BH (QT) 41 – The Star (2)

Chapter Forty-One – The Star (2)

 Yan Jing Ze now hates the original owner very much.

    The live broadcast has not yet started. The original owner hasn’t done many things to harm Ji Cheng Xiu yet, but he’d already set up a backhand, even the navy who would attack Ji Cheng Xiu during the live broadcast, had been hired!

    More importantly, the fact that Ji Cheng Xiu is a homosexual has been known to the whole Internet.

    What is he going to do now?

    Yan Jing Ze was upset, but the shooting continued.

    The reality show that Yan Jing Ze is currently participating in is called “Dream Back to Ancient Times”, which has had two editions before and is very popular.

    Unlike many other reality shows in the past, “Dream Back to the Ancient Times” will not only have a specially edited version, but also will be broadcast live during the filming under the banner of 100% realism.

    Of course, they will not always broadcast live. The live broadcast time is two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, and two hours in the evening. Of course, if the popularity is high enough, the live broadcast time will be increased.

    In addition, this reality show is also innovative in content… In each show, the program team will take the guests to a specially built or prepared shooting venue, and then the guests will film there.

    Because the name is “Dream Back to the Ancient Times”, the shooting location is naturally various ancient scenes. For example, in the first edition, the male and female guests were taken to a corner of the film and television city, the guests were taken to a corner of the Film City, where they played the role of harem eunuchs and had to do the things that real eunuchs have to do, such as being taught the rules of serving people and cooking in the Imperial Cuisine Room.

    In that edition, the guests were tossed around and said that life in the ancient court was too difficult, but they were also a huge hit with the audience, making the show famous for its first edition.

    In the second edition, the guest went to the home of a Tang Dynasty’s official and they became the official’s children. At that time, the guests were very happy. They felt that as the children of officials, they would definitely be able to eat spicy food and be served by someone, but that was the Tang Dynasty.

    The program team stated that people at this time were not accustomed to cooking with oil, so they didn’t have stir-fried vegetables to eat, and also because of economic problems at the time, families had fewer chickens and ducks and livestock, so they couldn’t eat meat every day.

    In addition, the male guests need to read books every day, and the female guests need to weave cloth to subsidize the family.

    Male and female guests: “???”

    In short, the guests were tossed around again and the audience was very satisfied.

    And in the third edition that is about to start shooting, the guests will be sent to the place of the ancient military camp, where they will play as a group of small soldiers, and take the audience to explore what the ancient military camp looks like…

Each edition of the show has six guests. In this edition, besides Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu, there are two men and two women.


The petite and delicate one of the two female guests is called Jiang Qing Qing, an academy-born actress who has acted in many plays and has recently become quite popular, with the persona of a silly sweet little princess, while the other amorous female guest is called Hao Mae, a variety queen who relies on another variety show to become popular, also popular, with the persona of a straightforward and generous big sister.

Among the two male guests, the one who is less than 20 years old is a young fresh meat who has recently become popular in the talent show. He can sing and dance. He is called Luo Cheng and takes the cute route. As for the male guest with a fierce face in his forties, he is a professional villain for decades named Ma Hong Xing, who is famous for his straightforwardness and poisonous tongue.

    After the first edition of this program was aired, it was already popular. The guests in the second edition were invited long ago, and the popularity was average, but the guests in this edition were all quite famous.

Of course, the most famous, with countless fans, his slightest movement can create a sea of storm on the Internet, Yan Jing Ze.

    As for the least famous… It was originally Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Although the professional villain Ma Hong Xing has a large number of works, he played supporting roles in the end. Originally, his reputation should not be big, but he likes to scold people and is very active on the Internet. He also became an Internet celebrity as an actor. His popularity is not low.

     On the other hand, Ji Cheng Xiu, although he has acted in many movies and TV dramas, and won an award once, but there are no hits, not to mention, many of them are still unpopular movies, so not many people pay attention… Let’s just say that the movie that got him the Best Actor award was an art film that not many people watched.

    Not to mention the fact that in the film, he self-destructed and gained 30 pounds, so his image is horrible!

