Chapter 171 – Jealous?

The plane took off from the capital’s airport and landed in the provincial capital city of Jiangnan Province. From there, they took a chartered car to W Ancient Town. By the time they reached their destination, the sky had already grown completely dark.

The night in Jiangnan was different from the capital. Though it was the same night, here in Jiangnan, there was a moist mist in the air, unlike the dryness of Beijing.

To show gratitude to the students in Chen Li’s current class for taking care of him, Wei Chen was quite generous this time. He booked a star-rated hotel right next to W Ancient Town, reserving standard double rooms.

Chen Li’s classmates thought that this accommodation wouldn’t be too great, but when they entered the hotel, their perspective changed. It wasn’t jealousy or envy that they felt, but rather surprise.

Most students at Q University’s Academy of Fine Arts came from relatively well-off backgrounds, and they had stayed in hotels even better than this. What surprised them was Wei Chen’s thoughtfulness.

Wei Chen’s gratitude towards them was sincere, evident from the details throughout the journey. It seemed that Mr. Wei truly cared about Chen Li.

They had all witnessed how Mr. Wei hurriedly arrived the day Chen Li was upset. His anxiety and concern were genuine and didn’t seem fabricated.

Perhaps, Chen Li was getting better day by day because of Mr. Wei’s presence?

That’s what everyone was thinking, and their gazes couldn’t help but turn towards Chen Li and Wei Chen. At first glance, they could tell that Chen Li was different when he was with Mr. Wei. He was relaxed, not as reserved, and no longer lost in his own world.

This version of Chen Li was vibrant and radiant.

After Huang Zhenzhen got her room key, she stood in a corner of the lobby. Her gaze involuntarily fell on Chen Li and Wei Chen. Watching their interactions, which weren’t overly intimate, even she felt her inner fujoshi spirit ignite with fervor.

Of course, she was rational. She wouldn’t approach the two to disturb them. At most, she’d steal glances when her restraint wavered. She knew where to draw the line.

Huang Zhenzhen’s roommate and best friend had also collected her room key and now approached. Seeing Huang Zhenzhen’s expression, she knew exactly what was on her mind. She stood in front of Huang Zhenzhen and said, “Put away those thoughts. Mr. Wei and Chen Li definitely don’t have the kind of relationship you’re imagining.” Her roommate’s tone was that of someone who had experienced a fair share of pain in love.

Huang Zhenzhen didn’t argue with her roommate. Some things could quietly blossom within her heart. Of course, if Mr. Wei and Chen Li didn’t reveal anything, she wouldn’t spread word of their relationship either.

“Alright, alright, I know,” Huang Zhenzhen’s round face lit up with a smile. She pushed her roommate into the elevator and said, “My comics got published. I’ll show it to you when we get back to the room.”

“Huang Zhenzhen, you’re still drawing Xiao Huang (sm.ut) comics, huh?” her roommate joked with a mischievous grin, “Your mind is just filled with explicit material!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!” Huang Zhenzhen retorted, “Look who’s talking! If you dare, don’t ask me for any comics to read today.”

Her roommate immediately begged, “No, no, your comics are my spiritual sustenance!”

The elevator doors closed, and their discussion gradually faded as the elevator ascended.

After the students each got their room keys, Wei Chen and Chen Li went to check in. They had reserved a suite on the top floor. Wei Hua watched them get a room together, feeling a bit envious. When would he get to live together with Cookie?

As Wei Hua was lost in thought, Cookie came over, holding Little Biscuit. He had opted for a single room, evidently not planning to share a room with Wei Hua.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn. The hotel receptionist looked a bit troubled and said, “I’m sorry, but there’s only one suite left on the top floor today. If you gentlemen are together and don’t mind, I can assign you the remaining suite on the top floor.”

Before the receptionist could finish, Wei Hua immediately spoke up, “We don’t mind at all! Not at all!” Oh heavens, you really are on my side! You give me exactly what I want when I want it.

Cookie glanced at Wei Hua, then asked the receptionist, “Is there a partition between the living room and the bedroom in that suite?”

The receptionist nodded, “Yes.”

“Then we’ll take that one.” Since they were already here, Cookie didn’t want to dampen the mood. It was just one room.

Wei Hua heard Cookie agree and felt an overwhelming joy. He grinned widely; it was indescribably beautiful. But he was still puzzled, “Xiao Qiqi, why did you ask about the living room and bedroom just now?”

Cookie adjusted the position of Little Biscuit in his arms to make himself more comfortable and didn’t look at Wei Hua as he answered, “You sleep in the living room, and I’ll sleep in the bedroom.”

One sentence shattered Wei Hua’s dream of sharing a bed.

But Wei Hua knew that rushing things wouldn’t work. One day, he would share a bed with Cookie, naked!

While Wei Hua was still indulging in this dream, a sweet and tender voice sounded in his ear, “Tree!”

Before Wei Hua could react, a fragrant breeze wafted in, and a pair of hands with freshly painted red nail polish appeared on his elbow.

“Tree, did you know I was here and came to see me on purpose?” The woman holding Wei Hua’s elbow spoke fluent American English, with golden wavy hair, well-defined features, deep eyes, and a figure that was curvaceous in all the right places – a stunning beauty!

Tree was Wei Hua’s English name. He was a bit lazy, and since “Hua” in his name meant tree, he directly chose “Tree” as his English name.

