Chapter 239 – Re-election of Leaders

After everyone had gathered, the village chief directly informed them that the village had received a notice stating that they would be receiving several educated youths this year. They needed to be prepared to welcome them when they arrived.

Due to the fact that Lu Xia and Su Man, along with a few others, had built their own houses and moved out, the current accommodations at the educated youth spot should be temporarily sufficient.

However, the leader of the educated youth spot had to be re-elected.

After all, Zhao Hua had moved away after marrying Shi Chunyan, so it wasn’t quite suitable for him to continue as the male leader of the educated youths.

And Sun Shengnan had also moved to a new place, not as close to the educated youth spot as Lu Xia and the others, making it inconvenient if someone needed to reach her in case of an emergency.

Therefore, both the male and female leaders needed to be re-elected.

However, the village chief didn’t directly decide who should become the leaders. Instead, he let these educated youths decide among themselves.

In reality, selecting the leaders wasn’t an easy task. To be honest, most of these individuals had their own hidden agendas. Being a leader did indeed have its advantages, and it would also be beneficial for future urban evaluations.

But being a leader came with numerous responsibilities, both major and minor, which could be quite bothersome. It can be said that there were pros and cons to the role.

However, currently, there weren’t many educated youths left at the educated youth spot, especially female ones. Only Shen Qingqing, Cheng Yujiao, and Zhou Lai’er were there. Shen Qingqing was young and inexperienced, not to mention the other two didn’t really seem like leader material. Who could they really manage?

Nevertheless, the village chief had summoned all these educated youths who hadn’t married locals, probably indicating that they were also welcome to participate.

However, just as he had mentioned earlier, Sun Shengnan lived too far away, which was indeed inconvenient. So, when it came to female educated youths, only Lu Xia and Su Man could be considered.

Su Man evidently had also thought about this, so she spoke up proactively, “I can’t do it. I have a bad temper, I’m not good at taking care of people, and I can’t manage them either. For the female educated youths’ leader, I choose Lu Xia.”

Lu Xia was taken aback. She hadn’t expected Su Man to value her this much, directly suggesting her name. It seemed like being the tallest among dwarves.

However, she declined as well, “I can’t either. I have to take care of my child. I probably won’t be as attentive to the educated youth spot. I think it’s better to choose Sister Shengnan. Although she lives far, she’s accustomed to it already. If there’s anything, it’s not difficult to approach her.”

As a result, Sun Shengnan shook her head too. She didn’t want to take on the role either. After all these years of thankless effort, she was tired.

“No, I’m not up for it. I don’t live around the educated youth spot anymore, and I wouldn’t be readily available in case of emergencies. You should choose someone else.”

Seeing all three of them refusing, everyone didn’t know what to say. Zhou Lai’er and Cheng Yujiao were interested, but the others wouldn’t agree.

The village chief, observing the situation, suggested, “Then let’s start by selecting the male educated youths’ leader.”

This was easier to decide. There were only a few male educated youths, and their informal leader was usually evident. So, it was a mere formality to appoint Gu Xiangnan.

Gu Xiangnan didn’t decline; he accepted the role directly.

Then the attention shifted back to the female educated youths. Seeing that no one wanted the position, the village chief said, “Well, for now, let Educated Youth Sun lead temporarily. If someone else wants to take over later, we can make the switch.”

Sun Shengnan hesitated upon hearing this, but looking at everyone’s attitudes, she sighed. She was about to agree, but then Lu Xia spoke up, “How about letting Educated Youth Gu be responsible as well?”

Upon hearing her suggestion, everyone turned to look at her.

Lu Xia voiced her idea directly, “I don’t think we necessarily need to choose two leaders. While having a male and female leader might be more convenient, having just one leader is fine too. Let’s make Educated Youth Gu the overall leader of the educated youth spot. We don’t need to distinguish between male and female. If there’s anything, we can approach him.”

After hearing her words, everyone seemed to be lost in thought.


Chapter 240 – Arrival of New Educated Youths


After listening, Village Chief Liu pondered for a moment and said, “That works too. How does Educated Youth Gu feel about this?”

Gu Xiangnan thought for a moment and nodded, “If everyone agrees, I’m willing.”

Cheng Yujiao immediately chimed in, “Of course, I agree. I’m willing to have Brother Xiangnan as the leader of the educated youth spot!”

Gu Xiangnan ignored her and looked at the others. Seeing their nods, he also gave his consent.

“Alright, since everyone trusts me, I’ll take on the role of the leader of the educated youth spot. If anyone has any issues in the future, feel free to come to me, and I’ll do my best to help.”

“Great!” The educated youths applauded upon hearing this.

With the leader selected, the matter was settled, and everyone went back to their respective homes.

Before leaving, Lu Xia noticed Sun Shengnan smiling in gratitude towards her.

It was probably her way of thanking Lu Xia for suggesting the idea. Clearly, Sun Shengnan was eager to avoid taking on the role again.

Lu Xia returned the smile. She genuinely believed that having two leaders was unnecessary. The educated youth spot couldn’t possibly have so many matters to attend to.

However, on her way home, Lu Xia couldn’t help but think about the influx of new educated youths that the village was expecting. She sighed; not long ago, they had mentioned how peaceful the educated youth spot had become. Little did she expect that new arrivals would come so soon.

The new batch of educated youths arrived swiftly, not long after the Village Chief informed them of their impending arrival.

This time seemed to be earlier than the previous ones.

On that day, Lu Xia was at home feeding the chickens and holding Kang Kang when she heard the sound of ox carts coming from the direction of the educated youth spot. Before long, Gu Xiangnan hurried back.

As he passed by her yard and saw her inside, he nodded, saying, “The new educated youths have arrived. The Village Chief asked me to arrange things.”

Lu Xia nodded as well, “Then you should go handle that quickly, so they don’t have to wait.”

As a result, not long after, Gu Xiangnan came over again, “Lu Xia, could you please go and help the female educated youths with the arrangements? I’m not in a good position to do so.”

Lu Xia didn’t refuse at his request and temporarily set aside what she was doing. “Sure, I’ll go over.”

Saying that, she carried Kang Kang and headed over.

Upon arriving, she noticed that two male educated youths were already moving things into one of the houses at the educated youth spot. On the other hand, three young girls stood at the doorway of another house, looking unsure of what to do.

Gu Xiangnan approached them and introduced, “These two comrades are Shen Yifan from the southern province and Yang Weidong. And these three are Feng Zhenzhu from Shanghai, Li Yalan, and Wang Wenpei from Suzhou.”

Lu Xia was surprised by this, she hadn’t expected this batch of educated youths to all come from the southern regions. The journey from the north to the south must have taken quite a few days.

However, this wasn’t the time to dwell on that. Lu Xia smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Lu Xia, also an educated youth.”

The educated youths greeted her politely but looked quite exhausted.

Seeing their condition, Lu Xia continued, “I assume the journey here must have been tiring for all of you. Let’s skip the small talk for now. Why don’t we start by organizing your things and resting a bit? Once everyone comes back from work in the evening, we can get to know each other better.”

Gu Xiangnan also smiled and added, “That’s a good idea. Lu Xia, you can take care of the girls’ side.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Sure, you go on and take care of your tasks.”

Saying that, she led the three girls into the house designated for female educated youths.

“Our educated youth spot has only two houses. It’s convenient that they are separated for males and females. This one is for the girls. Currently, there are only three female educated youths left here, so you should have plenty of space.”

Pointing to one of the rooms, she continued, “This room is for one person, and the room over there is for two people. You can decide how to allocate the rooms.”

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