The Sweetest Marriage Ch.107

Chapter 107 – The Only Medicine

After a heavy snowfall, the winter in the capital became even colder. As time passed, the deadline for the Dream Cup was approaching.

After finishing a class, Chen Li walked towards Zhuge Yu’s studio with a book in his hands. Lu Xiuran watched Chen Li’s figure and followed him.

“Chen Li,” Lu Xiuran called out from behind Chen Li.

This was the first time Chen Li had been stopped after class. Compared to before, Chen Li had indeed made a lot of progress and could face strangers with the presence of Wei Chen or Zhuge Yu. However, when he was alone without them, he still couldn’t face it.

Upon hearing someone calling him, Chen Li’s footsteps hesitated, but he continued to walk forward, looking at his toes.

Lu Xiuran caught up quickly and wanted to put his hand on Chen Li’s shoulder like good buddies, but Chen Li flinched, looking pitiful. It was as if Lu Xiuran had bullied him. Lu Xiuran had no choice but to retract his hand and said, “Chen Li, we’ve known each other for a long time. Why are you still so afraid of me?”

Chen Li still didn’t answer and even subconsciously quickened his pace.

Lu Xiuran wasn’t angry about being left behind. He quickened his pace and walked side by side with Chen Li, chatting casually without a fixed topic, ignoring the fear in Chen Li’s eyes.

Normally, the journey would only take about ten minutes, but for Chen Li, it felt like over an hour. He wanted to distance himself from Lu Xiuran, but every time he took a step back, Lu Xiuran would follow. If he sped up, Lu Xiuran would speed up too.

The fear of strangers made Chen Li’s nerves tense. Just when his tightly wound nerves were about to snap, they finally arrived at Zhuge Yu’s studio. Fortunately, Zhuge Yu was in the studio and sensed something was wrong with Chen Li. He quickly came out, without asking what was happening, and forcefully closed the door in front of Lu Xiuran.

Lu Xiuran was about to enter the studio when the door suddenly closed in front of him. It nearly hit his face. Several people happened to pass by the corridor at the studio entrance and, although they didn’t burst into laughter, their covered mouths indicated that they had witnessed Lu Xiuran losing face.

Lu Xiuran’s face turned red, feeling embarrassed. He quickly walked to the studio next door, closed the door, as if trying to isolate himself from the mocking outside.

Once the embarrassment subsided, Lu Xiuran’s face showed a slightly fierce expression. Although Zhuge Yu hadn’t said anything earlier, he could sense Zhuge Yu’s displeasure and even a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Lu Xiuran was furious, but he didn’t show it on his face. His gaze became slightly somber, indicating an approaching storm.

“Xiao Li, are you okay?” Zhuge Yu closed the door, blocking Lu Xiuran outside, and looked at Chen Li, who was huddled in the corner, with some concern.

Chen Li didn’t respond. He stood there in a daze, his whole body tense, and his hands trembling slightly.

Undoubtedly, Chen Li was sensitive. Although Lu Xiuran didn’t show any malice towards Chen Li, Chen Li still faintly sensed the ill intentions from Lu Xiuran. So, when Lu Xiuran approached him, Chen Li subconsciously felt fear. That sense of ill intent clung to him like a festering sore, creeping up on his heart as Lu Xiuran relentlessly approached. Chen Li was afraid, terrified, as if a demon with bared fangs and claws was charging at him, even opening its gaping mouth to devour him halfway.

Because of this feeling, he had to retreat back into his own world, where even Zhuge Yu couldn’t break through the door.

Seeing that Chen Li couldn’t listen to him, Zhuge Yu didn’t hesitate to call Wei Chen.

At this moment, Wei Chen was in a quarterly meeting with company executives. When his phone vibrated and he saw that it was from Zhuge Yu, he felt worried. He glanced at the chairman and, after the chairman nodded, he took out his phone and left the meeting room. “Professor Zhuge? What happened to Xiao Li?” Wei Chen asked, his voice filled with concern.

