Chapter 167 – Wei Yan’s Background

“Li Li, do you want me to go?” Wei Chen knew Chen Li’s intention, but deliberately asked.

Chen Li nodded and said, “I hope so.” His big eyes were sparkling with hope.

“Alright, I’ll go with you,” Wei Chen nodded and couldn’t help but ruffle Chen Li’s hair.

When Chen Li decided to join this group trip, Wei Chen had already decided to go with him.

Nothing can be accomplished overnight. Chen Li wanted to integrate into the group, which was right, but it wasn’t a good idea to rush him into such a collective all at once. Chen Li hadn’t had time to adapt, and it would surely lead to undesired outcomes.

With Wei Chen’s affirmative answer, Chen Li’s eyebrows and eyes curved, feeling joyful.

Wei Chen couldn’t resist bending down, capturing Chen Li’s lips, savoring the sweetness of his upturned mouth.

A gentle and tender atmosphere lingered between the two until Wei Chen’s phone rang. Reluctantly breaking away from Chen Li’s lips, he answered the call.

It was a call from Grandfather Wei. Wei Chen picked up the phone, not avoiding Chen Li’s presence, and directly talked to Grandfather Wei.

“Grandfather,” Wei Chen greeted.

“Yes,” Grandfather Wei responded, then asked again, “The company responsible for A Zone’s project was announced today.”

“I know,” Wei Chen was aware of the date. Since Grandfather Wei mentioned it now, Wei Chen wasn’t surprised.

“From the tone of your voice, it sounds like you’ve already guessed the responsible company,” Grandfather Wei’s mood was cheerful, and he was playing along with Wei Chen’s anticipation.

“I guessed right,” Wei Chen said. He did say that, but he had known the answer since the banquet at Wu Zhang’s. However, before everything was officially confirmed, unexpected changes could occur. That’s why Wei Chen hadn’t told Grandfather Wei.

Seeing Wei Chen’s indifferent attitude, Grandfather Wei immediately thought that Wei Chen had probably already made up his mind about this matter. Grandfather Wei felt proud of his grandson, but when he considered the three years of freedom that Wei Chen had gained, a slight frown appeared on his forehead.

“Achen, I won’t elaborate on the importance of this project to the Wei family. I’m getting old and lack energy. After you come back and complete this project, I’ll fulfill our wager,” Grandfather Wei said.

This was a tactical retreat, the only way Grandfather Wei could make Wei Chen return to the Wei family.

Wei Chen wasn’t naive; he understood Grandfather Wei’s intention behind this tactic. He had already anticipated it and had prepared a countermeasure.

“Grandfather,” Wei Chen said seriously and resolutely, “I’ve already handed over this project to Wei Yan. I believe he will complete it.”

“What!” The voice on the phone suddenly became louder. Obviously, Grandfather Wei didn’t expect Wei Chen to entrust the project in A Zone to Wei Yan. “Achen, I know you don’t want to stay in Shanghai right now, but the A Zone project is no child’s play. How can you entrust it to Wei Yan, that prodigal son?”

“Grandfather,” Wei Chen’s voice remained steady and low, “Trust me, and also trust Wei Yan.”

Grandfather Wei discerned Wei Chen’s determination, squinted his eyes, and though hesitant, he had already made a decision. If Wei Chen wouldn’t return, even if he had to do it himself, he wouldn’t hand the project to Wei Yan. Wei Yan was a wastrel, and entrusting him with this project would only lead to failure.

Wei Chen understood how Grandfather Wei was thinking. He said, “Grandfather, you’d better not intervene in this project.” Because even if you wanted to get involved, you wouldn’t know where to start.

Wei Chen didn’t explicitly state the latter sentence, but he knew that his grandfather would understand it.

At this moment, Grandfather Wei naturally wouldn’t believe Wei Chen’s words. After all, he had been in control for his whole life and had never been overshadowed by younger generations. This time wouldn’t be an exception.

The conversation between Grandfather Wei and Wei Chen naturally ended without agreement. Wei Chen didn’t fall for Grandfather Wei’s tactical retreat, so after Grandfather Wei hung up the phone, his brows furrowed tightly.

At this point, Grandfather Wei had to admit that Wei Chen had slipped from his grasp, and even from the Wei family’s control. It wasn’t a favorable situation, especially while he still had some power left and hadn’t completely grown old.

Housekeeper Zhang raised his hand and gently massaged the area above Grandfather Wei’s temples with moderate pressure, not saying a word.

“Old Zhang,” Grandfather Wei called.

“Sir, I’m here,” Housekeeper Zhang replied, maintaining the same pressure in his hands.

Grandfather Wei opened his mouth and suddenly realized he didn’t know what he wanted to say. He closed his eyes and pretended to doze off.

Housekeeper Zhang stood quietly behind Grandfather Wei without uttering a word.


After the announcement of the responsible company for the A Zone project, it caused quite a stir in the entire Shanghai. No one had expected that the Wei family would end up with this project. After all, the Wei family was considered the least likely candidate in their expectations.

So, when this unlikely company got the project, there were many hidden intricacies worth pondering.

Why did the Wei family, which wasn’t specialized in this field, receive the A Zone project? What kind of agreement did the Wei family have with Secretary Wu Zhang?

