Chapter 23 – Needing Money

She thought this way and felt that she had to prepare more.

However, she asked and found out that although buying toilet paper didn’t require tickets at the moment, there were purchase restrictions, and each person could only buy a very small amount.

So she had to visit the supply and marketing cooperatives in various areas and bought everything she could.

As the day was getting late, she decided not to continue and planned to go to the department store tomorrow.

After returning this time, the family members were all still there.

Mother Lu seemed very happy, probably because her beloved eldest daughter finally had a stable job. While eating, she mentioned someone who wanted to introduce a potential partner to her daughter, and she was preparing to choose a good one for her to meet.

Father Lu also nodded in agreement, which was rare.

Lu Xia remembered what Lu Qiu had said and looked at Lu Chun. She noticed that her expression was off, but she didn’t speak up, and she had no idea about the situation with her potential partner.

However, seeing the joyous smiles on her family members’ faces, she felt a bit uncomfortable. They probably forgot that she would be going to the countryside soon.

Lu Xia inexplicably felt indignant on behalf of the original owner.

So she thought of something and directly said, “Mom, I’ll be going to the countryside soon. Didn’t you say you would prepare things for me? Are they ready?

By the way, you mentioned yesterday that it’s cold in the northeast. Shouldn’t you prepare a thick padded coat for me?

Also, I’ve never worn new clothes from childhood to adulthood. This time, I probably won’t know if I can come back after going to the countryside. You should at least prepare a new set of clothes for me, right?”

As her words fell, the house fell silent in an instant, and the previous liveliness disappeared.

Mother Lu opened her mouth upon hearing her words but didn’t know what to say. Finally, she said, “Didn’t I say I’ll give you two quilts? Those are new.”

Lu Xia nodded and said, “Yes, I know. Besides the quilts, what else?”

Seeing Mother Lu remaining silent, Lu Xia pretended to be surprised and said, “It can’t be that apart from the quilts, you haven’t prepared anything for me, right?”

Mother Lu’s face turned sour upon hearing her words. “What else do you want? Who would bring two good quilts when going to the countryside!”

Lu Xia sarcastically laughed after hearing her words. “Yes, the quilts are nice, but I’m lacking in other things.

Over the years, I’ve been using what my eldest sister left behind. I’ve worn the same padded jacket for several years now, and the cotton inside has turned into lumps. It’s not warm anymore, and even in the capital city, it’s cold to wear. If I go to the northeast wearing it, I’ll probably freeze to death.

The clothes are patched up with patches. After all, my eldest sister wouldn’t give me even slightly patched clothes before, and she would rather let them gather dust. I don’t even have a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, or a washbasin. Are you just sending me off to the countryside like this? Am I going for refuge?”

Hearing her speak this way, Mother Lu’s face turned unpleasant, and she wanted to say something, but Lu Xia continued, “I remember that when the notice for going to the countryside came, the Educated Youth Office provided resettlement fees, right? It seemed to be more than two hundred yuan. Mom, if you don’t have time, just give me the money, and I’ll prepare it myself.”

Upon hearing Lu Xia’s request for money, Mother Lu started to panic. “Are you so superficial? Can you handle that much money? I never said I wouldn’t prepare for you. Don’t you still have a few days?

And what you’re saying is easy, but making a padded jacket requires buying fabric and cotton. Do we have supplies tickets at home?

But I already talked to your eldest sister. I’ll have her pick out a few good clothes for you when the time comes.”

Lu Xia sarcastically smiled upon hearing her words. “So, in the end, you don’t plan on preparing anything for me, right?

You’re not unaware of the conditions in the countryside. I haven’t had a full meal in years, and I don’t have much strength. I probably won’t earn many work points to exchange for food. So, that money will be my subsistence allowance.

I haven’t been to the countryside before, but I know it’s not easy to live there, especially in the cold winter. It might even cost lives. Can you be at ease with my survival money?”


Chapter 24 – The Watch


It seemed unexpected that the usually obedient second daughter suddenly became sharp-tongued and spoke such harsh words.

Mother Lu pointed her finger at her, trembling with anger. But before she could say anything, Father Lu slammed his chopsticks on the table.

“Give it to her!”

Mother Lu hesitated for a moment, her expression reluctant, but upon seeing Father Lu’s cold face, she went back inside and took out the money.

Lu Xia didn’t hesitate to accept it but only took two hundred yuan. “Consider the rest as payment for the quilts.”

Mother Lu was about to say something in anger, but seeing Father Lu already leaving the table, she held back.

The commotion made everyone lose their appetite, but Lu Xia didn’t care whether they were happy or not. She was quite satisfied and enjoyed her meal. Today’s food didn’t have the taste of dishwater like usual.

The others didn’t want to say anything to her in her current state.

After finishing her meal, Lu Xia put her bowl down and went back to her room.

Inside the room, she could still hear Mother Lu grumbling outside.

Lu Xia paid no attention to it and couldn’t help but smirk at her father’s attitude.

Her father, although usually quiet and filial, appeared too honest in the eyes of others, which led to him working as a porter for so many years without the ability to change positions.

But at home, he was the one who made the decisions, and although Mother Lu seemed fierce, she still listened to Father  Lu when it came to important matters.

However, Father Lu had one good point. Mother Lu could use the money she earned for her own family, but how the money in the Lu family was spent was still decided by Father Lu.

That’s why Mother Lu obediently listened when her father showed a cold expression earlier.

But she knew that after this incident, she had completely fallen out with her family. However, she didn’t care.

She continued farming in the evening, and the next day, when she woke up, her food was indeed missing from the table, but she didn’t mind.

She went out and bought food from a state-owned restaurant, as well as many buns and steamed buns.

To avoid attracting attention, she walked to several state-owned restaurants in different districts of the capital, buying a substantial amount of buns and steamed buns to eat when she went to the countryside.

At the same time, she continued buying toilet paper.

Of course, she didn’t forget to go and find Fanzi to buy a watch ticket.

But these watch tickets were really expensive. Just one ticket cost 100 yuan, and adding a little more would be enough to buy a watch. But there was no choice since these items were rare.

After buying the watch ticket, she went to the department store and spent 150 yuan to buy a Plum Blossom brand watch.

However, she didn’t wear it on her wrist; she planned to wear it after leaving the Lu family.

Then she strolled around the department store, buying some small items that didn’t require tickets as she went.

Unexpectedly, while walking, she came across a place selling suitcases.

Surprisingly, there were already suitcases available, in various sizes. Although she didn’t see any with wheels, they were suitable for long trips.

However, after looking at the prices, she decided not to buy one. Although she could afford it, it wasn’t necessary.

She was going to the countryside, not on a business trip. Buying something that could hold her belongings would suffice.

So she asked the salesperson and bought two extra-large canvas bags that could hold a lot of things, as well as a large crossbody bag to carry with her.

The original host didn’t even have a school bag. She used to have one, but it was given to Lu Qiu when she started school, and the original host carried her books by hand. Now that she had a crossbody bag, it would be more convenient for her to carry things when she went out.

The three bags together weren’t expensive, and she was satisfied.

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