Chapter 143 – Seating Arrangements at the Dining Table

Facing the explicit and implicit mockery and disdain from these parents, Wei Chen remained unaffected. His gaze remained fixed on the children, cold and substantial, almost like a whip lashing onto them. Although they didn’t feel physical pain, they were intensely frightened.

Even though their parents were right beside them, they didn’t dare turn around and seek comfort in their parents’ embrace.

However, these parents couldn’t stand it any longer. They attempted to step forward to retrieve their children, but just a single look from Wei Chen froze their actions in place, as if they were immobilized by his imposing demeanor.

More people rushed over upon hearing the commotion, including Wei Hua and Wei Yan. While they didn’t understand why Wei Chen was angry with these children, they believed that Wei Chen wouldn’t act without reason. They guessed that the reason for Wei Chen’s intense anger was that these children had been targeting Chen Li for mischief.

With these thoughts in mind, Wei Hua and Wei Yan shifted their gaze toward Chen Li. Seeing that Chen Li was merely standing with his head down and without any apparent injuries, they both breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Chen Li was unharmed. Otherwise, things would have been irreparable by now.

The children were still crying, and so was Wei Li Li. She felt scared too, but she was contemplating her situation. She had already betrayed Young Master Wei Wei just a moment ago, so there was no difference in betraying him again.

Wiping her tears away with a sniffle, Wei Li Li’s parents seemed to have caught onto her intention and wanted to step forward to cover her mouth, but it was already too late.

“Young Master Wei Wei instructed us to throw stones at this older brother when he approached us. We didn’t want to do it, but Young Master Wei Wei threatened us. He said that if we betrayed him, he would have his grandfather kick us out of the Wei family,” Wei Li Li said, her voice trembling, clearly still scared.

With this revelation, the expressions on the faces of many parents present turned gloomy. They had offended Young Master Wei Wei today. They understood that Wei Chen had been discarded, and Young Master Wei Wei was now the one being cultivated by the Wei family. If they offended him now, once Young Master Wei Wei grew up, they wouldn’t have an easy time.

Thinking this way, these parents looked at Wei Chen with a hint of resentment in their eyes. If it weren’t for Wei Chen, why would they be facing this treatment? It was just throwing stones at that fool. Was there any need to be so anxious? Was it worth using these clueless children to vent his frustration? With such a limited perspective, no wonder he had fallen out of favor with Old Master Wei.

Wei Chen wasn’t surprised by this reaction. He walked up to Wei Li Li, his icy demeanor softening as he looked at her. He said, “You’re quite clever.”

Wei Li Li shrank back towards her parents with a choked sob. Despite Wei Chen’s praise, his stern and unsmiling face was still somewhat intimidating for a child. Nevertheless, Wei Li Li mustered the courage to offer her thanks to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen nodded at Wei Li Li and then turned his gaze toward her parents. He asked, “The Wei family from Jiang City?”

While Wei Li Li’s parents nodded, they were also taken aback. They hadn’t expected Wei Chen to know which city branch of the Wei family they belonged to.

“Involved in construction?” Wei Chen inquired further.

This time, Wei Li Li’s father displayed even more astonishment. Wei Chen’s knowledge wasn’t just a bluff; he genuinely knew about his background.

“Jiang City isn’t far from Shanghai. The headquarters there needs more personnel. You can report to the headquarters after the New Year,” Wei Chen said, his gaze fixed on Wei Li Li’s father.

His statement caused a wave of commotion. No one had anticipated that Wei Chen would directly decide on a change in Wei Li Li’s father’s job and transfer him directly to the Wei family’s Shanghai headquarters. If successful, Wei Li Li’s father could potentially skyrocket in status.

However, after the initial surprise, many people’s gazes turned disdainful. Wasn’t Wei Chen already discarded by the Wei family? How could he decide on someone’s appointment or removal on the family’s behalf?

The skepticism wasn’t limited to the onlookers. Even Wei Li Li’s father, hit by the sudden revelation, was suspicious. But Wei Chen didn’t bother explaining further; he took Chen Li’s hand and headed towards the dining hall.

At this moment, the robust voice of Old Man Wei resonated, “Do as Achen says, report to the headquarters after the New Year.”

All eyes turned to Old Master Wei, filled with astonishment. If they thought Wei Chen’s words lacked credibility, then what Old Master Wei said was like the final verdict!

But wasn’t Wei Chen discarded? Why did Old Master Wei support his decision? Was everything just their imagination? Was Wei Chen still the same Wei Chen from before?

This question left many regretting their actions. If they had known that Wei Chen’s position beside Old Master Wei hadn’t changed, why would they offend him and try to please a still immature and arrogant Young Master Wei Wei?

However, regret doesn’t come with an undo button. Many people cast envious and jealous glances towards Wei Li Li’s father. This heavenly pie had actually fallen on him!

Unlike others’ regrets, Wei Li Li’s father still felt somewhat bewildered. Was he really being transferred back to Shanghai? What surprised him even more wasn’t the transfer itself but the fact that it was orchestrated by Young Master Wei Chen. Given Old Master Wei’s recent attitude, Young Master Wei Chen was still the heir in his heart. Having his daughter recognized by Young Master Wei Chen now might mean that in the future, when Young Master Wei Chen took control of the Wei family, it could be his time to rise.

And that was why others envied him.

Wei Li Li didn’t understand why her father was so happy, nor did she understand why her usually reprimanding mother suddenly kissed her. She looked around at the scene, everyone wearing smiles, yet she sensed an underlying ambiguity that eluded her understanding.

