Chapter 327 – Enrollment at Peking University

The start of Kang Kang’s kindergarten and Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s school was almost at the same time.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo had initially planned to take Kang Kang to kindergarten before heading to school themselves.

However, their plan was directly rejected by Grandpa Jiang, who said, “You don’t need to go. I’ll take him. It’s just a short distance; I can walk over easily. I’ll pick him up for the first couple of days after school, and once he knows the way, he can come back on his own. Boys aren’t that delicate.”

Lu Xia was speechless. Even though the kindergarten was right next to the courtyard, and there were soldiers on duty, making it safe, could such a young child really come home alone?

But seeing Kang Kang so excited, Lu Xia didn’t say anything. Let’s give it a try first.

In fact, Grandpa Jiang had originally planned to take them to school. After all, as a parent, he also wanted to experience the feeling of sending a child to college.

However, this suggestion was rejected by everyone in the family.

Aside from the safety concerns of the bustling start of the school year, Grandpa Jiang himself was not ordinary. If he was recognized, it might disrupt the peace between Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia at school. So, in the end, Grandpa Jiang had to give up.

As for Uncle and Aunt, they had asked Lu Xia as well, and knowing they didn’t need a ride, they went to work without worry since both of them were adults now.

So, after Grandpa Jiang took Kang Kang to school with a small bag on his back, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo also packed up their things and prepared to report to school.

Since they were bringing quite a lot, including bedding and luggage, they asked Xiao Yu to drive them there.

They had already decided that they wouldn’t live on campus after enrollment, but they still needed to apply for dormitories. After all, they could rest in the dormitory during lunchtime or stay overnight if they were working too late at school. So, they brought their bedding and other things.

Peking University’s campus was also located in the West City District, not too far from the big courtyard but a bit farther from the small courtyard.

Lu Xia thought that they would need bicycles for their daily commute to and from school, which would be more convenient.

Because there weren’t many cars on the road in this era, there was no traffic congestion, and they arrived in less than ten minutes…

They didn’t drive into the school; they took their luggage out before entering the campus and let Xiao Yu go back.

They carried their luggage and entered the school.

As soon as they entered, they encountered many senior students welcoming newcomers.

Most of these seniors were university students selected from workers, peasants, and soldiers. Although they felt a bit awkward compared to those who had entered through the traditional college entrance examination, they were still pursuing their education.

However, everyone was aware that they probably wouldn’t surpass the students who had experienced the rigorous college entrance exam in the future.

After Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo entered, they were guided to the office of the Foreign Language Department to complete their enrollment.

Yes, at this time, enrollment still required a visit to the office. Seeing this, Jiang Junmo accompanied her to handle the paperwork.

When they arrived at the office, there were already quite a few people there.

Although the Foreign Language Department wasn’t highly regarded in this era due to various historical factors, the university still offered a variety of majors.

Lu Xia waited in line for a while and then it was her turn. After completing the enrollment process and receiving her dormitory assignment, she also applied for off-campus living.

When the teacher asked for the reason, she said she was married and needed to take care of her child at home.

Considering the unique circumstances of this year’s college entrance exam, the school had anticipated various situations in advance, so everyone understood.

The process of getting permission to commute was smooth, and she was allowed to keep her dormitory. In this era, there were subsidies for attending school, and the school had already provided her with a month’s worth of food coupons, so they were taking good care of the students.

After completing the process, Jiang Junmo escorted her to the dormitory.


Chapter 328 – Dormitory


On the way, Lu Xia observed the school’s environment.

She had been to this prestigious hundred-year-old school in her past life, and comparing it to the present, not much had changed. The campus was filled with a scholarly atmosphere, featuring lakes and scenery—perfect for studying—although it was a bit large.

“We’ll need to get bicycles later; otherwise, it’s very inconvenient to rely on walking for daily commuting,” Lu Xia said.

Jiang Junmo nodded in agreement. “I asked about it earlier. The Academy of Fine Arts is quite far from the main campus. We’ll definitely need bicycles.”

Thinking for a moment, Lu Xia added, “I’m not sure how easy it is to get bicycles; maybe we can find a solution.”

“Don’t worry, let’s ask Uncle first.”


As they spoke, they arrived at Lu Xia’s dormitory. This building housed female students from the Foreign Language Department and the Literature Department, which were the two departments with the most female students. Consequently, there were many dormitory buildings.

Soon, they located Lu Xia’s dormitory. It wasn’t on a high floor—306 on the third floor.

Upon arrival, Lu Xia wasn’t sure if there were people inside, so she knocked on the door. After all, Jiang Junmo was a man.

Just as she knocked, the door swung open, revealing a room full of people. It seemed like parents who had come to send their children off to school.

Seeing the two bright and young individuals outside, the people inside the room were somewhat surprised.

With a smile, Lu Xia introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Lu Xia from the English Department, and I’ll be in this dormitory.”

A charming-looking girl responded, “Hello, Lu Xia. I’m Yu Wan, also from the English Department.”

Pointing at the people inside the room, she added sheepishly, “These are my parents, my older brother and sister-in-law, and my grandparents. They were worried about me and insisted on seeing me off.”

Lu Xia smiled and greeted them, “Hello!”

An elderly lady inside the room saw her and smiled, “Oh, come on in, let’s not block Yu Wan’s classmates from the door.”

Then, she looked at Jiang Junmo behind Lu Xia and exclaimed, “Oh my, this young man is quite handsome.”

With a smile, Lu Xia introduced him, “Thank you, this is my husband, helping me with the luggage.”

The Yu family members were all surprised, with Yu Wan even exclaiming, “Wow, Lu Xia, you look so young! I didn’t expect you to be married.”

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo brought their luggage inside. Upon hearing her words, Lu Xia raised an eyebrow and replied, “I’m already 22, and my child is three years old.”

Yu Wan was even more astonished, “You have a child?”

Lu Xia nodded, not understanding why she was so surprised. They were currently looking at which bed to choose.

The dormitory clearly accommodated six people with bunk beds, one set of bunk beds on the left and two sets on the right. There was also a cabinet on the left, apparently for their belongings.

The dormitory was quite small, and with so many people inside, it felt crowded.

However, Lu Xia saw that the bed on the left side was already made up with sheets. She thought it was Yu Wan’s, so she occupied the bottom bunk on the right side near the window. After Jiang Junmo saw her choice, he took out a basin and planned to fetch water to clean up…

Seeing how efficiently they were moving, the Yu family realized they had forgotten the main purpose of their visit.

Especially Yu Wan, she regretted showing so much surprise earlier.

So, she smiled and said to Lu Xia, “When I arrived, there was already someone in the room, a woman in her thirties. But she’s currently not here, so the bed on this side belongs to her.”

Lu Xia was surprised by the direction she pointed, they had been here for a while and still hadn’t made their beds?

Seeing Lu Xia’s confusion, Yu Wan became a little embarrassed.

“I haven’t decided which bed to take. My grandparents prefer the bottom bunk for convenience, while my parents think the top bunk is better—cleaner and more private. We as a family haven’t reached an agreement yet, so I’m a bit hesitant.”

Lu Xia nodded in understanding without expressing an opinion.

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