BH (QT) 223 – Educated Youth (8)

Chapter 223 – Educated Youth (8)

There were several families from the village who came over and wanted to buy bamboo baskets.

Yan Jing Ze now only has a small bamboo basket, not the large basket they want, but still negotiated a deal with them – tomorrow he will start making large bamboo baskets, as long as the people of Shangmu Village can bring a large flat bowl of rice, they can exchange a bamboo basket from his hands.

This price is very cheap for the villagers and it is not a loss for Yan Jing Ze.

Others make baskets very slowly, but he makes baskets very fast.

And a bowl of rice can last a day if he eats it alone.

“Yan educated youth, then you hurry up and make the basket ready.”

“Yan educated youth, we are waiting for your basket.”

“Yan educated youth…”

The village people’s attitude towards Yan Jing Ze was much better when they found that they could buy baskets from Yan Jing Ze at a low price.

Speaking of which, Yan Jing Ze suddenly moved to the Gu family’s house, and the people in Shangmu Village were quite surprised.

However, Yan Jing Ze said that it was in order to have someone to wash and cook for him, so they didn’t think it strange.

After all… Yan educated youth is so lazy!

However, Yan educated youth still have a craft for making bamboo baskets. This is beyond their expectations. At this time, someone asked Yan Jing Ze: “Yan educated youth, since you have the craftsmanship for making bamboo baskets, why didn’t you do it before? “

Yan Jing Ze: “Cutting bamboo or something is too tiring.”

The person who asked: “…” Then why do you do it now?

As he was thinking about it, he saw Gu Yubao chopping bamboo next to him.

Oh… They remembered that Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan got this bamboo together. The Gu family probably helped him chop the bamboo…so he was willing to make a basket.

This Yan educated youth is really lazy to the bones!

The villagers left soon, and when they were far away, Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Yubao again: “Your bamboo is too thick, chop it again! By the way, tomorrow, when you are off work, you will get me some more bamboo back, I want all the thick and thin ones.”

Cutting bamboo after working in the farm… Gu Yubao was pitiful, but didn’t dare to resist.

If he resists, Yan Jing Ze will beat him again!

The life of the Gu family returned to peace.

The price of bamboo baskets made by Yan Jing Ze to the village people is a bowl of rice. He also bluntly said that it is so cheap because the village bamboo is used, and only a handicraft fee is charged.

But when people from outside the village came to him to make bamboo baskets, he needed two bowls of rice for one basket.

After Yan Jing Ze said so, the people in the village were very satisfied. People in other villages would ask the people in the village to buy the bamboo baskets. They gave the villagers a bowl and a half of rice, and the villagers used a bowl of rice price set by Yan Jing Ze to buy and earn a bit.

This matter, Yan Jing Ze didn’t mind at all, so he still sold.

He is going to live in this village, and the original owner’s previous reputation was too bad… Now this can more or less make others have a better impression of him.

In addition, he let the villagers take advantage of this, and the villagers would not say anything when they saw him cutting the bamboo in the village.

Of course, what Yan Jing Ze does is not just bamboo baskets.

He is afraid that others will see that he can make bamboo products very quickly. Generally, he makes two bamboo baskets a day. At other times, he will think about using bamboo to make other furniture, and also make some small things with bamboo.

Some kind of toy guns made of bamboo, some kind of small backpacks and stools made of bamboo… They became popular for the village children and traded various toys from him!

Of course, the children can come and trade, the most important thing is because the “price” is cheap.

These days, when you go to town to buy toys, all the kids can’t afford them, but not here with Yan educated youth.

If you catch an eel in the field, you can exchange it for a bamboo gun with Yan educated youth!

A child smoked out a nest of rabbits, caught it and sent it to Yan educated youth. Yan educated youth actually gave him a small bamboo chair, two bamboo guns, a bamboo sprinkler gun, and a small straw hat. And, only him has them in the entire village!

Of course, his parents who didn’t eat meat at home asked him to eat fried pork with bamboo shoots. By the way, some adults went to buy bamboo chairs from Yan educated youth.

One or two baskets are enough for the family, and now they don’t lack baskets, they lack chairs.

People here in Shangmu Village have a special hobby for bamboo chairs.

When the people in the village get older, they will move a bamboo chair and sit in the sun at the door of the house and chat with others. When the elderly passes away, they will not burn anything else at home, but will definitely burn a bamboo chair.

They don’t know when this was passed down, but everyone did it.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze had food to be accounted for again.

Ordinary families in the village don’t care if the children trade small things for toys. Everyone is very busy. After catching the small fish and shrimps, they need to spend a lot of oil and salt to make them delicious… After a day’s work, parents don’t have that leisure time.

Therefore, it is a bargain for Yan Jing Ze. He has all kinds of fish and meat to eat every day, and sometimes the children give him fruit, or pickles, water chestnuts, radishes, snails, and so on.

Thanks to the blessing of Yan Jing Ze, Gu’s dining table has been enriched a lot.

At the same time, Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan have also been taught by Yan Jing Ze not to lose their temper.

