Chapter 297 – Exam Situation

Jiang Junmo was not at home. After Lu Xia prepared the meal, she had a simple meal with her son.

The little guy probably hadn’t been sleeping well these past few days. After eating, his head became increasingly heavy, and his eyes seemed to close in exhaustion.

Lu Xia felt so sorry for him. She cleaned him up a bit and then carried him to the kang to sleep.

She didn’t delay herself either, quickly washed up and lay down.

These past few days, she hadn’t rested well either. There was some tension, and she hadn’t been sleeping soundly at the inn.

Finally, back at home, she could finally have a peaceful sleep.

However, the next day, both the mother and son woke up late.

But they didn’t have to go to work now, and no one was there to dictate when they should wake up.

So when Sun Shengnan carried her daughter Zhen Zhen over, Lu Xia and Kang Kang had just finished breakfast.

Seeing the sun already high up in the sky outside, Sun Shengnan estimated it was around ten o’clock. She hadn’t expected these two to just be having breakfast.

“What’s this… planning to have two meals?” In the countryside during non-working times, many families would have two meals, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to save food.

Lu Xia shook her head upon hearing this, feeling a bit embarrassed. “We just got back yesterday and were a bit tired, so we woke up late.”

Sun Shengnan then understood, “That’s normal. I just got back too, and I didn’t feel like moving at all. I spent the whole day lying down yesterday to recover.”

Sun Shengnan had come over this time without much of a purpose, just to ask how her exams went.

Lu Xia nodded, “It went fine. I wrote everything I knew, and I filled in whatever I wasn’t sure about. Whether it’s right or not is uncertain.”

Sun Shengnan smiled, “Just by your attitude, I can tell you did well.”

Lu Xia didn’t deny it when she heard this. She casually asked, “And how about you?”

Sun Shengnan shook her head, “I didn’t do too well. I didn’t have enough time to review, and since giving birth to Zhen Zhen, my memory has gotten worse. I recognized many questions on the paper, but when it came to writing, I couldn’t remember. But like you, I tried to write whatever I could and didn’t leave anything blank. I hope I can get more points.”

With a sigh, she continued, “I still have some hope. But our family’s Old Liu has no hope at all. I compared answers with him, and he definitely won’t make it this time.”

Lu Xia didn’t know how to console her after hearing this.

But Sun Shengnan seemed quite understanding herself, “It’s okay. I’ve already thought about it. That’s why I applied for the university in his area. If he doesn’t get in, I’ll see if I can take him back to the city. If we can go back, then we won’t be separated.”

Seeing her clear thinking, Lu Xia was reassured, “That’s probably possible. The policies have changed so much now; it should be easier for educated youths to return.”

“Yeah, but I’m just not sure if I can find a job there after going back.”

“Don’t think so far now, go back and talk about it first.”

Sun Shengnan smiled again, “You’re right, I’ve been wanting too much.”

After saying that, she continued, “I think most of the educated youths probably didn’t do too well in this exam.”

Lu Xia was surprised, “Didn’t everyone review well? And they have plenty of books to study.”

Sun Shengnan sighed, “The time was just too short. We gathered last night to compare answers, and it seemed quite discouraging.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia fell silent for a moment, then said, “Even if you don’t pass, it’s okay. There’s always next time. With more time for the next exam, you’ll be able to review more.”

“True, I see a few of those who thought they wouldn’t pass already studying.”

Lu Xia sighed at her words, unsure of what else to say.

She had originally planned to visit the educated youth spot, but now it seemed better to wait a bit longer and let everyone recover before deciding.


Chapter 298 – The Notifices Arrived


Three days later, Jiang Junmo came back. Just by looking at his appearance, it was clear he had done well on the exam. Lu Xia didn’t ask much either.

It was Kang Kang who seemed to miss him more these days. When his father returned, he followed him around just like he used to follow Lu Xia, running behind him. Lu Xia couldn’t help feeling jealous…

Seeing his son like this, Jiang Junmo hugged him tenderly and then took out an easel to teach him how to paint.

Jiang Junmo was patient in this regard, his voice gentle as he taught Kang Kang. Even though Kang Kang’s drawings were all over the place, he praised them and made Kang Kang feel wonderful about his art.

Seeing this, Lu Xia rolled her eyes and went to cook.

This time, Jiang Junmo went to the provincial capital for the exam, and he didn’t stay long after finishing. He took a direct car back.

The journey had exhausted him, and the next day, Lu Xia saw him sleeping deeply. She remembered the dark circles under his eyes when he had returned the day before, so she didn’t wake him up, wanting him to rest a bit more.

She took Kang Kang to the educated youth spot.

Lately, emotions were running high at the educated youth spot. Even though they knew they might not make it, it was hard to concentrate on their studies.

Everyone was a bit expectant, what if they did make it?

They were all eager for the results to come out quickly. Since this year’s college entrance exam scores weren’t being publicly disclosed, all they could do was wait for their acceptance letters.

If they received a letter, they had passed; if not, they hadn’t.

The wait for the acceptance letters was agonizing. Even though Lu Xia thought she should be fine, she couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

They had already written to their families, telling them they had applied to universities in the capital city. The Jiang family was pleased to hear it, eagerly anticipating their return. Failing to get accepted would be quite embarrassing.

Because of her anxiety, Lu Xia found it hard to stay at home. She started wandering around the village like the others, checking if the letters had arrived.

When she returned from her walk, she found Kang Kang calmly painting, while Jiang Junmo was virtuously sewing clothes for him.

Seeing Jiang Junmo so composed, Lu Xia couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid you won’t pass?”

Jiang Junmo didn’t lift his head, calmly sewing the clothes with deliberate stitches. He didn’t seem in a hurry at all. “Wasn’t there an option to adjust preferences? We should be able to get in somehow.”

Lu Xia fell silent at his words. She wasn’t worried about not passing; she was worried about unexpected complications.

In these days, she had thought about all the unforeseen situations she had read about in novels.

Like letters getting lost or someone impersonating another person. But with Jiang Junmo’s calm expression, she didn’t know how to bring it up. It felt like she would be overreacting.

Well, she decided to cross that bridge when they came to it. She just hoped none of these things would happen.

And so, the wait continued, lasting nearly a month.

Both Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo received their admission notices at the same time.

On that day, Lu Xia was packing up their belongings. She thought that if they got accepted, they would likely leave soon. Some things couldn’t be taken along, so they needed to figure out what to do with them.

Then she heard Shen Qingqing calling her from outside.

Opening the door, Lu Xia heard Shen Qingqing say, “Sister Lu Xia, your and Educated Youth Jiang’s admission notices have arrived. Hurry and come get them!”

Lu Xia was momentarily stunned, then excitement welled up within her. Jiang Junmo, who had heard the news from inside the house, also came out.

They exchanged a glance and then, carrying Kang Kang, went to the educated youth spot.

By now, quite a crowd had gathered at the educated youth spot.

After all, this was the first batch of admission notices received by the educated youth spot.

News had spread when the mail carrier entered the village.

So, many villagers were curious about what the admission notices looked like.

The people from the educated youth spot were also eagerly asking the mailman if there were more admission notices for others.

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