    He still doesn’t even have Weibo, and never contacted fans…

    He belongs to the kind of actor who looks familiar to everyone but can’t tell his real name.

    But right now, he is popular, after all, not long ago, he had just been exposed to a scandal.

    He is a homosexual and has unspoken rules with newcomers…

The latter was in fact dubious, and Ji Cheng Xiu’s company also clarified that there was no such thing, but the former was different, as the photos showed Ji Cheng Xiu particularly clearly, and Ji Cheng Xiu had no way to deny it.

    So Ji Cheng Xiu has been very popular recently.

    Of course, this popularity is not positive, it is negative.

    Yan Jing Ze wanted to fight the original owner again.

    The photo of Ji Cheng Xiu was taken by the original owner, and the original owner spent money to stir up the scandal of Ji Cheng Xiu. Not only that, he also pretended to comfort Ji Cheng Xiu, urged Ji Cheng Xiu to participate in this variety show. Ji Cheng Xiu was unwilling at first. So, he told Ji Cheng Xiu that he wanted to spend more time with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Ji Cheng Xiu was very indulgent to the ‘little boyfriend’, so he agreed.

    As a result, the original owner secretly bought Ji Cheng Xiu’s assistant and asked him to deliberately hit the roadside railing when he sent Ji Cheng Xiu over, causing Ji Cheng Xiu to be two hours late… Now all the guests have a bad impression of Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Ji Cheng Xiu also knew that it was not good to be late. As soon as he came in, he began to apologize: “Sorry, I’m late.”

    “Yes, you’re two hours late,” Ma Hong Xing said, with a fierce expression on his face.

In fact, after Ji Cheng Xiu found out that he would be late, he called the program, and the program side was aware of his accident, but even so, people were still dissatisfied.

    Coupled with Ji Cheng Xiu’s recent scandal, no one wants to pay attention to him anymore. Everyone is concealing their attitude of watching a joke.

But they failed to watch the joke of Ji Cheng Xiu and Ma Hong Xing.

    Yan Jing Ze suddenly said: “No one wants an accident like a car accident to happen.”

    Yan Jing Ze was the most popular among all the people present. Everyone was a little surprised when he suddenly spoke for Ji Cheng Xiu, and what surprised them even more was that Yan Jing Ze even walked towards Ji Cheng Xiu. “Senior, I’ve seen a lot of your work and I really like you, and I’m really happy to be on the show with you.

    Ji Cheng Xiu was taken aback for a while, and soon smiled again: “I’ve also seen a lot of your work, and I’m happy to be on the show with you.”

    “Teacher Ji, you have to take care of me in the show!” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Ji Cheng Xiu nodded earnestly: “I will.”

    Seeing Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu chatting, the people around looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise.

Ji Cheng Xiu now has a bad reputation, it’s not good to get involved with Ji Cheng Xiu, so why is Yan Jing Ze still getting involved?

    But after thinking about it carefully, they thought of Ji Cheng Xiu’s background.

Although being too close to Ji Cheng Xiu would make the audience dissatisfied, there was actually no need to alienate Ji Cheng Xiu, who, in any case, was an old man in the circle and knew many people.

    Because of Ji Cheng Xiu’s late arrival and his scandal, several people who had opinions about Ji Cheng Xiu finally came up to say hello to Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Although the show will be broadcast live, it is not live broadcast at this time. This section is to be edited and put into the edited version. In fact, there will be a lot of content that will not be broadcast live in the subsequent shooting.

    Otherwise, what if everyone watched the live broadcast version instead of the edited version?

    Their first live broadcast started at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and lasted until 6 o’clock in the evening. The live broadcast of several guests coming to the military camp specially arranged by the program group and encountered various situations.

    This could have been rehearsed in advance, but because Ji Cheng Xiu was late, it couldn’t be the case.

The people hurriedly finished the meeting scene, the cameraman turned off the camera, while the director said: “Let’s quickly go out, we need to quickly go to the barracks over there, on the way I will tell you about the content of the next shot.”

