Chapter 112 – Wei Hua’s Heart Stirred

Wei Hua had been feeling a bit troubled lately, and this kind of irritation was baseless. Although his work wasn’t going smoothly, overall, the momentum was good. Wei Hua didn’t let work troubles get to him because they weren’t earth-shattering matters. As long as he put in the effort, they could always be resolved. And if he couldn’t solve them, he had Wei Zhenxiong above him to rely on, and if all else failed, he still had the Wei family.

Wei Hua was an extremely optimistic person. In his over twenty years of life, nothing could make him become pessimistic or gloomy.

But now, Wei Hua couldn’t understand himself. The vexation in his heart had been bothering him for several days, yet he couldn’t find the reason behind it.

Feeling that the air in the house was a bit stuffy, Wei Hua thought of going out for a walk. Before he realized it, his car was already parked downstairs at Blues Café.

Wei Hua also didn’t know why he came to Blues Café. Looking out the window, he noticed that the café’s lights were still on. His hand involuntarily opened the car door, and he walked towards Blues Café.

As the wind chimes at the entrance rang, the owner of Blues Café looked up and saw Wei Hua’s handsome face with a carefree smile. The owner’s mouth that was about to lift up immediately drooped, and Wei Hua received a sour face.

Wei Hua seemed accustomed to the owner’s cold treatment. He walked in with a smile and magically felt the vexation that had been pent up in his heart disappear instantly.

“We’re already closed. Please leave,” the owner, who seemingly didn’t like Wei Hua, said coldly even before Wei Hua’s buttocks touched the seat.

“Don’t be so inhospitable, boss. I made an appointment with a friend here to discuss something. If you kick me out now and my friend arrives later, won’t it be embarrassing for me? Besides, you don’t seem like you’re about to close,” Wei Hua fabricated a lie to stay.

“We’re already closed. Please leave,” the owner repeated, not bothered by the inconvenience.

Wei Hua sat down on a chair, displaying an attitude as if he would stubbornly refuse to leave.

The owner couldn’t be bothered to argue with Wei Hua, so he walked to the counter, opened the computer, and his slender fingers tapped away on the keyboard, seemingly typing something.

Out of respect for others’ privacy, Wei Hua didn’t look at the computer’s content. Instead, he stretched his neck to watch the owner’s fingers. The owner’s hand moved swiftly on the keyboard, and all Wei Hua could see were the blurred movements of his fingers.

Wei Hua was somewhat surprised. With such speed, wouldn’t the owner’s hand get tired?

Just as this thought arose in Wei Hua’s mind, the owner’s cold voice rang out, “Aren’t you waiting for your friend? If your friend doesn’t arrive in a few minutes, I’ll close the door.”

“He’ll be here soon,” Wei Hua suddenly remembered the lie he had just made up and quickly sent a text message to Wei Chen, urging him to hurry to Blues café.

Naturally, Wei Chen refused.

Wei Hua sent another message without even thinking—”I’m chasing after your sister-in-law, hurry up and come over to help your brother!”

After realizing what he had sent, Wei Hua felt bewildered. He looked at the message on his phone screen. Did he send that? He knew the meaning of each individual word, but when combined, what did it really mean? He didn’t understand at all.

Wei Hua stared blankly at his phone, then glanced at the owner’s perfectly profiled face. Finally, he found the answer to his vexation over the past few days. He had developed feelings for the owner of Blues café.

Wei Hua looked at the owner in a daze. The owner might have sensed his intense gaze, as his hand slipped up and made an operation error. To compensate for the error, his hand speed increased even further while typing on the keyboard.

Wei Hua felt that watching the owner tapping on the computer was a perfect visual experience. The owner’s slender fingers flew rapidly across the keyboard, producing a rhythmic sound like a waltz, enchanting in rhythm and seductive in posture.

Wei Hua was completely captivated by the owner. Apart from knowing that the owner was the proprietor of Blues café, he knew nothing else. However, he had fallen into this infatuation so quickly that he had no defenses left. It was already too late.

In all his years of living, this was the first time Wei Hua realized that he had a masochistic tendency. He had met the owner numerous times, yet the owner never showed him a friendly face. Nevertheless, Wei Hua had fallen in love, even finding the owner’s cold demeanor extremely adorable.

Wei Hua shook his head helplessly. Now that he had discovered his feelings for the owner, he naturally wouldn’t avoid the issue. However, he wasn’t a fool. If he blindly confessed to the owner now, it would not only scare the owner but would also undoubtedly result in being chased out.