After returning to China, no one had called him by that English name. Wei Hua never expected to hear it in China, let alone from this woman – Lena Moray, his classmate from the United States. During his years there, Lena had pursued him relentlessly. He had grown afraid of her and when he returned to China, he had asked his friends in the U.S. not to let Lena know, or he’d be in trouble.

“Lena, long time no see,” Wei Hua tried to extricate his arm from Lena’s grip forcefully. As he did so, he glanced at Cookie, hoping he wouldn’t misunderstand anything.

However, Cookie remained completely composed. When he met his gaze, he even smiled and grinned, as if he wasn’t bothered at all.

“Wei Hua, I’m going up first, you…” Cookie looked at the exotic beauty practically glued to Wei Hua and said with a smile, “You just enjoy yourself!”

“Xiao Qiqi, don’t misunderstand!” Even though there was nothing off about Cookie’s expression, Wei Hua still felt as if Cookie was upset. He quickly shook off Lena and tried to catch up.

But Lena entangled him again, “Tree, why didn’t you tell me when you came back to the country? Do you know how long I waited for you that day?”

Lena’s voice was sweet and tender, now full of grievances, as if Wei Hua had treated her poorly from the beginning to the end.

Wei Hua extricated himself from Lena again and kept a safe distance, saying, “Miss Moray, we have no relationship whatsoever. Please respect yourself.”

Meanwhile, Cookie had already reached the elevator with Little Biscuit in his arms. Little Biscuit was encircling Cookie’s neck, and he sensed that Dad wasn’t happy. Was it because of the woman who was clinging to Uncle Wei? Little Biscuit tilted his head and thought for a moment, then struggled to get out of Cookie’s embrace.

“Dad, put me down, I can walk by myself.” Little Biscuit said in a soft and tender voice.

Upon hearing this, Cookie put Biscuit down. Unexpectedly, as soon as Biscuit’s feet touched the ground, he ran towards Wei Hua. Despite his small size, Biscuit was quite fast. Cookie wanted to catch him, but it was too late. Cookie watched helplessly as Biscuit ran to Wei Hua, then suddenly leapt onto him, wrapped his arms around Wei Hua’s thigh, and looked up at him with teary eyes. His soft voice carried a hint of sobbing, “Big Daddy, you don’t want me and Daddy anymore?”


Cookie felt as if something exploded in his head. He became dazed and stared at the two figures in the lobby – one tall and one short. His gaze gradually became blurred, and just at that moment, the elevator arrived. Cookie hurriedly darted into the elevator, feeling disoriented, and found his way to his room.

It wasn’t only Cookie who was shocked, but also Wei Hua.

When the words ‘Big Daddy’ came out of Little Biscuit’s mouth, Wei Hua was stunned, as if fireworks exploded in his heart. Even Wei Hua didn’t know why he was so happy when he just heard Little Biscuit calling him father. He was so happy that his palms were trembling with excitement, obviously he knew that Little Biscuit would call him that just to help him out.

Wei Hua reached out to pick up Little Bicsuit who was hugging his thigh, kissed Little Biscuit’s chubby face irresistibly, and said in a soothing tone: “Little Biscuit be good, Big Daddy will go back with you now.”

Sniffing his nose, Little Biscuit said pitifully, “Okay.”

After “pacifying” Little Biscuit, Wei Hua said to Lena: “Miss Moray, as you can see, my family is looking for me, so I’m sorry.” Biscuit turned and left.

“Tree!” Lena looked at Wei Hua’s back as he left in a hurry, and declared, “I will never give up, no matter whether you are married or not!”

Little Biscuit clung to Wei Hua’s neck, unclear if he understood what Lena was saying. He made a silly face towards Lena and playfully stuck out his tongue.

Lena was infuriated by Little Biscuit’s antics, and she stomped her foot in place, her high heels creating a tapping sound.

Wei Hua carried Little Biscuit into the elevator, leaving Lena behind. He quickly thanked Little Biscuit, saying, “Little Biscuit, you’re amazing! Uncle has to thank you this time. If you want anything in the next few days, Uncle will buy it all for you!”

Little Biscuit rubbed his face against Wei Hua’s, and in a muffled tone, he said, “I don’t want Dad to be unhappy.”

“Dad’s unhappy?” Wei Hua was somewhat excited; his voice couldn’t be controlled. Was Cookie not happy? Did that mean he might like him a little? Was this a sign of jealousy?

Little Biscuit nodded, “Dad gets unhappy when that lady wants to hug Uncle Wei. So, Uncle Wei, please don’t be with that lady, okay?”

Wei Chen quickly nodded and promised, “Okay, Uncle won’t be with that lady. Uncle only wants to be with Little Biscuit and Little Biscuit’s Dad.”

Only then did Little Biscuit smile and extended his pinky finger to Wei Chen, “Uncle Wei, let’s pinky promise.”

Wei Chen, with one hand holding Little Biscuit, raised his other hand, using his slender pinky to hook onto Little Biscuit’s soft, tender pinky. He smiled and said, “Alright, let’s pinky promise that we won’t change for a hundred years.”

“Yeah, no changes!” Little Biscuit repeated with a smile.

Two faces – one big and one small – smiled, with expressions that seemed perfectly matched, as if they were molded by the same mold. Anyone who saw them would surely think they were a father and son.

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