Chapter 165 – Relevant Connections

Chen Qing was taken to the police station by the police. Despite repeatedly emphasizing that he hadn’t assaulted Chen Li, several of Chen Li’s classmates seemed as if they had personally witnessed the scene. They emphatically claimed that he had hit someone. It was as if they had conspired, vividly describing the scene, almost as if they were about to draw it.

Chen Qing was at a loss for words, angrily accepting the punishment handed down by the police station: one day of detention, leaving a mark on his record.

Chen Qing knew that once this mark was on his record, it would become a stain on his life. Originally, he didn’t want to trouble anyone with such a embarrassing matter, but in desperation, he made a call to Chen Yunzeng.

After a while, the call was answered. “Aqing,” Chen Yunzeng’s voice sounded somewhat subdued, and Chen Qing couldn’t discern his emotions. “Uncle, I’m currently at the Q University Police Station.” Chen Qing braced himself and explained the cause and effect to Chen Yunzeng, refraining from exaggerating the facts in front of him.

Chen Yunzeng didn’t seem to show whether he cared about this matter or not, only saying, “Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” With this affirmative response, Chen Qing felt relieved. In the capital, there shouldn’t be any connections that his uncle Chen Yunzeng couldn’t utilize.

As soon as Chen Qing finished the call, the police kept an eye on him, instructing him to put away his phone. Although they didn’t know who Chen Qing had called, their years of experience told them that a call to the police station would likely come later, requesting his release.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the phone in the police station rang. The head of the station personally came to release Chen Qing, displaying a respectful attitude.

The police officer who had arrested Chen Qing earlier received a stern glare from the station head. The officer didn’t seem to care much, figuring that this young man was probably related to some cadre’s family.

The police station practically sent Chen Qing off as if he were a deity. Upon his return, he even gave a disdainful look to the officer who had arrested him.

“What a mess! They don’t even consider the background before arbitrarily arresting people!” The station head was furious. The recent call from above had a strange tone, making him uneasy. He was afraid they had arrested someone significant this time.

The police officer didn’t argue back. This wasn’t the first or second time this had happened. After all, this was the capital city, where almost anyone you apprehended turned out to be related to some cadre’s family in one way or another. When arresting people, he had grown used to this idea.

As expected, another person with connections.

Although the police officer didn’t retort, his eyes were filled with disdain. Connected individuals all seemed so arrogant, refusing to admit guilt and behaving recklessly!

Seeing that the police officer wasn’t paying much attention to what he said, the station head couldn’t help but curse a few more times before leaving in frustration. If it weren’t for this troublemaker having some ability, he would have forced him out already!


Stepping out of the police station, Chen Qing felt the midday sunlight was a bit dazzling. He raised his hand to shield his eyes for a moment, and the fragmented sunlight seeped through his fingers, casting its glow. He could see the vibrant green new leaves.

Spring had arrived.

Chen Qing slightly tugged at the corner of his mouth, forming a faint, cold smile.


After Huang Zhenzhen left the police station after completing her testimony, she immediately rushed to the place she had just been. She was still worried about Chen Li and had no idea about his current situation.

In her heart, she prayed that Chen Li would be okay. The way he had been earlier had kept her anxious. Even during the process of giving her statement, she couldn’t focus, consumed by her concern for Chen Li.

When Huang Zhenzhen reached the area near the tree, the crowd had already dispersed. She thought that Chen Li had been taken away, but as she took a few more steps forward, she saw two figures embracing under the tree.

Being a devoted fan of Chen Li, Huang Zhenzhen naturally recognized him at a glance. Alongside him was the person who often picked him up and dropped him off for classes, holding Chen Li in a close embrace.

Not just Huang Zhenzhen, the entire class assumed that this person who picked Chen Li up and dropped him off was his relative, older brother, or some close family member, given the evident patience and indulgence he showed toward Chen Li.

Perhaps, at this age, they were all in the throes of yearning for love. However, the prevalence of fast-paced relationships made them somewhat skeptical of love, especially between two men.

So, no one had thought of the relationship between Chen Li and that person in this way, including Huang Zhenzhen.

But now, seeing it with her own eyes, Huang Zhenzhen understood their relationship. Surprisingly, she felt a sense of beauty in her heart. Wasn’t it beautiful? The midday sunlight carried a gentle intoxication, filtering through the gaps in the leaves and casting mottled patterns on the two embracing figures, as if time had paused in tranquility.

After standing still for a while, Huang Zhenzhen turned around and left. Once she had digested all the information in her mind, she found herself somewhat excited. Two guys, real ones! She was seeing this for the first time!

A smile spread across her round face, and she felt like her comics had just found a new theme!


At noon, Wei Chen asked Zhuge Feng to ask for leave as a matter of course, and did not let Chen Li go to class. He drove Chen Li to an amusement park instead. They tried all the extreme rides there. As they exited the amusement park, Chen Li’s eyes were curved in a smile, as if the events of noon had never occurred.