Gu Yubao was not happy every day at first, but got used to it when he was beaten too much. Later…when Yan Jing Ze didn’t beat him, he was a little grateful!

At this time, the days are getting colder, and there is less work.

There are some lands left empty in the village for it to recuperate and nourish health, and some fields are planted with wheat and rapeseed. In the private plots of every household, green vegetables are sprouting, and radishes have grown up…

The winter in Jiangnan has arrived, and Yan Jing Ze has lived in the Gu family’s house for two months.

When the Gu family were finally free, Yan Jing Ze began to teach them to read.

Whoever does not read well will eat poorly at dinner. Of course, Gu Yukang is excluded.

With this teaching, Yan Jing Ze discovered that Gu Mingxiu was the most likable student among the four Gu family members who studied with him. Not only was he smart, he had a good learning attitude, and he was willing to learn on his own without having to stare at him.

Gu Yuxian came second.

Gu Yuxian is not smart, but her learning attitude is very good, on par with Gu Mingxiu!

Well, she was originally in school, and she was not serious about studying. After all, at this time, let alone students, even the teacher was a mess. But when Yan Jing Ze praised her several times, she immediately became full of love for learning.

That’s right, just rely on a few more compliments.

This child is just like Gu Mingxiu, lack of praise!

Then there is Gu Yulan.

Gu Yulan is also smart, but she doesn’t like learning. She is willing to learn because Yan Jing Ze links their grades to what they eat.

She can’t bear to eat less than others and worse than others, so she must study hard.

The worst one is undoubtedly Gu Yubao.

In fact, Gu Yubao is not stupid, or he would not be admitted to junior high school, but his attitude towards learning is very poor.

At the same time… Yan Jing Ze had to admit that when he taught Gu Yubao, the requirements he has for him are higher than others, so Gu Yubao couldn’t learn well… Cough!

But others will definitely not be able to discover this.

“Gu Yubao, why are you so slow when you memorize a text?” Yan Jing Ze said again, “Hold out your hand!”

Gu Yubao: “I’ve memorized it very fast…”

“This kind of thing, I can recite it at a glance, and you say you are fast?” Yan Jing Ze sneered.

Gu Yubao: “…” He is really too difficult!

However, he really did not expect that Yan educated youth who was lazier than him would have the ability to never forget!

It’s just that Yan educated youth is so powerful, and now he can make money, why is he still staying at their home?

At first, Gu Yubao thought that Yan Jing Ze came to his house to grab food and drink.

He was particularly unhappy, so he stared at Yan Jing Ze every day, but now it’s been a long time… How does he feel that Yan Jing Ze came to his house just to beat him?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t do anything else every day, he liked to catch him and beat him, oh, and his sister Gu Yulan was also stared at by Yan Jing Ze.

Gu Yubao was too sad.

Gu Yulan quickly adapted to it.

Gu Yulan likes to steal things, mainly because she is always hungry, and there is nothing in her own home, so she can’t help but look at other people’s things.

But after Yan Jing Ze moved to their home, her food became better.

Not only that, but Yan Jing Ze makes all kinds of small things all day long. Gu Yuxian also has a whole set of bamboo products!

Others didn’t know that she didn’t have it, and thought that Gu Yuxian must have it too. She was looked at enviously, and she was satisfied.

More importantly, Yan Jing Ze would reason with her every time. Slowly, she actually learned that many things she had done before were wrong and not right.

In addition, there is a Gu Yubao who is worse than her… She is always in a good mood!

As for Gu Yuxian, Gu Yuxian now thinks that Yan Jing Ze is a great person!

Except for her elder brother, Yan Jing Ze is always the best to her!

She had never enjoyed this kind of treatment before.

At home, apart from the eldest brother, the second elder brother is the first boy and is the most loved. As for the eldest sister, she can cry and act like a baby, she is the first girl, the treatment it not bad.

That is, she is the second girl in the family, no one pays attention to her.

The eldest brother was very fair to them. Before, whenever there were any snacks, each of them got the same amount, but hers was always snatched away until Yan Jing Ze appeared.

Forget others stealing from her, even if she took the initiative to give it to others, Yan Jing Ze would not agree!

After studying for a while, it’s time to have lunch.

Yan Jing Ze asked Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan to cook. The reason is also ready: “You two are not serious about studying!”

Gu Yuxian took a look at Yan Jing Ze adoringly, and continued reading.

Gu Yukang wanted to disturb her and let her play with her, but was caught by Yan Jing Ze: “Gu Yukang, come, follow me to count!”

Then Gu Yuxian can read a book quietly, and there is also Gu Mingxiu who reads quietly.

Every night, Yan Jing Ze would tell Gu Mingxiu about the things in the city. Only then did Gu Mingxiu know what kind of good life Yan Jing Ze had had before.

But now, Yan Jing Ze can only stay in the countryside and live a hard life.

Yan Jing Ze is so smart, regardless what kind of book, he can memorize it at a glance, he shouldn’t be trapped in the countryside…

Gu Mingxiu didn’t know how to comfort Yan Jing Ze. Since Yan Jing Ze liked to teach them to read, he would study hard.