No one knew the answers, but these speculations remained unspoken, residing in a tacit understanding among the people.

Naturally, Chen Shihuai was dissatisfied with such an outcome. But could he confront Wu Zhang about it? Naturally not. Now, just seeing Wu Zhang made him feel extremely awkward. Having lost face twice in front of Wu Zhang, even if Chen Shihuai had the thickest skin, he wouldn’t approach him with a smile on his face anymore. If Wu Zhang could accept it, that would be fine. If not, the embarrassment would still fall on Chen Shihuai.

Of course, Chen Shihuai, who had been closely following the A Zone project, could naturally guess who the main contributor behind the Wei family’s success was.

Wei Chen, a young man merely twenty-four years old, overshadowed all the young generation in Shanghai. He even made the influential elder generation, accustomed to calling the shots, feel a great deal of pressure.

Comparing people will drive you mad; when comparing to Wei Chen, Chen Shihuai had to think of his own grandson. He could only sigh helplessly. If Chen Qing had half the excellence of Wei Chen, he would now be transferring the Chen family’s assets bit by bit to Chen Qing. However, in reality, Chen Qing couldn’t even measure up to half of Wei Chen’s capabilities.


To the outside world, the relationship between the Wei family and Secretary Wu was speculated in countless ways.

Being at the center of it all, Wei Yan naturally heard some whispers. Some people were subtly hinting at things in front of him, trying to figure out the reasons behind it and possibly use the Wei family’s connection with Secretary Wu.

However, Wei Yan remained tight-lipped about these matters. He didn’t have time for such discussions. After the Municipal Government of Shanghai announced the responsible company for the A Zone project, Wei Yan was plunged into an endless cycle of work.

Wei Chen trusted him, and Wei Yan couldn’t betray that trust.

Under the cover of night, Wei Yan returned home with his exhausted body. This home wasn’t the main residence of the Wei family but the one he bought with his first earnings after graduating from university. It wasn’t very large, but it was more than enough for him and his mother.

Wei Yan took out his keys and opened the door to find his mother sitting on the sofa, waiting for him. The living room light was on, and the soft yellow light made his mother’s face appear somewhat pallid.

Wei Yan’s mother was named Feng Cui’e. Their ancestors were simple peasants who toiled in the fields. Feng Cui’e was the first college graduate in their village, a blooming flower in the village. She was exquisitely beautiful, known throughout the neighboring villages.

The village believed that Feng Cui’e’s future would be bright. Even she thought that she would have a wonderful destiny. However, she crossed paths with Wei Yan’s father, Zhang Ze, the illegitimate son of the Wei family, who couldn’t even carry their surname.

Without a doubt, Zhang Ze was a smooth talker and had ways to charm women. Feng Cui’e, who had just arrived from the countryside, couldn’t resist Zhang Ze’s sweet words. Soon, she fell into the love trap that Zhang Ze set up. In their seemingly lovey-dovey life, she lost her way.

Yet, even until Wei Yan was born, Zhang Ze never gave Feng Cui’e a proper status. Even when Zhang Ze was beaten to death due to g*mbling, he didn’t marry Feng Cui’e.

Logically speaking, Grandfather Wei wouldn’t even recognize his illegitimate children, let alone accept Wei Yan as a grandchild from the Wei family.

However, Grandfather Wei not only acknowledged Wei Yan but also included his name in the Wei family genealogy.

This was something that baffled all members of the Wei family. Even Wei Yan himself didn’t understand why he had gained Grandfather Wei’s favor. At the age of fifteen, he changed his name from Feng Yan to Wei Yan, becoming one of the young masters of the Wei family in Shanghai.

Wei Yan slipped into his slippers and walked over to his mother. He smiled and said, “Mom, it’s so late. Why aren’t you asleep?”

Feng Cui’e was only around forty-five, but a life of hardship had made her look like a woman in her sixties. Half of her hair had turned white, and her face bore the marks of time. There was no trace of her youthful beauty.

Sitting upright on the sofa, Feng Cui’e’s back was slightly hunched, and her spirits seemed low. However, as she looked at Wei Yan, her eyes were full of reproach, and her stern gaze fell on him like a whip.

“Did you take over the Wei family’s work?” Feng Cui’e’s voice cut through the air like a stone scraping against a wall, sharp and grating.

“Yes,” Wei Yan boldly admitted, as he knew that Feng Cui’e’s words weren’t a question but an accusation.

With a sudden movement, Feng Cui’e stood up. A loud smack echoed as a slap landed on Wei Yan’s face, hard. The sound of the slap reverberated in the quiet living room.

Wei Yan lowered his head and didn’t say anything further.

“How many times have I told you? What business do you have meddling in the affairs of the Wei family?” Feng Cui’e stared coldly at Wei Yan, not like a mother looking at her son, but more like she was looking at an inanimate object.

Wei Yan remained silent, resisting Feng Cui’e’s words with his silence.

The atmosphere in the living room became tense.

Finally, a sigh from Wei Yan echoed in the room. His tone involuntarily softened, “Mom, it’s very late. You should rest.”

With that, he turned to go back to his own room.

He was tired, really tired.

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