Chapter 29 – Su Man

In the novel, Jiang Junmo had a very low presence. It was only known that he seemed to have poor health and couldn’t handle physical work. He also couldn’t tolerate the cold weather in the Northeast. After a few months in the countryside, things weren’t going well for him. By the time winter came, he fell ill from the cold and didn’t make it through.

The female lead shed tears with a touch of sorrow and helped the male lead with Jiang Junmo’s funeral arrangements.

Because of this, they received help from the Jiang family when they returned to the capital, and their careers also went smoothly.

It can be said that everything the protagonist did was not in vain.

With these thoughts in mind, Lu Xia glanced at Jiang Junmo again and felt it was a pity that such a stunning person had passed away like this.

Jiang Junmo seemed to notice her gaze and looked back as well.

Lu Xia didn’t know if he recognized her, but she pretended not to know him. After all, the incident in the park was quite embarrassing.

So she nodded at him, and he nodded back.

Then Lu Xia continued to lower her head and ponder.

She prayed that she wouldn’t be assigned to the same village as them when they went to the countryside. It was well known that wherever the protagonist was, accidents were inevitable.

She didn’t want to cause trouble; she just wanted to pass these years peacefully.

However, she suddenly had a bad premonition. At this moment, she was sitting together with two characters from the book. What if they were assigned to the same village later?

Lu Xia carefully recalled.

She didn’t remember the names of the background characters in the book, but she had some impression.

In her memory, there was an introverted and shy girl who went to the countryside with the male and female leads.

It seemed that she had eaten the food the male lead gave her on the train, which made her develop feelings for him. Later, she received help and care from the male lead in the countryside, and gradually fell in love with him.

But she was introverted and didn’t dare to express her feelings. She silently helped him with his tasks, but she was still young, and soon the female lead discovered her.

Before the female lead could take any action, she got entangled with the village’s troublemaker. Her reputation was ruined, and with the fast spread of rumors in the countryside, she became known as a promiscuous female educated youth.

And the last straw that broke her was when the male and female leads officially got together.

Her life lost its brightness, and in order to avoid marrying the troublemaker, she jumped into the river.

A young life ended just like that, and her body was never recovered.

And this incident was just a small episode in the novel. She wasn’t even a supporting character, at most, just cannon fodder.

The more Lu Xia thought about this person, the more she realized how similar she was to the original host’s personality!

So she had actually appeared in the novel, but as a cannon fodder?

Lu Xia almost cursed out loud!

Just now, she was sympathizing with Jiang Junmo, but she didn’t expect that she herself was in the same situation!

But whether this was really transmigration or not was still uncertain. After all, she hadn’t seen the female lead, right?

Having the same name was just a coincidence, and it didn’t prove anything.

Lu Xia prayed in her heart.

However, things didn’t go as she had hoped. When the train stopped at the next station, a beautiful and confident girl boarded. She should also be around eighteen or nineteen years old, but she was dressed in fashionable clothes and carrying a suitcase. She didn’t look like she was going to the countryside; she looked more like she was going on a trip.

As soon as she boarded, she sat next to Gu Xiangnan and smiled as she introduced herself to everyone.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Su Man, with the ‘Man’ meaning flourishing grass. I’m going to Liaoning Province as an educated youth.”

Gu Xiangnan, sitting next to her, was amazed when he saw her for the first time, but he quickly regained his composure and smiled as he introduced himself. “I’m Gu Xiangnan. The four of us in this seating area are all going to Liaoning Province as educated youth.”

Su Man glanced at Gu Xiangnan and seemed surprised by how handsome he looked. She then looked at Jiang Junmo across from her, her eyes filled with admiration.

Jiang Junmo nodded at her. “Jiang Junmo.”

And Lu Xia, pretending to be shy, said, “Comrade, hello. My name is Lu Xia.”


Chapter 30 – Transmigration


Su Man nodded at them, then glanced at Lu Xia and noticed that she had an ordinary appearance and a plain dress. She didn’t seem threatening, so Su Man smiled at her and began chatting with the two boys.

Of course, Gu Xiangnan did most of the talking, while Jiang Junmo didn’t respond much. Su Man also didn’t want to press her hot face on a cold b.utt, so gradually, it was only her and Gu Xiangnan engaged in conversation.

At this moment, Lu Xia was also certain. There was no need to look any further; this person had to be the transmigrated Su Man.

In the book, Su Man’s mother was originally a young lady from a capitalist family, while her father was just a country boy who found work in the city after marrying her mother.

Later, her mother passed away, and her father remarried. Su Man’s maternal grandfather’s family also faced troubles, so she became a neglected child.

She lived a life worse than the original Lu Xia.

However, the female lead’s mother had actually left her some valuable possessions, which were previously in the hands of her stepmother. After transmigrating, Su Man had managed to retrieve them using various tactics.

So when she went to the countryside, she had quite a bit of money and lived a comfortable life.

Just like her current showy appearance, it was obvious that money wasn’t an issue for her.

Lu Xia silently contemplated what to do next.

Now that it was confirmed to be a transmigration, she needed to think about how to avoid the plot. She couldn’t possibly like the male lead, and she didn’t want any involvement with them. But if they ended up in the same village, they would inevitably cross paths.

So at that time, she would have to keep a low profile, reduce her presence, and think of other ways.

As for the events she would encounter in the book, Lu Xia’s gaze turned serious.

It seemed that the countryside wasn’t safe after all, and she needed to quickly improve her combat skills.

While thinking about her journey to the countryside, evening approached quickly, and everyone took out their own prepared food.

Gu Xiangnan had the best, a whole roasted duck famous in Beijing. When it was opened, the aroma of the duck instantly filled the entire carriage.

Gu Xiangnan smiled and invited them to eat together, but both Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo declined. It was meat after all, and it didn’t feel right to eat it during their first meeting.

Su Man also refused, but she took out a lunchbox of braised pork, which was just as delicious as Gu Xiangnan’s offering and had a strong fragrance.

She politely asked if they wanted to eat together, but they also declined.

On Lu Xia’s side, she took out two cooled buns from her bag (actually, from her storage space), while Jiang Junmo took out pastries and had a simple meal.

Soon it was evening, and they still had to spend the night on the train. However, sleeping at night was a problem; it was impossible to sleep while sitting.

Lu Xia and Gu Xiangnan were fine since they were by the window with a small table to rest on.

But Gu Xiangnan gave up his spot to Su Man so that the two girls could lie down to sleep, while the two boys remained seated.

However, even with this arrangement, Lu Xia couldn’t sleep soundly. The train had a strong odor, and there were various noises at night. She only managed to sleep for a little over an hour.

When she woke up in the morning, she was still groggy.

Su Man, sitting across from her, was in the same state. She frowned, went to wash up, and came back wearing different clothes. This time, she wasn’t wearing fashionable clothes but rather a long-sleeved shirt and pants. She appeared much simpler, but her confident demeanor and stunning appearance still didn’t fit in with this era.

Lu Xia also freshened up briefly, then ate a bun. She heard the announcement on the radio that they had arrived at Wangxi City, the capital of Liaoning Province. They were probably close.

Sure enough, a little after 10 o’clock in the morning, they arrived at Jinhuai County.

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press a hot face on someone’s cold b.utt – be friendly/enthusiastic to someone who is indifferent/uninterested

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