Wei Hua and Wei Yan treated it as a spectacle. After the excitement had died down, their hearts remained unperturbed as they entered the dining hall with smiles.

With Old Master Wei taking his seat, the Wei family’s New Year’s dinner officially began.

Wei Chen’s seating position was somewhat delicate. Logically, as Wei Zhenxiong’s son, he should have been seated lower, but the arrangement was deliberately strategic. Wei Chen was placed beside Old Master Wei, bypassing Wei Zhenxiong’s position.

Because of Wei Chen’s placement, Chen Li naturally sat beside him.

Old Man Wei sat calmly, seemingly unconcerned about the unconventional seating arrangement. Wei Zhenxiong’s face didn’t display any sign of dissatisfaction, but that was expected. In such a setting, expressing discontent would have been undignified for Wei Zhenxiong.

Wei Chen appeared oblivious to his seating position and attentively helped Chen Li with serving the dishes.

The Wei family’s chefs were skilled, and all the dishes on the table were a delightful blend of colors, scents, and flavors. After the first bite, Chen Li’s eyes sparkled. He glanced at Wei Chen, then back at the array of dishes.

Without words, Wei Chen grasped Chen Li’s intention. Where Chen Li’s gaze landed, Wei Chen’s chopsticks followed suit—a perfect unspoken understanding.

Amidst this silent exchange, Old Man Wei seemed to have turned a blind eye. The other guests focused on their food, seemingly unrelated to Wei Chen and Chen Li’s actions. After Old Man Wei finished his meal, he departed, and shortly thereafter, Wei Zhenxiong followed suit.

With Old Man Wei gone, the atmosphere in the dining hall became more lively.

Though Wei Chen remained present, he seemed to inhabit a different world with Chen Li. He appeared disinterested in his surroundings, and as a result, the others paid him little attention. After all, a New Year’s feast was meant to be cheerful and festive.

The mood was upbeat, but many people’s perceptions of Wei Chen underwent another shift. If the minor disturbance before the New Year’s dinner hadn’t already indicated Wei Chen’s standing in Old Man Wei’s heart, the seating arrangement certainly did.

Old Man Wei was a man who valued tradition. Normally, seating at the dinner table followed a hierarchical structure, based on age and seniority. However, today everyone saw that Old Man Wei disregarded tradition and had Wei Chen, his grandson, seated in a position above Wei Zhenxiong, his own son.

Didn’t this clearly indicate that Wei Chen’s status in Old Man Wei’s heart was higher than that of his own son, Wei Zhenxiong?

Everyone at the table grinned and laughed, but each held their own thoughts, not for public discussion, yet with a certain understanding shared among them.

Not long after Old Man Wei retired to his room, Wei Zhenxiong knocked on his door.

Old Man Wei wasn’t surprised. “Come in,” he said and continued reading the documents in his hands.

“Father,” Wei Zhenxiong respectfully stood beside Old Man Wei and greeted him.

“Hmm,” Old Man Wei acknowledged with a nod, his demeanor not particularly warm.

“Father, I…” Wei Zhenxiong began, but Old Man Wei raised his hand to interrupt him.

“I know what you’re about to say.” As he spoke, Old Man Wei handed a document to Wei Zhenxiong.

Wei Zhenxiong’s gaze fell upon the document—a mere notice of personnel appointment. The appointee was none other than Zhou Lili’s father, the man whom Wei Chen had earlier instructed to go to the headquarters in Shanghai.

“Father, what’s this?” Wei Zhenxiong didn’t understand the implication behind it.

“I’ve always trusted Wei Chen’s decisions. He won’t let anyone incompetent enter the company, even if he has complete authority,” Old Master Wei explained.

“He already knew this person would join the headquarters?” Wei Zhenxiong asked, a touch of reluctance in his tone. He thought this arrangement was discussed between Old Master Wei and Wei Chen.

“That’s what makes Wei Chen remarkable,” Old Master Wei understood Wei Zhenxiong’s thoughts. “Though he’s currently developing in the capital, he’s well aware of everything concerning the Wei family. He knows every branch of the Wei family, who is in which position, and who is suitable for which role. Do you really think, with Wei Chen’s personality, he would let this person into the company without understanding their background and abilities, just because his daughter pointed out some matters?”

Even Old Master Wei found this notion incredible. He even felt that Wei Chen now held the Wei family in his grasp. As long as Wei Chen wanted, the Wei family was his.

Of course, this was just a fleeting thought of Old Master Wei’s. He remained the controller of the Wei family. He was well aware of who held the reins right now. Wei Chen was impressive, but he hadn’t reached the point of being completely beyond his surveillance.

This was Old Master Wei’s confidence and trust in Wei Chen. Wei Zhenxiong found himself at a loss for words after Old Master Wei’s explanation. The Wei family in the capital had already consumed much of his attention, leaving little room to focus on the headquarters.

Therefore, at this moment, he couldn’t entirely believe Old Master Wei’s words. After all, Wei Chen was a person, not a deity. How could he manage so many things? His actions today were likely just what Old Master Wei had hinted at, a means to win people’s hearts.

“I understand,” Wei Zhenxiong replied, avoiding any mention of the seating arrangement during the New Year’s dinner.

Old Master Wei waved his hand, dismissing Wei Zhenxiong. Once Wei Zhenxiong’s figure disappeared behind the door, Old Master Wei let out a sigh. This was precisely why he had striven to nurture Wei Chen. His son could maintain the status quo, but he couldn’t infuse the Wei family with new energy and vitality, nor could he lead the Wei family towards a new era of greatness.

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