Chapter 166 – I Will Go

The next morning, Wei Chen’s punctual biological clock awakened him from his slumber. When he opened his eyes, he found himself meeting Chen Li’s somewhat drowsy gaze.

Unexpectedly, Chen Li had woken up before Wei Chen today.

Seeing that Wei Chen was awake, Chen Li spoke in a somewhat dazed tone, “Achen, morning…”

“Morning.” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s messy and tousled hair and said, his palm warm as he placed it on Chen Li’s head. Chen Li felt like he had gained strength for the day with this gesture.

Chen Li leaned closer, rubbing his face against Wei Chen’s, showing his reluctance to get out of bed.

“You can sleep a bit more. I’ll wake you up when it’s time for breakfast,” Wei Chen responded to Chen Li’s gentle nuzzling. His morning voice carried a sexy huskiness.

However, today, Chen Li was particularly clingy. He didn’t let Wei Chen get up and instead placed his legs on Wei Chen’s lap, his arms encircling Wei Chen’s waist as he nestled himself into Wei Chen’s embrace.

A man’s willpower is usually weak in the morning, and it’s the time when reactions come most easily. Chen Li’s series of actions had already aroused Wei Chen.

Wei Chen lay on the bed, feeling a bit stiff, as Chen Li’s leg was in a somewhat delicate position, resting on Wei Chen’s lower abdomen.

“Li Li, I’ll get up first,” Wei Chen gritted his teeth, suppressing the restlessness within him. His voice husky, he spoke to Chen Li.

Chen Li disagreed and shifted his body. His thigh brushed against that area, causing Wei Chen to inadvertently let out a light gasp.

Chen Li was puzzled, his big eyes filled with confusion. The next moment, he felt a scorching sensation from his thigh’s inner side. He didn’t know what it was and wanted to reach out and touch, but Wei Chen quickly grabbed his hand. With a swift motion, Wei Chen flipped Chen Li onto his back and as he did so, that area rubbed against Chen Li’s body, an almost sweet torment for Wei Chen.

Curiosity and perplexity filled Chen Li’s eyes as he met Wei Chen’s restrained gaze. He felt like he had seen this look on Wei Chen’s face before, like every time they had been together, Wei Chen would wear this expression.

Achen, what is he holding back?

Chen Li couldn’t understand.

At this moment, Wei Chen truly didn’t know what Chen Li was thinking. He pressed Chen Li onto the bed, his voice becoming even huskier and more captivating.

“Li Li, lie down. I’m going to take a shower.” With that said, he leaped out of bed, not even bothering to put on indoor slippers, and fled into the bathroom, leaving Chen Li looking dazed.

Though it was spring now, the temperature was still a bit low. The cold water hitting his body caused Wei Chen to shiver, yet despite this, the heat within him remained difficult to quell.

With no other choice, Wei Chen once again sought help from his five fingers, his mind conjuring Chen Li’s face.

Half an hour later, Wei Chen emerged from the bathroom. Chen Li had already dressed and finished his morning routine in the living room bathroom, sitting on the bed waiting for Weichen.

Seeing Wei Chen, Chen Li hurriedly walked over, asking, “Achen, are you alright?”

Shaking his head, Wei Chen replied, “I’m fine.” But right after he spoke, Wei Chen sneezed loudly.

After half an hour of cold water exposure, he had caught a cold.

“You’ve caught a cold!” Chen Li exclaimed, unable to hide his deep concern.

“Yeah,” Wei Chen admitted, realizing he had indeed caught a cold. He said, “I’ll go downstairs later and buy some cold medicine.”

Hearing that Wei Chen would take medicine, Chen Li felt reassured, but he still couldn’t help but emphasize, “Make sure to take the medicine!”

Wei Chen nodded solemnly, “I will, for sure!”

Because Wei Chen spent half an hour in the bathroom, the time to prepare breakfast was severely shortened. Wei Chen could only toast a few slices of bread, fry two sunny-side-up eggs, pour two glasses of milk, and simply solve breakfast for both of them.

There was a 24-hour pharmacy downstairs in the residential area. Chen Li watched as Wei Chen went into the pharmacy, bought medicine, and after taking the medicine with water from a thermos, Chen Li finally felt at ease letting Wei Chen drive him to school.

Although Chen Li could already ride a bicycle, he still felt a bit uneasy about riding on the road. Wei Chen planned to find a day off to take Chen Li to a crowded place for a bike ride to see if he would adapt. If he did, then Chen Li could ride the bicycle to school. Chen Li didn’t oppose this plan; generally, he wouldn’t go against what Wei Chen said.

Wei Chen smoothly escorted Chen Li to school. When they arrived in the classroom, the classmates who had been noisy before were relieved to see that Chen Li had come to school despite the events of the previous day. However, in order not to make Chen Li nervous, these classmates didn’t dare to look directly at him. They could only observe Chen Li’s every move from the corner of their eyes. Chen Li acted as if he didn’t feel anything and walked to his seat.

