Chapter 90 – A Scar

The wind tonight was a bit strong, blowing heavily. The tree branches downstairs were swaying continuously in the wind, making a rustling sound and causing the moonlight that filtered through to appear somewhat fragmented.

After Wei Chen hung up the phone, he stood on the balcony lost in thought. At that moment, he felt an itch in his throat. The urge to smoke, which he had abstained from for a long time, resurfaced. Wei Chen really wanted to have a cigarette now, letting the taste of nicotine circulate through his lungs, taking away the complex emotions in his heart at this moment.

Footsteps were heard from behind, and Wei Chen turned around to see Chen Li standing behind him, staring blankly at him.

“Why are you awake?” As soon as he saw Chen Li, Wei Chen felt his craving for cigarettes diminish, and the restless feeling in his heart disappeared along with it.

Chen Li walked up to Wei Chen, encircled his waist with his arm, and buried his head in Wei Chen’s chest. They stood there quietly, with Chen Li comforting Wei Chen in his own way.

“Li Li, I’m fine.” Wei Chen reached out and embraced Chen Li, his voice unintentionally becoming hoarse. His eyes were slightly sore, and the suppressed emotions surged up again.

Twice now, in his previous life, Chen Li had sacrificed his life for Wei Chen. Thinking about this, Wei Chen’s grip involuntarily tightened, holding Chen Li tightly in his arms.

This person, whether in his previous life or now, was wholeheartedly devoted to him. He could unhesitatingly sacrifice his life for him, and his eyes and heart were focused only on Wei Chen.

Faced with Chen Li like this, what right did he have to doubt Chen Li’s feelings for him? What right did he have to be so unsure?

Wei Chen, you’re truly cowardly! You’re nothing but a coward!

In this moment, Wei Chen deeply despised himself. Chen Li was offering his genuine heart to him, and yet he doubted when that heart would betray him!

“Li Li, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Wei Chen repeated “I’m sorry” to Chen Li’s ear, over and over again. It was an apology for neglecting Chen Li in his previous life, for mistaking the wrong person in his previous life, and most of all, for his lack of trust in Chen Li in this lifetime. These apologies surrounded his heart at this moment, tightly enveloping him, giving him no chance to catch his breath.

Chen Li listened quietly, but his hand around Wei Chen’s waist grew tighter.

“Li Li…”

“Li Li…”

Afterwards, Wei Chen called Chen Li’s name, filled with deep affection.

This time, Chen Li finally looked up. He gazed at Wei Chen, his eyes filled with concentration. Perhaps there wasn’t an overwhelming intensity of emotion in his gaze, but his eyes held only Wei Chen, just like his heart, which was filled with nothing but Wei Chen. Meeting Chen Li’s gaze, Wei Chen felt his mouth go dry, and he couldn’t help but lower his head, pressing his lips gently against Chen Li’s, kissing him tenderly.

This kiss was gentle, more tender than any previous one, infused with apologies and love.

Silver moonlight poured down, intertwining their shadows until they merged into one, indistinguishable from each other.

All of this happened so naturally. When Wei Chen placed Chen Li on the bed, his gaze was filled with tenderness. He leaned in and kissed Chen Li’s lips again, using his tongue to trace the fullness of Chen Li’s lips, finally parting Chen Li’s lips and engaging in a dance with his tongue.

Tongues entwined like hooks of souls, a tremor of sensations passed from their tongues to their souls, and both of them let out satisfied sighs.

As their clothes fell from Chen Li’s body, Wei Chen’s kisses landed on Chen Li’s fair skin. Chen Li was in a state of confusion about what would happen next, but he trusted Wei Chen, believed that Wei Chen would not harm him.

Wei Chen instructed Chen Li to turn over, and one passionate kiss after another descended upon Chen Li’s back. When Wei Chen’s lips landed on the scar on Chen Li’s left shoulder blade, all of Wei Chen’s rationality momentarily returned. He gazed at the ghastly scar on the fair skin, and his gaze grew profound, unable to tear away from this scar.

Memories of their sparse childhood together surged up again. The frail little boy crouching on the grass, drawing pictures. It seemed like he was using his left hand to draw.

And now, Chen Li was using his right hand to draw.

Wei Chen lowered his head and reverently kissed the gruesome scar on Chen Li’s shoulder. He kissed it gently, and finally pressed his face against the scar, trembling all over.

Back then, Li Li must have been in so much pain, Wei Chen couldn’t help but think.

Wei Chen couldn’t even imagine how Li Li managed to connect his right hand when his left hand was injured. The agony, the suffering he endured during that process, how did Li Li overcome it all?

Feeling the rough texture of the scar, Wei Chen’s heart ached even more.

Chen Li quietly let Wei Chen embrace him, placing his hand over Wei Chen’s hand, just as Wei Chen used to comfort him. He gently squeezed Wei Chen’s hand, using this gesture to tell Wei Chen that he was okay, that everything had passed.

“Li Li, let me hold you for a while,” Wei Chen spoke, turned around, and pulled Chen Li even closer into his embrace.

