Chapter 213 – Zhou Lai’er’s Divorce

On the way back, Jiang Junmo carefully supported Lu Xia, making sure to watch for the stones hidden in the accumulated snow on the road, fearing she might accidentally slip.

And Lu Xia wasn’t walking quickly either. Today, the wind outside was unusually calm, and she wanted to take in some fresh air.

Thinking about today’s wedding, apart from Cheng Yujiao, all the others from the educated youth spot were there, including Su Man and Gu Xiangnan, who had already moved out.

Oh, and Zhao Hua didn’t come.

“Has Zhao Hua been staying at the educated youth spot often lately?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “No, I heard that ever since he had a falling out with Feng Xuegong the last time, when he came back again, Feng Xuegong told him he’s a married man now and shouldn’t come back to the educated youth spot to squeeze with everyone.”

“While others didn’t say much, I guess they’re thinking the same. The male educated youth side was already cramped, and no one really wanted him to come back.”

Lu Xia chuckled at that. What do you mean he’s a married man? Feng Xuegong’s words were too cutting.

But… “Aren’t there only a few people left on the male educated youth side now? Our batch has all moved out, in addition to Zhao Hua and Liu Jun, there are only five left? So, each kang bed should have space for two or three people, right? When we first arrived, you guys were sleeping five to a bed!”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “That’s why now that we finally have some space, we really don’t want to squeeze in again.”

“Fair enough,” Lu Xia accepted the explanation.

“Actually, there aren’t many left on the female educated youth side either. Time really flies, huh? Just over a year and people are moving out, getting married. I heard Cheng Yujiao even has a room all to herself now.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t seem to care much after hearing that, “We’ve been through so much in just a little over a year since we came to the countryside. Maybe we’re still not used to it, but those older educated youths are probably accustomed. Maybe soon enough, new people will come and fill up the educated youth spot again.”

Lu Xia thought about it and realized there wasn’t much to feel sentimental about this.

It’s better to head back home now. Even though there’s no wind, the winters in the northeast are still cold, and despite being wrapped up in layers upon layers by Jiang Junmo, she still felt like a bundled ball.

“If someone who doesn’t know you sees you from behind, would they think you’re rolling a big ball down the road?” she teased.

Jiang Junmo gave her a helpless look and didn’t bother replying.

Lu Xia didn’t mind; she entertained herself with her own banter…

A couple of days ago, Lu Xia mentioned how Cheng Yujiao had a room all to herself, but today she heard that someone else had moved in with her.

However, it wasn’t either of the remaining two female educated youths, Shen Qingqing and Yu Fang. It was Zhou Lai’er, who had already gotten married.

Lu Xia hadn’t quite figured out why Zhou Lai’er suddenly moved back to the educated youth spot.

Then she heard about her divorce.

“What! Zhou Lai’er got divorced?”

Lu Xia was astonished upon hearing this news. How could Zhou Lai’er possibly get divorced? Everyone knew the troubles she went through just to marry Hu Jianjun.

And even though she hadn’t accompanied the army during this year of marriage and had a difficult time with her mother-in-law, Mother Hu, she didn’t seem to want a divorce. So, why did she suddenly decide to get divorced now?

Soon enough, she found out why.

And it was Sun Shengnan who told her.

After Sun Shengnan moved away, she hadn’t lost contact with the educated youth spot; she still came around every so often.

The same went for Lu Xia, who visited her to keep her company and chat, especially after learning that she was pregnant.

And from Sun Shengnan, Lu Xia learned the reason behind Zhou Lai’er’s divorce.


Chapter 214 – Returning to the Educated Youth Spot


It turned out that her once-promising husband from the village, Hu Jianjun, had actually been discharged from the army!

The reason was that he had been injured during a mission and the injury couldn’t be fully healed. He might end up disabled.

After spending some time in the military hospital, the doctors confirmed that he wouldn’t recover, so he decided to leave the army and return home.

The Hu family was devastated by the news, and the villagers also reacted with a mix of regret and schadenfreude upon learning about it.

But no matter what, the person who was once the most promising in the village had ultimately returned to rural life.

Meanwhile, Zhou Lai’er’s wish to leave the countryside was ultimately unfulfilled.

After taking care of Hu Jianjun for a few days and realizing the severity of his injuries, she became deeply disappointed. It was clear that he wouldn’t be returning to the army.

Unable to bear it any longer, she chose to divorce him.

Of course, Mother Hu strongly disagreed. Her son had ended up like this, so why should Zhou Lai’er have the right to leave? Not only did she disagree, but she also insisted that Zhou Lai’er stay and take care of her son.

But there was no way Zhou Lai’er would accept that fate. She had calculated the marriage with Hu Jianjun in the first place to get away from the countryside by marrying into the military.

Who could have foreseen that after more than a year of marriage, she would gain nothing and endure the trials of dealing with the old woman? She wasn’t willing to accept this.

Now, they expected her to care for this disabled man for the rest of her life. How could she agree to that?

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law eventually began to argue, and it escalated to a physical confrontation. Neither was willing to back down.

The situation escalated further and ended up at the village committee.

Before the village committee leaders, both women held their own versions of the story, surrounded by curious onlookers, most of whom sided with the Hu family.

After all, Zhou Lai’er’s actions were quite disgraceful. When her husband was successful, she attached herself to him. Now that he was in trouble, she wanted a divorce. Such behavior was hardly commendable.

As the situation unfolded, Zhou Lai’er, frustrated by everyone’s attempts to persuade her to stay with the Hu family and accept her fate, burst out with a shocking revelation!

She had been married to Hu Jianjun for over a year, and yet she was still a virgin!

She accused the Hu family of deceiving her and marrying her off as a mere tool, a laborer and maid for their household chores.

And finally, she bluntly stated that Hu Jianjun was incapable!

All of these words left everyone stunned!

They weren’t sure whether they were shocked by the content of her words or were contemplating the truth behind them.

But before anyone could fully grasp the situation, a few people appeared, supporting Hu Jianjun.

He agreed to the divorce and explained that when they got married, he had to leave for urgent military duty the very next day. He didn’t have the inclination to think about anything else at the time.

Upon hearing this, everyone also recalled the circumstances of their sudden marriage, possibly due to the substitution of the bride.

However, Chen Xue was already married now, and they didn’t bring up that aspect.

Of course, whether to believe or not, only they themselves knew.

But Zhou Lai’er found it hard to accept how easily Hu Jianjun agreed to the divorce.

She demanded compensation for the year she spent working for the Hu family. Furthermore, they had to provide her with the grains she had earned through her labor.

Mother Hu opposed this demand, as she had also spent a year supporting Zhou Lai’er.

However, Hu Jianjun accepted the proposal. He provided money and grains directly, then issued a recommendation letter and helped her process the divorce.

Afterwards, with nowhere else to go, Zhou Lai’er ended up returning to the educated youth spot.

Due to the events that had transpired, everyone knew who she was, and nobody was willing to share a room with her. Therefore, she went to Cheng Yujiao’s room.

It was said that Zhou Lai’er and Cheng Yujiao would argue multiple times a day.

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