“Come to the school. Xiao Li doesn’t seem right.” Zhuge Yu’s voice sounded urgent. He felt that only Wei Chen could help Chen Li relax.

“I’ll be right there.” Wei Chen didn’t care about the meeting anymore and quickly headed for the elevator. However, while in the elevator, Wei Chen didn’t forget to send a message to Director Sheng.

Fortunately, the traffic was smooth, and there were green lights all the way. But due to Wei Chen’s anxious mood, he felt that the journey was very long. Even though Wei Chen arrived at Zhuge Yu’s studio in just over twenty minutes, he still felt like it was a long way.

Finally, Wei Chen arrived at Q University’s Zhuge Yu’s studio. Seeing Chen Li’s condition, Wei Chen’s heart felt aching waves of pain. He stepped forward and embraced Chen Li in his arms, gently patting his back.

“Li Li, I’m here. I’m here,” Wei Chen’s voice was low and gentle, overflowing with tenderness.

Chen Li felt Wei Chen’s presence, and suddenly, a beam of bright light shone into his demon-filled world. When the menacing demon encountered the light, it turned into ashes, dissipating in an instant from Chen Li’s world.

Chen Li reached out and wrapped his arms around Wei Chen’s waist, burying his head in Wei Chen’s chest. In a position of utmost trust, Chen Li was embraced by Wei Chen, and an indescribable sense of security enveloped him, making him feel incredibly relaxed. All fear and unease vanished in an instant.

If Chen Li had a kind of illness, then Wei Chen was his medicine, the only calming agent.

“Li Li, I’m here,” Wei Chen repeated this phrase over and over in Chen Li’s ear. Sensing the person in his embrace gradually relaxing, Wei Chen finally let go of the tension in his heart. Wei Chen was now very eager to know what had happened to make Chen Li suddenly fall into this state. After all, Chen Li rarely experienced such a state since they had been together, and there had even been improvements recently. He could remain calm in front of many people. So, why did it happen this time?

With that thought in mind, Wei Chen asked the question without any hint of accusation. He knew that this matter probably had nothing to do with Zhuge Yu. Wei Chen had witnessed Zhuge Yu’s kindness towards Chen Li, and it was impossible for Zhuge Yu to harm him. Zhuge Yu shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know either. He only mentioned that Chen Li had started behaving this way when he returned to the studio. He didn’t disclose the fact that Lu Xiuran had come back with Chen Li, not to absolve Lu Xiuran intentionally, but because the Lu family held a certain status in the capital, and he didn’t want to rashly bring Wei Chen and the Lu family into conflict.

“Take care of Xiao Li. I need to attend to something and will leave,” Zhuge Yu said, ignoring Wei Chen’s puzzled gaze. After uttering these words, he left the studio and closed the door behind him.

Instead of leaving the area after closing the door, Zhuge Yu walked towards the adjacent studio. It happened to be Lu Xiuran’s studio, and the door was tightly shut.

Zhuge Yu knocked on the door. Lu Xiuran, who was painting inside, immediately came out upon hearing the knock. Seeing Zhuge Yu at the door, Lu Xiuran inexplicably felt guilty.

“Professor Zhuge, what can I do for you?” Lu Xiuran asked, his tone cautious and unaware.

“Your father called me last night, asking me to give you some guidance,” Zhuge Yu said, his usual smile replaced with a serious expression.

Upon hearing Zhuge Yu’s purpose, Lu Xiuran breathed a sigh of relief and quickly invited Zhuge Yu into the studio, showing him a painting he had just finished today.

Zhuge Yu pointed out several shortcomings in Lu Xiuran’s work with great seriousness, as if his purpose was genuinely to provide guidance.

Lu Xiuran listened attentively and humbly sought advice whenever he didn’t understand. Zhuge Yu showed no signs of impatience.

