Chapter 241 – Room Allocation

Upon hearing her words, the three of them looked puzzled and didn’t move. Finally, Feng Zhenzhu stepped forward and asked, “Lu Xia, how do we divide the rooms with only two available? Aren’t we supposed to have one room per person?”

Lu Xia was momentarily taken aback by her question, then she smiled and said, “Oh, no, there are only two rooms here, not enough for everyone to have their own. You can go inside and take a look.”

With that, she opened the door to Shen Qingqing’s room.

After entering, they all widened their eyes, “Wow, why is this bed so big?”

Lu Xia chuckled, “I forgot, you all come from the south. You probably haven’t seen a kang bed before, have you? This is a kang, not a regular bed. In the harsh winters of the northeastern region, regular beds don’t work. But with a kang, you can light a fire underneath and it becomes warm, making it comfortable to sleep on.”

Lu Xia offered a simple explanation, but the few of them were still finding it hard to adjust.

Especially Feng Zhenzhu. Coming from a relatively well-off background and being well-dressed, she immediately voiced her dissatisfaction, “Sleeping together with others? That’s really uncomfortable! I’ve never done that before!”

Lu Xia wasn’t offended, “Yes, I felt the same before coming here. But there’s no other choice. It’s how things are in the countryside. And actually, you’re much better off now. At one point, we had five people squeezed into one space. Turning over was a challenge.”

The others’ faces turned pale upon hearing this. After some hesitation, and seeing that there was little room for change, Li Yalan started to persuade Feng Zhenzhu. They seemed to know each other from before. Eventually, Li Yalan managed to sway Feng Zhenzhu’s opinion, and she reluctantly agreed to stay.

Lu Xia chuckled to herself. Could they really refuse and leave? It seemed they hadn’t fully grasped the reality yet.

However, Lu Xia didn’t say anything. They would figure things out on their own sooner or later.

Before long, the three of them were settled. With the newcomers, there were now six female educated youths in total, neatly dividing into two groups of three.

Li Yalan and Feng Zhenzhu shared Shen Qingqing’s room, while Wang Wenpei stayed with Zhou Lai’er and Cheng Yujiao in the other room.

Observing Wang Wenpei, Lu Xia assumed she had a relatively quiet and gentle personality. She wondered if she would be able to tolerate the quirky personalities of Cheng Yujiao and Zhou Lai’er.

Just then, Li Yalan suddenly asked, “By the way, Lu Xia, which room are you in?”

Lu Xia snapped back to reality, “Me? I don’t live here!”

“Ah? Why, didn’t you say that there are only two houses in the educated youth spot?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Yes, that’s correct. But after I got married, I built my own house and moved out. If you want to have your own place, you can build a house with your own money. Just apply to the village. Several other educated youths have done the same.”

Feng Zhenzhu became interested upon hearing this, “Really? Can we build our own houses and live independently? How much money would we need?”

“The exact amount depends on how big you want it to be, but around a little over a hundred to less than two hundred should be enough!”

“Oh, that’s quite a sum! If I decide to build, I’ll have to write to my family first!” Feng Zhenzhu muttered.

Li Yalan, on the other hand, didn’t show much reaction. Hearing that Lu Xia was already married, there was a hint of disdain in her eyes. Lu Xia was so pretty, she had initially thought of her as a significant competitor. Yet, she had married a countryside man. It seemed her looks were wasted; she was destined to stay in the countryside.

“I didn’t expect that Lu Xia, who looks so young, is already married. Is this child yours? So adorable! It doesn’t seem very old. Also, Lu Xia, you’re not working right now. Looks like your in-laws treat you quite well.”

Lu Xia sensed that Li Yalan seemed to be implying something beneath her words, and she couldn’t help but chuckle. Still, she nodded, “The child is not even four months old. My partner is indeed treating me well. He doesn’t want me to work.”

Li Yalan’s inner disdain grew, but she still spoke, “That’s really nice. In fact, for those of us educated youths who can’t handle farm work, getting married is a good choice. At least, we won’t have to toil so much.”

Lu Xia didn’t even bother responding to her, just nodded and said nothing.