On the desk, there were still small gifts and words of encouragement left by classmates. After Chen Li tidied up his things and sat down, he neatly wrote “thank you” beneath the words of encouragement. As for the gifts, Chen Li still didn’t accept them.

Soon, the bell for class rang, and the somewhat noisy classroom fell silent. Chen Li attentively listened to the lecture.

After Wei Chen left Chen Li’s classroom, he didn’t go directly to school. Instead, he headed to the office building and found the class supervisor for the class Chen Li was auditing.

“Mr. Wei Chen, do you need something?” The class supervisor was a doctoral student and knew Wei Chen. After all, Chen Li was in his class.

Wei Chen didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “I’d like to invite the students in your class on a trip. They can choose the destination.”

The class supervisor was somewhat surprised. “Mr. Wei Chen, why is that?”

Wei Chen said, “To thank them for taking care of Chen Li.” He had heard from Zhuge Yu later about what happened yesterday. If the students in this class hadn’t arrived in time, Chen Li might have broken down directly. Moreover, he had seen the care these students had given Chen Li over the past few days. This trip was a way to repay their kindness.

Naturally, the class supervisor didn’t refuse. After getting Wei Chen’s contact information, he said they would inform Wei Chen once the time and place were decided. After taking care of this matter, Wei Chen left the university and drove to his workplace at Changfeng.

Conveniently, in the afternoon, there was a class meeting. The class supervisor mentioned this matter to the students in the class, causing the entire class to cheer. A free trip with travel expenses and accommodation covered, and they could choose the destination? Naturally, this excited everyone.

Throughout the whole class meeting, the students discussed where to go on this trip, debating and arguing. Everyone had their preferred destinations. In the end, the class supervisor decided on W Ancient Town, to expose them to its historical charm and inspire their creativity. The trip was scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

The time and place were set. The noisy class fell silent. The class supervisor stood at the podium, looking at Chen Li who had been detached from the discussion from start to finish. He couldn’t help but ask, “Chen Li, will you be joining this trip?”

After asking, the class supervisor felt a bit regretful. He had heard about what happened yesterday. If Chen Li was still in the state he was yesterday, would it be too much of a shock if he were approached directly now?

Chen Li wasn’t shaken. He sat quietly, a book spread out in front of him, as if he hadn’t heard the class supervisor speaking to him.

Seeing that Chen Li wasn’t affected, the class supervisor breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to say something, a slightly crisp voice spoke up.

“I will go.”

The voice was soft, but it miraculously reached everyone’s ears. Amidst their astonishment, they wondered if they were hallucinating.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Chen Li. Instead of appearing timid under the gazes focused on him, he nodded with a calm expression, as if confirming something.

Now, everyone was certain that Chen Li would participate in this trip. Amidst their disbelief, they felt elated. Their efforts hadn’t been in vain; Chen Li had finally sensed their goodwill!

Chen Li returned to his tranquility, his gaze falling on the book as if his previous words and nod hadn’t happened at all. But the students in this class knew that Chen Li had agreed. Chen Li was willing to become part of their group.

Huang Zhenzhen cried again. She was close to Chen Li, so she had heard his voice when he spoke just now. This was the first time she had heard Chen Li’s voice, and it was the most pleasant sound to her ears.

In front of her was a piece of paper with just two words of gratitude that Chen Li wrote yesterday. These printed-like words seemed to have been infused with a force. They brought tears to her eyes but also filled her heart with joy.

Her desk mate knew about her emotional journey and her struggles. At this moment, they patted Huang Zhenzhen’s shoulder and said, “Alright, stop crying. Chen Li will get better. He will stand at the peak, and you will succeed too.”

Huang Zhenzhen took out a tissue and wiped away her tears, nodding heavily.

Yes, Chen Li would definitely reach the pinnacle. Chen Li could do it. His art was so outstanding, so soul-stirring. And she would surely carve out her own path in her realm of interest because Chen Li was her guiding light. With Chen Li’s guidance, she would stride steadfastly toward her goals.

A determined smile appeared on Huang Zhenzhen’s round face, her white teeth sparkling.

Zhuge Yu also heard about the class trip. When he learned that Chen Li was going, surprise mixed with deep satisfaction welled up in him. Li Li was getting better and stronger.

Chen Li was going. Looking at the timing, it happened to be a day he was free. He told the class supervisor that he would also go. The class supervisor wasn’t surprised since he knew Zhuge Yu’s decision was tied to Chen Li.

In the evening, when Wei Chen came to pick up Chen Li from school after work, Chen Li mentioned that he wanted to go on the trip with his classmates. Wei Chen wasn’t surprised. Perhaps, when he proposed the trip to the class supervisor, he had already anticipated that Chen Li would agree.

“Sure,” Wei Chen agreed. If Chen Li was willing to integrate himself into a group, then Wei Chen naturally agreed too.

“Achen, you’ll come with me, right?” Chen Li asked, a hint of anticipation in his big eyes.

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