Chen Li obediently allowed Wei Chen to hold him, and he willingly reached out his hands to encircle Wei Chen’s waist.

That night, the two of them stayed awake, tightly embracing each other.

The season transitioned into autumn, and the mornings were a bit later than before. The two of them had stayed awake all night, finally dozing off in a daze just before dawn. Now, with the bright daylight, they still lay in bed, embraced, deeply asleep.

It wasn’t until the jarring ringtone from the bedside table woke Wei Chen up from his sleep that he stirred. After falling asleep last night, he had forgotten to put his phone on silent mode.

Quickly picking up the phone, Wei Chen was afraid the piercing ringtone would disturb Chen Li’s peaceful dream. He gently got out of bed and went to the balcony to answer the call.

It was a call from Wei Chen’s friend in Shanghai, the one he had asked to investigate the kidnapping case involving the Chen family more than ten years ago.

“Achen, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do anything about the case you asked me to look into. ” The friend’s voice sounded weary, indicating that he had worked overnight to investigate for Wei Chen.

“Why?” Wei Chen asked, though he already had a faint guess in his mind.

“You know the status of the Chen family in Shanghai. If they want to conceal the truth, it’s highly unlikely anyone in Shanghai would be able to uncover it. Unless they decide to reveal the truth themselves. Moreover, it has been over ten years since the incident, and any evidence that the Chen family would have destroyed is long gone. The two kidnappers were killed on the spot when the crime occurred, as you know. There is no longer any solid evidence. I’m sorry.” The friend’s voice carried a hint of difficulty, and there was another reason he didn’t mention. He was just a small detective in a local police station in Shanghai. If the Chen family found out he was investigating the events from over a decade ago, his own safety would be in jeopardy.

“I understand. Thank you,” Wei Chen replied. How could he not understand his friend’s predicament? He had already prepared himself for this.

Because of his friend’s situation, Wei Chen became even more certain that there must be hidden truths behind that kidnapping case from years ago. These truths were significant enough for the Chen family to use their connections and conceal them. No one had dared to touch this matter for over a decade.

After hanging up the phone with his friend, Wei Chen’s eyes filled with deep contemplation.

The Chen family was truly formidable!

Once Wei Chen sorted out his thoughts and returned to the room, Chen Li had already woken up. Without Wei Chen by his side, Chen Li’s sleep was always light, easily awakened by the slightest movement. He was now sitting on the bed, staring blankly ahead, with a sleepy look in his eyes and his disheveled hair sticking up, giving him an adorable and innocent appearance.

Before Chen Li went to bed last night, his clothes were stripped off by Wei Chen. At this moment, he was naked, and his fair skin was stained with a jade-like light under the morning light.

Wei Chen hurriedly looked away. He couldn’t help but think of the picture of the gun that almost went off yesterday, so he couldn’t help but get hot all over. He just felt that one day, he would not be able to control himself when sleeping with Chen Li and become a wolf, and eat Chen Li completely.

This process was really a sweet torture.

Confused about what was happening with Wei Chen this morning, Chen Li directed his questioning gaze towards Wei Chen’s figure.

“You’re awake. Get dressed quickly, I’m waiting for you outside,” Wei Chen said, rushing out of the room. Chen Li watched Wei Chen’s retreating figure, growing even more puzzled. What had happened to Achen this morning?

Unable to find an answer, Chen Li decided not to dwell on it. He got out of bed and Wei Chen had already prepared the clothes for him to wear today.

Wei Chen stepped out of the room and leaned against the wall, gasping for breath. He felt a deep sense of helplessness. He realized that he found pleasure in this torment.

A few minutes later, Chen Li finished changing and came out. Wei Chen was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Chen Li sat on the couch, noticing that the items he had left on the coffee table yesterday had disappeared. He pursed his lips and glanced at the kitchen. Perhaps it was because of the bright morning light, his big eyes sparkled.

Today’s breakfast was scallion oil noodles, served with a bowl of clear soup. The aroma of scallion oil wafted from the kitchen, and Chen Li’s stomach growled with hunger.

Wei Chen brought out two bowls of scallion oil noodles. Chen Li’s eyes lit up when he saw them. Although Wei Chen’s cooking skills had improved a lot, Chen Li still loved the scallion oil noodles made by Wei Chen the most.

“Li Li, come and have breakfast,” Wei Chen handed him the chopsticks and said to Chen Li, who was still sitting on the couch.

Chen Li slipped on his slippers and walked over, plopping down on a chair. He picked up the chopsticks and took a mouthful of noodles, expressing his satisfaction.

Watching Chen Li’s expression, Wei Chen regained his appetite, feeling his appetite grow. He imitated Chen Li’s actions, slurping the noodles. A simple breakfast became warm and comforting.

“Li Li, we won’t go to the company today. I’ll take you to my school later,” Wei Chen said as he cleaned the dishes, his words flowing.

Upon hearing the word “school,” a beam of light shot through Chen Li’s eyes, no less satisfying than when he discovered that breakfast was scallion oil noodles.

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