Li Yalan thought she had hit a nerve and sneered slightly, not saying anything else.

Seeing that their belongings were mostly in place, Lu Xia gave them a brief overview of the layout of the educated youth spot and didn’t stay much longer.

Kang Kang was getting sleepy, and she needed to go back to put him to bed.


Chapter 242 – Personalities of the New Educated Youths


However, just from this initial meeting, she had roughly analyzed the personalities of these educated youths.

Of course, this was only for the female educated youths.

She hadn’t interacted much with the male educated youths, but from a glance, they both seemed to be typical southerners. Their stature wasn’t tall, and they looked rather slender, quite different from the sturdy and tall figures of the northern people.

Shen Yifan caught her eye immediately with his scholarly appearance. Wearing glasses and dressed like an intellectual, he seemed a bit out of place due to his youth, almost having a somewhat pretty-boy vibe.

As for Yang Weidong, there wasn’t much to discern. His looks were ordinary, suggesting a modest background.

Turning to the female educated youths, Feng Zhenzhu appeared to come from a well-off family, pampered perhaps. Her personality seemed quite naive. Li Yalan just said a few words and made her change her attitude. She appeared easily influenced, someone who could be manipulated.

Regarding Li Yalan, it was evident that her family’s circumstances were modest. She, however, had a rather complex nature. In contrast to Feng Zhenzhu’s open and bold appearance, she had the appearance of a delicate flower, seemingly easy to misunderstand.

As for Wang Wenpei, Lu Xia hadn’t exchanged many words with her, but she could tell that Wang Wenpei was not ordinary. While Feng Zhenzhu’s good background was evident, Wang Wenpei’s external appearance seemed quite common. Yet, there wasn’t a single patch on her attire, and her overall demeanor was different. She carried an air of elegance, almost like a young lady, and she had a gentle appearance.

One could say that the new female educated youths who had arrived this time were quite good-looking. Lu Xia could only hope that they would behave themselves and cause fewer problems at the educated youth spot.

In the evening, after Jiang Junmo finished work, he quickly freshened up and took Kang Kang with him to the educated youth spot. The plan was to gather together because of the newcomers and pool their money to buy some meat—a sort of welcome feast.

Lu Xia realized how much time had passed since their initial arrival. Nearly two years had gone by since they came to the countryside. She had transformed from a young girl into a mother.

Thinking about this, she exchanged a glance with Jiang Junmo and saw his complex expression. He probably felt a mixture of emotions as well. Soon, both of them smiled, communicating their thoughts without saying a word.

Li Yalan witnessed this scene when she came out.

It’s safe to say that she noticed Jiang Junmo first, after all, it was the first time she had seen such an outstanding-looking man.

For a moment, she nearly believed her prince charming had appeared out of nowhere, then her attention shifted to the child in his arms.

It felt… somewhat familiar?

Following his gaze, she then noticed Lu Xia by his side.

Their eye contact appeared quite intimate, and it was evident that their relationship was far from simple.

Suddenly, Li Yalan felt a bit uncomfortable, so she directly spoke up, “Lu Xia, you’re here, and who is this?”

By this point, she had regained her composure. Therefore, Lu Xia hadn’t caught the earlier look in her eyes. Upon hearing the question, Lu Xia simply smiled and said, “This is my partner, Jiang Junmo.”

Upon hearing this answer, even though she had anticipated it, Li Yalan couldn’t help but feel a tad disappointed. She swiftly regained her composure and greeted Jiang Junmo, “So, you’re Brother Jiang. I didn’t expect you to be here as well. Welcome to the educated youth spot. I’m a newcomer, Li Yalan, from Shanghai.”

Hearing her words, Lu Xia raised an eyebrow. It seemed she had misunderstood something, and the way she addressed Jiang Junmo wasn’t quite right either.

Jiang Junmo, on the other hand, furrowed his brows slightly, “Hello, Li Yalan. I’m an educated youth as well. No need for the welcome.”

After his response, he didn’t pay her further attention and turned to Lu Xia, saying, “Shall we go and see if they need any help?”

Lu Xia nodded, not bothering with Li Yalan any longer, and walked over with Jiang Junmo to where the old educated youths were.

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