Chapter 65 – Exposed

Soon, a few aunties sent Zhou Lai’er back to the educated youth spot.

When Lu Xia and the others saw Zhou Lai’er being brought back, all wet and dripping, they were somewhat surprised.

But after hearing the whole story, they became speechless.

This person is really causing trouble. Going empty-handed to catch fish and ending up falling into the water. Who would believe that?

Could it be an excuse?

Lu Xia, who had read too many novels, instantly thought of something.

And she wasn’t the only one. The others at the educated youth spot also noticed something, including Chen Xue.

At that moment, she coldly looked at the clothes draped over Zhou Lai’er, but didn’t say anything.

After all, judging from the attitude of the aunties, it seemed they didn’t misunderstand the situation. They understood why Hu Jianjun held Zhou Lai’er because he was saving her.

It seemed that Zhou Lai’er’s plan had failed.

However, Lu Xia soon realized that she had jumped to conclusions too early.

Because what was initially a simple act of saving someone quickly became distorted.

Some said that the two of them were hugging each other tightly, not letting go even when others arrived. Some even claimed that Hu Jianjun had seen Zhou Lai’er’s body and that she would never be able to marry anyone in her lifetime.

And some went as far as saying that they were on a date and were discovered, so they made up the drowning story.

But because Hu Jianjun was the most capable person in the village, no one believed such rumors. After all, he was about to get married.

Moreover, his fiancée, Educated Youth Chen, was such a good match.

Anyway, regardless of the truth, the rumors had already spread widely three days before their wedding.

Regardless of whether the events were true or not, Zhou Lai’er’s reputation was ruined.

So these past two days, Zhou Lai’er had been crying non-stop. If someone didn’t know the truth, they would think she had suffered a great injustice.

But anyone with clear eyes could see that she was doing it on purpose.

Even Lu Xia wondered if Zhou Lai’er herself had intentionally spread such outrageous rumors.

If that were the case, she was too ruthless, even to herself, to use her own reputation as a setup.

Yet, at this moment, she still acted like a victim, which made people feel uneasy and disgusted.

Even Chen Xue, a quiet and gentle person, couldn’t bear it anymore.

That morning during breakfast, when Chen Xue saw Zhou Lai’er sighing again, she walked up and slapped her!

For someone who was always honest, such an action shocked everyone.

Even Zhou Lai’er couldn’t believe it herself.

“You… hit me? Who do you think you are to hit me?”

Chen Xue sneered, “Why did I hit you? Don’t you know? Are you so desperate for a man? You have to snatch someone else’s?”

Of course, Zhou Lai’er denied it, “Don’t slander me. I’m also a victim. I didn’t want him to save me. I would rather have died. Then there wouldn’t be so much trouble.”

Speaking up to this point, Zhou Lai’er cried in grievance, her shoulders trembling. It made others feel that they might have misunderstood her.

“Heh,” Chen Xue responded with a mocking smile after hearing her words. “Drowning? Zhou Lai’er, you can swim. Maybe you’ve forgotten, but when we first came to the countryside, you told me that you were the swimming champion in the city’s elementary school. Drowning? Who are you trying to fool?”

As soon as her words fell, everyone was stunned!

So… Zhou Lai’er can swim?

In that case, it was clear that she had planned everything.

Thinking about this, everyone looked at Zhou Lai’er with mixed expressions.

And at this moment, Zhou Lai’er also realized that her scheming had been exposed. At first, she panicked a bit, but quickly regained her composure.

She no longer pretended, standing straight with a red cheek from the slap, chin held high.

“Heh, so what if I did? You didn’t hold a wedding and didn’t get a certificate. Even if I snatch him, what can you do? Just wait and see. Hu Jianjun can only belong to me!”

After saying that, she didn’t care about the reactions of others and ran straight out of the educated youth spot.


Chapter 66 – I Will Marry You


The others didn’t know where she went, but at this moment, everyone’s hearts were filled with complexity. They never expected her to do such a thing just for one man.

Moreover, in the eyes of many, Zhou Lai’er and Chen Xue had always gotten along well. They were always inseparable, so her betrayal was unexpected.

Even Cheng Yujiao sneered disdainfully and said, “Just an ugly man? A mere platoon leader is worth this much? He’s not even comparable to Brother Xiangnan’s finger.”

“Smack!” Chen Xue put down her chopsticks and turned to enter the house.

The others didn’t pay her any attention and silently continued eating.

However, it was clear that this meal was destined to be uneasy.

Before they could finish eating, they heard villagers outside shouting, “Educated Youth Zhou jumped into the river!”

Upon hearing this, the educated youths were stunned. Jumped into the river again?

They didn’t know what to do. In the end, Sun Shengnan suggested, “Let’s go take a look. After all, she’s one of us.”

The others then decided to go together. Yes, after all, she was one of them. It would be too heartless not to go and see.

When they arrived, they learned that this time Zhou Lai’er had really jumped into the river.

According to eyewitnesses, after running out of the educated youth spot in the morning, she went straight to the Hu family’s house. With a visibly red face from being slapped, she shouted that she wouldn’t let Hu Jianjun be troubled. Without waiting for a response, she jumped into the deepest part of the river.

By the time Hu Jianjun realized something was wrong and rushed over with others, she had already sunk.

After a difficult struggle, they managed to pull her out, but she showed no signs of life. She had stopped breathing.

Hu Jianjun pressed her chest and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, finally bringing her back to life.

By the time Lu Xia and the others arrived, Zhou Lai’er was fine. At that moment, with a hoarse voice, she said, “Chen Xue was right, I was shameless. It’s because of me that Brother Hu has a tarnished reputation. I should just die. Why did you save me? Let me die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, people around her started trying to persuade her, saying, “Don’t talk nonsense. This has nothing to do with you. Hu Jianjun saved you. There’s no tarnished reputation.”

“Yeah, Chen Xue probably misunderstood. She made a mistake.”

“Yes, child, even if things aren’t going well, you shouldn’t seek death!”

But at this moment, Zhou Lai’er cried even more sorrowfully, “Even if I don’t die, I won’t be able to live properly. How can someone like me get married? It would be better to die.”

After hearing these words, the villagers had nothing to say.

They hadn’t witnessed what happened before, but this time, she was pressed against her chest and kissed by Hu Jianjun. If she didn’t marry him, she probably wouldn’t be able to marry anyone else.

Hu Jianjun was also agitated at this moment. As a soldier, he couldn’t stand by and watch someone die, but he couldn’t explain artificial respiration to the villagers.

Looking at the weak female comrade on the ground, who was crying uncontrollably.

Hu Jianjun took a deep breath and made a decision.

“I will marry you!”

“What?” As soon as the words were spoken, Zhou Lai’er raised her head in surprise. “What did you say?”

Hu Jianjun looked at her deeply and said, “I said you don’t have to seek death anymore. I will marry you.”

Upon hearing these words, Zhou Lai’er covered her face and cried again. “Wuwu, I don’t want to. I don’t want to betray Chen Xue. I don’t want to ruin someone else’s wedding.”

As soon as her words fell, people around them started discussing.

“Well, it’s true. Educated Youth Zhou can only marry Jianjun now, or else she won’t be able to survive.”

“Yes, but what about Educated Youth Chen? The two will get married in three days!”

“Well, fate can be cruel!”

“I have to say, Educated Youth Chen brought this upon herself. If it weren’t for her causing trouble for Educated Youth Zhou for no reason, Educated Youth Zhou wouldn’t have sought death.”

“Well, no one could handle a situation like this.”

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