Chapter 113 – Hacker Cookie

The owner’s pupils contracted slightly. Wei Chen’s tone was too certain, leaving him no room to retreat.

He stared fixedly at the expressionless man in front of him. His eyes were filled with determination, as if he were eager to solve something. Finally, he nodded and said, “Okay, I can help you. Give me the phone number.”

Wei Chen’s nerves, which had been tense due to nervousness, relaxed at that moment. He took the note paper on the table and quickly wrote down a series of numbers, then handed it to the owner.

The owner took the phone number, walked back to the counter, turned on the computer, and started typing on the keyboard with his slender fingers.

Wei Hua looked at Wei Chen, his face full of confusion. He had no idea what Wei Chen was up to.

“What happened, Achen?” Wei Hua asked, completely puzzled. He was in the dark at the moment.

“I’ll tell you later,” Wei Chen said, feeling somewhat relieved.

Chen Li was sensitive. He sensed the change in Wei Chen’s mood and turned to look at him, asking softly, “Did you find a solution?”

Although he didn’t know what had happened, Chen Li could tell from Zhuge Yu’s serious expression earlier when he was talking to Wei Chen that something happened, and it was a difficult situation.

“Yes, I’ve found someone who can help,” Wei Chen said, reaching out to ruffle Chen Li’s hair.

“Oh,” Chen Li replied and continued to lower his head, sipping on his orange juice. After taking a sip and swallowing it, he continued, “So, are you still going on a business trip tomorrow?”

“Not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,” Wei Chen replied.

Chen Li’s gaze immediately dimmed. He thought that if Wei Chen had found a solution, he wouldn’t have to go on a business trip, but it turned out he still had to go.

Wei Chen knew how Chen Li felt. He ruffled Chen Li’s hair and said, “I’ll come back soon, Li Li, don’t worry.” He knew Chen Li didn’t want to be separated from him, but there were things he had to do and some people who needed to learn a lesson.

“Then come back quickly,” Chen Li said, looking at Wei Chen with a serious expression.

“Okay,” Wei Chen nodded with a smile in his eyes.

Throughout the whole process, Wei Hua looked at them with a bewildered expression, not knowing what they were talking about.

By the time Wei Chen and Chen Li finished speaking, the owner approached them. He handed a USB flash drive to Wei Chen and said, “Everything you need is here. Not only are there call records, but also the chat records online. The call records cover the past six months, and I’ve filtered out the less important personal calls, but there aren’t many left. You’ll have to screen the rest yourself. As for the chat records, I’ve only captured the ones with image attachments. I think this should be enough evidence.”

“These are enough,” Wei Chen took the USB flash drive and said, “Thank you, Cookie.” Cookie, a very mysterious name, is one of the top hackers internationally.

Hearing this English word, the owner wasn’t surprised. When Wei Chen spoke so confidently earlier, the owner already knew that Wei Chen had guessed his identity.

“No need to thank me,” the owner grinned.

“Cookie, huh?” Wei Hua didn’t understand anything, but he caught onto the word “cookie” and excitedly asked, “Is that your English name? Translated, it means ‘Cookie.’ Are you called Cookie, boss?”

The owner’s smile vanished immediately, and he said, “You’ve probably discussed everything you needed to. I’m closing now, so please leave.”

Ignoring the owner’s cold response, Wei Hua seemed undeterred. He had already decided that the owner’s name was Cookie and grinned as he stood up to follow the owner to the counter for payment.

“Cookie, I’m Wei Hua. Doesn’t it sound like ‘Wafer’? We’re both biscuits, so we are born to be a family!” Wei Hua said cheerfully as he handed over the money.

The owner ignored him and focused on counting the change.

Chen Li and Wei Chen were ready to leave. Wei Hua didn’t receive a response but didn’t feel disappointed, he waved goodbye to the owner while holding his change and said, “Cookie, see you later.” As he spoke, he even gave the owner a wink.

The owner turned to clean the tables, rejecting the wink from Wei Hua.

Once they were outside the Blues cafe, Wei Hua grabbed Wei Chen and asked, “Achen, do you know the boss? How did you know he’s a hacker?” Wei Hua wasn’t stupid. With just a phone number, he was able to access someone’s call records, conversations, and even online chat records. Only a top-notch hacker could achieve that. Wei Hua found it somewhat unbelievable that Wei Chen knew about the owner’s hidden profession.

Wei Chen, seeing Wei Hua’s persistent questioning, explained, “I just found out today. Today is an international hacker competition organized by hackers themselves. When I entered the Blues café, I glanced at the boss’s computer screen by chance and found out.”

What Wei Chen didn’t mention was that with just one glance, he not only saw the boss’s ID but also witnessed his overwhelming success in the international hacker competition.