   The guests, upon hearing this, quickly got up one after another and brought their own luggage.

    Without a camera, everyone can talk more naturally. Ma Hong Xing said even more: “Ji Cheng Xiu, I didn’t expect you to be gay…You are also quite capable. You can still come to this show without being blocked.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu did not say a word but Yan Jing Ze did: “You’ve been scolding people online every day, also has unspoken rules with a lot of female celebrities. And yet you can still enter this show without being blocked.”

    Ma Hong Xing’s online personality is an outspoken old artist, but people in the circle still know some things about him, for example, he likes to have unspoken rules with the female stars.

    Of course, because it’s a consensual thing, no one usually speaks up.

    “You…” Ma Hong Xing was irritated. Seeing that Ma Hong Xing was about to quarrel with Yan Jing Ze, the staff of the program team immediately stopped him: “Calm down, everyone. There is still another week to go. Together, let’s stop arguing.” 

Ma Hong Xing can afford to provoke Ji Cheng Xiu, but cannot provoke Jing Ze, so he can only shut his mouth.

    The other guests were even more surprised, but Ji Cheng Xiu took a look at Yan Jing Ze in surprise, and his heart was warm.

    Although he has been in love with Yan Jing Ze for three years, Ji Cheng Xiu’s heart, in fact, can clearly feel it.

    He always felt that Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him.

    But quite like Yan Jing Ze. When he first saw Yan Jing Ze in the company, he had the feeling that his heart had been hit, and was full of affection for this young man who was eight years younger than him.

    But their age difference was too great, and the other party may not necessarily like men, so he didn’t want to do anything more than take a few more looks when he had the chance.

As a result, it turned out that because of a few more glances, Yan Jing Ze’s agent thought he was attracted to Yan Jing Ze and sent him to his bed.

    And it was probably because he was drunk at the time, he didn’t hold back and did things that he shouldn’t have done to Yan Jing Ze.

    He felt guilty in his heart and felt that he should be responsible, so he took the initiative to contact him, and Yan Jing Ze agreed.

    But although the two have been dating, they have never done anything what normal lovers would usually do. Yan Jing Ze always avoids him, and people around him remind him that Yan Jing Ze is not sincere with him.

    But in the end, he was sorry for Yan Jing Ze… Yan Jing Ze was a straight man who encountered such a thing, and it was normal that he couldn’t accept it for a while, so he wanted to give Yan Jing Ze some more resources as compensation.

    As for the relationship between the two… When Yan Jing Ze wants to break up, he will break up.

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t ask for a break up, and he himself was willing to go on.

He only likes Yan Jing Ze alone, even if he can’t have him completely, it’s good to put him by his side and look at him. Although Yan Jing Ze doesn’t want to be intimate with him much because of his sexual orientation, but the usual hugs and greetings have never been a problem.

A month or so ago, Yan Jing Ze had begun to be willing to have intimate contact with him.

    He was quite happy, before he met Yan Jing Ze, he was not interested in either men or women, only after meeting Yan Jing Ze did he have the feeling of liking a person. As a result, the two’s first time, he was still drunk and completely no memory… He wanted to have a normal relationship.

    But he didn’t expect that just a few days after being happy, he and Yan Jing Ze were photographed.

He’s only acting because he likes it, and has actually started to consider fading away slowly over the years, plus not being online much, being photographed and having his sexual orientation exposed is a bit of a headache for him, but it’s acceptable.

    But Yan Jing Ze was very worried about him and asked him to participate in a live variety show with him.

    He has no interest in variety shows, but Yan Jing Ze said that he wanted to get along with him in variety shows, so he still agreed.

    Yan Jing Ze was too busy before, and he and Yan Jing Ze didn’t have much time to get along.

 Ji Cheng Xiu was well aware that many people nowadays couldn’t accept his sexual orientation, and he was prepared to encounter difficulty in the variety show, but he hadn’t really expected that Yan Jing Ze would speak up for him so directly.
    He had the feeling of being flattered, but also the hidden feeling that this was how it should be with Yan Jing Ze.

