Chapter 47 – Cheng Yujiao

Su Man felt a little disappointed after hearing her refusal.

She thought Lu Xia couldn’t stand the crowded conditions at the educated youth spot, so she invited her.

After all, she had recently observed that Lu Xia didn’t lack much, although her clothes were not great, she probably had enough money.

She thought they were similar, so she made the invitation, but she didn’t expect to be rejected. Her expression soured a bit, but she didn’t say anything. However, her attitude towards Lu Xia returned to normal afterwards.

Lu Xia silently breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Su Man’s reaction. She always felt on edge when she was too close to the protagonist, fearing that something might happen. It was good that they were distant again.

However, Su Man didn’t move out temporarily after being rejected by Lu Xia. She also knew that the location was remote, so she wanted to find a companion.

Another reason was that she couldn’t cook and wanted someone to help her with it.

Actually, she had caught more than two wild game in the past few days, but she didn’t want to bring them all out to share with everyone, so she tried to cook them herself in the mountains. However, her cooking skills were not good, and the taste was difficult to swallow, so it was all wasted.

That’s why she wanted to find someone to move out as soon as possible. Originally, Lu Xia was the most suitable candidate, but after being rejected, she didn’t know who else to turn to.

Zhuang Hongmei was definitely not an option. Su Man had cooked with her before, and since she couldn’t cook, every time it was their group’s turn, she would give Zhuang Hongmei a work point to make the meal. But aside from her terrible cooking, she also had a bad temper.

As for the old educated youths, they all had their own small teams, and Su Man couldn’t easily join them, so she could only settle for the current situation.

Soon, it was the end of July. Lu Xia and the others had been in the countryside for almost a month. That day, when they finished work, they suddenly noticed that there was an extra person at the educated youth spot.

This person was a girl who seemed to be around the same age as them. She was petite and cute, with fair skin. She was wearing trendy shoes and didn’t fit in with everyone else’s unkempt appearance. This scene reminded Lu Xia of the first time she met Su Man.

So, who was this person?

But she quickly found out.

The girl’s eyes lit up when she saw them return and she immediately rushed towards one of the male educated youths.

Then, she directly hugged Gu Xiangnan’s arm.

“Brother Xiangnan, I missed you so much! I came to find you. Are you happy?” she exclaimed.

Even Gu Xiangnan was taken aback by her enthusiasm. He didn’t expect her to hug him directly. In this era, it was difficult for men and women to be so intimate, especially after getting married. Moreover, her words made him even more confused.

Gu Xiangnan quickly pulled his arm out of her embrace, seemingly surprised by her sudden appearance. He asked in astonishment, “Yujiao? What are you doing here?”

Cheng Yujiao didn’t get angry when he pulled his arm away. She smiled and looked at him, saying, “I came to find you. I heard you were going to the countryside, so my dad arranged for me to go to the same place as you.”

“What? You came to the countryside? Weren’t you going to work in the cultural troupe?” Gu Xiangnan was astonished.

Hearing this, Cheng Yujiao pouted, “I missed you! So I quit the cultural troupe.”

“Nonsense!” Gu Xiangnan’s face turned cold as he reprimanded her.

Cheng Yujiao looked pitiful as if she was about to cry. Seeing this, the others were about to comfort her when the village chief arrived.

The village chief saw them and said directly, “You’ve met the new educated youth, Cheng Yujiao. I heard she knows Gu Xiangnan, so I won’t say much. Get her familiar with the village, and she’ll start working with you all tomorrow.”

After saying that, he left.

At this moment, Gu Xiangnan also realized that the decision to go to the countryside had already been made, so he sighed and didn’t say much.

He just took Cheng Yujiao aside to ask some questions.

The others were curious about their relationship, but they didn’t ask too much. However, they found out during dinner.


Chapter 48 – Ill Intentions


During dinner, Gu Xiangnan asked Cheng Yujiao to introduce herself.

He said, “Yujiao is my neighbor’s younger sister. She has been a bit spoiled since childhood. If she does anything wrong, please bear with her.”

Everyone expressed their willingness to take care of her upon hearing this.

However, they were curious in their hearts. Were they really just ordinary neighbors? If so, why would she give up such a good job and follow him to the countryside?

But no one asked further.

At this moment, Cheng Yujiao took the initiative to speak, “I’m not just Brother Xiangnan’s neighbor’s sister. I’m also his childhood fiancee. Our families arranged our engagement since we were born!”

Upon hearing her words, everyone instantly understood. Indeed, she was his fiancee. No wonder.

But they couldn’t help feeling envious. Gu Xiangnan’s fiancee was willing to do so much for him, even giving up her job to accompany him. It was quite touching.

However, when Gu Xiangnan heard her say this, he subconsciously frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about? It was just a joke that our elders made when we were kids. We didn’t take it seriously.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Su Man, but Su Man didn’t look at him.

Cheng Yujiao noticed Gu Xiangnan’s gaze towards Su Man, and her expression suddenly twisted. However, she quickly reverted to her innocent self and said, “But I took it seriously. I’ve been saying since I was a child that I wanted to marry Brother Xiangnan when I grow up.”

Gu Xiangnan’s frown deepened. It seemed like he was afraid of others misunderstanding, so his tone became more serious as he said, “Don’t say such things anymore. I only see you as a younger sister!”

Upon hearing his words, Cheng Yujiao’s eyes turned red, and she looked as if she was holding back tears.

The others sensed that something was off and didn’t say anything. They quickly finished dinner.

Su Man was relatively silent today and didn’t even spare a glance at Gu Xiangnan. She went straight back to her room.

Lu Xia followed behind her and saw Su Man standing at the door without moving.

Lu Xia followed her gaze and noticed the pile of things inside the room.

Cheng Yujiao had brought quite a lot of stuff. Besides her luggage, there were also two large bags. They didn’t know what was inside, but she just left them on the floor, blocking the way into the room.

The two exchanged a glance and planned to go out and ask Cheng Yujiao to move them. However, Cheng Yujiao smiled and walked in.

“Oh dear, did I block your way? I’m really sorry. It’s all because of my family. They packed too many things for me! And it’s not just mine, Gu Xiangnan’s mother and father also sent me a lot of good stuff after they heard that I came to find Gu Xiangnan. They even wrote a letter specifically asking him to take good care of me.”

As she said this, she looked at Su Man with a proud expression.

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow. According to common sense, this was the first time this person had met Su Man. But for some reason, Lu Xia felt that she really disliked Su Man. The way she looked at Su Man was full of ill intentions.

Su Man didn’t seem to notice and didn’t pay attention to her words. Instead, she straightforwardly said, “Can you move your things away? They’re blocking the way.”

Seemingly disappointed by her reaction, Cheng Yujiao pouted but still moved the things to create a pathway.

However, the way she looked at Su Man was filled with a strange meaning.

After entering the room, Lu Xia and Su Man were both stunned.

Cheng Yujiao had directly occupied the head of the kang, and her blanket was very wide. She had even pushed the other blankets together, squeezing everyone else at the edge.

Lu Xia was speechless for a moment but still rearranged everyone’s positions.

When Zhuang Hongmei and Yu Fang returned and saw the occupied head of the kang, their expressions turned ugly. Yu Fang remained relatively silent and didn’t show it explicitly, but Zhuang Hongmei directly showed her displeasure on her face.

With a cold face, she gave Cheng Yujiao a disdainful look but didn’t say anything, typical of someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong.

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