Chapter 144 – New Year’s Eve

A lively and bustling atmosphere filled the room during the New Year’s Eve feast. Just like others perceived it, Wei Chen and Chen Li seemed to create a world of their own. They were seemingly unaffected by the festive surroundings. Any single dog who dared to sit beside them would undoubtedly experience a significant critical hit.

Of course, there were people who wanted to come up and toast Wei Chen or establish a connection with him. However, upon reaching Wei Chen’s table and witnessing his interaction with Chen Li, they halted in their tracks. The connection between these two was so strong that outsiders couldn’t penetrate. Trying to force their way in would only evoke a sense of guilt.

The individuals who had intended to toast them took a quick glance and then returned to their own seats, engaging in merry conversations with others.

Wei Hua and Wei Yan also received toasts, but they managed to evade them skillfully. One used humor to deflect, and the other found an excuse, successfully avoiding even a single sip of alcohol.

“I’m full,” Chen Li’s gaze rested on the dish that Wei Chen had offered him with his chopsticks. Despite the dish’s allure, his bloated stomach couldn’t accommodate any more.

Wei Chen laid down his chopsticks and playfully massaged Chen Li’s bloated belly, saying, “It’s round?”

Chen Li nodded earnestly, “Mmm.”

Wei Chen’s eyes sparkled with a smile, “Go for a walk to digest food.”

Chen Li continued nodding but remained seated without movement. He waited for Wei Chen to help him up. Wei Chen understood his intention, so he stood up first and extended his hand toward Chen Li. Chen Li obediently placed his hand in Wei Chen’s, and with a firm pull from Wei Chen, he stood up. Then, their fingers interlocked.

As they rose together, the entire dining hall fell silent. It was perplexing how a simple exit by Wei Chen could emanate such a commanding aura.

Only after the sticky couple had left did the dining hall regain its liveliness. There were drinking games and toasts, a lively and chaotic scene. However, everyone knew this merriment was merely a facade; after the new year passed, no one would remain.

Wei Hua found an excuse to leave the dining hall and never returned. By the time the festive feast concluded, it was nearly nine o’clock. Wei Hua wondered if Cookie had finished eating yet.

Wei Hua was tempted to send a text message to Cookie, but he resisted. He decided that New Year’s greetings should wait until midnight.

Gazing at the crescent moon overhead, he got lost in thought. A gust of evening wind made him shiver, prompting him to turn around and head back to the main building.

In the main building’s lobby, Wei Wei hid behind Fang Yun, only revealing his eyes as he watched Wei Chen.

He knew that his secret of orchestrating the incident with Chen Li’s stoning had been exposed. Now, Wei Chen was likely coming to confront him. Fortunately, Fang Yun was present at home. Wei Wei figured that if he stayed behind Fang Yun, Wei Chen wouldn’t confront him.

Indeed, Wei Chen didn’t reprimand Wei Wei. When he saw him, he paused for a moment and said, “After the New Year, I’ll arrange for a militarized youth training camp for Wei Wei. He can spend the next few years in that camp.”

Fang Yun knew the nature of this training camp. Wei Chen had spent his entire elementary school years in that camp. It was a harsh place where nothing was given without exacting a price. Wei Wei was still so young; how could he endure it?

“I won’t let him go,” Fang Yun’s brows furrowed tightly. Wei Wei was her precious child, and she couldn’t bear to see him suffer in the training camp.

Wei Chen didn’t argue with Fang Yun. He simply said, “This is my decision and also Grandfather’s.”

Upon hearing Old Master Wei’s stance, Fang Yun realized there was no room for negotiation. She understood that Wei Chen had influenced Old Master Wei’s decision. Otherwise, given Old Master Wei’s indulgence toward Wei Wei, he wouldn’t subject him to such hardships.

“Wei Chen, don’t use Old Master Wei to pressure me. If news spreads about how you mistreat your younger brother, you won’t benefit either,” Fang Yun stared at Wei Chen’s departing figure, her gaze carrying a sinister edge, as if Wei Chen was no longer her child, but her enemy.

Wei Chen’s footsteps hesitated as he climbed the stairs. He turned around, his icy gaze meeting Fang Yun’s hostile one. At this point, Wei Chen was unaffected by such glares.

“Mrs. Fang, as long as you have any understanding of what education is, I will not send Wei Wei to a training camp. The men of the Wei family have never been arrogant or domineering.” The term “Mom” had dissolved with the passing of his past life. Wei Chen didn’t hold any hope that Fang Yun would consider him a son again.

“Wei Chen!” Fang Yun watched Wei Chen turn without a hint of nostalgia. Something inside her seemed to break. She hysterically shouted his name, whether in anger or blame for Wei Chen’s decision to shape Wei Wei’s future without her consent, or perhaps as an attempt to hold on to something slipping away.

Wei Chen didn’t look back. Holding Chen Li’s hand, they disappeared into the darkness of the corner. Meanwhile, Fang Yun covered her face and cried in pain.

It was the first time Wei Wei had seen his mother cry so sorrowfully. He felt helpless, and he hadn’t quite understood the conversation between Wei Chen and his mother just now. However, a vague sense told him that his carefree days were coming to an end.

