Chapter 92 – Fire Counterattack

The ambulance arrived quickly and left even more hurriedly. The young man who had saved the old man had already left before the crowd could even clap for him.

The people who had gathered together sighed and praised the young man a few more times before slowly dispersing and going about their own business. For them, this was just a small episode. The old man was saved, and everyone felt relieved. The supermarket manager also breathed a sigh of relief. If he ever saw the young man shopping at the supermarket again, he would definitely give him a membership card and unprecedented discounts.

Unlike the others who only focused on the collapsed old man, Chen Li’s attention shifted to the young man who had saved him. Perhaps it was the young man’s unique qualities. He was incredibly calm and composed while rescuing the old man, without a trace of panic. This trait inexplicably made people feel at ease.

When the doctors arrived, the young man helped them lift the patient onto a stretcher. As he was about to leave, he perhaps felt Chen Li’s gaze and followed it, looking at Chen Li. The young man had a handsome appearance, and he flashed a friendly smile at Chen Li, making him look even more charming.

Chen Li looked at the young man but didn’t react.

The young man, maybe having something to attend to, nodded at Chen Li before leaving. Not far away, there was a handsome young man waiting, and he gave a thumbs-up to the young man who had saved the old man. The young man smiled back at him, and they left together.

“What are you looking at, Li Li?” Wei Chen followed Chen Li’s gaze and looked over, but the two young men had already disappeared.

Chen Li snapped out of it and shook his head at Wei Chen, but his eyes were somewhat glistening.

Wei Chen instantly understood what Chen Li meant and said, “I also think that person was amazing.”

It turned out that Chen Li was marveling at the young man’s calmness and composure while saving someone’s life, like a hero who had rescued a stranger from the brink of death.

Chen Li nodded. That person was truly remarkable.

Fate was truly mysterious. Chen Li, who usually kept himself locked in his own world, had observed every move of a stranger this time and firmly etched it in his heart. The young man who had saved someone’s life would become an important person in Chen Li’s life, helping him and Wei Chen overcome many difficulties.

Back to the present.

Wei Chen and Chen Li thoroughly explored the supermarket and returned home with full loads. Many of the supplies Wei Chen bought were favorites of Chen Li, while a large portion were for Wei Chen to try out. Wei Chen’s current goal was to create more dishes to satisfy Chen Li’s appetite and nourish him. Currently, Chen Li still looked thin and frail, not meeting Wei Chen’s standards.

Chen Li was not picky about food, and now he was eating much better compared to when he was at Chen’s house. At Chen’s house, there were times when Chen Li lost track of time while painting and forgot to eat when it was mealtime. Moreover, the servants at Chen’s house saw Chen Li as an easy target to bully, sometimes neglecting to deliver his meals.

At Chen’s house, it was a common occurrence for Chen Li to go a day without food. The main reason for his frail and malnourished appearance was that he couldn’t eat enough.

After being together with Wei Chen, Chen Li’s diet gradually normalized, and he started gaining some weight.

In the following half month, Wei Chen became Chen Li’s study partner, going to school together every day. When they had no classes, Wei Chen would take Chen Li to roam around Q University. As for the company’s affairs, Wei Chen acted like a detached manager and didn’t inquire further.

It was strange that Zhuge Feng didn’t ask Wei Chen what had happened in the past half month, nor did he remove Wei Chen from the position of Marketing Department Director.

Throughout the entire company, no one knew what Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen were up to. No one knew their true intentions.

Because of this, whether it was Lin Xin, the Deputy General Manager, or the Sales Department Director, or even He Keqiang, the Manager of the Marketing Department, they all had a sense of unease. They constantly felt that Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng would unleash a major move on them when they least expected it.

They wanted to guard against Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen, but they were powerless to do so. They simply didn’t have the time to guard against them. A big problem had already descended upon them.

Lin Xin had just become the Deputy General Manager, and as the saying goes, “A new official always wants to set things ablaze.” Naturally, Lin Xin wanted to ignite the fire. And where would this fire burn? Naturally, it would burn Wei Chen, who belonged to a different faction.

Nullifying Wei Chen’s authority was the first fire, and it had already started, just as they had hoped. Look, Wei Chen was so afraid that he didn’t even dare to come to the company anymore.

The second fire was directed at the strategies Wei Chen had implemented while managing the Marketing Department. They didn’t care whether Wei Chen’s strategies were right or wrong. They blindly believed in themselves, thinking that even if Wei Chen’s strategies were correct, their own strategies must be even more correct. This fire was a bit more challenging to start because during Wei Chen’s month in the Marketing Department, he had created a lot of value for Changfeng Group. It was impossible to erase that value, and surpassing it would be extremely difficult.

