Chapter 67 – Words from Mother Hu

As everyone was discussing, an elderly lady hurried over.

Upon hearing Hu Jianjun’s declaration of marrying Zhou Lai’er, she immediately refused.

“I disagree! I disagree with you marrying this Educated Youth Zhou. Take back your words. Let’s get married to Educated Youth Chen. I want Educated Youth Chen to be my daughter-in-law!”

After hearing this, Zhou Lai’er became even more heartbroken and contemplated life and death once again.

Hu Jianjun frowned and said, “Mother, my mind is made up. This matter is settled. Do you want to force Educated Youth Zhou to death?”

Mother Hu was stunned upon hearing this!

She thought about her son’s recent promotion and didn’t want any unexpected incidents to occur. She felt a bit uncertain, but she truly didn’t like this Educated Youth Zhou.

Helplessly, she wiped her tears and said, “It’s true that good deeds don’t always yield good results. Saving someone can lead to so much trouble. In the future, who will dare to save others? If anyone in the village fancies a girl, they should just push her into the river and then save her. Since her reputation would be tarnished, she would have no choice but to marry.”

As soon as she finished speaking, families with daughters in the village felt fear.

This kind of reasoning was just outrageous!

If everyone really thought that way, harming others would become too easy.

Even the village chief, who had rushed over, heard these words and fell into deep thought. He decided that after making a decision, he needed to properly convey the correct thinking to the villagers and discourage such twisted and evil ideas.

At this moment, Lu Xia couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing Mother Hu’s words. She felt that Mother Hu had quite a unique perspective, and what she said made sense.

However, even if it made sense, it seemed that Hu Jianjun marrying Zhou Lai’er was a done deal.

After all, he was a soldier and spoke with great determination.

Lu Xia sighed. She didn’t expect Zhou Lai’er to go to such extremes, and she had inadvertently become a part of it.

She wondered if a marriage obtained in this manner would bring happiness.

After all, her mother-in-law didn’t seem to like her.

At this time, Zhou Lai’er was also furious. She didn’t expect Mother Hu to say such things. But fortunately, it didn’t change anything. When the time came, she would follow Hu Jianjun to serve in the military, and she wouldn’t have to see Mother Hu. She felt a sense of relief.

As Lu Xia and the others had already made their decision, they planned to head back. Today was a day off, so they didn’t have to report to work.

Unexpectedly, as they turned around, they saw Chen Xue with red eyes.

Chen Xue had come over at some point, but after seeing them, she immediately turned and went back.

Everyone exchanged glances, not knowing how to comfort her. They could only let her calm down on her own.

Because it was their day off, Jiang Junmo had given Lu Xia food stamps and money yesterday. They had planned to secretly enjoy a good meal today.

Today, there were many educated youths going to the town, not just Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, there were also Gu Xiangnan, Su Man, Cheng Yujiao, and Li Yi, who had even less presence than Jiang Junmo.

It could be said that among the new educated youths who came to the countryside this year, except for Zhuang Hongmei, the others had good conditions and received support from their families. Even though they were in the countryside, their lives were quite good.

As for Zhuang Hongmei, at this moment, besides envy, she had nothing else. Others didn’t want to pay attention to her either. Her reputation was so poor that it couldn’t get any worse.


Chapter 68 – The Cave


Upon arriving in town, Lu Xia and the others went their separate ways. Everyone except Lu Xia went to the post office to collect their parcels.

Lu Xia went to the supply and marketing cooperative alone.

However, by the time she arrived, the good cuts of meat at the meat stall were almost sold out, leaving only bones and scraps.

Lu Xia bought some pork ribs, a few pig trotters without food stamps, pig liver, and also went around the supply and marketing cooperative to buy some seasonings before leaving.

After coming out, she walked around the town twice but still didn’t see the black market.

Could it be that this town was too small and didn’t have a black market?

Lu Xia pondered, but since she didn’t have anything specific to buy recently, she decided to give up on searching for it and wait until she went to the county town in the future.

She passed by the state-owned restaurant and bought a few steamed buns but decided not to eat there, considering the taste from last time. After all, she didn’t have many food stamps left.

When it was almost time after buying everything, Lu Xia went to the designated meeting place to wait for the others.

Soon, everyone else arrived, as usual with a good amount of things.

However, Lu Xia noticed that Gu Xiangnan, Cheng Yujiao, and Jiang Junmo had parcels sent to them, while it seemed that Su Man’s wasn’t. She must have bought things in town.

Lu Xia was curious but didn’t inquire. After everyone gathered, they headed back to the educated youth spot together.

As usual, Li Yi helped Jiang Junmo carry his things, and Lu Xia had a feeling that Jiang Junmo must have given him some compensation.

Soon, they all returned to the educated youth spot.

After Lu Xia went back and tidied up, she gave Jiang Junmo a look and found an excuse to go out with a basket on her back.

She went to the small grove they visited last time. After a short while, Jiang Junmo arrived.

“You’re here. Today, I bought some pork ribs. We’ll stew pork rib soup later,” Lu Xia said with joy.

But Jiang Junmo responded, “This place isn’t very safe. Let’s go somewhere else today.”

“Oh? Where?” Lu Xia hesitated. After all, she wasn’t familiar with the village, so she didn’t know where it would be safe.

Jiang Junmo straightforwardly said, “Let’s go to the riverside first to wash the ingredients, then follow me.”

Without hesitation, Lu Xia followed Jiang Junmo to the riverside and washed the pork ribs and vegetables she had brought. They also cleaned the stove, pots, and utensils. Then, Jiang Junmo led her up the mountain along a small path.

Lu Xia followed behind with some worry. “Is it safe in the mountains?”

Jiang Junmo remained calm and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t go deep into the mountains. We’ll stay nearby, so it’s not dangerous.”

Saying that, he led her around a bend and found a secluded spot—a cave.

“This is it,” Jiang Junmo said as he turned back to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia looked inside the cave from outside. It wasn’t large, just enough to accommodate four or five people. It wasn’t deep either, but it looked clean inside, as if someone had taken care of it.

“I’ve been here before. Usually, not many people come here, so it’s safe,” Jiang Junmo reassured Lu Xia.

However, Lu Xia still had some hesitation. “How did you find this place?” After all, he didn’t look like someone who would venture into the mountains.

Seemingly understanding her thoughts, Jiang Junmo smiled and said, “A little kid brought me here. Don’t worry, only the two of us know about this place, and he won’t tell anyone.”

Hearing that, Lu Xia felt relieved and didn’t ask who the little kid was. It seemed like he didn’t want to say.

They entered the cave, and Lu Xia took out the items from her basket. She then directed Jiang Junmo, “You gather some stones and build a stove while I go gather firewood.”

“Okay,” Jiang Junmo agreed without any objections. The two of them began working separately, and soon the preparations were completed.

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