The Sweetest Marriage Ch.106

Chapter 106 – Snowball Fight

“Xiao Li.” Chen Li was drawing at the moment, just finishing the last stroke of the sketch, and Zhuge Yu handed a brand-new card to Chen Li, saying, “Your painting has been sold, and the amount in the card is the selling price.”

Chen Li took the card and said, “Thank you.” His vocal cords had already recovered quite well, and his voice no longer had the huskiness from before. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t been using his voice, but Chen Li’s voice was now clear and pleasant to the ear, even if he only spoke a few words.

Chen Li didn’t ask how much money was in the card; he had no concept of money. Zhuge Yu also didn’t mention the amount to Chen Li.

As Zhuge Yu had said before, price is not the measure of value. Maybe this person happened to appreciate Chen Li’s style and was willing to pay that much to buy his painting to hang it at home. But next time, they might not encounter someone who appreciates Chen Li’s paintings, and at that time, if this person were asked to buy the painting for 100 yuan, they might consider it expensive. Can it be said that the painting has no value then? Definitely not!

Therefore, Zhuge Yu felt that before Chen Li’s values were formally established, all factors that could affect him should be excluded.

Furthermore, Zhuge Yu thought it would be fine to let Chen Li immerse himself purely in the world of painting. He was Chen Li’s teacher and naturally had an obligation to promote Chen Li, but he didn’t want the chaotic world to disturb Chen Li.

Chen Li accepted the bank card. In the evening, when Wei Chen came to pick Chen Li up for work, Chen Li took the initiative to hand the bank card to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise, not knowing the origin of the bank card.

“The painting was sold, and this is the money from the sale,” Chen Li explained.

“Awesome!” Wei Chen didn’t take the bank card but instead reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s messy hair, his tone filled with pride. “Keep it yourself.”

“Okay,” Chen Li said as he took back the card. He didn’t know what use the card had. In daily life, he actually didn’t need money for anything. Wei Chen took care of everything.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair again before holding Chen Li’s hand and bidding farewell to Zhuge Yu’s studio. However, Wei Chen didn’t take Chen Li home; instead, they went to the shopping mall. Chen Li’s speech had become more and more fluent, and Wei Chen wanted to get him a mobile phone so that he could contact Chen Li at any time, which would put his mind at ease.

The two of them arrived at the shopping mall and went straight to the area where they sold phones. Wei Chen already had a brand and model in mind, the same one he was currently using. They almost didn’t discuss the price and simply decided on a unit.

Just as Wei Chen was about to take out his card to pay, Chen Li quietly took out his own card and handed it to the salesperson.

Wei Chen saw it but didn’t compete with Chen Li. He silently watched as Chen Li settled the bill himself. After Chen Li finished paying, he took the new phone from the salesperson and when he looked at Wei Chen, his eyes sparkled.

Wei Chen squeezed Chen Li’s hand and was about to take Chen Li home when Chen Li pulled him towards the men’s clothing section.

Winter was approaching, and it was time to prepare winter clothes.

In the men’s clothing section, Chen Li didn’t choose clothes for himself but looked at Wei Chen and asked, “Achen, which one do you like?” He didn’t know how to spend money, but he could learn from Wei Chen’s example, spending money on Wei Chen.

Wei Chen didn’t know how much money was in Chen Li’s card. This men’s clothing store was a big brand, and the prices were high. He didn’t know if the money in Chen Li’s card would be enough for him to spend. However, in order not to dampen Chen Li’s enthusiasm, Wei Chen earnestly started picking out clothes.

Wei Chen was a clothes hanger, broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. Any clothes he wore made him look like an international supermodel. Several salespeople were already whispering and looking at Wei Chen as he came out of the fitting room, their eyes shining as if they wanted to peel the clothes off Wei Chen.

Chen Li didn’t know why he didn’t like the way these salespeople were looking at Wei Chen. He walked up to Wei Chen’s side and wrapped his arms around Wei Chen.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Chen was a bit puzzled.

Chen Li shook his head, stood on tiptoe, and suddenly kissed Wei Chen on the lips. He just wanted to kiss Wei Chen for no reason.

Wei Chen couldn’t refuse the unexpected favor that came to him. He held Chen Li’s waist, turning from passive to active, and exchanged a passionate kiss with Chen Li.

The salespeople who had been observing them exclaimed. When they saw the two of them come in, they had already guessed their relationship, but witnessing them kissing had a great impact.

This was just an interlude. Wei Chen continued to pick out a few more pieces of clothing under Chen Li’s gaze. When they went to pay, Wei Chen had already prepared his own card, waiting for Chen Li’s card to be declined so that he could offer his card and comfort Chen Li.

As a result, Chen Li smoothly paid the bill. After the salesperson handed over the packaged clothes, Chen Li’s eyes sparkled, and Wei Chen’s mood soared along with Chen Li’s gaze.

