Chapter 291 – Reading Together with Everyone

Just a few days later, after hearing again about the difficulties of buying books and learning about the role of the “Self-Study Series in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry,” Sun Shengnan once again sought out Lu Xia.

She wanted to bring out this set of books and read them together with everyone.

“Are you sure?” Lu Xia asked her, looking at her.

Sun Shengnan nodded, “Yes, I’m sure. After experiencing so much as an educated youth, I know very well how rare this opportunity is. I don’t want everyone to miss out on it just because they don’t have books to read.”

After hearing this, Lu Xia nodded. In fact, even if Sun Shengnan hadn’t come, she was already considering whether to bring out a set of books for the educated youths.

However, these books were quite rare, and she had already given a set to Sun Shengnan, so it wasn’t suitable to bring out another set.

Now that Sun Shengnan had brought it up, Lu Xia thought for a moment and said, “Alright, you can take this set to the educated youth spot, and you can all read together.”

Seeing her agreement, Sun Shengnan smiled, “That’s great! Actually, I’ve been reading ahead for so long that I’ve already gained an advantage. And with so many volumes in this set, everyone can take turns reading.”

Lu Xia also thought the same way and asked Sun Shengnan to keep her having read ahead a secret.

Sun Shengnan nodded in agreement. Everyone had just learned about the reinstatement of the college entrance examination, and if others found out that Lu Xia had already anticipated it and had been studying for so long, it was possible that jealousy and suspicion would arise.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

After discussing it with Jiang Junmo, Lu Xia used the excuse of the books being sent by the Jiang family to bring out this set of books for everyone to study together.

Coincidentally, the Jiang family had recently sent quite a few packages since they knew that they were going to study. Although most of them were nutritional supplements, others didn’t know what was inside.

When Jiang Junmo brought the books to the educated youth spot, they were extremely excited.

It turned out to be a complete set of “Self-Study Series in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry”!

They heard that even many city dwellers couldn’t buy these books now, and yet the educated youth spot had a whole set!

Jiang Junmo explained the source of the books and mentioned that his family had specially sought them out for him. He was willing to read them together with everyone. The set consisted of seventeen volumes, and he and Lu Xia would start with one volume, while the rest would be kept at the educated youth spot for everyone to take turns reading.

The educated youths were all willing. Who wouldn’t want such a good opportunity? They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Jiang Junmo.

Even those in the village who aspired to take the college entrance examination came over to read the books after hearing about them.

Afterward, Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun continued to review together with everyone at the educated youth spot.

A few days later, Gu Xiangnan’s family also sent a set, and they all shared it. This way, there were enough books, and almost no one’s study progress was affected.

So the educated youths studied even harder.

At this point, Lu Xia thought about the set they had used for review before getting the one at the educated youth spot. She still had two sets of books, so she discussed with Jiang Junmo whether they should sell them. Given how rare they were now, they could probably fetch a good price.

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and agreed with a nod. The next day, he went to the county town himself and came back with a stack of money.

Lu Xia smiled in satisfaction; they had finally earned back some money.

Then she happily opened the foreign classics she had secretly hidden and started reading.

Seeing her, Jiang Junmo’s gaze deepened. “Where did you get these books? Can you understand them?”

Only then did Lu Xia realize that she had given herself away, but she didn’t really mind. Jiang Junmo had known about her secret for a while, as long as he was sure she wasn’t a spy, she knew he would help her keep it hidden.

So she casually came up with an excuse, “I found them at the scrap collection station. I helped someone out in the past, and she taught me some English as a reward, so I can understand them to some extent.”


Chapter 292 – Choosing a Major


Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo fell silent for a moment, not indicating whether he believed her or not. He simply asked, “If you get into college, what major would you like to study?”

Lu Xia thought for a moment; she truly didn’t have any particular preferences when it came to choosing a major.

There was nothing she felt particularly passionate about. The only regret she had was the effort she had put into learning English in her previous life, which ultimately hadn’t amounted to much. So after a brief consideration, she replied, “Maybe English.”

Jiang Junmo paused briefly, “If you’re going for a foreign language major, there will be an additional examination.”

Lu Xia nodded, “I’m aware.”

After a moment of silence, Jiang Junmo finally said, “If you want to take the exam, go ahead. But if anyone asks, tell them that you learned from me!”

Lu Xia finally understood that he had figured out she was lying, and she knew what he was concerned about, so she smiled and said, “Alright!”

However, she was a bit curious, “How did you learn English?”

“When I was young, I learned from a former neighbor who had studied abroad when he was young.”

Lu Xia nodded and then asked again, “And what about you? What major are you planning to pursue?”

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment, “I’m not really interested in anything in particular. The only thing I enjoy is drawing, but I’m not sure if the art school will be admitting students this time. I guess I’ll have to ask my senior.”

Lu Xia wasn’t well-versed in this area, “And what if they don’t admit students?”

Jiang Junmo hesitated after hearing that, “Then I’ll go for architecture. I’m quite curious about that too.”

Although he said this, Lu Xia could still tell that he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. She just hoped that the art school would accept applicants this time.

She didn’t know much about this field, so she would have to see what Senior Brother Xu had to say about it.

Later, Jiang Junmo sent a telegram to Senior Brother Xu, learning that he could indeed apply for an art major. Furthermore, their teacher had been rehired as the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts at Beijing University.

And Senior Brother Xu also told Jiang Junmo that the teacher had said he would be waiting for him at Beijing University.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia was incredibly excited. She was happy that Jiang Junmo could study the major he was interested in.

Although she believed his skills were good enough to be a teacher, he always claimed he had a long way to go.

Since both of them had made their decisions, they began to work hard in their respective directions.

Later, the educated youths went to the county to register. Now, the college entrance examination required applicants to submit their preferences in advance. Therefore, they were currently researching schools together.

After years of stagnation, the sudden revival of the college entrance examination left everyone uncertain about which schools would be admitting students.

Fortunately, the government seemed to realize this issue, and the newspapers of each province published the list of schools and majors that would be admitting students.

However, the students didn’t know much about these schools. They were only familiar with a few that were relatively well-known.

But anyone could guess that with the relaxed application conditions this time, there would likely be a considerable number of applicants. So, the competition would surely be intense. What if they couldn’t get into their preferred schools?

Therefore, the educated youths were a bit worried and gathered together to discuss how to choose.

“We don’t even know our own skill levels. How are we supposed to make choices? It’s so confusing,” Feng Xuegong said with a frown.

“I suggest putting a better school as the first choice, a few average ones as backups, and finally, put a specialized school as a safety net.”

It was Zhao Hua who spoke. Since the news about the college entrance examination’s revival spread, he somehow managed to convince the Shi family to let him participate. So, he boldly came to the educated youth spot to study with them.

Although nobody liked him, no one really bothered with him either.

In fact, apart from him, several other married educated youths were also planning to take the exam. Among them was Li Aiguo. However, there were relatively fewer married female educated youths, and people like Yu Fang simply gave up on the idea.

Therefore, the educated youth spot was quite populated at this time, and everyone was discussing which schools to apply for.

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