At this time, there were only two subjects in elementary school, Chinese and mathematics, but after two months of work, Gu Mingxiu had already made up and started to study junior high school courses.

Not only that, but he also found that after he stopped taking care of all the work at home, he really became more and more comfortable.

Especially, Yan Jing Ze still cooks good food for him every day.

Gu Mingxiu obviously felt that he was fat.

As for Yan Jing Ze…

In winter, the loach will drill into the rice fields. Experienced rural children can easily dig the loach, but it is not easy to catch small fish and shrimps. So, the children who came to him recently to exchange things were all brought with the loach.

At this moment, he followed into the kitchen and made a pot of braised loach from the already washed and killed loach.

After the loach was made, there were two full bowls. Yan Jing Ze left one bowl, and the other bowl was served on the table, and then he personally shared it with others.

There are two for Gu Yukang, five for Gu Yuxian, two for Gu Yulan, and one for Gu Yubao to give him a little taste.

Gu Mingxiu got six pieces.

The rest is his, even the bowl that is left open, his argument is also that it is his own evening snack.

Of course, the so-called snacks were actually eaten by him and Gu Mingxiu together.

The original owner did not have a cooking skill, but at this time, none of the people in Shangmu Village had any cooking skill. Yan Jing Ze tried to cook. After practicing, his cooking skills improved by leaps and bounds, and he was able to make delicious dishes that the Gu family had never tasted before.

He made this braised loach especially delicious.

Gu Yubao ate the one of his own, still not enough, and said to Gu Mingxiu, “Brother, I still want to eat it, you can give one to me…”

Gu Mingxiu wanted to divide Gu Yubao into two, but he was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be unhappy, so he immediately looked at Yan Jing Ze, and then listened to Yan Jing Ze and said: “I gave you a good share, you can only eat your own.”

“That’s not someone else, that’s my brother!” Gu Yubao said.

“So, what if he’s your brother? Your brother is not obligated to feed you.”

This kind of words, Yan Jing Ze has often said recently. Gu Yubao has also listened a lot. Hearing about this too much, he inevitably felt a little panicked. At this time, he couldn’t help but say: “My brother should raise us, my dad raised my brother!”

He felt that his father had raised his brother, and his brother should of course raise them.

Gu Mingxiu was slightly taken aback when he heard the words.

Yan Jing Ze sneered and said: “When your dad went to work, your mother didn’t go to the field? That’s your brother’s biological mother! Even if your dad raised your brother, and raised your brother alone for ten years, then in that case, your brother raised you for more than five years, and there are four of you, he has already paid off twice. Especially you, your brother didn’t go to school, and you still have to go to school.”

At this time, Gu Yubao was stunned.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “You treat your brother as an outsider and think that since your dad raised him, your brother should raise you in return. Now that the kindness has been paid off, your brother should also leave you behind! What about you, you are not young now, you should take care of your younger siblings.”

A huge panic suddenly rose in Gu Yubao’s heart.

He didn’t write anything nonsensically, he was actually pitted by Yan Jing Ze.

But his brother doesn’t know! If his brother thinks that he has done something serious and wants to draw a line with him and stop raising them, what should he do?

“You better behave in the future, or I will let your brother separate from you,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at Gu Mingxiu.

He wanted to let these people know that Gu Mingxiu’s contribution to them was not what he should have done.

Gu Yubao looked at his elder brother abruptly, only to find that Gu Mingxiu lowered his head and said nothing, seeming to agree with Yan Jing Ze’s words.

Gu Yubao was dumbfounded, Gu Yuxian and Gu Yulan were also terrified, and only Gu Yukang knew nothing, staring at the loach in Gu Yuxian’s bowl.

But with Yan Jing Ze watching, Gu Yuxian will not give him the loach no matter what.

Yan Jing Ze taught Gu Yubao a meal. After dinner, he let the Gu family study without incident.

It was probably during the meal that he suddenly realized that Gu Mingxiu could leave them behind. Gu Yubao was very well-behaved at studying this time. When Yan Jing Ze asked him to chop the bamboo, there was no complaint at all. The whole person looked a little dull.

Yan Jing Ze knew why he was like this.

He used to maybe think that his dad raised Gu Mingxiu, Gu Mingxiu should be responsible for raising them, and suddenly realized that it was not, he was afraid, heh.

However, with Gu Mingxiu’s character, in fact, he will definitely not leave them behind. Gu Mingxiu didn’t say anything before, purely because he had explained to Gu Mingxiu that he must not interrupt when he educates others, and Gu Mingxiu listens to him the most.

Yan Jing Ze secretly pinched Gu Mingxiu when no one was paying attention.

Gu Mingxiu’s face turned red again and his heart felt sweet.

These days, he also gradually realized that Gu Yubao did not respect him as a big brother before.

Gu Yubao didn’t take his contribution seriously.

The good thing is, his brother didn’t take it seriously, but Yan Jing Ze felt distressed for him.

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