Chapter 27 – Gu Xiangnan

After boarding the train, Lu Xia found her seat by following the seat number on her ticket. It was a four-seat compartment, but she was the only one occupying it at the moment.

She struggled to lift her luggage and put it on the overhead luggage rack. Fortunately, drinking spiritual spring water recently had increased her strength, and the canvas bags, although they appeared large, didn’t contain anything heavy, so she managed to place them up there.

However, the other passengers on the train were unaware of this. By now, the carriage had filled up with several people. Some were surprised to see such a young girl with such strength and approached her to strike up a conversation. After a few exchanges, they realized that everyone in the compartment was a sent-down youth, making the atmosphere more friendly.

Once Lu Xia had put away her luggage, she took her seat. She was sitting in a four-seat compartment, and her seat was by the window. The window of the green train could be opened.

As she sat there, feeling the breeze and watching the tearful scenes on the platform outside, she felt a sense of calm. She was finally leaving!

She wondered how her family would react when they found out that she had sold her job. They would probably be furious, it’s a pity she wouldn’t be able to see their reactions…

Lu Xia sat on the train for a while, and about ten minutes before departure, a man finally arrived to take the seat across from her.

The man was tall and handsome, with a handsome face and well-defined features. He had a high nose bridge and appeared young but not short in stature. He had a well-proportioned figure and was indeed a handsome young man!

Lu Xia didn’t expect there to be so many handsome guys in this era. She had already seen two in just a few days since she arrived.

Moreover, his dress and appearance were impressive. He seemed to be better dressed than the average person, and the luggage he carried was also a high-end one that Lu Xia hadn’t bought before. He looked more like he was going on a business trip rather than to the countryside.

After boarding the train, the handsome guy, like Lu Xia, first placed his luggage in the overhead compartment and then took his seat. When he saw Lu Xia sitting across from him, he smiled at her, revealing a set of white teeth. He had a sunny disposition.

“Hello, comrade. My name is Gu Xiangnan, and I’m a young educated youth going to Liaoning Province,” he greeted.

So he was indeed a young educated youth going to the countryside. Hearing him introduce himself, Lu Xia raised an eyebrow and thought to herself that there were many people named Xiangnan in this era. She had read a novel before where the male protagonist was named Gu Xiangnan.

She nodded at him and introduced herself as well, “Hello, I’m Lu Xia, also a young educated youth going to Liaoning Province.”

Gu Xiangnan seemed cheerful, and upon hearing that she was also going to Liaoning Province, he enthusiastically asked about her specific destination. To their surprise, they were going to the same township!

What a coincidence!

Even Lu Xia felt somewhat astonished. She wondered if they would be assigned to the same village later. If that were the case, they would have to live together for several years.

Glancing at Gu Xiangnan’s handsome face, she couldn’t help but think that he would surely attract attention.

As they chatted, the train was about to depart, and another person came to sit next to Lu Xia.

It wasn’t just one person; there were also two strong men who helped him carry his luggage and put it away before giving him some instructions and leaving.

At the same time, several women in their twenties and thirties were standing on the platform outside Lu Xia’s window. They stretched their necks and shouted towards him, “Xiao Mo, remember to write us letters if you need anything after you arrive, and call us if there’s any problem.”

The person sitting next to Lu Xia also replied to them through Lu Xia’s window, “Got it, eldest sister, second sister, third sister, fourth sister. You all go back with brothers-in-law quickly. I’ll be fine!”


Chapter 28 – Jiang Junmo


And at this moment, Lu Xia was completely stunned!

Because the person sitting next to her, she had seen him before, not just seen him, but had a deep impression of him.

Wasn’t this the same soft rice man she met during the blind date in the park?

How did he end up going to the countryside too?

If he was going to the countryside, then why did he go on a blind date before?

While Lu Xia was lost in her thoughts, the train slowly started moving.

People inside the train and outside waved their goodbyes, occasionally accompanied by shouts and sobbing.

After bidding farewell to the people outside, Gu Xiangnan sat down and warmly greeted the person next to Lu Xia.

“Hello, comrade. My name is Gu Xiangnan, I’m a young educated youth going to Liaoning Province. And you?” he said.

The person beside him glanced at him and replied, “Jiang Junmo, also a young educated youth going to the countryside!”

“Really? I wonder, Comrade Jiang, where are you heading? Comrade Lu Xia and I are both going to Liaoning Province,” Gu Xiangnan asked.

While Gu Xiangnan and Jiang Junmo were conversing, Lu Xia was completely dumbfounded!

What, Jiang Junmo?

Why did that name sound so familiar?

Wasn’t he a character in the period drama novel she had read in which the hero was Gu Xiangnan?

Now that Gu Xiangnan was here, and Jiang Junmo too, could it really be just a coincidence?

Could it be that she… had transmigrated into a book?

Lu Xia carefully recalled that she had read a novel about a female protagonist transmigrating titled “Transmigrating in the 70s, Pampered Sweetheart.”

The female protagonist, Su Man, was a wealthy second-generation heiress in modern times, intelligent and clever. Unexpectedly, she transmigrated to the 1970s and became the daughter of a neglectful stepmother.

She was sent to the countryside right after graduating from high school, as calculated by her stepmother.

After transmigrating, Su Man cleanly took revenge on her parents. She made her stepmother lose her job, and she also forced her step-sister, who had snatched her original fiancé, to marry a twice-divorced man in his forties.

Of course, the unfaithful fiancé didn’t end well either; he was caught being unfaithful.

Then she caught her father in a compromising situation and made him bankrupt to prepare a substantial amount of money and supplies for her.

Finally, she went to the countryside with a lot of money and goods.

Although the female protagonist in the book didn’t possess any special abilities, she had an enormous protagonist halo. Not only did she meet the male protagonist, who came from a powerful family, on the train, but she also made him fall in love with her at first sight. He became devoted to her and helped her in every way after they went to the countryside.

Moreover, the female protagonist had exceptionally good luck. She could casually stroll up the mountain and catch wild chickens and rabbits. By saving someone’s life, she would become a big shot in the future, being assisted by them in her entrepreneurial journey during the period of economic reform and opening up.

In short, while others in the countryside lived a difficult life, the female protagonist lived quite comfortably.

The subsequent plot involved her and the male protagonist passing the university entrance examination and leaving the village together. Then they started their own business and became the richest people, living a happy life.

It could be said that the entire novel was an enjoyable read, where anyone who crossed paths with the female protagonist didn’t have a good outcome.

The reason why the name Jiang Junmo sounded familiar was because he had appeared in the early part of the novel, although his presence was brief, he left a deep impression on the readers.

She remembered that in the book, Jiang Junmo caught the attention of the female protagonist at their first meeting due to his extraordinary appearance. However, upon getting to know him, she discovered that Jiang Junmo had poor health and had a rather cold and distant personality. His background was also unclear.

Unlike Gu Xiangnan, who appeared to come from a good family, and chatting with him also revealed that his background was not simple, what was more important was that Gu Xiangnan seemed to be interested in her.

So, she had focused her attention on Gu Xiangnan.

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Soft Rice – (a man who eats soft rice) someone who doesn’t do hard work and wants to be raised instead,

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