Chapter 303 – The Indestructible Cannon Fodder

As a result, upon approaching, they heard Zhuang Hongmei shouting at the top of her lungs, “Let go of me! Su Man, are you crazy? Why did you pull me?”

Seeing this, the women from the village quickly intervened, saying, “Educated Youth Su, what’s going on? Did the Chen family’s daughter-in-law offend you again?”

“Yes, tell us what’s happening in front of everyone! We’ll mediate…”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Since Zhuang Hongmei had a criminal record before, seeing that Su Man was so angry at the moment, although she didn’t hit anyone, everyone thought that Zhuang Hongmei would not end well. But since she was now a part of the village, they still tried to mediate the situation.

At this moment, amidst the commotion, a thin, elderly woman walked over.

Glancing at the still resisting Zhuang Hongmei and the seemingly angry Su Man, she questioned, “Educated Youth Su, what has my daughter-in-law done to you this time? You even disregarded her pregnancy?”

“My daughter-in-law is over eight months pregnant and about to give birth. If anything happens to my grandson, I won’t spare you!”

At this, Zhuang Hongmei also spoke up, “What have I done to offend you, Su Man? Are you out of your mind? Why are you causing trouble for no reason?”

Upon hearing this, Su Man’s expression grew colder. With the increasing crowd around her, she understood that she couldn’t take Zhuang Hongmei away at that moment.

So, she looked at Zhuang Hongmei coldly and said, “Are you sure you haven’t done something to offend me?”

Zhuang Hongmei’s eyes shifted uneasily upon hearing this question. She started feeling anxious. However, she straightened her posture and confidently replied, “No!”

A faint smile played on Su Man’s lips, a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Is that so? Then where is my admission notice?”

Before Zhuang Hongmei could respond, her face turned pale, and her body began to tremble involuntarily. It was over; she realized it – Su Man had discovered the truth.

Seeing Zhuang Hongmei’s reaction, Su Man knew she had guessed right. Her admission notice had indeed been taken by Zhuang Hongmei.

Driven by immediate anger, Su Man slapped Zhuang Hongmei across the face without hesitation. Caught off guard, Zhuang Hongmei stumbled and fell to the ground. Mrs. Chen hurried to her side, fearing for her grandson’s well-being.

Seeing Su Man’s actions, the village chief and others who were dividing money nearby also stopped and approached.

Meanwhile, Lu Xia and the other educated youths had been following to watch the commotion ever since Su Man dragged Zhuang Hongmei away. They had heard about the admission notice incident but were unaware of the details.

Observing the situation, Lu Xia began to speculate. Could it be that Zhuang Hongmei had taken Su Man’s admission notice?

This could possibly explain why Su Man hadn’t received her admission notice. However, they didn’t expect to see Zhuang Hongmei, the seemingly indestructible one, reemerge.

Hadn’t Cheng Yujiao left?

Or was there still some connection between them?

Or could it be just their imagination?

As the village chief approached, Mrs. Chen confirmed that Zhuang Hongmei was unharmed and resumed berating Su Man.

“You unruly girl! If something happens to my grandson, I’ll make sure you regret it! You wicked-hearted thing, your heart is too cold!”

“Enough!” The village chief intervened as the scolding grew intolerable. Mrs. Chen closed her mouth, but her resentment towards Su Man remained evident.

Turning to Su Man, the village chief inquired, “Educated Youth Su, what’s going on? What did Chen Er’s wife do to you this time? Speak up. We’re here to mediate. You can’t just resort to violence privately!”


Chapter 304 – The Admission Notice was Stolen by Zhuang Hongmei


Although the village chief claimed to mediate on Su Man’s behalf, it was evident from his tone that he leaned towards Zhuang Hongmei. After all, this whole situation had been stirred up by her actions, and it wasn’t pleasant for everyone to be standing outside in the cold weather.

Su Man realized this as well, but she didn’t mind. Since she was certain it was Zhuang Hongmei, there was nothing she couldn’t say.

Looking at the village chief, she spoke, “Village Chief, I’m sorry for taking up everyone’s time, but this situation isn’t my fault! I was just frustrated. I only recently found out that Zhuang Hongmei impersonated me and took my admission notice. She made me believe I hadn’t been accepted into university.”

“After inquiring at the post office, I learned that my admission notice had actually arrived a long time ago. If not for the mailman remembering, I would have been completely deceived!”

As her words fell, the villagers couldn’t believe their ears.

“What? Educated Youth Zhuang actually impersonated Educated Youth Su and took her admission notice?”

“Oh my goodness! Isn’t this ruining Educated Youth Su? That’s her identity as a university student.”

“Exactly, if she hadn’t received the admission notice, Educated Youth Su might have thought she didn’t get into university!”

Among the educated youths, there was even more astonishment.

“What? Educated Youth Su got accepted too?”

“Goodness gracious! So admission notices can be taken by others? That’s a university student’s identity.”

“Yeah, it’s terrifying. How can people be like this?”

Meanwhile, Lu Xia understood the situation well. She had already guessed what had happened, but she hadn’t expected Su Man to actually discover Zhuang Hongmei’s actions. She also wondered if the admission notice was still intact; if it wasn’t, things could get complicated.

The village chief was equally surprised by the revelation and hurriedly questioned Zhuang Hongmei, “Chen Er’s wife, did you really take Educated Youth Su’s admission notice?”

“It wasn’t me, I didn’t take it!”

Zhuang Hongmei couldn’t possibly admit it. She believed she had been discreet enough.

She had been waiting at the village entrance for the mailman, asking each time whether there was an admission notice. She even took the initiative to introduce herself as “Su Man” and talked to the villagers in front of the mailman, revealing that she was also an educated youth, to make him believe she was indeed “Su Man.”

So when Su Man’s admission notice had arrived, Zhuang Hongmei, unsurprisingly, took it.

She had thought her plan was foolproof, but Su Man had discovered the truth so quickly.

However, Zhuang Hongmei refused to admit it; Su Man probably had no way to prove it.

Thinking this, Zhuang Hongmei’s resolve strengthened.

But Su Man’s frustration grew at Zhuang Hongmei’s stubbornness. She saw her look like a pig not afraid of boiling water.

Coldly, she said, “If you don’t admit it, that’s fine. I’ll report this to the police, let them investigate. The mailman should remember you; his testimony will determine who the real Su Man is!”

Saying this, she disregarded Zhuang Hongmei and went straight to push the nearby bicycle, intending to head to the town to report to the police.

Seeing her resolute attitude, the village chief deduced that the matter was likely true. He quickly stopped her and said, “Educated Youth Su, don’t rush. Let’s handle this within the village first. If you really got accepted, we need to retrieve the admission notice first. It’s not a small matter; it concerns your future.”

Su Man also stopped after hearing this. She also knew that the most important thing right now was the admission notice.

So she pushed the bicycle over to see what the village chief was going to do.

The village chief said to Zhuang Hongmei: “Chen Er’s wife, if you did take it, return it now. This isn’t a trivial issue; it’s about Educated Youth Su’s future. Don’t play around!”

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  1. It’s such shame that people who earned their admission notice yet had them stolen by others, and were even unaware of it, actually happened in history. It’s truly the fault of the mailman and post office, though, since they should have been verifying people’s identities through proper identification before giving away an admission notice.

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