As for their third fire, it was directly aimed at Wei Chen himself. They wanted to remove Wei Chen from his position as the Marketing Department Director and even make him leave Changfeng Group.

However, before they could even ignite the third fire, the second fire unexpectedly took a turn and ended up burning Lin Xin and his group, catching them off guard!

And this was where Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen’s confidence lay. Why weren’t they worried? Of course, it was because Lin Xin simply didn’t have the ability to shake Wei Chen, let alone Zhuge Feng.

It’s just that the group led by Lin Xin hadn’t realized that the second fire had already taken a turn. They were still reveling in the small success of sidelining Wei Chen.

What was the current situation in Changfeng Group? Although Wei Chen didn’t go to work, he knew very well that if Lin Xin and his group were smart enough not to interfere with his designated strategies, it would be much more difficult to bring down Lin Xin with Zhou Tongpeng backing him up.

But the current situation is that Lin Xin blindly and arrogantly acted on his strategies, ultimately leading to his own downfall. Even Zhou Tongpeng wouldn’t be able to save them when the time comes. The initiative in certain matters will still fall into the hands of Zhuge Feng.

However, at present, not many people in Changfeng Group are aware of this. They are all expressing sympathy for Wei Chen’s situation because his abilities are evident to everyone.

The Chairman, to some extent, understands the situation, but as usual, he remains a bystander. He would watch the two factions fight each other until the company’s interests are affected, and only then would he intervene forcefully to stop all conflicts and bring Changfeng Group back on track.

Meanwhile, Wei Chen, who is being sympathized by the people of Changfeng Group, is standing on the podium of a trapezoidal classroom at Q University, teaching his juniors and classmates some knowledge that cannot be learned from textbooks, along with his experiences from the past two years of hard work outside.

It wasn’t that Wei Chen agreed to Zhuge Yu’s request for him to substitute teach. Rather, when Wei Chen and Chen Li were wandering around the school, they happened to encounter Wei Chen’s doctoral supervisor. Without any hesitation, the supervisor gathered the students from the School of Economics and asked Wei Chen to share his successful history with them.

Wei Chen was forced onto the stage, facing these Q University students who were only a few years younger than him, sharing his life experiences.

Fortunately, Wei Chen had always had a poker face, coupled with the several extra years he had lived in his previous life. When Wei Chen spoke, his imposing aura was enough to intimidate these students.

Chen Li was sitting in the front row of the trapezoidal classroom, and once Wei Chen stepped onto the stage, Chen Li’s gaze didn’t fall on Wei Chen. In Chen Li’s eyes, the person on the podium seemed to emit a radiant light, confident and dignified, speaking with a deep and resonant voice. Although there was no trace of a smile, and despite appearing serious, Chen Li couldn’t understand what Wei Chen was talking about. However, he was completely captivated by Wei Chen, unable to take his eyes away.

It wasn’t just Chen Li who was captivated by Wei Chen. Once Wei Chen took the stage, the students below dared not make any small movements during class. When Wei Chen began speaking, whether it was the rhythmic and persuasive tone of his voice or the well-grounded content, it all captured their attention. They listened earnestly to Wei Chen’s lecture, even forgetting to take notes.

It was more of a lecture than a class. The podium became Wei Chen’s stage, where his charismatic personality shone. The students below were engrossed, and in the end, they would surely benefit greatly from this.

There were still about twenty minutes left until the end of the course. Wei Chen didn’t continue lecturing but instead posed a question, seemingly not too profound, and the answer seemed simple. However, in order to obtain full marks for their answers, they needed to link their answers to many recent economic activities in the international community and some theories from textbooks. In other words, this question seemed like an easy one to score, but it was difficult to get a perfect score.

Wei Chen listened to many students’ answers, but they all stayed on the surface and lacked depth and breadth.

Wei Chen didn’t find this result surprising because these students hadn’t experienced the ups and downs of society. It was normal for them to have a shallow understanding of the problem.

However, Wei Chen didn’t rush to analyze the answers. Instead, he casually pointed at another male student to answer.

As soon as this male student stood up, the classroom erupted in exclamations.

Wei Chen was somewhat surprised, but once he saw the features of this male student clearly, he understood why there was an uproar. It was because this male student was very handsome, and even in simple casual clothes, his good looks couldn’t be concealed.

“Please share your thoughts, student,” Wei Chen said. He certainly wouldn’t prevent the student from answering just because he was good-looking.

The male student had a pleasant voice, but his answer shocked Wei Chen.

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