“Oh,” Wei Hua didn’t fully understand that aspect. He had only thought the owner looked cool while typing on the keyboard and hadn’t paid attention to what he was typing. “So, he’s really talented!” In the end, Wei Hua proudly said as if the owner already belonged to him.

Wei Chen gave Wei Hua a glance and felt that this person was beyond redemption.

But Wei Hua held onto Wei Chen and asked, “Achen, how much do you understand about hackers? Tell me about the legend of Cookie.”

Wei Chen didn’t pay attention to Wei Hua, who had gone crazy, and instead, holding Chen Li’s hand, got into the car. As he closed the car door, he said to Wei Hua, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Wei Hua was confused. What did he do to help Wei Chen? Was it that he had invited Wei Chen over tonight, and then discovered that the owner was a world-class hacker?

Wei Chen didn’t explain, but he knew that Cookie had agreed to help him today, and a significant part of the reason was Wei Hua.

No one would remember someone’s preferences so well for no reason. Today, Wei Hua only said a sentence, the same as before, and Cookie understood what Wei Hua meant. Cookie prepared a coffee that matched Wei Hua’s taste perfectly, with just the right amount of sugar and creamer.

The meaning behind this naturally made people ponder.

However, Wei Chen didn’t pay attention to this. After all, it was a matter between Wei Hua and Cookie, and it involved their feelings. Let them sort it out themselves.

Naturally, as an insider, Wei Hua was more observant than Wei Chen. He was even conflicted about whether Cookie was currently single.

Wei Hua felt like his heart was scratching and itching. He looked up and saw that the lights in the Blues cafe were still on. He turned around and ran back to the blues bar. When he reached the entrance, Cookie had already turned off the lights and was about to close the door. That’s when he met Wei Hua.

“We’re closed. If you have any business, come back tomorrow,” Cookie said with a cold face.

“It’s not a big deal. I just have a question, and I want to know the answer,” Wei Hua said, his gaze firmly locked on Cookie, a smile playing on his lips, bright and radiant.

For a moment, Cookie was stunned, but quickly recovered. However, there was a hint of evasion in his gaze. “I don’t have the answer.”

“I didn’t ask, how did you know there was no answer?” Wei Hua replied without realizing Cookie’s evasiveness, instinctively getting closer to Cookie to ask.

“No answer means no answer!” Cookie tried hard to maintain a cold expression, but his hand clenched tightly, as if suppressing something.

“You’re nervous,” Wei Hua said confidently, staring at Cookie.

Cookie met Wei Hua’s gaze, devoid of any emotions, and remained silent.

“I just want to ask if you’re single now?” Wei Hua compromised first, taking a step back, his expression very serious.

“Huh…” Cookie clearly didn’t expect Wei Hua to ask this question. He hesitated for a moment but quickly regained his cold demeanor. “What does it have to do with you whether I’m single or not?”

Wei Hua answered without hesitation, “Of course, it has something to do with me. If you’re not single, then I can pursue you.”

When these words were spoken, the air seemed to solidify. Cookie looked at Wei Hua in a daze, his heart pounding in his chest, as if it would jump out of his throat in the next second.

“What did you say?” When Cookie spoke again, his voice sounded somewhat hoarse, containing a hidden hope that he himself couldn’t detect.

In fact, Wei Hua regretted saying those words as soon as they came out. He felt like he had been too impulsive and didn’t know if he had scared Cookie. But once words were spoken, they couldn’t be taken back. Wei Hua couldn’t retrieve what he had said.

Wei Hua decided to go all out and said, “I think I might have developed feelings for you. If you’re single, can I pursue you?” As he spoke, Wei Hua stared at Cookie, hoping to get an answer.

However, what awaited Wei Hua was the sudden closure of the door in front of him. It fit perfectly, but before the door closed completely, Wei Hua faintly heard the words, “I’m still single.”

Although those three words were very soft, so soft that Wei Hua almost couldn’t hear them, they struck heavily in Wei Hua’s heart.

“Can I understand that you’ve agreed to let me pursue you?” Wei Hua tapped the door of the shop and couldn’t help but break into a smile, looking like a fool.

There was no response from inside. Wei Hua stood at the door, not knocking, just standing there dumbfounded, allowing overwhelming joy to fill his heart. Wei Hua had to exert a lot of effort to restrain the urge to dance with joy.

“Cookie, I’m leaving now. Don’t be shy!” Wei Hua knocked on the shop door again before leaving, considerately saying.

Once again, there was no response from inside. Wei Hua glanced longingly at the shop door, then walked away with light steps. The joy he felt today was unprecedented.

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