“Boss, are you married?” Wei Hua blurted out without any warning, recalling when he saw the owner and his son at the hospital. At that time, there was no mother beside them, so Wei Hua speculated that the owner might be single.

The owner, due to his recent error, was completely focused on the computer and paid no attention to Wei Hua. His eyebrows furrowed lightly, showing a serious expression, indicating that he had encountered a problem.

Seeing the owner’s serious demeanor, Wei Hua decided not to disturb him. He supported his chin with his hand and stared unwaveringly at the owner, praying in his heart that the owner was not married.

If the owner was married or no longer single, Wei Hua, despite his feelings for the owner, would willingly withdraw from this relationship. There were some principles that couldn’t be abandoned.

However, if the owner was indeed single, Wei Hua felt a bit ecstatic. Even if there was a child, it wouldn’t matter since the two of them were both men, and there wouldn’t be any children between them. This child could fill the void between them.

Wei Hua’s mouth stretched to his ears, completely ignoring that the single owner might not be homosexual or even interested in him.

The sound of wind chimes at the entrance echoed again as Wei Chen and Chen Li entered, holding hands. They had just returned from Q University, and before they even parked their car properly, they received a text message from Wei Hua. Wei Chen initially intended to refuse Wei Hua since he had preparations to make for an upcoming trip to a southeastern province and had no time to pay attention to Wei Hua’s matters.

However, Wei Hua sent another message, and although Wei Chen couldn’t comprehend the connection between not helping Wei Hua pursue someone and his own refusal, he rarely heard of Wei Hua being interested in someone. So he decided to come and take a look.

As soon as they entered, they saw Wei Hua gazing at the owner of Blues café with a silly expression on his face. Could it be that Wei Hua had fallen for the owner?

Wei Chen calmly walked into the café with Chen Li, approached Wei Hua, and only then did Wei Hua notice their arrival. He quickly averted his gaze and asked Wei Chen and Chen Li to take a seat, assuming the posture of a host.

“Boss, my friends have arrived. You won’t kick me out now, right?” Wei Hua said.

Coincidentally, the owner had finished his task, closed the computer, and took out the menu from the counter. He handed it to the three of them and asked, “What would you like?”

Wei Chen ordered a cup of coffee, while Chen Li, who found coffee too bitter from a previous experience, decided to have a freshly squeezed juice instead.

“I’ll have the same coffee as last time, with sugar and cream,” Wei Hua said.

The owner took the menu and went back, grinding the coffee beans at the counter.

“Achen, what do you think?” Wei Hua leaned forward and asked Wei Chen in a soft voice, his smile not fading.

“Alright,” Wei Chen said expressionlessly. He had already noticed something unusual between the two of them last time, and that feeling hadn’t changed.

“Yes, I think it’s great too,” Wei Hua said with a hint of pride in his tone. After all, he was the one who had fallen for someone, so that person must be perfect in every way.

Wei Chen didn’t respond further. He understood the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Knowing that Wei Chen didn’t want to dwell on this topic, Wei Hua talked about the work issues he had encountered at the company. He knew that Grandfather was dissatisfied with his relationship with Wei Zhenxiong, and a few days ago, Grandfather had even called to advise him to consult Wei Chen if he had any doubts.

When it came to work matters, Wei Chen naturally became serious. He paused Wei Hua’s questions and pondered for a while before saying, “Have you ever considered having Wei Corporation develop according to your own ideas?”

Wei Hua was taken aback but remained silent. He hadn’t thought about this question.

Seeing Wei Hua’s silence, Wei Chen looked at him and said, “You should know better than me. The business plan that my grandfather gave you is only suitable for me because I created it. Everything is based on what I can accomplish. If there’s a different leader, then the plan should be adjusted accordingly. Continuing to use the same plan without any changes will inevitably lead to various issues.” Wei Chen said all of this at once but intentionally left some room for Wei Hua.

Wei Hua didn’t care much about Wei Corporation, so he never thought about preventing problems before they occurred. Instead, he would solve problems as they arose, following the flow.

“With that, I understand your point,” Wei Hua said, and his smile faded slightly. At that moment, the owner arrived with their ordered beverages, placing them in front of the three of them and saying, “Please enjoy.”

“Boss, can I ask you for a favor?” Wei Chen suddenly looked up at the owner, his gaze sincere.

“What is it?” The owner returned Wei Chen’s gaze, their eyes open and frank.

Wei Chen stood up, still looking at the owner, and said, “If I were to give you a phone number, could you check their call records or internet activities? If possible, please help me with it.”

Although phrased as a question, there was an undeniable certainty in Wei Chen’s tone.

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