Chapter 111 – Unexpected Integration

Soon, the incident passed, and the people at the educated youth spot had a new understanding of Lu Xia. They didn’t expect that she would actually use her thick-skinned attitude to resolve the matter.

One evening, while chatting, Chen Xue exclaimed, “We should learn from Lu Xia and develop thicker skin. As long as she doesn’t care about her reputation, she can still benefit from it.”

“That’s true!” Sun Shengnan also sighed, but they all knew it was difficult to do because the educated youths were too concerned about their image and were always manipulated by the villagers.

“Yeah, I never realized how capable Lu Xia is!”

“That’s right. Maybe after getting married, she has her own family to consider.”

“That’s also possible, but does Educated Youth Jiang really listen to her?”

“Who knows? It’s their private matter!”

The educated youths were indeed curious, but since Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo lived separately from them, they couldn’t observe much.

However, Sun Shengnan occasionally visited Lu Xia’s house and saw Jiang Junmo helping out with chores, so she thought it might be true.

She felt even more envious of Lu Xia’s life!

When Su Man heard about the incident involving Lu Xia, she realized she had misjudged her before. She thought Lu Xia refused to move out because she was scared, but now it seemed that Lu Xia probably didn’t agree with the conditions she proposed and decided to build her own house.

Su Man also admired Lu Xia’s intelligence and boldness. She thought Lu Xia might have a bright future, and she could try to befriend her. At the very least, being friends with someone like her wouldn’t hold her back.

Little did Lu Xia know that she had become a backup friend in Su Man’s eyes.

At this moment, Lu Xia was at home scrubbing a large jar with Jiang Junmo. The cabbage in the village’s vegetable field would be ready to harvest soon, and they would start working to collect it tomorrow. After that, they would need to prepare to make pickled cabbage, so they had to get ready in advance.

After cleaning the jar, they started harvesting cabbage the next day.

Lu Xia thought that after the previous incident, no one would talk to her or be friendly. To her surprise, quite a few people initiated conversations and chatted with her.

She found it strange; did the villagers have a self-ab*se streak?

What she didn’t know was that before, people didn’t pay attention to her because she had no presence in the village. It was only after the incident that they got to know her. While many said she had a bad personality and was stingy, most people understood and appreciated her authenticity. They felt she wasn’t afraid to offend others.

Additionally, being associated with Jiang Junmo, who came from the city and had good conditions, made her more appealing to them. Just like last time when she went to Li Hongjun’s house, offering half a catty of brown sugar and pastries, these were rare commodities in the countryside. That’s why people sought her friendship.

Similarly, more people greeted Jiang Junmo as well, but being a man, it was a simple greeting, while Lu Xia completely integrated into the village’s community of young women and wives.

Many of them chatted with her while working, an experience that left her feeling puzzled. However, she didn’t refuse and quickly blended in, avoiding standing out.

As for the educated youths, when they heard about Lu Xia’s situation, Cheng Yujiao and Zhuang Hongmei were somewhat gloating. However, when they saw that Lu Xia was not isolated but accepted by the villagers, their expressions turned sour.

Especially Zhuang Hongmei, who originally took the money and wanted to plot against Lu Xia, but she married Jiang Junmo before the plot was settled, making her efforts a waste of time, but fortunately, she met that person by accident…

Thinking of this, a hint of shyness flashed across Zhuang Hongmei’s face. She recalled the appointment she made with that person and got a bit distracted, forgetting about Lu Xia’s matters…


Chapter 112 – Pickling Cabbage


Although there were many vegetables grown in the village, everyone worked together and finished the harvest in just three days.

The harvested Chinese cabbages were piled into two small mountains at the threshing ground.

Chinese cabbage was an essential winter food in the Northeast. Every family would store a significant amount of it before winter. Aside from using it to make pickled cabbage, the rest would be kept in the warm inner room and could last for several months, making it one of the few vegetables available during winter.

Every household grew their own, but due to limited space, some families had to buy from the village. After the villagers were done buying, the remaining vegetables would be transported to the collection station, contributing to the village’s income.

This year, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t have time to grow their own vegetables, so they bought a lot instead, totaling over three hundred catties, which they piled up in their yard.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were surprised and wondered if they could finish eating all that cabbage throughout the winter.

However, they already had the least amount stored in the village.

Other families had stored at least five to six hundred catties, and the educated youth spot had stored three thousand catties. If there wasn’t a lack of space, they would probably store even more.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo exchanged glances and decided to follow everyone’s lead. After all, having cabbage to eat was better than having none. However, Lu Xia regretted that she couldn’t take out the vegetables stored in her space to eat.

They divided the three hundred catties of cabbage into two parts – one part was arranged inside the house to ensure it wouldn’t freeze, and the other part was left to be pickled.

Pickling cabbage was a skill, and neither of them knew how to do it, so they went to the educated youth spot to learn and help with the process. When they returned, they tried doing it themselves and ended up with a large jar of pickled cabbage.

After the pickled cabbage was ready, Lu Xia went to the village alone to buy some other vegetables, then replaced them with those grown in her own space, and marinated a jar of pickled vegetables with Jiang Junmo.

With everything prepared, the weather had turned very cold. One morning, Lu Xia opened the door and found frost outside.

Jiang Junmo was sensitive to the cold, so in previous winters, he rarely went out in the capital.

After marrying Lu Xia and drinking the spiritual spring water she provided, as well as cooking with it, his health had improved significantly. However, since the root of his illness was there since birth, it wouldn’t completely go away so quickly. Hence, he still didn’t dare to go out much and stayed at home as much as possible to avoid falling sick.

Lu Xia planned to go to the town to buy rice.

They had been eating fine grains from Lu Xia’s space, and although they occasionally ate coarse grains from the village, they didn’t enjoy it as much. Jiang Junmo had grown fond of the fine grains and found it hard to go back to eating the coarse ones, so they kept eating the fine grains.

However, the fine grains were all gone now, and Lu Xia couldn’t take them directly from her space. So, she decided to “buy” some from the town.

Jiang Junmo initially wanted to accompany her, but she refused.

“Your health has never been great, and going out now might make you catch a cold. Besides, the bicycle can only carry so much, and if we both go, there won’t be enough space for the food.”

Hearing her reasoning, Jiang Junmo had to give up the idea.

So, Lu Xia set off on her bicycle alone.

Recently, the weather had turned colder, and the villagers didn’t need to work in the fields anymore. However, this time of the year, the county would organize road repairs, which was paid work. Although it was tiring, it was a rare opportunity to earn some money.

Therefore, almost all the men from the village went to work on the repairs.

A few male educated youths from the educated youth spot also joined them.

The rest of the people stayed at home, enjoying the winter without going out much.

As a result, Lu Xia didn’t encounter many people along the way as she rode her bike.

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