When the two of them arrived home, darkness had already enveloped the earth, and night had fallen.

Wei Chen placed today’s spoils on the sofa and reached out to embrace Chen Li in his arms, saying, “Thank you, Li Li, for buying me so many clothes today.”

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen’s face and shook his head. He was just doing what he wanted to do. When he received the card, he didn’t think about how to spend the money in it. He only thought that with this card, he could buy something for Achen.

Although Chen Li didn’t say it out loud, Wei Chen could still feel it. The feeling of being cherished by Chen Li was so good that it made a smile appear in his eyes. He lowered his head and gently kissed Chen Li.

Of course, this was a little intimacy between husbands. It could enhance their relationship and satisfy their desires. Why not do it? Of course, for Wei Chen, it was both painful and enjoyable. After all, he was still in the stage of preparing for exams and was still studying for the theoretical exam for his driver‘s license. He had a long way to go to become a qualified driver.

Autumn had passed, and winter had arrived. With the footsteps of winter came a cold spell, and the capital welcomed its first snowfall of the year.

The snow hadn’t fallen before going to bed; it came in the middle of the night. When they woke up the next day, the snow had already stopped, and it was extremely cold outside. Because of this snowfall, the whole world had become a vast expanse of white.

This was the first time Chen Li had seen snow. When he opened the window and saw the view outside, he was stunned.

Wei Chen hugged Chen Li from behind, resting his head on Chen Li’s shoulder, and said, “It snowed last night. Those white things are snow.”

Chen Li didn’t say anything, his eyes fixed on the white snow. This white world was completely different from the white world in the hospital, and Chen Li liked the white world in front of him.

Seeing that Chen Li didn’t respond, Wei Chen didn’t say anything either. Instead, he wrapped Chen Li’s slightly cold hands in his own hands and accompanied Chen Li as they gazed at the white world outside the window.

“Achen, it’s so beautiful,” Chen Li said after a while.

“Yeah, does Li Li like it?” Wei Chen asked, kissing Chen Li’s neck.

Chen Li nodded.

“Then let’s go out and play, okay?”


A snowfall turned the world white and brought forth many laughter.

Although it was still morning, knowing that there had been a snowfall and it was a double rest day, children dragged their parents down to play in the snow. They bundled themselves up tightly, afraid of the cold winter wind seeping into their clothes and causing harm. But as soon as their hands touched the snow, they forgot about these worries.

Building snowmen, having snowball fights, laughter filled the air, interspersed with some scolding from parents, echoing in the clear sky after the snowfall.

After Wei Chen helped Chen Li put on his gloves, he took Chen Li to an open area to build a snowman. Chen Li found it fascinating, his big eyes looking around, observing how others built snowmen, how they had snowball fights, and how they played in the snow.

Chen Li had hands that created beauty. When he started building a snowman, he created one that was different from the others but still caught people’s eyes.

No one knew how Chen Li came up with the idea for the snowman. Its appearance drew the attention of many people around. They took out their phones and took pictures of this unique and beautiful snowman. After consulting Chen Li and Wei Chen’s opinions, they all eagerly approached and took group photos with the snowman. The smiles on their faces were pure and genuine, just like the clear blue sky today.

No one knew who threw the first snowball, but that marked the beginning of a snowball fight.

Acquaintances formed teams and attacked unfamiliar faces. When someone couldn’t find the person who had attacked them, they would grab a snowball and throw it at another person they didn’t know, considering it as revenge.

Wei Chen was targeted and hit by a retaliatory snowball. The snowball hit his back, but it didn’t hurt and quickly dispersed, leaving a white mark on Wei Chen’s black windbreaker. Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, as if asking if he wanted to seek revenge.

Wei Chen nodded. Of course, they would seek revenge.

A snowball fight unfolded on the snowy ground. In the beginning, familiar faces could still form alliances, but as the battle heated up, even familiar faces couldn’t avoid being hit by mistake. In the end, anyone with a snowball would throw it, regardless of who they hit. If they hit someone, it counted as one point.

With Wei Chen protecting Chen Li, many snowballs couldn’t reach him, but Chen Li hit others accurately with each throw. Many people didn’t know who had hit them and threw the snowball at someone else.

Chen Li was completely immersed in this game, and Wei Chen saw it. The smile in his eyes matched Chen Li’s, ready to overflow.

Screams and laughter filled the air. Although the winter wind was bleak, it couldn’t extinguish the joy and excitement of the snowball fight. Everyone played and laughed, forgetting the cold, their faces flushed from the exhilarating activity.

After the snowball fight, Chen Li and Wei Chen returned home, hand in hand. They were covered in snow, but their hearts were filled with warmth and happiness.

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A qualified driver – a qualified top, gong, or seme

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