After Zhuge Yu patiently answered Lu Xiuran’s final question, Lu Xiuran sincerely thanked him. With Zhuge Yu’s guidance, Lu Xiuran felt that he had gained a lot.

“I don’t know what you were trying to do today.”

Just when Lu Xiuran thought Zhuge Yu had finished speaking and was about to ask him to leave, Zhuge Yu suddenly spoke with an unprecedented seriousness, causing Lu Xiuran to look at him in astonishment.

“Professor Zhuge, I don’t understand what you mean.” In the next moment, Lu Xiuran realized what Zhuge Yu was talking about. His palms began to sweat, and he unconsciously rubbed his pants, trying to wipe away the sticky feeling in his hands.

Zhuge Yu stared at Lu Xiuran and said, “Chen Li is my student, and as his teacher, I will protect him. I don’t know what you did to him today, but I want to tell you one thing: from now on, without his consent, don’t get close to him.”

“I… I just wanted to get to know him,” Lu Xiuran tried to defend himself.

“I don’t care what you mean. I’ll say it again: Chen Li is my student, and I will protect him.” Zhuge Yu didn’t listen to Lu Xiuran’s explanation. Although he usually appeared disorganized, he had sharp insights. Lu Xiuran’s thoughts couldn’t escape his scrutiny.

Lu Xiuran fell silent. He knew that with Zhuge Yu’s position in the art world, there would be no good outcome if he offended him. With just a word from Zhuge Yu, he might not be able to make it through the art world.

But he was unwilling!

When his father introduced him to Zhuge Yu, it was to have Zhuge Yu accept him as a student, but Zhuge Yu refused. Now, why could a fool become Zhuge Yu’s student and hear Zhuge Yu say he would protect him to the end? Why couldn’t he?

“I’ve said everything I wanted to say.” Zhuge Yu looked deeply into Lu Xiuran’s eyes, then turned and left.

He had said everything he needed to about the painting. If Lu Xiuran continued to be so obstinate, he couldn’t blame him, Zhuge Yu, for not considering the relationship between Lu Xiuran and his father.

Lu Xiuran watched Zhuge Yu’s departing figure, his eyes filled with dark clouds. The veins on his hands bulged, and a storm surged in his heart.

‘Zhuge Yu, I, Lu Xiuran, don’t care to be your student anymore! One day, you will regret it. I, Lu Xiuran, will stand at the pinnacle of the art world, and then I will turn around and see the regret on your face, Zhuge Yu!

Who do you think you are, Zhuge Yu? Just because you’ve gained international fame doesn’t mean you can overlook me, Lu Xiuran. One day, I will surpass you! I will even trample that foolish student of yours, Chen Li, fiercely under my feet, without giving him a chance to rise again!’

Lu Xiuran narrowed his eyes slightly, filled with a sinister look.

When Zhuge Yu returned to his own studio, Wei Chen had already calmed Chen Li down. Now, when Chen Li saw Zhuge Yu entering, he obediently called him “teacher.”

Zhuge Yu responded and walked over to see Chen Li’s painting. This was the piece Chen Li intended to submit for the Dream Cup, and it was already two-thirds complete. Although it was only two-thirds done, Zhuge Yu believed that when this painting was completed, it would surely astonish the world!

Zhuge Yu looked at the unfinished painting and felt that it was perfect, so perfect that he couldn’t find any flaws to guide Chen Li in making changes.

He had always known that Chen Li was an extraordinary genius when it came to painting. Previously, due to a lack of systematic knowledge, Chen Li’s paintings seemed wild and chaotic.

However, after absorbing that knowledge, Chen Li’s art had undergone a qualitative leap. Every painting he created now made Zhuge Yu feel that there was nothing more he could teach him. While it was frustrating, it also filled him with a sense of pride.

“In a few days, when the painting is finished, I will submit it. Have you given this piece a name?” Zhuge Yu asked.

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