    Ji Cheng Xiu’s heart was a little happy, his little boyfriend, in the end, wasn’t spoiled for nothing.

    Moreover, he doesn’t know if it is his illusion, he always feels that the current Yan Jing Ze is more satisfying.

   The topic of this variety show, he had learned about it in advance, basically it was going to make them live a more difficult ancient life, and he was afraid that Yan Jing Ze might not be able to adapt, he should help Yan Jing Ze more.

    After Yan Jing Ze had quarreled with Ma Hong Xing, the director began to usher everyone onto the bus.

    As a result, Yan Jing Ze was just about to carry his suitcase, Ji Cheng Xiu took his suitcase in his hand first: “I’ll help you take it.”

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” He had just gotten the original owner’s memories and was still a bit confused, but now that Ji Cheng Xiu had robbed the suitcase… he suddenly wakes up!

    “I’ll do it myself.” Yan Jing Ze said without thinking, but Ji Cheng Xiu had left with his suitcase.

    Yan Jing Ze, who was left behind, was a little confused, and the two female guests were also a little overwhelmed.

    Luo Cheng, the youngest of the male guests, even got close to Yan Jing Ze: “Brother Yan, Ji Cheng Xiu helped you carry your luggage. He won’t be interested in you, right?”

    Seeing Luo Cheng coming, Yan Jing Ze subconsciously stepped away and went after Ji Cheng Xiu.

    After the original owner’s contract was acquired by the company where Ji Cheng Xiu worked, the original owner’s contract also came to that company, but at that time, the original owner’s contract was only one year left.

    Also in that year, the original owner climbed Ji Cheng Xiu’s bed, but after climbing the bed, he did not stay with Ji Cheng Xiu’s company. Instead, he terminated the contract with Ji Cheng Xiu’s company and went to another company.

    So now, he and Ji Cheng Xiu are not in the same company, he is in the same company as Luo Cheng. Before coming to participate in this variety show, the original owner has already promised the company to bring Luo Cheng.

He was thinking about it then, the best way to become popular in the variety show was to form a CP with Luo Cheng.
Although it will be hard to get around in the community after exposing your homosexuality, selling ‘rotten materials’ on a regular basis is a great way to attract fans.

The original owner was the one who ignored Ji Cheng Xiu along with the others in this variety, and then sold ‘rot’ with Luo Cheng like crazy.

    However, in the current situation, he cannot do so.

    He can’t wait to get a few meters away from Luo Cheng.

    Left behind Luo Cheng: “…”

    Two female guests who can only carry their luggage by themselves: “…”

    Well, the female guests did not carry their luggage by themselves. Soon, a staff member will come to help them with their luggage.

    When Yan Jing Ze caught up, Ji Cheng Xiu was already on the crew bus, sitting in a position by the window.

    Yan Jing Ze naturally sat next to him.

    Ji Cheng Xiu turned his head and saw his vigorous and energetic little boyfriend, his mood became very good, but he couldn’t help saying: “Next time, don’t be so direct in your opinions…”

    Yan Jing Ze was in direct confrontation with Ma Hong Xing which could easily offend people.

    “Just allow him to speak directly to others, and not allow others to speak directly to him?” Yan Jing Ze raised his eyebrows.

    The young man is very angry… Ji Cheng Xiu also wanted to mention a few things, but everyone else came up and there were people taking their seats next to them so he didn’t say anything.

    Before participating in the variety show, Yan Jing Ze said that their relationship should be kept secret, and he didn’t want to cause trouble to Yan Jing Ze.

    The bus took more than two hours to drive all the way, and during this time, the director talked about the specific situation of the shooting, and interviewed each guest and asked “Why are you here for this show?”

    Jiang Qing Qing simply said that the agent had picked her up.

    Hao Mei said that she had never participated in such a live variety show and wanted to challenge it.

    Luo Cheng said that he liked the previous editions very much, so he had come to participate.

    It was Ma Hong Xing’s turn. He said that he came to participate because he was very interested in ancient culture.

    When he got to Ji Cheng Xiu’s place…

    Ji Cheng Xiu said: “I think this show is good.”

