Chapter 25 – The Last Night

After a day of shopping and preparing many things, Lu Xia carried the canvas bags and returned home.

The Lu family members didn’t say anything when they saw her return, and she was glad for the peace and quiet.

However, Lu Qiu and Lu Dong looked curious when they saw her bringing things back, but they didn’t dare to ask when they saw her expressionless face.

But the Lu family knew that she probably couldn’t buy anything good since she didn’t have supplies tickets.

Although the Lu family didn’t talk to her, they still provided her with meals. Lu Xia, with the mentality of not wasting any free meal, confidently sat down at the table to eat.

After finishing her meal, as usual, she returned to her room. When she closed the door, she could still hear complaints from Lu Chun.

“Why does she eat at home if she has such pride? With so much money in her hands, why didn’t she buy her own food?”

Then Mother Lu said, “Enough, she won’t be staying home for much longer anyway.”

After that, Lu Chun remained silent.

Lu Xia sneered. Just wait, the “gift” for you all is still to come.

For the next few days, Lu Xia continued to go out to prepare supplies. She went to the black market to exchange for more supplies ticket. When she saw meat being sold, she bought some and stored them in the storage space to eat secretly later.

She also thought about the upcoming college entrance examination in a few years and went to a bookstore to buy books on subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Out of curiosity, she visited a scrap collection station. She didn’t find any antiques, but she bought a second-hand stove with a limp leg. It looked repairable, so she stored it in the storage space to use later.

The time for her departure to the countryside was approaching.

During these days, she went out every day and brought back something each time.

When she wasn’t home, Mother Lu secretly looked at what she brought back. It was all things that didn’t require tickets, nothing valuable. Lu Xia just sneered and ignored her.

The family’s attitude towards her remained as if she didn’t exist, and Lu Xia didn’t mind. After all, they were all busy with work, and she could only see them in the evenings.

As for Lu Chun, she wasn’t sure if she was too guilty to face her or if she was busy meeting her partner. Either way, Lu Xia rarely saw her during the day.

As the agreed-upon time approached, she went to the state-owned tailor shop to pick up her padded jacket.

The old tailor truly lived up to his reputation as a skilled craftsman. The jacket was made exceptionally well, and it was designed to accommodate her future growth. They even made it slightly larger, with options for thin and thick padding. It would be enough for her to wear.

They even made two pairs of padded shoes, one thin and one thick, with thick soles suitable for walking in the countryside.

Lu Xia was very satisfied. She paid the money without hesitation and left with the padded jacket.

She didn’t bring the padded jacket home directly but stored it in the storage space.

From then on, she had prepared almost everything she needed.

Until the day before departure, it seemed that Mother Lu finally remembered that she was leaving and specially bought meat to cook.

 During dinner, Mother Lu finally stopped giving her the cold shoulder and earnestly advised:

“After you go to the countryside, be sensible, work hard, earn more work points. I heard there are many local products in the northeast. If you have extra, remember to send some home and help improve our family’s situation.”

Lu Xia smiled and didn’t say anything. Mother Lu thought she was feeling uneasy about leaving home, so she comforted her, saying that when she got older in a few years, she would hand over her job to her and wouldn’t keep her in the countryside forever.

Lu Xia just listened to her words without taking them seriously. Of course, she didn’t argue either. It was the last day, and she didn’t want to stir up trouble anymore.

In the evening, Mother Lu asked Lu Chun to find a few pieces of clothing for Lu Xia.

Lu Chun didn’t want to, but reluctantly found two pieces of clothing from the bottom of the trunk. They were probably the ones she wore when she was twelve or thirteen years old, and they still looked fairly new. They were suitable for Lu Qiu but probably wouldn’t fit Lu Xia.

Lu Xia coldly laughed when she saw them. Just as she expected, it had always been like this since she was young. Lu Chun would rather keep the clothes that she couldn’t wear than give them to her. Only when it was absolutely necessary would she give her the most worn-out piece. Now she had brought them out.

However, she didn’t ask for them and just packed her two pieces of clothing.


Chapter 26 – Departure


Yes, before Lu Xia came, the original owner only had two pieces of clothing that she could wear. One had many patches and she often wore it, while the other had fewer patches and she was reluctant to wear it. Lu Xia planned to bring both of them to wear while working in the countryside.

Actually, she had gradually obtained some cloth tickets over these few days and bought some fabric, which she stored in the storage space.

In addition to that, she also bought a few sets of underwear. In this era, underwear was just a big vest, but having something was better than having nothing. However, she stored them in the storage space and didn’t take them out.

Finally, Lu Xia quickly packed her belongings and also packed the two cotton quilts.

When combined, they almost filled up one canvas bag. It was really so little!

She sighed. She then thought of putting her high school books in as well.

These were Lu Chun’s books. The original owner didn’t have any books, so it was already good enough that she was able to go to school. Lu Chun used the same set of books, but now that Lu Chun had graduated, she probably wouldn’t need them anymore.

She just took them directly and packed them up. Lu Chun saw it when she was packing, but didn’t say anything.

Thus, the last night in the Lu family passed like that.

The next day, the family members went to work and school as usual. Lu Chun also left early, as if she had forgotten that there was someone in the family who was going to the countryside. She didn’t even give any reminders, let alone send her off.

Lu Xia sneered. Fortunately, she didn’t have any expectations from them either.

The train was scheduled to depart in the afternoon, so there was still time.

Now that she was the only one at home, Lu Xia took out another large canvas bag and filled it with some lighter items from the storage space. She planned to carry it outside.

She could wait until she arrived at her destination to take them out, but she didn’t know what the situation would be like in the countryside. What if it was inconvenient to take them out then? She would have to come up with excuses.

It was better to bring more things from the beginning. Others wouldn’t know what was in the bag, so it wouldn’t be strange no matter what she took out later.

However, she estimated that it would be tiring on the journey.

Fortunately, she had been drinking spiritual spring water these past few days, and her strength had increased a lot. Even her skin didn’t look as yellow, and her hair had become shinier.

Fortunately, the changes weren’t too noticeable, and the Lu family didn’t pay attention because they saw her every day.

Once everything was packed, she changed into a set of new clothes she had bought earlier.

Originally, she thought about wearing older clothes to appear poorer and be more low-key on the train.

However, she also considered that she had brought quite a few valuable things with her. After going to the countryside, she would probably live with other educated youth, and they would likely see some of her possessions.

If she appeared too poor, others would be curious about the source of her strange belongings. It was better to appear well-off from the beginning. After all, no one knew the specifics.

Moreover, although she was wearing new clothes, they were just the most ordinary and common styles, nothing too attention-grabbing. It was just right.

Then she put on her watch and took out a few buns from the storage space to eat for lunch. She put a few that had cooled down back into the space, saving them for later on the train.

Once everything was properly arranged, Lu Xia left her home of over ten years with a large canvas bag in each hand.

Since it was in the afternoon, the sun was still shining brightly outside, so she didn’t encounter many people as she walked out of the residential compound.

After leaving the house, she immediately boarded a bus.

When she arrived at the train station, she could already see the staff from the Educated Youth Office waving flags and shouting from afar.

“Educated youths going to the countryside, come and collect your train tickets!”

Lu Xia quickly approached them, showed her notice of assignment, and received her train ticket.

This seemed to be the starting station, and the train was scheduled to depart in half an hour. Surprisingly, the train had already arrived.

The platform was filled with tearful farewell scenes, but Lu Xia, who was alone with her bags, seemed quite out of place.

However, she didn’t pay much attention to it. After finding her train carriage, she boarded the train.

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