Chapter 49 – Transmigration or Rebirth

However, that night, everyone slept poorly.

Originally, sleeping four on one kang was already crowded, and now with five, it was even more uncomfortable.

Lu Xia felt it was difficult to even turn over and regretted rejecting Su Man earlier.

She also thought about Cheng Yujiao, who appeared today, and her confusion grew.

Because in the book, Cheng Yujiao was not just anyone; she was a supporting character, and the most prominent antagonist.

However, she appeared in the middle and later parts of the book.

That was after the male and female protagonists had passed the college entrance examination and returned to Beijing.

Cheng Yujiao was Gu Xiangnan’s neighbor’s younger sister, but they were childhood friends. From childhood to adulthood, she loved to follow Gu Xiangnan around and play with him. Their parents often joked that she was Gu Xiangnan’s little wife.

At that time, Gu Xiangnan was oblivious, so he didn’t mind. However, Cheng Yujiao took it to heart and always believed that she would marry Gu Xiangnan when she grew up.

Later, Gu Xiangnan went to the countryside, and Cheng Yujiao joined a cultural troupe. She never dated anyone, waiting for him to return.

But she waited for four years, finally welcoming his return. However, along with him, there was another female educated youth whom he had privately promised to marry in the countryside—Su Man.

Su Man was the girl whom Gu Xiangnan fell in love with at first sight. After they got together, he told his family about it. However, after the Gu family learned about Su Man’s family background, they all objected. As a result, they never got married.

In addition, Su Man was proud and didn’t want to be looked down upon by Gu Xiangnan’s parents.

She knew that she would take the college entrance examination a few years later, so she planned to meet them as a university student.

By doing so, they might accept her.

So the two of them never got married while they were in the countryside.

After they passed the college entrance examination and returned to the city, the Gu family saw that they had been in a relationship for so many years, and Su Man’s identity as a university student raised her value. Finally, they agreed to let Su Man into the family.

But before they could be happy for long, Cheng Yujiao appeared.

She realized that the person she had been eagerly waiting for four years was returning to get married. This made her finally turn into a villain.

Afterward, Cheng Yujiao perfectly played the role of the antagonist, doing many things to break them apart.

This included framing Su Man, getting thugs to harass her, and even involving human traffickers, among other things…

But none of these schemes succeeded. Su Man always seemed to have good luck in the face of adversity.

And each time, her schemes were exposed, leading to Cheng Yujiao’s image plummeting in the eyes of the Gu family and Gu Xiangnan.

In the end, the Gu family stopped associating with her, and the two families gradually drifted apart.

But could someone who offended the female protagonist be let off so easily?

Of course not!

In the end, Cheng Yujiao was fired from her job, and the family also faced revenge and retribution from someone whom the female protagonist had saved. Few of them had a good outcome, and they left the capital with their tails between their legs.

It could be said that Cheng Yujiao’s character was a catalyst for the relationship between the male and female protagonists and made the Gu family like her more as a future daughter-in-law.

But what puzzled Lu Xia was why someone who shouldn’t appear here suddenly went to the countryside.

And her strange behavior today, deliberately showing intimacy with Gu Xiangnan, as if… asserting her status.

Coupled with her gaze towards Su Man tonight, Lu Xia couldn’t help but come up with a conjecture.

Could it be that Cheng Yujiao, like her, had transmigrated?

But her possessiveness towards Gu Xiangnan made her doubt if she was the real Cheng Yujiao.

So was she reborn?

The more Lu Xia thought about it, the more possible it seemed. Otherwise, she couldn’t understand why Cheng Yujiao would suddenly go to the countryside.


Chapter 50 – Hard to Put into Words


However, if she had guessed correctly, then this situation would be a bit ridiculous.

Since she had managed to be reborn, one would think she would try to live her life well knowing what would happen in the future. But instead, she voluntarily came to the countryside and wanted to be with the male protagonist who had made her previous life so miserable. Could this person be insane?

Was she going to hang herself on this one tree—Gu Xiangnan?

It truly left her speechless!

However, thinking about the life in the educated youth spot later, Lu Xia felt a headache coming on.

With the female protagonist transmigrating and the supporting character being reborn, it was clear that there would be many events between them in the future. So it would probably be difficult for the educated youth spot to remain peaceful.

She wondered if she should quickly find a way to move out, as it wouldn’t be good if she got caught up in their mess.

But living with the female protagonist was also not an option. It would be too easy to get involved, so it would be better for her to stay far away.

Finally, they managed to fall asleep that night, and the next day when they woke up, the people in the room didn’t feel very comfortable.

It was too cramped, and they would bump into each other when they turned over.

Now they also thought about the situation with the male educated youths. The girls found it crowded enough sleeping four to a kang, so it was probably even worse for the boys.

They heard that a few couldn’t stand it and slept on the floor directly.

But sleeping on the floor wasn’t convenient either. The room wasn’t actually that big, and besides their belongings, there was only one pathway left for them to use at night.

So even if they wanted to sleep on the floor, there was no space unless they went to the kitchen, but no one wanted to do that.

Lu Xia felt distressed thinking about having to sleep like this every night and wondered when the village could build another house for them.

Regardless of how poorly they slept, they still had to go to work.

After a month of hard work, they had almost finished pulling out the weeds from the fields. If they worked quickly, they should be able to finish today.

The team leader said that based on the current growth of the corn, they shouldn’t need to pull out the weeds again. After this, there wouldn’t be such physically demanding work, and they would have an easier time before the autumn harvest.

So today, all the team leaders encouraged them to work harder and finish early.

As a result, Lu Xia and the others unconsciously sped up their pace.

This made Cheng Yujiao, who was starting her first day of work, unable to bear it.

Lu Xia felt that Cheng Yujiao was quite hard to put into words. She knew they would be working in the fields today, yet she came out in the morning wearing a bragi skirt.

Everyone was quite speechless, and it was only when Gu Xiangnan said something that she returned to her room and changed into another outfit.

However, it wasn’t work clothes that she changed into either. She wore a white shirt, black pants, and white canvas shoes, which looked quite expensive.

Wearing that for fieldwork would probably ruin it.

Gu Xiangnan, with a cold face, asked her to find some old clothes to change into, but she stubbornly refused, leaving everyone unsure of what to say.

So when Cheng Yujiao went out in the morning wearing such a showy outfit, she was immediately surrounded by villagers. At first, they thought she was a relative of Gu Xiangnan’s who had come to visit him.

When the villagers found out she was an educated youth and would be working in the fields, they were all astonished. They had never seen someone dressed so nicely for fieldwork. They would believe it if she said it was her wedding day.

Some concerned aunties even approached her and advised her to go back and change into old clothes, otherwise, her good clothes would be ruined.

But Cheng Yujiao didn’t appreciate their concern at all. Not only that, she found their presence annoying and covered her nose, indicating that she didn’t want to engage with them because of the smell from their mouths.

These aunties knew how to read the atmosphere, and since their kindness was met with such disdain, they decided not to bother anymore.

So now, Cheng Yujiao could be seen working in the fields dressed like that.

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