In a moment of self-pity, Wei Wei clung to Fang Yun’s hand and started crying too, wailing loudly in deep sorrow.

Wei Zhenxiong walked in, witnessing the sight of the mother and son sobbing. A fire ignited within him, adding to the irritation he had been harboring. He paced around the living room restlessly, unable to tolerate the crying any longer. He walked out without a word of consolation.

This New Year’s Eve was not as joyful as everyone had hoped. However, that was no longer relevant to Wei Chen and Chen Li. They returned to their room, changed clothes, and headed to the garage. Driving off in their car, they left.

In the course of time, the tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year’s Eve had evolved. It was no longer confined to a single approach. Many people preferred going out and joining lively crowds to welcome the arrival of the new year.

Wei Chen took Chen Li out to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. He remembered that in Shanghai, there was a square where numerous fireworks would illuminate the sky as the new year arrived. The pitch-black night sky combined with the colorful fireworks created the best palette for the Spring Festival.

The streets were lively tonight. Wei Chen’s car couldn’t even get close to that square. Looking at the massive crowd ahead, Wei Chen decided to change the location. Apart from avoiding unnecessary collisions while squeezing through, Chen Li didn’t enjoy being in such a crowded place.

Wei Chen turned the car around and headed with Chen Li to find another spot.

What had been an empty street during the day had turned into a flood of people during the night. In every well-known square, people gathered in masses, creating a bustling scene.

Wei Chen felt that taking Chen Li out to celebrate the New Year’s Eve was a mistake. They weren’t out here to celebrate the new year; they were here to watch over each other.

By the time Wei Chen considered returning home, he realized it was already past eleven o’clock, and the chimes of the new year were about to ring.

Without much thought, Wei Chen found a parking spot, helped Chen Li put on his coat, and they got out of the car. They were standing at a location directly across from the city’s tallest Pearl Tower. Multicolored lights shone from the tower, and neon lights around it added to the spectacle.

It seemed like a Spring Festival gala was happening under the tower. Singing and dancing filled the air. Wei Chen and Chen Li stood on the opposite bank of the river and could hear the joyful music.

As the clock’s hands moved closer to midnight, Wei Chen and Chen Li stood hand in hand by the riverside. The winter breeze cut through with a piercing chill, making both of them feel a bit cold. Yet, neither wanted to retract their hands; they held onto each other tightly, deriving warmth from each other.

From the Pearl Tower across the river, the countdown began. Wei Chen and Chen Li’s gazes fixed on the ascending numbers that would explode into view in the sky.



At the exact moment when the New Year’s chimes rang out, Wei Chen and Chen Li looked at each other as if they had agreed beforehand. Simultaneously, they uttered, “Happy New Year.”

Their gazes locked, and the multicolored lights from across the river illuminated their faces, causing their eyes to shine.

It’s uncertain who initiated it, but they both drew closer, their lips meeting fiercely in a passionate kiss that seemed to teeter between intense competition and deep affection.

The songs and dances from the other side of the river continued, and under the reflection of the colorful lights, Wei Chen and Chen Li’s embracing figures appeared as if they were merging into one.

After what felt like an eternity, they finally broke apart, foreheads touching. Both had smiles of contentment in their eyes.

“Li Li, Happy New Year.”
“Ah Chen, Happy New Year.”

In the distance, uniquely-shaped fireworks erupted into the sky with a loud bang. The pitch-black night was ignited, marking the beginning of a new year for the Chinese people.

At the same time, as the clock struck midnight, Wei Hua sent a New Year’s greeting to Cookie, accurately timed.

“Cookie, Happy New Year.” Almost immediately after sending the message, Cookie responded. “Happy New Year.” It wasn’t just about Cookie replying; it was also about Cookie timing his message to greet Wei Hua.

This realization eased the tension in Wei Hua’s expression, and he quickly typed out another message on his phone.

“Dear, do you also time your New Year’s greetings for me? I can only accept a ‘yes’ in response. Please answer cautiously.”

Seeing this message all the way in the capital, Cookie couldn’t help but curl his lips.

“I time-greeted multiple people, don’t overthink it.” That’s how he responded, but truthfully, Cookie had only sent a message to Wei Hua at this exact time. It wasn’t his habit to send New Year’s greetings, but today was an exception. He had been waiting for Wei Hua’s message while also timing his own greeting.

Of course, Cookie would never admit to any of this.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai, Wei Hua simply ignored the words “group send” and grinned like a fool. He then typed out another string of messages on his phone.

“The new year has arrived, it’s late. Rest early and when I return to the capital, let’s go on a date~” He added a very alluring waving emoji at the end.

After seeing this message, Cookie silently put away his phone and turned back to his room. He intended to ignore Wei Hua, but he didn’t refuse the idea of a date.

Perhaps Cookie hadn’t noticed, or perhaps he was intentionally ignoring it. Wei Hua, on the other hand, took Cookie’s lack of response as a positive affirmation.

That night, Wei Hua tossed and turned, sleep eluding him due to excitement.

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