This time, Chen Li wasn’t escaping; he was releasing himself. Wei Chen could tell that Chen Li seemed somewhat more at ease than before. It was a mysterious feeling, but Wei Chen could sense it.

Bending down to fasten Chen Li’s seatbelt, Wei Chen also ruffled his hair and asked, “Did you have fun today?”

Chen Li nodded, a beam of light seemingly shining in his wide eyes. Wei Chen couldn’t resist leaning down to kiss Chen Li on the eyes.

Chen Li felt the gentleness of Wei Chen surrounding him, as if this tenderness enveloped him tightly. At this moment, it was as if he had a protective shield of holy light, rendering him impervious to all darkness.

Extending his arm, Chen Li wrapped it around Wei Chen’s waist, disregarding how awkward their posture was in the car. He just wanted to hold Wei Chen now, to feel his warmth.

Wei Chen let Chen Li hold him, not doing anything else.

“Achen, thank you,” Chen Li suddenly said.

Thank you for being here, because of you, my life has found its light.

Wei Chen understood what Chen Li meant. He kissed Chen Li’s forehead and spoke in a low voice filled with tenderness, “Li Li, no need to thank me. Because I want to thank you too.”

Thank you for being here, because of you, my life has found its redemption.

In the enclosed space, the temperature gradually rose. In this dense atmosphere, even their breaths were sweet.

The two of them embraced in the car for a while before letting go of each other. Wei Chen returned to the driver’s seat and glanced at the sky. The deep black had spread across the horizon. He decided against cooking himself.

“Li Li, what do you want to eat today?” Wei Chen started the car and asked.

Chen Li tilted his head in thought. “Scallion oil noodles.”

Wei Chen was momentarily surprised. He had thought Chen Li would ask for an elaborate feast. He hadn’t expected him to choose a simple bowl of scallion oil noodles. He readily agreed, “Alright, we’ll head home. I’ll cook scallion oil noodles for you.”

Although he didn’t plan to cook, he couldn’t resist when Li Li wanted something. If Li Li wanted it, he would make it.

The traffic had subsided by now, and Wei Chen’s car smoothly reached home. The house, which had remained quiet all day, warmed up with the flicker of lights.

After a quick freshening up, Wei Chen entered the kitchen. Chen Li sat in the living room, picking up the remote control and turning on the TV. Unsure of what to watch, he kept flipping channels until he came across a children’s channel playing cartoons. He set the remote aside and began watching with delight.

After a few minutes, two steaming bowls of scallion oil noodles were carried out by Wei Chen. He said to Chen Li, “Li Li, it’s time to eat.”

Chen Li then stood up, taking a detour to the bathroom to wash his hands before coming back to sit at the dining table. As he caught the aroma of scallion oil noodles, his stomach let out a low growl. He hadn’t eaten much for lunch, and now he was genuinely hungry.

Wei Chen was also hungry. A simple bowl of scallion oil noodles was a delicious meal for the both of them.

Dinner shouldn’t be too heavy, so Wei Chen hadn’t cooked a large portion. Within a few minutes, they finished their meal.

Rubbing his slightly full belly, Chen Li turned to Wei Chen and said, “Achen, let’s go for a bike ride.”

Wei Chen paused for a moment, then replied, “Sure.”

He thought that after the events of the afternoon, Chen Li might have given up on the idea of biking to school himself. Now, it seemed that the events of the afternoon hadn’t influenced Chen Li’s decision.

For Chen Li, this was a positive sign.

After Wei Chen finished washing the dishes in the kitchen, the cartoon on the TV had just ended. The two of them then went out with their bicycles. Chen Li had a strong aptitude for learning, and after a brief adjustment period, he no longer looked like a beginner when he got on the bike—though this was in the absence of other people on the road.

However, whenever pedestrians passed by, Wei Chen keenly noticed Chen Li’s back stiffening, his posture tensing out of nervousness. The front wheel of the bike started to wobble a bit, as if it might lose balance in the next second.

Watching from behind, Wei Chen felt some concern, but he refrained from approaching Chen Li to help. He simply jogged behind him.

The bicycle swayed awkwardly past the first pedestrian, but Chen Li managed to regain his balance and didn’t fall off.

Second pedestrian, third pedestrian…

Chen Li became steadier and steadier. It was as if passing pedestrians no longer affected him. Finally, he even rode the bike through a narrow gap between two people.

When Chen Li finished his circuit and rode back, Wei Chen was already raising his thumbs, waiting for him. Despite the slightly chilly evening temperature of early spring, Chen Li was drenched in sweat. It was evident just how nervous he had been during that ride.

Even so, there was a glow in Chen Li’s eyes, as if a light had been switched on inside him. His brows and eyes were slightly curved, and he seemed to be in a very good mood. Wei Chen took out a tissue, gently wiping the sweat off Chen Li’s forehead. He said, “My Li Li is truly amazing.” His gentle tone was laced with pride.

Receiving Wei Chen’s praise, Chen Li’s eyes curved even more, resembling a child who had just eaten candy, thoroughly content. Wei Chen’s gaze softened too, as tender as the moonlight tonight, as gentle as water.

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