Chapter 301 – Ticket for Five Days Later

During this period, another educated youth in the educated youth spot received an admission notice.

It was Gu Xiangnan.

He had been accepted to Beijing University of Political Science and Law, and was probably planning to pursue a career in politics after graduation.

After that, Li Aiguo also received an admission notice. He got into a local university in their province. Although it wasn’t very well-known, it was still an undergraduate program, which was quite good.

This made the other educated youths envious.

But everyone knew that Li Aiguo had been a teacher before and had never stopped studying over the years. So his success was expected.

The reason he chose a university within the province instead of their hometown was that he couldn’t bear to leave his daughter behind. He planned to leave his daughter to his in laws for care, and he could come back often to see her.

This decision pleased both the villagers and the Wu family.

After these three admission notices were delivered, the village didn’t receive any further news for several days. The mailman didn’t come again, leaving the eagerly awaiting educated youths disappointed.

Even Lu Xia was puzzled. Why hadn’t Su Man’s notice arrived?

In theory, since she knew about the college entrance exams in advance, she should have started studying early. The possibility of her failing the exams should be very low.

Moreover, she had applied to Tsinghua University, a school on par with Peking University. She must have been confident in getting in, right?

Why hadn’t her notice arrived?

Not only Lu Xia was confused, Su Man herself was also puzzled.

However, she thought that perhaps she hadn’t done well in the political subjects. After all, she wasn’t from this era, and she had trouble understanding some of the ideologies. So, she might not have performed well in that subject.

She had already thought that Tsinghua University was a long shot. She wondered if she might be assigned to a less prestigious university. Was that why her admission notice hadn’t come yet?

With these thoughts in mind, Su Man waited a few more days.

But eventually, Sun Shengnan’s admission notice arrived.

Sun Shengnan had been accepted to a vocational college located in the same province as Liu Jun’s. Although it was a vocational college, she was still happy. She had thought she might not be able to get in at all.

She never expected to actually pass!

Lu Xia was also happy for her and went to congratulate her in person.

However, the mood among the other educated youths wasn’t as cheerful. After Sun Shengnan, no more admission notices arrived. This meant that the rest of them, including those hoping for vocational college acceptance, hadn’t succeeded.

Some were disappointed, while others were determined to try again next time.

At that moment, Su Man began to realize that something was off.

Her expression darkened as she recalled the incidents she had seen decades in the future—people using others’ names to claim admission notices and attend university. She realized that she might be facing a similar situation.

Taking a deep breath, she decided that she would investigate who was daring enough to do such a thing.

However, Lu Xia was no longer focused on Su Man’s situation. Their departure date had been set for five days later.

It was a bit challenging to find tickets at this time. Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo had gone several days in advance to purchase tickets, and they managed to get tickets for five days later. With only eight days left until the New Year, three days after they arrived back home would be the New Year’s Day.

Though it was a bit rushed, there was no choice. Otherwise, they would have to wait until after the New Year.

So, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were currently busy packing. They didn’t plan to bring too much with them.

Since they were traveling with a child, taking a bus wouldn’t be convenient. They decided to send larger items like clothes and blankets directly back home if they weren’t willing to part with them.

They also decided to give away things like pickled vegetables, tables, chairs, and benches that they couldn’t take with them.

Lu Xia directly gave the pickled vegetables to Aunt Cuiyun and the people at the educated youth spot, and they gladly accepted the pickled vegetables. They knew Lu Xia’s pickles were delicious, and since they didn’t plan to leave anytime soon, they would enjoy them.

They kept enough rice, flour, and oil for the next few days, and packed away everything else.

Once the packing was mostly done and everything was sorted out, their home felt empty…


Chapter 302 – A Major Event Occurred


As Lu Xia looked around the home they had lived in for four years, she couldn’t help feeling sentimental and reluctant to leave.

The yard was still piled with firewood, probably more than they would ever need. A few chickens met their fate when Jiang Junmo took the opportunity to catch and prepare them while Lu Xia was out with Kang Kang.

By the time Kang Kang realized the chickens were missing, the chicken meat was already in their bellies.

Of course, they didn’t let him know.

Now, only the bicycle remained and couldn’t be taken along.

The village head, Village Chief Liu, had come over earlier and inquired about buying the bicycle from them. He offered a price equivalent to the black market value.

However, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t ask for that much. They only asked for 150 yuan for the bike, which greatly pleased Village Chief Liu.

Even though the bicycle was secondhand and had been ridden for years, they hadn’t considered the cost of the tickets, so it ended up being a loss for them.

However, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t mind.

Village Chief Liu mentioned to them while pushing the bicycle away that the house was supposed to be left to the village after they left. But he had discussed it with the villagers and decided to let them keep the house for now, hoping they could visit often.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo understood. They had been accepted to top-tier universities, and it was clear they had a promising future. This was a pre-emptive gesture of goodwill from the village.

But both of them knew they probably wouldn’t be able to return in the future.

Yet, they didn’t outright decline the village chief’s offer. Rejecting it directly would be rejecting the villagers’ goodwill, and that seemed a bit too harsh.

So they just suggested that the village keep the house in their stead, and if anyone needed a place to stay, they could use it.

Village Chief Liu was even more satisfied with this arrangement and left after saying many kind words to them.

Later on, Lu Xia also sent her review materials and books from before to the educated youth spot. She even made a practice workbook for Shen Qingqing.

Shen Qingqing was extremely touched when she received them.

She had expected not to pass this time. Although she felt disappointed, she hadn’t given up and quickly regained her spirit for the next round of preparation.

The exam date for the next round had been announced as well, and it was only a few months away. So she had to work even harder. With these materials, she felt more confident.

Of course, the other educated youths were also happy. Their village had produced two students who were accepted to Peking University, which had already made them quite famous in the county.

Additionally, there were quite a few others from the village who had received admission notices.

Considering that many villages didn’t have any successful candidates and some towns only had one or two, having five or six successful candidates from their village was a cause for envy.

Many people came specifically to ask about their study methods and even approached Lu Xia to buy the review materials. However, Lu Xia didn’t sell them; she gave them to the remaining educated youths, earning their heartfelt gratitude.

To be honest, Lu Xia hadn’t thought much about it. After spending so many years together, she simply wished that everyone, regardless of their performance, could achieve what they wanted. After all, she hadn’t done much—just shared some review materials.

With everything prepared, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were ready to leave.

However, before they could depart, something significant happened in the village!

That day, after returning from the town, Su Man went straight to find Zhuang Hongmei in a huff.

Coincidentally, it was the time of the year when the village settled their yearly work points and distributed money. Everyone was at the threshing field, so when Su Man arrived, the whole village was present.

When Su Man arrived, she didn’t pay attention to the villagers’ reactions. She casually tossed her bicycle aside and immediately grabbed Zhuang Hongmei, who was chatting with someone else, and wanted to go in the direction of the town.

Her actions were so swift that the villagers didn’t even have a chance to react.

By the time they realized what was happening, Su Man and Zhuang Hongmei were already quite far away.

Everyone hurried to catch up.

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