    Others have said a lot, but he just said this…

    Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze next to him said: ” Shouldn’t you be asking me next? I came to participate in this variety show because I learned that Ji Cheng Xiu would also come and I am a fan of him.”

    Director: “…”

    They obviously signed Yan Jing Ze first, and then Ji Cheng Xiu said that he wanted to come!

    Originally, they were actually considering another actor, but Yan Jing Ze recommended him, so they decided to use Ji Cheng Xiu!

    It was afternoon and everyone was a little bit sleepy. After the interview, the director let people fall asleep, and Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes.

    At this time, the program group just announced the name of the last guest of the program on the Internet.

    Since a few days ago, the program group announced the guests one by one, and the first to be announced was Yan Jing Ze.

    At that time, Yan Jing Ze’s fans went crazy with joy.

    They can watch Yan Jing Ze’s live broadcast online!

    This gives them a feeling that they are very close to Yan Jing Ze!

    Yan Jing Ze’s fans are very powerful. They spontaneously promoted the show everywhere, making it known to everyone. The guests who were announced later benefited one by one, and the popularity of the show was increasing.

    Today happened to be Saturday, and it was the first live broadcast, so fans started waiting for the broadcast early, and that’s when the show announced the identity of the last guest—Ji Cheng Xiu!

    It exploded immediately online.

    “Who is this Ji Cheng Xiu?”

    “Why did the show team invite him?”

    “Isn’t this the homosexual who has unspoken rules with the newcomers?”

    “Why let him and my brother participate in the show together!”

    “My family’s Cheng Cheng is the simplest. He will be bullied.”

    “Don’t worry, my brother will protect Cheng Cheng!”


    The fans of the other guests all have opinions on Ji Cheng Xiu. Fans of Yan Jing Ze and Luo Cheng have particularly strong opinions on Ji Cheng Xiu.

    As for Ji Cheng Xiu’s fans…

    Some people who really love art films are very fond of Ji Cheng Xiu, but these people are generally too old to go to fight for Ji Cheng Xiu, and many of them don’t even pay attention to the various news on the internet.

    Ji Cheng Xiu is not that famous. The heat of his ‘scandal’ has actually subsided in the past few days, but he is now participating in a live variety show, and he is also with Yan Jing Ze…

Those things were suddenly turned up again in a big way.

In addition, there’s also the navy hired by Yan Jing Ze behind… Ji Cheng Xiu has been subjected to criticism online.

    Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t know these.

    The program team took away their mobile phones. During the next shooting, they could not touch their phones… Of course, when the evening shooting is over, or when the filming is off during the day, they will ask the program team for a mobile phone.

    At four o’clock in the afternoon, the live broadcast officially started.

    As soon as the live broadcast room was opened, there were countless people posting barrage: “Jing Ze, my husband!”

    “Baby Cheng Cheng.”

    “Qing Qing kiss!”

    “My beautiful wife~”


There are even people who post things like, “A group of geeks are here to learn”.

    But after a while, some bad barrage came out: “Ji Cheng Xiu, get out!”

    “I don’t want to see Ji Cheng Xiu.”

    “Why should you invite a gay!”


    Yan Jing Ze and the others can’t see the barrage. At this moment, they have just changed into recruits’ clothes.

    Jiang Qing Qing was full of entanglement: “Director, why do these clothes look so dirty.”

Of course, the clothes the show had for them were new, but they had stains painted on them with paint and deliberately made holes

    Director: “Because new recruits don’t get to wear new clothes!”

    “Director, these clothes are completely different from what I saw on TV,” Luo Cheng also said.

    Director: “The clothes worn by the soldiers on TV are not ancient at all… In ancient times, as a recruit, you might not be able to get military uniforms, so be content!”

The guests’ clothes were really shabby, but the show crew took everyone’s feelings into account and the clothes were a good fit.

    At least, Yan Jing Ze is very handsome in his clothes.

    When his fans saw him, they all screamed frantically, but at the same time they felt something was wrong—their brother actually stood with that Ji Cheng Xiu?

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