor in confusion.

The team leader laughed, then led the guests into a pitched tent and pointed to the muddy ground, “Each of you, dig a hole and use it as your bed.”

“You dig a hole to bury people, right? As a bed? You’re kidding, right?” Ma Hong Xing said.

    “You dare to talk to me like this… Men, drag this man out and give him a few lashes to sober him up,” the team leader said.

    As soon as his voice fell, someone came out immediately and dragged Ma Hong Xing away.

    Of course it’s impossible to really whip him, but the punishment must be done… The previous guests in the first edition were taken away and beaten at every turn when they were working as maids in the ‘Royal Palace’, and one female guest was ‘given a death sentence’ for her mistakes… Of course, the so-called death sentence is to be taken out, then having a new hairstyle, and then be brought back in, saying it’s a new court lady.

And now Ma Hong Xing was taken out to be whipped and returned shortly afterwards. It was just that they had drawn a few whip marks on his shabby clothes.

    The people watching the live broadcast couldn’t help laughing.

    The team leader said again: “For the sake of those who don’t understand anything, I’ll explain to you why you need to dig pits… Our barracks don’t have enough quilts. You can’t get quilts. If you lie on the ground and sleep, even if you are covered with straw, it’s not warm enough. Digging a pit is different. Dig a pit where you can lie down, light a fire in it to roast it and then spread straw on it, and when you lie down in it, cover your body with straw to keep it warm and airtight.”

    “So bad?” Luo Cheng blurted out.

    “It’s that bad!” The team leader said: “You guys pick a tool and a place to dig yourselves a bed!”

    Everyone: “…” This statement… They feel like they are digging a grave for themselves.

    Regardless of what happens, they still have to dig.

    Everyone went to get all kinds of tools, only to find that the tools were not decent…

    Yan Jing Ze got a hoe for weeding.

    “I’ll dig for you.” When Ji Cheng Xiu saw Yan Jing Ze looking at the hoe and fell silent, he smiled and took the hoe and started digging.

    This live broadcast was very interesting. Earlier, the audience laughed, now: “Even if you don’t have a bed to sleep on in the ancient military camp, do you still have to sleep in a pit?”

    “At that time, there were no conditions to prepare quilts for everyone. It was really possible.”

    “The guests in this edition are much worse than the previous two editions!”


    Comments about Jin Cheng Xiu are also mixed.

    At this moment, Ji Cheng Xiu rushed to help Yan Jing Ze dig.

    There was no live broadcast when Ji Cheng Xiu helped Yan Jing Ze carry the suitcase, but now everyone has seen it.

    At first, Yan Jing Ze’s fans were quite happy—someone would help Yan Jing Ze dig.

    But the navies are professional.

    “Ji Cheng Xiu is not to stealing screen time?”

   “Not helping the female guest but help Yan Jing Ze, is he up to no good?”

    ” Fans of Yan Jing Ze be careful, Yan Jing Ze is probably being targeted by Ji Cheng Xiu!”


    Fans of Yan Jing Ze: “!!!”

    Fans became alert at once, and began to worry about Yan Jing Ze.

    If the original owner was here… he would leave Ji Cheng Xiu and go to Luo Cheng to help Luo Cheng dig.

    But now…

    Yan Jing Ze went up and grabbed the tool from Ji Cheng Xiu: “Senior, how can you do this kind of rough work! Let me do it!”

    Ji Cheng Xiu said: “I used to dig trenches for several days when I was filming… I have experience.” 

“I have experience too!”

    Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu refused to give up. Finally, Yan Jing Ze said: “Let’s dig together, you dig mine, I dig yours.”

    “Okay.” Ji Cheng Xiu agreed. He decided to quickly dig the pit of Yan Jing Ze and then help Yan Jing Ze to dig.

    As a result, he went down with a hoe and dug a piece of mud, and saw that Yan Jing Ze had dug a piece of mud less than ten centimeters away from him.

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “You’re digging a pit… so close to me?”

    Yan Jing Ze said: “I thought about it, it’s better to dig our pits together and lie down in one pit.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “…”

The live broadcast is in progress, and inside a tent, there are several live cameras which are controlled by the director.

    After Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu started rushing to work, the director switched the camera lens to them, and the result: “…”

    Those who saw the live broadcast were all dumbfounded.

    What does Yan Jing Ze want to do? Does he want to lie down with Ji Cheng Xiu?

    Fans who were worried that Yan Jing Ze would be entangled by Ji Cheng Xiu were even more speechless: “What is he doing?”

    “That Ji Cheng Xiu is gay, brother!”

    “What’s the matter with brother?”


    Another wave of hate comments for Ji Cheng Xiu came out.

There are all sorts of mess on the internet. Ji Cheng Xiu, however, had the feeling that he was teased by Yan Jing Ze.

    The guests were just digging in the mud, nothing to see of course, in fact, everyone was very good at presenting themselves.

    For example, Ma Hong Xing dug pits very well and revealed that he had planted land when he was a child. Jiang Qingqing used a large hoe to dig the soil and dig a little bit of soil every time.

As for Hao Mei, she panted after a few strokes, then walked towards the moderator who played the role of team leader, and winked coquettishly: “Brother, I can’t do it anymore, can you help me?”

When the graceful Hao Mei acted like a baby, no one can refuse her, especially when she is dressed in rags and looks pitiful…

    But the host looked at her coldly: “Walk away sissy, stay away from me. I only like women!”

    Hao Mei: “I’m not a sissy… Uhmp…” Jiang Qingqing covered her mouth.

    Jiang Qingqing also made a frightened expression: “You must not reveal your identity! Women disguised as men and mixed into the barracks will be beheaded!”

    Jiang Qingqing’s voice was very loud, and everyone watching the live broadcast was almost laughing to death, the group leader pretended not to hear.

    Finally, Hao Mei looked at Jiang Qingqing: “Qingqing, or let’s lie down in a pit too!”

    Jiang Qingqing said, “We die in different places, we live in the same pit!”

    “Yes!” Hao Mei was very moved.

    Jiang Qingqing said again: “You are taller than me, shouldn’t you dig more?”

    Hao Mei: “…”

    Audience: “Hahahahaha!”

    The two remaining male guests, Luo Cheng and Ma Hong Xing looked at each other. Continue to dig your own pit.

    They don’t want to share a pit with others!

    Hao Mei and Jiang Qingqing are fine, they probably want to hype their ‘sisters CP’ on the show, but what’s the matter with Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu? Do they want to come out on the show?

    Luo Cheng was even speechless, Yan Jing Ze clearly told him that they would make CP together!

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, completely ignored the others. He cannot be outdone by Ji Cheng Xiu! He cannot let Ji Cheng Xiu work too hard! He has to do more work! He worked hard to dig the hole! Dig a hole! Dig a big hole!

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